SMART Affiliate Program $30,000+ Launch Contest

SMART Affiliate Program Logo - SMART Affiliate Program $30,000+ Launch Contest

Hi Everyone! I am happy to announce that after 6 months of hard work and Beta Testing our SMART Affiliate Program (Review can be found SMART AFFILIATE PROGRAM REVIEW) is ready to launch to the masses! Now, the best thing? To get things kicked off right, we are sponsoring a $30,000+ in prizes contest that is going to rock the world! Not only are we offering special pricing for new members (at ALL levels) we are offering multiple prizes (cash and memberships) throughout the next 8 weeks (through 19 December 2020)… Two months is a LONG period to run a […]

Using a Multimedia Approach to Share Your Message

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A GUEST POST FROM DAVE SWENEY, CO-FOUNDER OF THE SMART AFFILIATE PROGRAM AND THE SMART TOOLS FOR BUSINESS BRAND…Read and heed (and have a great day!)… : )           Dave:   “Hi, Everyone…   Today I want to cover how to expand your idea if content creation to attract and keep more people on your websites, social accounts, and offers.   Content creation online is a hefty commitment to your audience. You’ll constantly be creating new content for them on your blogs, within your email autoresponder campaigns, for your social networking posts, possibly for any info […]