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This is another product offered by Omar & Melinda Martin, who have had many successful launches of products that provide Done For You (DFY) tools to help the online marketer quickly get started making sales and profits with their online business.

Many newbies and even experienced online marketers are intimidated with all the many tasks that are involved with selling their own products online. They will generally shy away from the whole process and stick with affiliate marketing or eCommerce sales and seek commissions for promoting other’s products.

Although these too can be lucrative and indeed the best at their craft can make a good living using these methods, having your own product to sell is in a class by itself. It is the holy grail of online marketing.

Most of the highest earners online are selling their own products. They have realized that this is a good way to increase their income, build an affiliate army, and grow their own leads and opportunities.

This tool addresses all of the concerns I mention above and does so with the slick and easy to use complete system Omar and Melinda have created that really sets it all up for you.

Having a system whenever possible to reduce your workload and create income on a 24/7 basis is what this training and sales system is all about. These two have done all the hard work for you…

All you need to do is make a few small changes to the provided package, and get started! To learn more, please read on below…I have added in a complete and drill down review for you…

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Name Of Product:                 Funnel Boss – Lead

                                                           & Sales System

Developer:                                 Omar & Melinda Martin

Cost Of Product:                    Four Levels

                                                           Front End: $14.95(Start)                                                                  Upsell One : $27(Monthly)                                                              Downsell One $27 (1 x)                                                                      Upsell Two: $37(One Time)

MY RATING:                             10/10

SUMMARY OF RATING:   Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System

Here is a short introduction video that will help you understand what you get with Omar and Melinda’s sales system package…It is definitely worth a look!

If what you have seen is enough to convince you that this system will work for your online marketing business, I have a direct link for you to get it now!

468 x 60b - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System

Click the above banner or the green button below to purchase this extremely effective “Done For You” sales funnel system at a low starter price!  

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If you would like to read more on what all is included in this tool, no issue, I have done research, tapped into my own experiences with Omar and Melinda’s products, and provided you a good wrap up of the DFY tool…

Read on!

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The front end offer is a video training course that provides a complete and thorough plan for creating and using sales funnels to sell your own products.

This is a very in-depth course and I have purchased an earlier version of this training that was very helpful to me in getting started. I have never regretted purchasing this and refer back to it often.

It gave me all the information I needed to create not only my first  but also the many subsequent funnels since. Creating effective  funnels easier, faster, and with a design that converts is what I learned…

Omar is a VERY good teacher…and as a couple, they are a dynamo!

2016 07 19 2055 cropped - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System

Here is an image of the two, they are a husband and wife team…I have to say that they back up what they promise through their actions. I’ve been a customer and will be in the future!

Great people…

The upsell package you will be offered after the video training purchase is even more useful…

This offer is a monthly sales package of a complete product and sales system that includes all the bits and pieces you have to consider when selling your own product, from the product to the sales funnel, the giveaway, and associated sales pages and sales funnel for the product.

>>>>>>>>>>58 - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System<<<<<<<<<<

The steps to get started…

Again, the front end course will show you how to get sales funnels together, what elements you need to be concerned with, and many valuable training tips and advice on how to get started.

Let’s look at this course in a little more detail:

Front End Product: The Funnel Boss Video Course

Here is what you get with the front end package (Video Course):

Basic funnel building concepts are explained with examples, specific proven strategies with examples are provided, tactics that will raise your conversion rate are explained, and backend monetization tricks for welcome pages, download pages, and membership pages are discussed…

2016 07 19 1959 - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System

Upsell One: The Funnel Boss VIP Monthly Club

This is a monthly package that you will get access to for getting your very own product added to the internet and ready for sales. The image above that explains what you will get…

The package comes complete with everything you need. All elements and materials have been pre-tested and proven to be effective at selling the content and products in the package…

Here is what each package sales funnel contains:


2016 07 19 2000 - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System

(1) OP2 Templates. If you use Optimize Press for your site, you can upload and edit very easily all the sales pages that support the product…

(2) Lead Magnet Report. This report can be used as a lead magnet and attract your customer to subscribe to your list. This is a professionally prepared document that will compel your viewer to take action!

(3) A Quality eBook. This contains valuable and engaging content that your targeted traffic is looking for, and the design and layout are top-notch and professional in appearance.

(4) Narrated MP3 Files. The same content that is in the eBook is found on audio files as part of this package. This is a selling point for those millennials that are always on the go.

(5) MP4 Video Course. Because we know that many people learn visually more effectively than if only using text and static graphics as an eBook offers, the videos will help break through objections and get your customers to take action and buy the product package.

(6)  Email Swipes. So important in marketing, a set of email swipes are included to add to your autoresponder service will help you retarget those that may have subscribed but not purchased, etc. No need to worry about writing copy, these are done and ready for use!

(7) Editable Images. You have what you need for the different pages and also for marketing the product with the images and banners you get.

(8) PLR Rights. This means that one selling point that you can add to your offers is the chance for the buyer to sell the product on to others. You can sell restricted or limited rights, or give them full resell rights, as you choose. This can be a game-changer to convince the customer to take action…

Using the funnel boss training and the sales system product packages, you will be able to quickly start implementing the training by selling these DFY packages and adding to your lead list and profits.

Here are the steps:

(1) Add in your personal payment information (i.e. PayPal),

(2) Quickly personalize package contents to reflect that you are the product owner and developer (yes this is allowed),

(3) Decide where you will store the product online so it is available for download by buyers, and then load up to your sales funnel to your website page and start selling!

(4) Load up the pages to your sales funnel to your website page and finally,

(5) Start selling!

Yes, it really is THAT easy…

Note: if you decide that you do not want to commit to a monthly package as this is, there is an option to buy for a one time cost a 4 product package at a very reasonable price that is your to use as indicated above…

OK, let’s move on to the next question…


As mentioned already, this is an easy way to get a jump start selling your own products online. One of the main goals of all online marketers is to develop a line of their own products, there are so many advantages…

However, most people will need quite a bit of time to develop the skills necessary to effectively put together their own product, create a sales funnel, add in any supporting marketing materials such as sales videos and giveaways, and making sure it all works together…

This system takes care of it all, all you have to do are the simple steps mentioned above and know that what you are selling has all been proofed and checked for effectiveness and potential…

Essentially this is the MAIN reason why you can use this tool. There are many other benefits as well…You can build brand awareness, your credibility, sales, profits, leads, and relationships using this tool.


As you might imagine, I am sold on the concept of what Omar and Melinda have put together and based on my earlier experiences using their products, can confidently say there are lots of pros and very few cons for this DFY sales tool.

Pros include all the things I have mentioned above, plus the fact that the price is very reasonable for what is provided. Omar, Melinda, and their team work very hard to provide some of the best products and support in the market to his customers…

If there are any cons, I would say that you must be sure that you take the time to individualize the packages that you receive. You do not want to be one of the hundreds of marketers selling the same thing to a finite (if large) audience.

This modification process does not take long, and while you are doing this, you can add in any additional information and content that would add value to your customers.

I would do the same for the marketing materials, i.e. change the appearance of the banners, the sales page, etc.  In fact, if you spend a little time at this, and make some serious effort, you will find that you have something that no one else is offering.

The other con that I can think of is that the cost may be too high for some marketers, although personally, I can vouch for the fact that  it is  a very reasonable price Omar is offering this tool for.


As mentioned the Front End product goes for a reasonable price of $14.95 USD (at launch, over time it will go up to $19.95, which is still a good value).

What you get with this front end package is detailed above…

There are some OTOs or Upsells as some refer these as… 


2016 07 23 1213 - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System

Upsell # 1 – The Funnel Boss Monthly VIP Club

This is the monthly sales package I mentioned and that is described above right below the front end explanation.

The cost monthly is $27 USD.

Next, we have Upsell 2…


2016 07 23 1213 001 - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System

Upsell # 2 – The Funnel Boss Pro Creation Kit

This is a one-time purchase of additional training on how to create products, create membership sites and OP2 sites, and a demonstration of how they actually created and went live for sales of a product from start to finish in 10 hours…

The cost of this upsell is a one-time payment of $37 USD.


That is it….


NoteThere is a Down-sell for Up-sell 1, where you can buy a one-time sales package in lieu of a monthly club membership. That is offered at a cost of a one-time payment of $27 USD…   


My thoughts on Up-sells…

I don’t know about you, but I like the fact that Omar and Melinda have not added in a lot of upsells with this sales system. Nothing is more irritating when buying a product than to be forced to look at 10 upsells to get to my download page!

That is just me, though, maybe others think differently. But remember that Omar and Melinda have been doing this business for a while, and they most certainly know what to do and what not to do…

Food for thought…


Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System

Note: I awarded this rating (10/10) and gave it a final overall rating of approved based on my own experiences using Omar and Melinda’s tools and what I see is included in this package. It offers real value at a very reasonable price.

468 x 60b - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System

Click the banner above or the green button below to purchase your Funnel Boss Sales System now for an extremely low starter price!  

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Wait, I have more for you today as well! If you get the Funnel Boss Sales System through my link, you will additionally get some bonuses I have gathered together for you!

Read on, please…


Purchase Funnel Boss through my link and send me your payment receipt from JVZoo and I will send you a link to download the following bonuses:

Bonus # 1 – Faster Growth With Facebook Retargeting

2016 02 28 1122 - Review Of Funnel Boss - Complete Lead and Sales System

You will need traffic to sell the products that you receive as part of Funnel Boss. This bonus will help you tap into the practice of retargeting when you use paid ads. If you are not using retargeting  you are losing money.

This training will provide you the information you need to get going with retargeting and provide some helpful hints on how to make retargeting working for your online marketing business!