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WELCOME! PLEASE WATCH EPISODE 17: SMART Business Network Coaching & Mentoring


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 Now for a word from our fearless leader! : )




“Welcome, SMART(ER) Business Network members! We understand that navigating a vast array of features and resources can be overwhelming.


That’s why we’ve created this series of videos to help you understand what you have access to and how to leverage these powerful tools for your business efforts.


In each episode, we’ll dive deep into specific areas, guiding you through the features step-by-step. And don’t worry, we’ll be continually adding more features to meet your evolving needs.


So, you can always come back and check what’s new and make sure you’re not missing out on any game-changing opportunities.


We know that as a new member, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the wealth of information and possibilities within the network. But fear not!


Our series is designed to address things that overwhelm you and provide you with a clear roadmap to success.


Here you are, visiting the seventeenth episode of the series, with a total of twenty episodes published so far. And guess what?


We’re always open to adding more as we discover new features and innovative ways to support your growth.


Our goal is to ensure you have a comprehensive guide to follow, empowering you to make the most of your membership.


So, get ready to unlock the full potential of the SMART(ER) Business Network. We’re here to support you every step of the way, offering guidance, feedback, and insights to help you achieve your business goals.


See you inside!”


Session 17: Unleashing the Coaching & Mentoring Powerhouse


Deep within the SMART(ER) Business Network lies a hidden powerhouse of transformation – coaching and mentoring. Just like a skilled sculptor chisels away at a block of marble to reveal a stunning masterpiece, our coaching and mentoring services shape aspiring individuals into successful business owners.


In this episode, we embark on an extraordinary journey of self-improvement. Just as a seed needs nurturing to blossom into a beautiful flower, our coaching and mentoring programs provide the essential care and guidance for your entrepreneurial growth.


Unlike the unforgiving learning curve that often leaves aspiring business owners lost in a vast sea of uncertainty, our platform offers a lifeline. Through immersive coaching sessions available to all members and affiliates, you’ll find answers to burning questions, acquire new knowledge, gain invaluable advice and tips, and even learn from fellow participants. And the best part? The sessions are recorded and stored within our academy and library, serving as an evergreen resource for continuous growth.


Imagine, in the vast ocean of the internet, where coaching comes at a premium, our SMART(ER) Business Network offers this invaluable service at no additional cost. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to unlock their true potential, and our coaching and mentoring programs are the key to achieving that.


But wait, there’s more! Beyond the regular coaching sessions, we have exciting plans to introduce small group coaching and even one-on-one sessions in the near future. These exclusive opportunities will further elevate your entrepreneurial journey to unprecedented heights.


Rest assured, the coaching sessions you have access to as a member will serve as your compass, guiding you through the labyrinth of entrepreneurship. We are committed to ensuring that our coaching and mentoring programs remain a pillar of support in your quest to become a triumphant business owner. Together, we’ll carve your path to success.



Episode Wrap Up


To join now, go to the offer pages at under the shop menu tab. There you will see the various offers and can register to get started.


While there on the home page, you will also note the banners on the top and bottom of the page. The top one will take you to the latest sales offer (often the best offer too, by the way!), while the bottom banner will take you to the recruiting contest.


The recruiting contest runs from month to month and the data collection starts new (old data is purged/destroyed except for winners and reward recipient’s information for network use to track membership).


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Again, see you inside! Please view the video and ask any questions in the comment section! We will get back to you ASAP…There are no dumb questions…We are here to help…




Coach Dave

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6 thoughts on “SMART(ER) Business Network Overview – Episode 17 – Coaching & Mentoring

  1. SMART(ER) BUSINESS NETWORK’s “Episode 17 – Coaching & Mentoring” is a game-changer for anyone seeking guidance and wisdom on their entrepreneurial journey. This product offers a rich repository of insights and advice from experienced mentors and coaches, making it an invaluable resource.

    What truly sets this episode apart is the diversity of perspectives it provides. You’ll gain access to a wide range of coaching styles and approaches, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your unique needs. From personal development coaches to business strategists, the content is both comprehensive and tailored.

    The convenience of having this wealth of knowledge in one place is a tremendous time-saver. You can learn from the best in the business without the hassle of endless research. If you’re serious about your business success and personal growth, “Episode 17 – Coaching & Mentoring” is an indispensable tool. It’s a testament to SMART(ER) BUSINESS NETWORK’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurs with the resources they need to thrive.

    1. Hi Again, Notha…

      This feature of the SMART(ER) Business Network that is highlighted in episode 17 is one of our strongest we think. Coaching and mentoring are such a boon to beginners and seasoned business owners alike. There are so many questions that can be answered and advice given that will help members minimize mistakes and delays to getting an income.

      It is a chance for all members to ask questions, and get to know other members, plus a chance also for Coach Dave and other mentors to provide information that will help everyone. We hold these weekly at a minimum, one session for the members and one for affiliates. 

      That means members have 2 chances per week for this type of support. There are many ways to interact beyond the live sessions as well, as we have a comment section so a discussion can follow the thread of discussion to a whole new level after the live session.


      Coach Dave : )

  2. Hi Dave,

    Coaching is such an important tool. I am glad that you have placed focus here on coaching and mentoring. I have found that even in a 9-5 office environment, when new employees start, it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed in a new space. 

    Small groups and One-on-One sessions! Even better. This really narrows down training in areas that are actually needed by aspiring business owners. I see there are many training videos available on your site. How are the One-on-One sessions conducted?

    Dee J.

    1. Hi, Dee!

      I have not run one-on-one coaching recently, but have done so in earlier times in Germany. These were face-to-face in a common setting normally, and depending on the person and the subject we might have gone to a more private location to conduct sessions.

      These days I would expect to do it over Zoom or a similar platform, as it does provide most of the on-site advantages has when it comes to coaching& mentoring. I prefer sit-downs in the same location, but that is not realistic these days.

      Small group coaching also works well, I have done a lot of that in the past…That includes classrooms and separate off-grid locations where we have privacy and a setting where people can let their hair down and relax a bit. In Germany and Virginia, I would often rent a hotel where everyone stayed for a 4-day weekend session. 

      We will open the small group and 1-1 coaching up early next year I think, we are still drinking from a fire hose trying to get so much caught up. Members will see a constant flow of new training, new resources new tools, and more prompts, checklists, and more as we move our inventory into the new platforms…

      You are so right about the insight into the new employee’s feelings. I used to get that quite often! In the military, over 25 years we moved 14 times to new locations, and I can’t even count the number of deployments I had during those years. 

      Thanks for the feedback!


      Dave : )

  3. Thank you for shedding light on the empowering coaching and mentoring services within the SMART(ER) Business Network. It’s evident that these programs provide invaluable support and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. Now, I’d like to pose a question:

    How do you envision the coaching and mentoring programs evolving in the future, and what specific benefits can members expect to gain from these upcoming small group coaching and one-on-one sessions?

    1. Hi, Demi!

      Thanks for your questions and also for stopping by and having a look at this episode of the SMART(ER) Business Network Overview Series. The questions are helpful as we can provide further clarification and also take action to add more content that readers and members are looking for with the series. Win for all!

      In regards to the coming coaching offers for small groups and 1-1 sessions, I envision that they both will offer more of a hands-on approach and a base structure of areas to be covered, but also much more of the individual needs of the member. 

      That might include sessions to walk-throughs of products, sales funnels, copy, payment gateways, email swipe files, supporting videos, and data measuring. In regards to the development of such products and offers, the process to get to the point where all the rest I pointed out would be covered.

      Because each person has a different direction they may be headed with their business, it would also require some individual time to be carved out with the small group coaching. For all, more general subjects would be covered too, and that will likely be based on surveys and what that particular group might need most.

      As the coaching term moves ahead, the service will be further refined to address the exact needs and areas indicated needing further work. Combinations of materials, ebooks, work materials, and assignments would be a part of both programs as well.

      Before launching these programs next year, we will do some surveys from membership to frame up the basic structure of the sessions, off this to them, and adjust as we go through to make sure that they get what they need, no matter the area.

      I am looking forward to these sessions…It gives me a chance to work once again in an almost classroom setting as I have done many times in the past. I also have led groups dealing with other subjects than business, which will help as I organize and lead the group.


      Coach Dave : )


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