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2016 07 25 1444 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative


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This is another product developed and sold by designer Lucas Adamski, the latest in many launches he has made over the past years. This one focuses on social branding templates.

It is a good if limited in scope package…

In reviewing the latest package, I was impressed with the quality and modern designs he has put together for use with social page headers for your own business pages and your client’s business pages.

Note I am not an affiliate for this graphics design package but in my mission to take care of readers and subscribers, I do cover products that may be of interest for their online marketing businesses…

I suggest that you look through my review, check out my alternative offer, and then go look for a link to buy this graphics package if you like it…

Alternatively, look at what I am offering you right here today, and save yourself time, money, and get more to boot! OK, off my figurative soapbox and on to the review of this package…

Let’s have a drill-down look at what Lucas has to offer in this graphics package…

2016 07 25 1444 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative



Name Of Product:                 Instant Social Branding

                                                           Graphics Package

Developer:                                 Lucas Adamski

Cost Of Product:                    One Time

                                                           $7 – $9.95 (will rise

                                                           throughout launch

                                                           week) plus upsells

                                                           of $27 + $47 and more…

MY RATING:                             7/10

SUMMARY OF RATING:   Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative

Synopsis:  A limited branding package from Lucas that you can use for your social page headers immediately after purchase. These can be used as-is or you can edit them to make them even more unique and expressive for yourself or your clients…

Here is one set of social graphics (screenshots) so you can see what is contained in the offer:  

(1) Twitter Cover.

2016 07 25 0559 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative

(2) YouTube Cover and Google Plus Cover

2016 07 25 0600 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative

(3) Facebook Cover

2016 07 25 0600 001 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative

Do you see how each of the headers are similar so the message you send to your viewers on all main social platforms remains congruent throughout all the pages?

The concept is just what you want for all your social platform pages!





My offer details follow the review for Instant Social Branding package…But if you are interested you can save even more time and click directly below to gain access to your “Dave’s Maga Graphics Bundle!”  The sales page will detail what you get and includes bonuses from me as well… 


So WHY pay MORE and GET less? WHY spend your time going through sales page after sales page to get to your product? WHY not get my package and DO AWAY with all these problems!  


Click the green button below to get instant access to my generous and complete alternative to Instant Social Branding at the very reasonable price of either $19.95 (graphics only) and $24.95 (with PLR)  and save money and time plus get much more!

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative

[link is coming]


OK let’s move on to the review of Instant Social Branding…



This is a graphics package that focuses on social branding , as the name implies, i.e. the different headers for social platforms commonly in use these days…

The Instant Social Branding package is a set of designs that will allow the user to create matched sets of beautiful headers for the various social platforms on the market today.


It is useful to know exactly what you are getting when you decide whether to invest in a tool or not…That is why I try to always add in everything you can expect when you buy a tool or product…

The front end package comes a large number of niche branding sets…. 

With a bit of editing, these can be further massaged to fit almost any requirement you or your client may have.

There are also bonuses that you will have access to with the purchase, as follows:

Bonus # 1 – Twitter Covers

Bonus # 2 – Google Plus Covers

Bonus # 3 – Facebook Cover Templates

Bonus # 4 – Viral Quotes Graphic

Bonus # 5 – Graphical Headlines

Bonus # 6 –  Ecover Graphics

Each of these has a selection of a few samples of the graphics mentioned for you. Some come with PLR rights…This means you can sell them on or give them away as a bonus…They are nice but overall do not match well to the offer, they seem to be afterthoughts IMO…


Whether you are building your own brand, doing affiliate marketing, working on behalf of client’s branding efforts, or building your own name this or a similar package is something you need.

These days it is important to send a congruent message across all the social platforms to your customers letting them know who you are, what you offer, and why your ‘something ‘ is unique to you or your brand.

The collection you get does this job for you and saves time. You have to catch the eye of the casual viewer or the client that is in need of what you have or offer. The headers of the social platform pages are just one place to do it…But an important place…

Of course, there are many other areas of your online marketing program where you also have an opportunity to support and build your brand.  

This is why I decided to add in a second option today for you, one that involves less money, less hassle when you purchase, and a lot more graphics in addition to what is offered in the reviewed front end package.

You will read more on my super offer at the end of the review of Instant Social Branding…Don’t buy this product until you have seen my alternative, I want to save you money, trouble, and time plus give you much more!  

Ok, moving on… 


The ‘pros’…

This is a very reasonably priced starter package (front end offer) that provides a variety of graphics for social branding niches that can easily be edited using common tools most people already have on their computers.

This means no extra money for designers and no wasted time while you wait for your header package to be completed at a much higher cost to you. For headers use only the front end prices makes sense…

Simply upload these graphics to powerpoint, edit them, or use a tool like YouZign (my review of the excellent and effective graphics editing tool YouZign can be found HERE) to get them quickly ready and fine-tuned for you or your client.

The three ‘cons’ to this package are that:

(1) This package addresses only one area of your entire graphics needs as an online marketer (matched headers for your social pages) unless you buy the third upsell offer at $97. As a marketer, you know that graphics play a major part of MANY areas of your business…

(2) The overall cost.  Although the front end cost is low, when you add in the many upsells, you have a considerable amount of money invested in a limited segment of your overall graphic needs as a marketer (over $180!).

(3) The upsell process to get a complete package to include PLR. I don’t know about you, but it really irks me to have to go through page after page of offers to get to my product.

NOTE: There have been times when I have blacklisted sellers because literally there were 15 or more upsells! My time is worth money, and I do not appreciate mine being taken needlessly…


The front end offers a complete set of graphics as described above. These will be ready to use upon download at the extremely reasonable price of between $ 7.00 to $9.95 during the first week launch period.

NOTE: Early action takers get the best price, that front end will rise over the launch week to $9.95…

But this is only the beginning…You will be taken through a whole series of upsells before you finally get to your product download…

Here are the upsells for the package:

Upsell # 1 – X3 Profit-Booster Elite Upgrade

There are three additional revenue streams that you can realize with this upgrade…

(1) Developer’s Rights – You can sell these on to clients

(2) More Color Variations – Additional options…

(3) Extra Modules – More graphics at a deep discount

Cost: $ 27.00 USD (One Time)

Next, we have…

Upsell # 2 – Instant Social Branding PLR

With this upsell you get full PLR rights and can resell the package at 100% profit. There is also a sales funnel that comes with the rights. The buyers of this package will get the entire contents and materials with their purchase as well.

If you go to see what all of this would normally cost at some of the seller sites, you will realize just what a great offer this is (but not as good as mine below!). A single set of graphics you pay a designer for just to do the social page headers will cost you many times more than this price.

Cost: $ 47.00 USD (One Time)


Upsell # 3 – Reselling Millionaire Megabundle

This upsell is a reseller bundle of 4 of Lucas’s best-selling graphics packages. Although these are not garbage products, rather they have been created and successfully sold by Lucas and his affiliates, they are quite expensive.  Each comes with a ready-made sales funnel…

Cost: $97 USD (One Time)


Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative


This overall and final rating I have awarded this product is based on the package offered and the value offered to buyers…It does NOT get a top rating for the reasons mentioned in the ‘cons’ section of this review…


Now you have a thorough background on this offer from Lucas Adamski. I want to show you some other alternatives that will work as good for you if not better, and at an even better price… 


I am offering you today a package of graphics that…

(1) Has a wide variety of design graphics in the packages that more than meets what you get with the Instant Social Branding funnel offers, plus…

(2) There are no series of up-sell pages to wade through…

(3) You get some extra bonuses from me.

This offer is a mega package of four packs of graphic designs that will not only address your social branding needs but almost anything you will be using graphics for an internet marketer.

The price I am selling all 4 of these packs at is a bit higher than the front end from Lucas’ package, but it is FAR less than the price for the front end and upsells 1, 2, and 3 he is offering…

Just buy my package and get started using the huge set of graphics in ALL areas of your program!

NOTE: If you want PLR rights to this package, for an additional $5 you can have it. This means you can break up this mega package into smaller sets of graphics, you can sell on as is, or do whatever you want with it!

Here is what you are getting today as a better and complete solution and alternative to the rather limited but focused Instant Social Branding package offered by Lucas…


It consists of 4 packs of graphics that are each broken down into modules for you to easily access what you need as you work on your various marketing efforts and campaigns that require the addition of graphics.

I will describe each category generally so you an idea of what you get, and more detailed explanations are included on the sales page you will link to when you click on the below green button…

Package # 1 – Banners & Headers

Here you will find a series of graphic packages that will help you design and publish your own unique headers for all of your social platforms plus lots more.

Package # 2 – Holiday Graphics

Here you will find a series of packages that will provide graphics that support the various holidays for those special days when you want to promote your products  and services

Package # 3 – Website & Associated Graphics

This package contains arrows, boxes, images, and templates and lots of other graphics for websites and mini sales sites to promote your niche  products. With the huge variety of graphics, you can create to your hearts content your own and unique websites, sales pages, banners, etc.

Package # 4 – Sales Pages Graphics

This package focuses specifically on the sales pages you create to promote your services and products. It includes a variety of set of graphics that make this easy and fast.


OK, now you know what I am offering and can judge for yourself. I believe that this offer gives you a great deal MORE value and content than what you will get with the Instant Social Branding package with upsells…

All of these graphics in my offer are best used with some of the editing software that is available today, some that are free and some that you will have to pay a fee to use, either one-time or on a monthly subscription basis…

One of the top rated tools that I recommend and use almost daily is called Youzign, and it connects with many other tools used commonly today so you can quickly make any changes and publish your creations…

My review of that software tool is here:

===>  My Review of Youzign <===

Together, with my package you get a huge variety of niche graphics and regularly used and other special graphics that you can use in every area of your online marketing business.

The total cost for my offer is 7 x less than what you will pay for the offers in the sales funnel from Lucas, meaning you can use that money for other areas of your marketing business, like buying ads to get traffic to your offers!


Now It Is Time To Take Action!

Click the green button below to get instant access to my alternative to Instant Social Branding at the very reasonable one-time purchase price of $19.95 !


If you want PLR to the package, I have a second purchase option for that, and it is offered directly on the ONLY sales page you have to go to, for an additional $5 USD.


This means for PLR rights to the ENTIRE mega package with TONS of graphics  you pay $ 24.95, 7 x less than the Instant Social Branding package with upsells, and you can resell your package purchased from me again and again while keeping 100% of the profits!

Note: The savings above is based on the cost for Instant Social Branding Complete Package, which is : FE – $7 + Upsell 1 – $27 + Upsell 2 – $47 + Upsell 3 $- 97 = $178 USD!!!!…


So WHY pay MORE and GET less? WHY spend your time going through sales page after sales page to get to your product? WHY not get my package and DO AWAY with all these problems!


Click the green button below to get instant access to my generous and complete alternative to Instant Social Branding at the very reasonable price of either $19.95 (graphics only) and $24.95 (with PLR)  and save money and time!

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative

[link is coming]


Get my graphic mega bundle at the low price of $19.95 to $ 24.95 and you will receive bonuses from me…

These are intended not so  much to directly provide you more graphics, since you already have enough of those…

Rather,  these bonuses will help start thinking about how you are going to use that extra money you’re not spending on a high-priced package!

Bonus # 1 – Faster Growth With Facebook Retargeting

2016 02 28 1122 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative

This bonus will help you market that spiffy modern and professional looking page.  FYI, if you are not tapping into retargeting when you use paid ads to attract people to your pages and products you are losing money.

The information in this manual will provide you all the knowledge needed start retargeting and it also provides some very helpful hints on how to make retargeting work!

Next, we have…

Bonus # 2 – “Liking” Facebook Ads Again

2016 02 28 1118 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative

This complements the first bonus. The training provided in this eBook will help you rediscover what Facebook ads are doing these days. You will learn how best to add this marketing strategy into your overall program.

There have been many changes (and changes are continuous) but it is not true that you cannot use them effectively for growing your leads, conversions, and profits.

The idea is to help you use those newly-minted pages where you have added the Instant Social Branding header package images to your advantage…

If you have any issues or problems, please send your sales receipt for ‘Dave’s Mega Graphics Bundle’ to my team at support@davesweney.com and we will solve them and after purchase get the bonuses out to you ASAP!


Today I provided you a quick review of a new graphics package launching yesterday (24 July 2016) called Instant Social Branding. This is a DFY set of banners that you can plug in across your social pages with no to a little editing.

I provided you what all you will get with the purchase, plus added in bonuses from Lucas (the developer) that are over and above the purchase of the package .

To be more successful with your online marketing business, you need to project  professionalism and success…These graphics will allow you to do so immediately. They offer high value for the low cost…

I recommend that you consider ONLY the front end product if you decide these graphics are for you. You can get FAR more value for less money and time by selecting the alternative packages I have offered you either as an alternative or in addition to the front end package from Lucas.

Remember that with my package not only will you not have to go through a lengthy sales funnel, you will get a complete set of graphics that can be used in ALL areas of your online marketing program, not just the headers of your social pages.


arrow red 2 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative


As is usual, I ask you rate the content in this review…Simply give me the number of stars you think this post is worth, i,e. , one star for no good at all, 5 stars for excellent…

This feedback to helps me for my future reviews and it can help others that are considering reading the content as well! Others will appreciate that you took the time for this…

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Lastly, please take a moment or two and add in your own experiences on anything related to using graphics or buying from Lucas Adamski…All I ask is to keep it civil…

When we share and have a decent discussion, we all learn and grow. That is what this site is all about…Learning and growing! Thanks in advance for your cooperation and participation…


David Sweney Online Siganture - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative

Dave In Italy 2 - Quick Review - New Social Graphics Package "Instant Social Branding" & My Better Alternative


Dave has been involved in sales for 20 years with offline products and has been fortunate to have traveled the world while realizing up to $4 million USD a month in gross sales of products he promoted.

He has brought that experience to the online world and this is one of his online ventures. This site is intended to present ideas, products, tools, tips and more that will help all those seeking to make money online have success.

Subjects covered are diverse, but in totem, you can learn a lot about the things that you will need to have success with online business right here. This includes things to do and things NOT to do!


2 thoughts on “Quick Review – New Social Graphics Package “Instant Social Branding” & My Better Alternative

  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for this review. I had looked at the offer and wanted a review, so naturally I came here to read what you had to say about the package…

    It seems that the only portion that offers value more than the cost is the front end offer…I did not know that there were so many upsells, but these annoy me as well…

    The offer you have seems to be much more for the money, and as you say I can use the content for all areas of my online marketing graphic requirements…

    Right now as I am reading this, the details of what all you get with your offer are not showing. Will you be adding this in for us?

    Of course we will want to see what you are including in your offer so we can compare it to the Instant Social Branding offer, and then make a decision in what to do…

    I appreciate your review and recommendations. I will pass this around to my fellow marketers, they are always looking for unbiased reviews of products…

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Rea,

      LOL, I have an explanation as to where the specifics are my alternative to Lucas’ Instant Social Branding package I reviewed…This review started out as a commission based review, wherein the links would take the reader to the sales page of the package. I spent literally 4 hours preparing and writing the review, while waiting for approval to promote it.

      Imagine my surprise when my request was denied! In hindsight, it makes sense because I had promoted one of his products in the past, but the approval did not come until almost the end of the launch period…Of course, I got no sales for that product, and maybe Lucas is thinking I am a waste of an approval!

      That is why when this denial I received through my JVZoo affiliate page (I had also reached out to him via Skype and left my website link so he could see that the review was posted and ready to add affiliate links to) caused me to think about how to at least get SOMETHING for the hours of work I spent preparing a good, if unappreciated, review…

      I do have a lot of graphic packs that I own rights to, much more complete than the limited scope of the graphics included in Lucas’ front end and upsells 1 & 2 of his sales package. Since that was the case, I then decided to leverage the work already put into the review by editing the content and offer my product package at a cheaper price. Of course, now there is a little more work involved, in that I have to set up a separate bonus and thank you page, etc.

      That is why bit by bit you will see the rest of the content that I am adding to the post as I write this!

      I am glad that my perspective on this graphics package has helped you, and I truly believe that Lucas offers quality products. So do a hundred other marketers on the internet. It is what you get and the number and price of the sales funnel upsell offers that determine whether what starts out being a good value turns into not such a good one…

      Please come back and see what all you get with my package as opposed to what you get with the Instant Social Branding package!


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