How Can You Get The Best Solid Leads Today

INTRODUCTION This is a very tough market we are experiencing in 2016…It is becoming a challenge to generate ideas to get more traffic to get leads to whom we can promote our offers, products, and websites. Today I want to go through some ideas I have gathered for you to consider and then offer you guidance for each. Once you read through them, select one or two and focus on these for the remainder of 2016. There is still time to turn around your year if you are not where you want to be with your online marketing program. Please do […]

Choosing The Best Autoresponder Alternative Based On Needs

INTRODUCTION If you have been in the online marketing business for more than a day or two, likely you have heard a lot about this subject. Everyone will tell you that having one is important, but often not explain further why. Today I will go into why having some means of automatically sending out emails is useful to you, both for gathering leads and selling products or services. Then I will add a robust list of alternatives that you can consider based on your budget as well as your requirements. I will go over the options that will work for […]

Email Marketing Part Three “The Art of The Offer”

INTRODUCTION This is the last part of a three part series on email marketing, It is intended on giving you a broad brushstroke view of what email marketing entails, and provid guidance on how to get your program started properly and quickly. As a reminder, the subject of email marketing may seem dull to some people, but I assure you it is a VITAL piece of your online marketing sales program, whether you are an affiliate promoting others’ products, or you are selling services, products, or whether you are selling yourself (i.e. as a mentor)… To keep you ahead of […]