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Today we will cover WHY the Premium Member membership level at Wealthy Affiliate is a wise move to make as an online marketer…

But first…By chance do any of the below questions apply to you?

  • Are you interested in making money online?
  • Have you had bad experiences in the past with other sites or programs that promise you the massive success or millions of dollars in a week, but deliver little to nothing?
  • Have you felt like you have wasted a lot of money trying to have some degree of success at online marketing, but have little to nothing to show for it?
  • Are you frustrated and just want to get some straight advice and guidance from somewhere on how to go about designing and publishing a website or an online marketing business?
  • Do you need some help determining what niche to focus on, how to get traffic to your website and gain leads and conversions? 
  • Have you spent too much or are you still spending too much money on shiny objects (tools that seemed to provide the answer to your problem) that you are not using?

Well, I have something that can solve all these problems and more…

It is called Wealthy Affiliate and is a site where you will learn from the ground up all the requirements for creating a successful marketing site and business. The focus is on affiliate marketing, but most of the tenets can and will apply to most areas of online marketing.

WA Free Sign Up - Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level Membership Advantages

This site is much more than just an educational site, however.

Below I go into some of the advantages and tools you will have access to as a premium member and explain how these will also help you, even if you are a somewhat experienced marketer.

I want to start this tutorial by reminding you what you get as a Starter Member, in case you are not aware of Wealthy Affiliate at all…

This will give you a good idea of just how valuable this site is and why Premium Level membership is the way to go… 


Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was created to help people get a solid and proper start in the online business world…It does this in an effective  manner that I have not seen with any other similar program on the internet…

The two co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate are named Kyle and Carson, and they truly care about helping people, and it shows in this online education platform they have created…

You will see what I am talking about when you get inside…

Over the ten years since the founders created and then guided the growth of Wealthy Affiliate, they have continued to innovate and improve their numerous and complete services offered regularly for members, and today it is the leading site for online training to learn affiliate and online marketing.

If you have not read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate found HERE (click on the link) or if you do not want to take the time to do so, here is a down and dirty synopsis of what is included at the starter level of membership at no cost for a limited time…

After we cover the Starter Level membership, we will move to the Premium Level so you can understand more clearly just what you’re getting and why being a Premium Member is the right choice if you are serious about Online Marketing…

Starter Level Membership

Basically, what Kyle and Carson have put together is an absolute  no-cost starter membership level to let potential long-term members see what they are getting with a full membership….

They call it appropriately enough “Starter Membership” and it encompasses having access to a combination of the website for training and interchange of information and also their hosting service called Siterubix, where you can build and add content to your own websites you can create for free.

For a simple and fast sign up procedure, you can try the site and service out if you understand enough to want to take action now. I have added a short video to show you how to get this done…

OK Let’s do a quick recap…

  • As a Starter Member, you get access to certain benefits for 7 days…
  • During this trial period, you will have access to the Wealthy Affiliate experience to a large degree on the same level of service as you would have as a premium level member…
  • Truly a “try before you buy,” opportunity, you do not even have to provide a credit card to be a Starter Member! 

If you are ready to start now, please click on the below link, and after providing your name and email address, you will be taken directly to the sign-up page…

WA Free Sign Up - Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level Membership Advantages

In case you want to learn more details about the starter level, I have added bullets below to explain what you get… 

Overview Of Starter Membership Benefits

Benefit #1 – Interactions With The WA Community

You will be able to interact with community members (there are thousands of members). This is a very valuable benefit, as you can network with fellow aspiring and many members that are highly successful online entrepreneurs. !

You will see that you can do live chats, you can post comments on members’ blog posts, and otherwise interact with WA members. You can ask all the questions you need help with and you can offer help to others. The community has a mindset of pay it forward and fun to be a part of…

Benefit #2 – Access To Level 1 Training  – Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started

Above and beyond being able to talk to other members, you can start and complete this initial entry point training. You will learn how to build your websites, create online assets and most importantly, you will start to understand how to ethically make money online.

From my own experience, I can tell you this course is heads and shoulders above most other “free” training courses you will find advertised on the internet, and the most effective and thorough. I wasted time and money before finding Wealthy Affiliate, and I want you to not have to go through that as I did…

Benefit #3 – Self-Paced Training

The course above can be accessed when you have time, so you can fit your time getting started into your schedule, whatever that may allow for. There are a series of tasks in each lesson and a total of 10 lessons. At the end of the level one training, you will have a solid foundation for your online business.

There are a series of tasks in each lesson and a total of 10 lessons. At the end of the level one training, you will have a solid foundation for your online business.

Benefit #3 – Additional Free Training, Tutorials, & Tips

Beyond the Getting Started level training, you also will have access to literally thousand’s of blog posts by members (many of which have valuable lessons and content/training on a variety of subjects pertaining to online marketing), plus additional training tutorials and videos.

Taken together, in sum, you can say that you have instant access to your own huge reference library at your fingertips whenever you may need it.

From my personal insight, I can tell you that I have used the training and tips almost daily when I run into problems of one sort or another with my own online marketing businesses. I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for over a year, and it has never failed me…

Benefit #4 – Build Two Websites

You are getting access to their state of the art proprietary Siterubix Hosting platform and a WordPress based website builder. This is something that will normally cost your anywhere from $8 -$20 a month elsewhere.

Using the two, you can quickly have your first site up and live on the internet. it generally takes less than a minute (I have timed it). From there you can revise, improve, shape, and add content to your very own site.

You can build two websites at no charge as a Starter Member, and you do not need to have a domain, they can provide that if you need it… All in all, this is yet another a very valuable benefit…

Benefit #5 – Interact With The WA Community 

There is nothing better than being able to mingle and network with fellow aspiring and many that are highly successful entrepreneurs. You can chat, post comments, and interact with fellow WA members.

This means that you can ask questions if you need help or you can help others if you know the answer to their question. It is a truly a pay it forward community…People readily share their experiences and knowledge…

I have received specialized help at least a dozen times, or about once a month average since joining. More experienced marketers jumped right in and provided solutions very quickly, and saved me  many hours of work…

Benefit #6 – Network Within The Community

In any niche or professional field you decide to enter, it is important to find out who the influencers are, why they are designated as such, and to start to interact and build a relationship with such people.

At WA, you can easily get started doing this, because they have the perfect platform to do so. Remember that networking does lead to success and it has been done before the internet was around and now is just as important as in the old days…

On WA, you can build a list of followers, follow some of the influencers, and then build a rapport with them all. These people will help guide you and provide support in your online journey.

Right after the registration process is complete and you have your own social page, you can set up your profile. You can add an image or images (up to 5)  and also provide a description of who you are and what you want to accomplish on your profile page.

Having a completed profile will help build your follower list more quickly and get you ahead faster…

Benefit #7 – Create & Post Content

Along with having a profile, you have the capability to create content as a Starter Member of WA. You can create and post as many blogs as you want (there may be a daily limit but I have not run into that as of yet!) on subjects of interest.  This includes the ability to connect to people through your own blog posts.

Generally. it is better to stick to online business related posts, but I have posted other non-related posts as well. Most stick to affiliate marketing related posts, however, using other social media platforms for the socializing posts.

One thing that you cannot do using this privilege is to promote your products or affiliate products. This helps keep the site spam-free. Outside of that, you can share whatever may be on your mind.

What comes to mind for me (and what most of my blog posts contain) are any questions I may have, observations I have experienced, some of my achievements, and even the failures…

Sharing is caring, and they do it well on the WA site…

Benefit #8 – Make Money As An Affiliate 

Even as a Starter member, you will be accepted as an affiliate of WA. This means you can use your website to promote and expand on the benefits that WA offers to others, and get paid when others sign up using your affiliate link.

You can add to your content any blog post you find on the site, links or screen captures of any of the many training modules on the site, or share any of the thousand’s of profiles you will find on the site.

WA offers one of the best and highest paid affiliate programs you will find online! So if you have a lot of contacts on Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Facebook, etc. or maybe through an email list, share the opportunity and get rewarded! You have full access to the WA affiliate program which can lead to a recurring income stream.

This can lead to a recurring income stream for you and this goes on as long as the referrals are paying members. The WA site sells itself, but there is lots of competition in this niche, so to be realistic,

I would say do not plan on this as a focus for your online marketing efforts. It is worth writing a tutorial about once in a while, as you see here. You never know when someone who needs WA might stop by your site…

Bottom Line: I would say there are quite a few benefits you get as a Starter Member and all for a simple name and email address! You will not find an offer like this anywhere else on the internet. 

If you have NOT signed up yet but want to get started, once again here is a button to get you started:

WA Free Sign Up - Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level Membership Advantages

Last Point: This Starter Member level  is at ZERO cost to you and there are no time restrictions on usage of the site and the benefits above…I also have some surprise special bonuses for you, which you will receive an email with a link to read about and download from…  

Moving On…

Now that you understand what is provided as a Starter Member at no cost, you can better understand what the difference is and why you should act to become a Premium Member of WA.

There are differences and they are huge and off further valuable assistance in getting your own online marketing business up and running successfully!


If you are thinking that the Starter Level is a pretty cool offer, you would be right. If you thought that it seems like there is no need to upgrade to a Premium Member, you would be mistaken…

I say this because as hard as it may be to imagine that the premium program could be better, it is. The are a lot of differences between the two.

Let’s discuss one difference and 10 benefits that will provide you insight and clarity to understand what extra services and why you need to subscribe to the Premium Level Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Difference – The Cost

Let’s relate costs to what you receive. The training and extras you get with WA far exceed anything else available on the internet! WA teaches the latest online marketing techniques and provides strategies that have proven to work.

Starter Membership

The Starter Membership is offered at no cost to you, and you do not even have to provide a credit card prior to enrolling. Absolutely no commitment…

Upgrading Process

You will be presented an option for upgrading to the WA Premium Level Membership at the end or at any stage of the 7-day free trial period.

If you upgrade to Premium prior to the end of the free trial period, your cost for the first month will be $19 USD. This charge would apply from the date you upgraded.

Cost of Premium Membership

Thereafter you will be charged $49 USD a month for Premium Level membership and all the additional benefits that come with the upgrade…

Saving money on this monthly cost…There are two ways to bring this cost down…

Annual Subscription. You can choose to pay annually for your Premium Membership and save a lot of money over the year. This annual subscription is offered at a once per year  cost of $359, and it brings your monthly cost under $30 USD a month…A savings of over $220 USD!

Upgrade During Back Friday Holiday Sale. Every year after the US Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States there is a Black Friday sale that WA offers. During that period you can upgrade to annual for even less…The actual sale price changes from year to year but I took this option last year and now am paying less than $25 USD a month for the Premium Level subscription.

THAT is a deal! Especially when you read the rest of the differences you will have as a Premium Member over remaining a Free or Starter Member at Wealthy Affiliate…  

OK, I hope you can understand the difference between starter and premium level membership, and also realize how you can cut your monthly expense way down for Wealthy Affiliate…

Premium Benefit #1  – Personal Mentoring From Co-Founders Kyle and Carson

If you need kind of direct one-on-one type mentoring, you will be ale to get it. The two co-founders spend a lot of time on the site helping members and they will respond if you send them a request.

I have availed myself of this benefit a couple of times over the year, and in these cases, it was Kyle that helped me out. I really like this benefit and of course, will not overuse it because I realize how busy the two are working on improving things for members.

Things they will help out on includes the gamut of different questions you could possibly have as an online marketer. They have almost 25 years of experience between the two, so I guess you could say you are tapping into a serious level of expertise!

How much would that cost you with one of the super-affiliates out there, or a well-known IM coach? Likely a lot more than the annual cost of being a Premium Member I wager!


Premium Benefit #2 – Premium Website Hosting 

As a premium member, you can have hosted 25 websites without any additional charges. This means you can enter into a number of niches, make demo or test websites, or use some of that space for sales or squeeze pages, or as I am doing now, creating a membership site (I will be adding more).

The premium level membership includes access to their proprietary website platform they call SiteRubix. To help you get started, they have a website builder application wherein you can create a website in 3 easy steps (see my video above).

You get top quality monitoring of your sites, protecting you against spam and security breaches many other hosts either cannot offer, or do so at an additional markup. They have an excellent support system in place 24/7 and answer queries quickly

Another benefit this hosting includes is that the servers are managed, meaning that your sites are hosted on the server with the least activity, as possible.

This means that for your website visitors your site loads and navigates between pages quickly, and of course, that improves your user’s experience.

They do not overload the servers either, there are a reasonable number of websites on a server, which also helps make sure things do not bog down or crash.

In the year that I have had hosting service, there has been only one downtime, so the online percentage is well above 99%. This is yet another important benefit that can save you many hundreds of dollars over a year.

I estimate that my first-year savings to be over $500 USD, based on the number of sites and the level of hosting service I have had with Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix over the period.

Benefit #3  – Member Mentoring

There are a good number of Premium Level members on Wealthy Affiliate and they regularly contribute to the membership through publishing useful posts and tutorials, and they do not mind offering their expertise to members, and at no cost.

Some of these members are quite successful with their online marketing business, and these are particular gems in the membership that you can tap into and talk with on a regular basis. This is a feature you will not find anywhere else. Some of the forums come close, but there is too much noise and spam to make them truly top-notch sites for mentoring to any degree.


Benefit #4  – An Unlimited Use Keyword Tool 

The site includes a free keywords tool. If you are new to the business, suffice it to say that you will need a tool like this to make sure that you are creating content that people are looking for.

It is not enough to write about what you think will be of interest to people, nor to guess based on what you see on the internet or on news pages.

You have to have a way to narrow down and find keywords that are then included in content that you publish on your website in strategic places.

This way the search engines will find them and rank your site, and you will get additional traffic for your effort.  You want keywords that are relevant to your niche.

The keyword tool on Wealthy Affiliate uses the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo,  and it allows access to  competition data which helps determine whether or not you have a chance to compete.

You can use this tool on an unlimited basis. Is this the only keyword tool you will need? Not likely, as you get more experienced you will want a more powerful tool, but for starting out, this is an expense you will not have as a premium member

Benefit #5 – Weekly Webinars By An Expert

Only for Premium Members, a weekly live webinar is presented. The training covers new and timely topics. the level of training ranges from beginner level to advanced.These videos are powerful, easy to follow, and offer comprehensive

They are very useful and easy to follow along with. Lots of ideas are presented and actual walk-throughs are shown so viewers can better understand what is being taught.

As a Premium Member, you will also have access to the large library of recorded webinars that have been presented in the past. You can replay these as many times as might be necessary and they are always available to you. There is a huge list of subjects you can access.

Benefit #6  – Full Access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community

The database of community member posts and tutorials includes content that has gathered since 2005. Over the years many really good and useful posts have been added.

Whether it is success stories, inspiring posts, training, hints or tips, or even problems with answers in the comment section, you will have access to these as a Premium Member.

Daily new posts are added by current members and the conversation continues with current subjects in the online marketing business. These will help you in making sure that you are up to date regarding requirements to successfully conduct your business.  

Benefit #7 – Special Training 

Almost daily new Premium Member only training is created and added to the site. This can include videos, text-based tutorials, and full blown courses that cover many topics, techniques, and strategies you can incorporate into your online marketing business.

They will help you to enhance and refine your skills and abilities, and of course, present yourself in a more professional manner to your audiences. In my opinion, as a user for a year now, the premium training is outstanding.

Benefit #8  – Certification Level Training

There are now 7 levels of certification training available to Premium Members. having gone through 6 levels and some of level 7, I can say that you will be an expert after completing all of them.

You will have knowledge that few internet marketers have, thusly increasing your chances of success, and also make yourself more marketable to others that may be interested in learning from YOU.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course includes almost 70 lessons between all the levels of certification and is only available to you as a Premium Member. Note this training is also “action-based” meaning that you will be actually doing on your own sites what is being taught.

Benefit #9  –  VIP Treatment

As a Premium Member, you are getting top treatment for your online business efforts using this platform. Yes, it represents an investment on your side in regards to cash you will spend.

Think of it as an investment in yourself. With Wealthy Affiliate, you are getting the best that money can buy, as you would expect if you were paying top dollar at a well-known university.

The staff and co-founders also treat you like a VIP. They are constantly listening and acting on members suggestions, and will make time to listen to you.


Benefit #10 – The Future In Sales Is Online

This is a fact. Last year saw user online access to the internet with mobile devices overtake desktop and laptop access. These users shop, they want and need things, and the market, far from being saturated, keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Using Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member means that you are staying abreast of all the best ways to get access to these ever-growing body of shoppers.  You will be able to keep up and stay ahead of most Online Marketers.

WA Free Sign Up - Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level Membership Advantages


There are no real cons of the Wealthy Affiliate education site. I have personally experienced and paid for access to other sites that are not as old as this one, and they charge more and offer less.

It is helpful to have an active community that is there to help you with any question you may have when it comes to online marketing. I have used the site almost daily since joining over a year ago and made the move to an annual membership.

Through the steps of buying the annual membership at the special rate that is offered after Thanksgiving each year (Black Friday sale), I have kept my costs under $30 a month! Adding to this, you can bring in a couple of new members as an affiliate, and your total cost will drop to zero!

Lots or pros, no cons…Does that sound good? It does to me! 


Below you can sign up to the site through my opt-in page…

After you provide your name and email, you will receive an email to download some special announced bonuses plus a couple of unannounced bonuses…

Also, while your bonus email is being sent to you,  you will be directed to the sign-up page for Wealthy Affiliate, where with a couple of steps you will be on your way.

Take action now and get yourself the same leg that has helped many thousands over the past 10 years…

Here is the link: 

WA Free Sign Up - Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level Membership Advantages


Today we covered what Wealthy Affiliate is, what you get at the Starter Membership Level, and then covered all the advantages of upgrading your subscription from a free level to premium level.

To those who may not be familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, I added a link to my review that is found right here on my site (it will open in a new window), and even provided another Youtube link to look through a video I have published on setting up your free websites.

Also, we mentioned that there are three ways to bring the monthly costs way down for Wealthy Affiliate as follows:

  • Paying for an entire year at once,
  • Waiting for the annual Black Friday sale in November, where you get even more of a break, or
  • Paying your costs for your subscription by becoming an affiliate and then promoting the site to prospects (as I am doing here).

Overall this post was intended to open your eyes to the reasons you should consider adding Wealthy Affiliate a tool in your arsenal of tools for your online marketing business.

Now it is up to you to take action to get started!

Start with the free level, where you do not even have to provide a credit card, and then use the site for the 7 days you will have access to most of the same benefits you will have as a premium member. THEN upgrade and consider the above ways to lower your costs.

One last opportunity to sign up now:

WA Free Sign Up - Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level Membership Advantages


arrow red 2 - Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level Membership Advantages


As is usual for my tutorials, reviews, and content posts, I am once again asking that you take a few minutes and add in some of your thoughts in the comment section below. When you do this we all learn and grow as online marketers, and there is no better way to learn than through an open discussion. Thanks in advance for your participation!


David Sweney Online Siganture - Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level Membership Advantages

Dave In Italy 2 - Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level Membership Advantages

14 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level Membership Advantages

  1. Hello Dave,

    First of all I have to tell you that you have done a great job on this review post. Actually I haven’t come across such a detailed review on Wealthy Affiliate.

    Yes. Wealthy Affiliate University is the right place to join if you want to make passive income online. As you have mentioned on your post, going premium is really a good decision if you want to make money online.

    Thanks for this post,

    1. Hi, Shashinth…

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your positive comments to the post….It does help when others confirm that Wealthy Affiliate is indeed worth the membership cost. That social proof is more and more important these days…

      It has been awhile since I have written the review, and in looking at it there are some minor things I would add or take away, but the gist of what the points are remain valid, I truly do think this is one of the best sites to learn how to properly get started with online marketing.

      One thing that I have seen is that what you learn there applies to many other marketing segments such as e-commerce, product development and roll out, dropshipping, etc. Many things I have learned and continue to learn have been used for my other businesses…


      Dave : )

  2. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about 18 months. Before I joined, I had more than 6 years experience as an internet marketer.

    Although I was making money before joining Wealthy Affiliate, it was only after joining that I was able to build a focused online business.

    The training at Wealthy Affiliate begins with learning the proper mindset and then builds from there with proven business principles.

    After finding my own success and helping many others, I’m confident that Wealthy Affiliate is the best chance anyone has to achieve financial independence.

    It won’t happen overnight. Building a business takes time, but with the skills and strategies Wealthy Affiliate teaches anyone who can operate a PC can earn a 6 figure income online.

    1. Yes, Gary…

      I agree with you completely…The foundation is there for you at Wealthy Affiliate, and it is how you apply it that will determine your success or lack thereof…

      I have used sources outside Wealthy Affiliate, but I continue to refer back to the site for many things almost daily. That and the networking makes me think I will be a member for a long time to come.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great deal at the price, and unlike you, most of my strength lies in offline sales…But many of the things you do offline are the same online, it is just the method you use that is different…

      Have you ever noticed how little negative data there is anywhere on ther internet about Wealthy Affiliate? That is a wonder and a tip off for would be members I think.

      This program has been in existance for over 11 years now, which is a long time in internet terms! That alonr should tell the prospective member something!

      Add that to all the benefits I cover in the review and you can see that Wealthy Affiliate is a super program to join and learn from!



  3. An excellent review. Wealthy Affiliate is one of those things you just have to experience it to truly appreciate it. I was completely convinced within two days of the 7 day free premium trial. The training, support, members are truly amazing. I had no knowledge of affiliate marketing staring out. I had never built my own website. A total newbie. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate almost one month and I have a website page ranked #1 on Google. Yes it definately works.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment…It sounds like you have enjoyed your membership to now and it has been good for your online marketing efforts.

      That is exactly my experience as well…The program is really quite easy to follow along with the way they have the training set up, and even a beginner can quickly learn everything they need..



  4. I couldn’t agree more Dave. It didn’t take long for me to upgrade to the yearly membership at Wealthy Affiliate when I joined. The support and training alone is worth it’s weight in membership.

    When you do the math, the hosting alone makes it well worth it. Most internet marketers have a handful of sites or more so the cost advantage in hosting is awesome. Then consider additional money that can be earned through WA by creating trainings and being active. It’s a no brainer in my opinion.

    1. Hello Jason!

      Thanks for stopping by and I really appreciate that you took the time to drop a comment here…I have been quite involved with some offline business, so am now catching up after a couple of weeks! The Wealthy Affiliate program is such that anyone can do the same – if they are involved in other endeavors, you can check in and continue to work as you have time…Pick up where you may have left off and get pushing for more with your online efforts…

      The training that is available is applicable to other market niches as well, by the way…I use it for e-commerce, video sales, and drop-shipping efforts….So that really makes it worth my money…As you mention, the hosting is also very attractive and saves a lot of money for you. Soon they are adding SSL capability for sites, which is yet another requirement upcoming by Google for good ranking!

      Dave : )

  5. Thanks for a great article.

    It looks like the free membership offer great benefits. Then I can learn what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

    Wow. The Premium Membership sounds even better. I can’t wait to start my free membership, learn the ropes and upgrade to premium.

    I like the idea of the community. The online world can be a lonely place and if what you say is true, then the community can help out during times when I feel down or don’t believe in myself.

    Can you truely say that Wealthy Affiliate changed your life?

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Hi, Jaco…

      Yes, I have to say that being a member of Wealthy Affiliate has had a positive and real effect on my life, both in regards to my online marketing and sales efforts, PLUS my general well-being as a person. The people that are members at Wealthy Affiliate are very supportive, you have members that have been in the business for many years and in some cases are millionaires already, while others are just starting out…

      The training, the free hosting, the excellent banter that takes place regularly, the tips and tools, and etc. all are part of what makes Wealthy Affiliate one of the best and real values available on the internet. There are a lot of programs that offer bits and pieces of what Wealthy Affiliate offers, but ONLY Wealthy Affiliate has it all, IMO!

      Dave : )

  6. Hey, Dave. Great review. This has got to be the best sales letter I’ve ever read. You covered all the real life information anyone could ask for. As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, I have availed myself to almost all of the benefits of this membership, and I’ve got to tell you, it’s been the best business experience of my life (69 years of it). If your readers don’t like this program after going through this review, they will never like anything.

    1. Hi Barry,

      Thanks much for your feedback…I am sure that many people will likely think it is a bit much, and I know it is…BUT I really wanted to provide a thorough picture of Wealthy Affiliate to the person who is doing due diligence prior to investing their time and money….As a member, you also realize the value of the site. I do appreciate your confirmation and social proof that you provide! Thanks!


  7. This is a very exhaustive and complete description of what the Wealthy Affiliate Membership site is. Maybe a little overwhelming at first glance, but surely gives all the info needed for people who came across the name and want to know more about it.
    I agree with you, the premium membership is really a good thing – and not expensive at all if you think about the upcoming opportunities for Black Friday!

    1. Hi Heidi,

      Thanks for stopping by and you are right, it can seem overwhelming…I did this by design, as someone that is looking for a complete picture of what they get as a member of Wealthy Affiliate will be able to drill down as much as they care to…Wealthy Affiliate is a good program and the features that come with the premium membership are well worth the money, between the training and the hosting alone…

      Dave : )

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