SMART(ER) Business Network – Episode 5 – Affiliate Program

Affiliate Area Screenshot - SMART(ER) Business Network - Episode 5 - Affiliate Program

WELCOME! PLEASE WATCH EPISODE 5: SMART(ER) Business Network Affiliate Program   For Your Reference:   Here are the main links referenced throughout the introduction and overview sessions in this series: SMARTER BUSINESS ACADEMY:   SMARTER MONTHLY RECRUITING CONTEST:   SMARTER AFFILIATE REQUEST PAGE/LOGIN PAGE:   SMARTER BUSINESS RESOURCE SHOP (FOR MEMBERS):   SMARTER BUSINESS COMMUNITY:    Now for a word from our fearless leader! : )   — FROM COACH DAVE   “Welcome, SMART(ER) Business Network members! We understand that navigating a vast array of features and resources can be overwhelming.   That’s why we’ve created this series […]

10 Reasons To Promote The SMART $1k+ Project As An Affiliate

Welcome to my blog and post, please have a careful look at what is on offer here for you as an affiliate and also with the program itself. We are moving from the beta phase to the launching phase (an evergreen sort of launch, not a glitzy, full of fake cars and houses, etc.). … Who Is The SMART $1k+ Project For? This is a serious program for serious would-be entrepreneurs, moms, dads, and all sorts of people that want to change their lives for the better. What many such people have in common is that they want to work […]

SMART Affiliate Program $30,000+ Launch Contest

SMART Affiliate Program Logo - SMART Affiliate Program $30,000+ Launch Contest

Hi Everyone! I am happy to announce that after 6 months of hard work and Beta Testing our SMART Affiliate Program (Review can be found SMART AFFILIATE PROGRAM REVIEW) is ready to launch to the masses! Now, the best thing? To get things kicked off right, we are sponsoring a $30,000+ in prizes contest that is going to rock the world! Not only are we offering special pricing for new members (at ALL levels) we are offering multiple prizes (cash and memberships) throughout the next 8 weeks (through 19 December 2020)… Two months is a LONG period to run a […]

Review of the SMART Affiliate Program – A NEW Way To “Learn to Earn” From Home

SMART Affiliate Program Logo - Review of the SMART Affiliate Program - A NEW Way To "Learn to Earn" From Home

Hi Everyone… Today I am going to be reviewing the new platform I have built that is called the SMART Affiliate Program. It is just being launched and it definitely is a product that many people can use in these days of enforced quarantines and the huge loss of employment that are outcomes of the fight to slow the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic. What This Program Is All About Are you stuck at home, have you lost your job, are you looking for ways to earn from home and build up a secondary or main source of income fast? […]

The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review…

2019 12 06 0936 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

Hi, Everyone, Today I want to cover the newly launched SMART Customer Loyalty Program that the Soaring Eagle Company has just released under their brand “SMART Tools for Business.” It is the latest offering of tools for small businesses and entrepreneurs intended to help automate or standardize operations, cut costs, and grow the business faster. In the interest of full disclosure, I am the CEO of the company so I know all about it and what they are doing. They have been working very hard to develop programs and tools that can be used by small businesses and entrepreneurs that […]