Top 15 Best & Easy Email Tips That Raise Conversion Rates & More Training

INTRODUCTION I have been involved with online marketing for more than a few days now, and one thing that I have heard since day one of my online marketing effort is to build a list of subscribers and use emails to market to them,’ I have also heard people talking about how emails is so yesterday and how there are many other more effective ways to promote your products and services such as webinars, social media, and the like… It is true that over time, you get on so many lists that you cannot possibly keep up with them all. […]

Which Podcasts Are Hot & Implications For Your Podcast Program

INTRODUCTION Podcasts fascinate me…I admit it! I think they serve a purpose in this mobile world we live in today where people are traveling to and fro from work, enjoying their free time, or just want to multi-task… You can also reach the world using podcasts, once you have a following and are providing a series of podcasts, your name and reputation will grow… Today I want to have a look at some of the best podcasts that are available to us today, ones that have a good following and offer great content right now. You can check them out […]

Memories In A Box Launch – Case Study Lessons and Takeaways

  INTRODUCTION This site is all about helping you to make money with your own online business. Today we are going to discuss yet one more way to do just that! My partner Robert and I have opened a brand new eCommerce concept…It is called Memories In A Box…Over the past almost a year, we have worked hard to get it up and going… To offer you yet another real life case study of opening your own online business (I also am standing up a membership site where I am reporting on the progress as it develops), I am adding […]

Choosing The Best Autoresponder Alternative Based On Needs

INTRODUCTION If you have been in the online marketing business for more than a day or two, likely you have heard a lot about this subject. Everyone will tell you that having one is important, but often not explain further why. Today I will go into why having some means of automatically sending out emails is useful to you, both for gathering leads and selling products or services. Then I will add a robust list of alternatives that you can consider based on your budget as well as your requirements. I will go over the options that will work for […]

Quick Review – New Social Graphics Package “Instant Social Branding” & My Better Alternative

INTRODUCTION This is another product developed and sold by designer Lucas Adamski, the latest in many launches he has made over the past years. This one focuses on social branding templates. It is a good if limited in scope package… In reviewing the latest package, I was impressed with the quality and modern designs he has put together for use with social page headers for your own business pages and your client’s business pages. Note I am not an affiliate for this graphics design package but in my mission to take care of readers and subscribers, I do cover products […]