SMART(ER) Academy Opens It’s Doors for Members

2021 12 12 05 35 44 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members

Unlock the Power of the SMART(ER) Business Network: Your Ticket to Success!   ****HOT! HOT! HOT!**** Right now we are giving away 20 free 1-year accounts for the SMART(ER) Platinum Membership level access! How do you get this? Simple…Go to the home page of the academy at, click on the banner at the bottom for the recruiting contest, and sign up! The next 20 entrants Dave will upgrade once they have enrolled in the contest and registered for a free 7-day account to the Premium level membership. Even if you are not one of the lucky 20, there are […]

10 Reasons The SMART $1K+ Project Is The Best All-In-One Business Building & Support Program

Before We Get Started On The 10 Reasons This SMART $1K+ Project Is The Best… To put the 10 reasons into context, it is necessary to understand what you get with the SMART $1k+ Project. Then the reasons provided will make more sense to the reader. The page that explains the program in detail can be found here:  Opt-in Page SMART $1k+ Project There you will find a much more expanded version of the information provided in this short article. Below I describe a bit about the program in case you do not have time to go to that opt-in […]

Review of the SMART Affiliate Program – A NEW Way To “Learn to Earn” From Home

SMART Affiliate Program Logo - Review of the SMART Affiliate Program - A NEW Way To "Learn to Earn" From Home

Hi Everyone… Today I am going to be reviewing the new platform I have built that is called the SMART Affiliate Program. It is just being launched and it definitely is a product that many people can use in these days of enforced quarantines and the huge loss of employment that are outcomes of the fight to slow the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic. What This Program Is All About Are you stuck at home, have you lost your job, are you looking for ways to earn from home and build up a secondary or main source of income fast? […]

SMART Training – Traffic Generation Club –

business talks nobg - SMART Training - Traffic Generation Club -

Hi, Everyone…   Today I am going to expand on something that is near and dear to our heart as online marketers – traffic! Without traffic, we are all dead in the water.   You can have the best content, great videos, good offers, and bonuses that people really want and need, but if nobody sees your efforts (i.e. no traffic) you cannot sell a thing.   This article is intended to help you get your head around traffic generation. What to do and what not to do, tips to help you get more traffic and traffic that is targeted. […]

SMART Training – Success Upgrade Club – What’s Holding YOU Back?

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Hi, Everyone…   Today we are going to cover something that is near and dear to my heart. People mostly want to succeed at whatever they undertake, at least on the surface.   Under that veneer of good thoughts and wishes they may have, there are things that are undercutting that desire to succeed, and often they may not be able to see that in themselves or in the people around them.   Let me give you an example…   You can take two people from the same background and give them the same resources, blueprints and business plans. One […]