SMART Affiliate Program $30,000+ Launch Contest

SMART Affiliate Program Logo - SMART Affiliate Program $30,000+ Launch Contest

Hi Everyone! I am happy to announce that after 6 months of hard work and Beta Testing our SMART Affiliate Program (Review can be found SMART AFFILIATE PROGRAM REVIEW) is ready to launch to the masses! Now, the best thing? To get things kicked off right, we are sponsoring a $30,000+ in prizes contest that is going to rock the world! Not only are we offering special pricing for new members (at ALL levels) we are offering multiple prizes (cash and memberships) throughout the next 8 weeks (through 19 December 2020)… Two months is a LONG period to run a […]

The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity – May 29 through June 2 2019

2019 05 12 0521 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

Hi, Everyone… This is something new for me, but I am excited to be a small part of an upcoming virtual conference called The Ultimate Underdog Summit, where some really big figures in online marketing will be presenting over a series of dates and times. My role is as an affiliate, nothing big, but it will provide a lot of benefits. Branding, networking with other entrepreneurs, getting my products introduced to a global market, and growing my subscriber list are all things I can do besides earning some commissions from ticket sales by participating as an affiliate for the conference. […]

How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

Bundle 3 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

Hi, Everyone… As we are about a third of the way through 2019 already, I know that many people are looking for ways to get things rolling for their online business as the first three months of the year may or may not have been as successful as they want. Whether it has been or not, it always is good to look at the many options that are out there to grow your business using organic (free) methods that are available. One way that many people talk about but few really know that much about is online viral marketing. This […]

PerkZilla Review – A Tool You Will Use

INTRODUCTION PerkZilla is a new tool that virtually every online marketer can use for their business. It is no secret that viral campaigns can get you a lot of attention and traffic quickly, and at little to no cost for you. This tool helps you quickly get a number of viral campaigns running, track all of them, and tap into this powerful source of free traffic. Using the web-based tool you have an easy and practical way to organize and control all your contests and viral campaigns from one central location. It also provides you stats so you can track […]


INTRODUCTION This is the last tutorial in our 10 part series on free traffic sources, and one that you may not have thought much about. Viral contests are yet one more opportunity to get some free traffic, plus build your lead list, and likely make more sales. Viral contests to can generate massive amounts of free traffic to your site, offers, or giveaways…I hope at the end of the tutorial you will be convinced that this is an approach that you need to at least explore further, going forward. Note we will do a final wrap up article as well […]