10 Reasons To Promote The SMART $1k+ Project As An Affiliate

Welcome to my blog and post, please have a careful look at what is on offer here for you as an affiliate and also with the program itself. We are moving from the beta phase to the launching phase (an evergreen sort of launch, not a glitzy, full of fake cars and houses, etc.). … Who Is The SMART $1k+ Project For? This is a serious program for serious would-be entrepreneurs, moms, dads, and all sorts of people that want to change their lives for the better. What many such people have in common is that they want to work […]

SMART Affiliate Program $30,000+ Launch Contest

SMART Affiliate Program Logo - SMART Affiliate Program $30,000+ Launch Contest

Hi Everyone! I am happy to announce that after 6 months of hard work and Beta Testing our SMART Affiliate Program (Review can be found SMART AFFILIATE PROGRAM REVIEW) is ready to launch to the masses! Now, the best thing? To get things kicked off right, we are sponsoring a $30,000+ in prizes contest that is going to rock the world! Not only are we offering special pricing for new members (at ALL levels) we are offering multiple prizes (cash and memberships) throughout the next 8 weeks (through 19 December 2020)… Two months is a LONG period to run a […]

SMART Training – Success Upgrade Club – What’s Holding YOU Back?

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Hi, Everyone…   Today we are going to cover something that is near and dear to my heart. People mostly want to succeed at whatever they undertake, at least on the surface.   Under that veneer of good thoughts and wishes they may have, there are things that are undercutting that desire to succeed, and often they may not be able to see that in themselves or in the people around them.   Let me give you an example…   You can take two people from the same background and give them the same resources, blueprints and business plans. One […]

SMART Training – Product Profits Club – Use Freelancers To Create Awesome Products For You

student - SMART Training - Product Profits Club - Use Freelancers To Create Awesome Products For You

Hi, Everyone…   As you spend more time in the online business world, you notice that selling digital products such as books, videos or even apps is the way to separate yourself from the crowd of marketers.   This is how you become the go-to person rather than the “going to others” person that is out there struggling to make a full-time income from the business…   There is a problem with this…It is hard to create all these products yourself. It takes a lot of work and time.   Is it possible to do it?   Of course, it […]

SMART Training – Power Marketer’s Club – Are You Making These 5 Business Mistakes?

unnamed - SMART Training - Power Marketer's Club - Are You Making These 5 Business Mistakes?

Hi, Everyone…   Today we are going to have a look at some common mistakes that many business owners are making day in and day out with their efforts. They likely do not realize that they are making these mistakes, and sometimes it takes an article like this to have it jump out at them as they see the similarities as they read through the information.   The purpose of this article is to point out some common mistakes that business owners are making and offer some solutions to help readers have more success with their business, less stress, and […]