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Hi, Everyone…


As you spend more time in the online business world, you notice that selling digital products such as books, videos or even apps is the way to separate yourself from the crowd of marketers.


This is how you become the go-to person rather than the “going to others” person that is out there struggling to make a full-time income from the business…


There is a problem with this…It is hard to create all these products yourself. It takes a lot of work and time.


Is it possible to do it?


Of course, it is possible, yes. As long as you don’t mind spending the time and trying to do it all yourself, and don’t mind growing your business at a snail’s pace.


You see others competing against you overtake you and your business, you see them swiping what should be your market share. If that doesn’t bother you, then for sure you can try to do everything yourself.




Let me suggest a better way…


Hire yourself some professional freelancers to help you out. Freelancers can create products for you, they can create content for you, and they can even help you market your business.


Best of all, these freelancers can often can do this work better and more quickly than you can.


But there’s a catch…


If you have a good freelancer they can help you grow your business… BUT, if you hire a bad freelancer they can waste your time, waste your money and worst of all, cause you a lot of headaches.


That reality often turns business owners off from hiring freelancers or sticking with such a strategy for long.


But don’t let it stop you, because you’re about to discover how to find and use our H.I.R.E. system to secure an awesome freelancer.


Here are the simple steps we use:


Hunt Far and Wide

Investigate Candidates

Recruit the Best Candidates

Encourage Your Freelancer


Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps in this article…


Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

As always, we like to add a TOC for readers so they can quickly navigate to the subject areas that most interest them. Click on the box and then on the area you want to get to first (don’t forget to check out the rest of the article though!)…

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Use Our H.I.R.E. system to get the Freelancers That Will Be Effective For You


I want to lay this system out for you so you can understand and use this for your business so have a look carefully at each of the steps.

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Step 1: Hunt Far and Wide


The first step in finding a great freelancer is to hunt in multiple places. In other words, cast a wide net to find as many potential freelancers as possible.


This includes:


  • Searching using the Google search engine.
  • Asking your colleagues for recommendations.
  • Asking on business-related forums and Facebook groups.
  • Mentioning your need for a freelancer to your contacts (email list, blog, social media, etc).
  • Posting a project on freelance sites such as and
  • Looking locally, such as posting a want-ad on or even in the local newspaper.


For this step, just create as big of a list of potential candidates as possible. You’ll whittle down that list in the next step…

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Step 2: Investigate Candidates


For this step, you’re going to whittle down your big list of potential freelancers to create a small list of the best-qualified candidates. In other words, you’ll do your due diligence.


This includes taking the following steps…


  • Checking the freelancer’s portfolio to assess the quality of their work.
  • Asking for and following up on references.
  • Checking the person’s ratings and feedback on freelancing sites (where applicable).
  • Using Google to research the freelancer.


Once you’ve investigated each candidate thoroughly, then you’ll also want to check out their prices. You may find their prices online, or in some cases, you may need to fill out a form about your project in order to get a quote.


Just be sure not to make any decisions based on price alone, as sometimes the “cheap” freelancer can cost you a lot of money in the long run. In other words, you often get exactly what you pay for.


Now that you have a shortlist of the best potential freelancers for your project, move onto the next step…

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Step 3: Recruit the Best Candidates


With luck, you have more than one good freelancer on your shortlist. Now what you want to do is hire the top candidates for a small job.


Here’s the thing…


Just because a freelancer totally rocks when working with others doesn’t mean this freelancer will work out well for you.


Your colleagues may have had great experiences with this person, but perhaps the two of you won’t communicate well. Maybe you’ll have a personality clash. Perhaps you’ll just have fundamental disagreements about how to perform the work.


These are things you won’t really know until you work with the person. If you jump right in with a new freelancer on a big project, you may end up wasting time and money on someone who isn’t really going to work out that well for your needs.


The solution? Hire your freelancer for a smaller job first. For example:


  • If you need to hire someone to write an 80,000-word book, hire them to write a 10,000-word report first.


  • If you want someone to do a 20-module video training series, hire them to do one module.


Once you see how well you work with your top candidates and the quality of the work they provide, then you can hire on the best freelancer to do your big job.


At this point, it’s a good idea to sign an agreement with your freelancer. This agreement will cover the scope of the work, delivery deadlines, payment information, and other relevant details.


You’ll also want to sit down and chat about expectations with your freelancer. Your freelancer isn’t a mind-reader, so let him or her know what you expect.


For example, if you expect your freelancer to update you on the project every three days, let them know about these expectations.


Now, for the final step…

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Step 4: Encourage Your Freelancer


At this point, you’ll have a really awesome freelancer working for you. Now your job is to encourage this freelancer and provide a good working environment. In turn, you’ll get high-quality work and a good working relationship.


Here are tips for creating a great work environment…


  • Provide thorough briefs. The more details you can provide to your freelancer about your project, the more likely it is that you’ll get great results. So be thorough and exact about what you want on a project.


  • Respect your freelancer’s process. In other words, don’t micromanage your freelancer. He or she is an independent contractor, not an employee. If he or she produces great results, then don’t interfere with your freelancer’s process for getting those results.


  • Offer kind words. Obviously, your freelancer took the job because he wants the money. However, you can motivate your freelancer by offering kind words. If your freelancer does a great job, let him know. There’s never any reason to hold back on offering praise for a job well done.


  • Give unexpected bonuses. If your freelancer does an exceptionally good job or comes in ahead of the deadline, you might offer a bonus. This could come in the form of an extra cash bonus, or you might show your appreciation by giving your freelancer a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant.


Now let’s wrap things up…

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So there you have it… that’s how you find and H.I.R.E. a great freelancer. This is so important because finding a great freelancer is one of the keys to growing your business.


This is especially true if you’re building a digital product business, where you sell products such as ebooks, software, apps, videos and so on.


A freelancer can create these products for you, which frees up your time to work on your marketing plan.


But heads up…


Even a really awesome freelancer can’t save your business if your product ideas aren’t rocking anyone’s world. That’s why you need to find out how to create products that people really want to buy.


And the best place to do that is by using our training course to determine what to create, how to market what you create, and to show you how Freelancers can help you along the way.


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