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Welcome to my blog and post, please have a careful look at what is on offer here for you as an affiliate and also with the program itself. We are moving from the beta phase to the launching phase (an evergreen sort of launch, not a glitzy, full of fake cars and houses, etc.).

Who Is The SMART $1k+ Project For?

This is a serious program for serious would-be entrepreneurs, moms, dads, and all sorts of people that want to change their lives for the better.

What many such people have in common is that they want to work from home as they transition from what is to what can be in their life..

This means the program will appeal to a wide swath of people who may be quite different in their backgrounds, skillsets, interests, and dreams.

Where You Come In…

That is where our affiliates come into the picture…

If you have a tribe, an audience, a blog site, or are actively involved in the social media platforms like Facebook Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. you can provide a valuable offer to those that are looking at your content.

This program will help them move towards achieving what they seek.

The SMART $1k+ Project In One Word:

If I had to put what this program offers into one word, I would say “freedom.”

Whether your viewers and followers want to move in that direction part-time, full-time, or whether they want to build an empire, this program will help them to get started properly so their chances of success are much higher than the average success rates you read about.

Before we start on the reasons you should be promoting our program, you need to know a little bit about the project!

Let’s talk about that…

What Is The SMART $1k+ Project?

Above is the sales video from our opt-in page at https://smart1k.zkart.com and that video is hosted on our YouTube Channel called SMART Business Training, Tools, & Programs located at OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

I invite you to check out both sites (clicking on the links will open new tabs/pages) and if you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel, please do so (and like/share/comment and spread the word too!)…

More Background Information on the SMART $1k+ Project…

Also, if you look at my last blog post you will see it is an article that provides an overview of the program, and it has 10 reasons that it is the best option in the market today for would-be work from home business owners.

Here is the link for that: 10 Reasons the SMART $1k+ Project Is The Best…

Already, in just a few days after being published, the article has generated some good questions in the comments from readers, and it has gotten a lot of attention from the marketplace.


There are a lot of unique features that come with this 6-month class/curriculum.

Now back to the focus of this post: 10 Reasons Why affiliate marketers should promote the program,

Our Recent Email To Current Affiliates

Before I get to the 10 reasons, let me share with you the email post that was sent out to all current SMART Affiliates that are promoting one or more of our programs, services, or products.

It will give you a picture of what you can expect as an affiliate: 


Title – SMART $1k+ Project Affiliate Opportunity – Wow! Great Value & Low Price


Hi [name]

You are on our list of approved affiliates, so we wanted to get this out to you before it hits the public market…

Over the past year, we have been working on our latest program called the SMART $1k+ Project.

What Is The SMART $1k+ Project?

It is an in-depth all-in-one program running over a 6-month period where students get everything they need to build out a work-from-home business.

This includes extensive training, 80+ business tools, DFY and RTG websites, weekly live coaching & Q&A sessions, and pro-active SMART Team support.

They also get access to an active and engaged community for interaction, as well as training on an array of business models so they can select ones that may fit them, and build out selected models to pursue as they build their own businesses, depending on their interests and unique situation.

The program takes them by the hand over that half a year and walks them through step-by-step, starting with creating a business plan that is designed for their specific situation (cookie-cutter approaches just do not work as well we have found).

They build their unique business plan for the work-from-home operation that suits them, after some mindset and vision exercises to open their minds to the potential as well as what their interests may be.


Once their business plan is in place…


They use the tools and resources that are included with the program to build out, earn, and scale up their business following the business plan they created.

There are over 80 marketing, content, automation, data collection, and WordPress tools as I write this note, and we are adding new ones all the time.

The student will not have to spend any additional money for tools, resources, or marketing unless they choose to, based on their business plan.

There are also 1000s of resources such as PLR (private label right) products, lead magnet kits, templates, checklists, workbooks, planners, journals, email swipe files, and graphics for the student (and more)…


Going back to the training side of business…


Eight weeks of intensive structured training courses are included in the curriculum (over 60 courses to date) followed by an array of elective core competency courses that students can tap into as needed over the following 4 months.

The student can further develop their business skills and focus on weak areas to improve their overall business outcomes from their activities.

Oh yes…

Weekly Group Live/Archived Coaching Sessions


Coaching is provided at every step of the way in the process by Coach Dave (who has had a lot of experience with teaching and coaching, and he has led, managed, and worked with businesses for over 4 decades, plus he has sold products to the tune of $100 million as a marketer).


Bottom Line:


The approach we have developed stands out from other lesser programs out there. We have looked at them and sought to improve on what is on offer, and we are doing it cheaper than any other program.

Again, this approach has been fine-tuned with testing of the SMART $1k+ Project over the past year. We continue to test to improve the program even more.

As we get more feedback and see areas where we can do a better job for students, we immediately implement changes. As market dynamics shift, we will shift too so students get up-to-date information.


What is the impact on the program?


The community, the coaching, the unique business plan versus a cookie-cutter approach means that students’ success rates have soared compared to the average.


More SMART $1k+ Project Class Details…


The classes kick off weekly, and we will hold students and class size to 100 for each of the classes.

The idea with this is that students will have a chance to work together, help and support one another, and develop their businesses together.

They start with an onboarding process that gets them signed up and started with training immediately, no matter the class start date.

By the time the first class hits they have access to the DFY & RTG websites, the essential automation tools they will need to get started with, they have signed up or been enrolled in the various platforms/shops that are part of the program, and they are ready to go.


What Is Next For You As A SMART $1k+ Project Affiliate?


This is a lot of information, I know, so let me be clear for you as an affiliate: This is a golden opportunity for you to lock in recurring, lifetime commissions as we take this program to market.

We have the capacity to expand the program a lot over the coming years, and there is a follow-on process for students so they stay within the SMART umbrella and brand for the long term.

This means that you as an affiliate will earn over this entire period, as our commissions are recurring and effective for life. As the students shift to related programs we have or extend membership in this program, you will earn, again and again.

We also have a monthly contest for affiliates.

If you are an action-taker and get enough paying referrals to qualify, you can get additional commissions to reward you for your successes.

Top performers (those bringing in new paying referrals) will get a boost for all commissions they earn for the month that they are a top affiliate.

Affiliates have all their sales of SMART branded products, programs, services tallied, and the top sellers are ranked from 1 to 5 and each will get a boost in commissions for that month.

This can be quite lucrative, and remember, and remember you can compete/win this recognition and affiliate commission bonus top-up every month.

Here is the link to request affiliate approval for the SMART $1k+ Project:


We also have our SMART Affiliate Marketing & Support Materials website where you can get sales videos, graphics, details on the program, and so much more.


Here is the link for that site:



If you want to check out the opt-in page (the sales page) here is the link for that:





We are 100% committed to supporting your sales efforts on our behalf. Some unique materials are being provided to you, and Coach Dave is even available for a 1-1 interview so you can explain to your readers and subscribers what they get with this program.

Also, we are conducting weekly support and coaching calls for affiliates. These, along with a SMART Affiliate Boot Camp curriculum means that you have more resources than you will get with most such programs.

Pricing for the SMART $1k+ Project program

The next area we have developed that will help you is pricing. The regular tuition for the 6-month course is $299 now, and next year it will rise to $399.

That price point offers massive value compared to anything we have found to date for what you get.

But we are not stopping there. Regularly, for the time being, we are offering a permanent Black Friday level price of $100 off the $299 fee (So student tuition cost is $199).

In addition to that, we will have 2 x monthly limited quantity sales (100 student slots with each sale) where the student can get into the program for $99!

Lastly, right now, as you read this, we are offering an Early Adopter price of $59.95 to get into this 6-month program! That is the lowest you will ever see this offered at.

Here is a sales video from our recent Cyber Monday Special Offer to give you an idea of the kinds of marketing support you can expect for the sales that we have monthly…

There are only 200 coupons for each of these sales we run that brings the price down to that level, and when they are gone, they are gone. There will be plenty of people that miss out on this, but you can still take care of them with the other savings deals we have.

Note that normally, our sales will be priced at $99.95 not the lower Cyber Monday or Early Adopter sale prices. So of course that means you have plenty of chances to earn some commissions over the Evergreen Black Friday $100 off offer that you see in the opt-in/sales page.

Are You Ready To Make Some Money & Help People?

If so,  I urge you to take action ASAP, start promoting the program through your blogs, your social accounts, to your neighbors, etc.

We want to get you some of those commission earnings and have you stick with us for the long haul as we both grow.

If you have any questions, just drop me a line. Sorry for the length of this but I felt it important that you get the full picture so you are ready and excited to get started.


Kind Regards,




Dave Sweney

CEO, Co-Developer

Soaring Eagle LLC & the SMART Brand

Office 102-B, 900 5th Street

International Falls, MN 56649


OK, now you have the elevator pitch we sent out to our current affiliates (now over 350 total!).

Check the links to get more details and most certainly keep on reading so we can hone in on 10 (there are more) reasons you need to join other affiliates in the SMART Army of Affiliates and start promoting this program!

So, Here Are The Top Ten Reasons To Start Promoting The SMART $1k+ Project As An Affiliate:


Number 1 – COMMISSIONS. You have the chance to earn massive commissions on a recurring and lifetime basis with the SMART $1k+ Project. The whole structure is designed to have the students either extend their membership in the class or transition to the companion program called the SMART Affiliate Network, where you will continue to earn commissions on a monthly semiannual or annual basis from your referrals.

Number 2 – SUPPORT. If you have looked at our Google Site page set up to provide easy access to all the support materials, training, announcements, and coaching schedule we have for affiliates, you will realize that you are getting more support than with most affiliate programs which provide very little in regards to materials or guidance.

Number 3 – PROMOTING A CUTTING EDGE QUALITY PRODUCT. You can promote this program with full confidence that you are providing a potentially valuable source for people to build a work-from-home business that can change their lives for the better and provide financial freedom if they take action.

Number 4 – JOIN THE PROGRAM & INCREASE COMMISSIONS BY 50%. Yes, you are reading this right! Our program members get automatic approval to promote the program and their commission rates are 30% versus 20% (also recurring and lifetime for referrals). Add that additional potential income for the contest placing, and you can see just how sweet a deal this can be for your pocketbook!

Number 5 – USE THE BOOT CAMP TRAINING FOR ALL YOUR AFFILIATE MARKETING ENDEAVORS. We have developed a Boot Camp program (it is evolving and will continue to, so over time you are going to get access to a LOT of free training!).  You will be able to get free access to this once you are approved as an affiliate. The lessons tips, advice can be applied to any type of affiliate marketing you may be doing.

Number 6 – ACCESS TO WEEKLY COACHING SESSIONS. There is a schedule posted on the SMART Affiliate’s Support & Marketing Site that will let you know when and how to tune in to our regular coaching sessions. These will help you get answers right from the CEO and Coach Dave, plus you will gain insights into your overall affiliate marketing effort.

Number 7 – YOU CAN SHAPE THE DIRECTION OF THE PROGRAM, HELPING YOUR REFERRALS AND YOUR PROMOTION EFFORTS. We are very interested in feedback from a number of sources, and the affiliates working so hard to promote our SMART brand are on the front line so-to-speak, and they can help themselves, the program, and perhaps most importantly, the students by providing feedback and input as to how we can improve the program.

Number 8 – PLENTY OF RELATED PRODUCTS TO PROMOTE. There are many ways to earn with the SMART Affiliate Program, We have a lead magnet kit shop, a PLR shop, a tools shop, a resources shop, a training shop, and of course, the programs we offer such as this one. You can start small (say a lead magnet kit shop membership) and work your way up to some of the other programs that will have you earning again and again from your referral (while providing tremendous value to them as well).

Number 9 – DEMAND FOR ALL-IN-ONE PROGRAMS AND PLATFORMS IS INCREASING. Let’s face it – these are tough times for many people. There is a real need for platforms such as this one, people are ready to change their lives. The market for online training is going through the roof right now. You are promoting a program in a hot market that has a ton of ready buyers across a broad spectrum of backgrounds.


Number 10 – THE SMART TEAM. Upfront, while you are reading this, we want to tell you that we are dedicated to helping you have success and also dedicated to making this program and all SMART branded products, programs, and services.

Short Walkthrough of Our Google Sites SMART Affiliate’s Support & Marketing Site

I thought it might be useful in case you have not checked out our page to add a walk-through video here…

Wrap Up…

I hope this article has helped you understand what the SMART $1k+ Project is all about. Over time, people will know about this program a lot more as we get testimonials out there from students, as more affiliates come on board, and as our list of graduates grows.

We want you to be one of those affiliates that are with us, earning, growing, and helping people. At the end of the day, there is more than just earning money, and promoting ethically means that you want to stick with reputable products that your referrals will appreciate and use.

This program and indeed, the SMART branded products, programs, and services are all about that. From the CEO and Coach on down, our team thrives on providing the best to the best. Be a part of the change, join us now, and get started!

Cheers and see you inside the program!


Coach Dave

CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC

Developer, SMART Brand Products, Programs, and Services



15 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Promote The SMART $1k+ Project As An Affiliate

  1. It is a really cool website but I just feel like there is a lot going on. Maybe you might want to lose the walking bitmoji. But  I will be sure to do more research on this program. Maybe it is something that I have been lacking my whole life and will give me another source of income.

  2. Based on the read text, I can conclude that SMART $ 1K + PROJECT is a very interesting and informative project, especially for us who are engaged in affiliate marketing, and digital marketing in general. Even if there is a process of automation and saving time, which we will all agree on, then no one will remain indifferent to this offer. Great indeed, every part. Best regards, I wish you a lot of success and all the best.

  3. I really enjoy reading about the smart 1K project. It seems very appealing to my situation and definitely want to learn more about it. I found the when I first opened up your website and Noah gave the intro, it was very engaging and kind of woke me up to concentrate on your content more than usual.  I will be going through your content thoroughly and I think you may have found a customer!

  4. Hi Dave, to become an affiliate of Smart 1K does sound like a very good offer, so does one need to be a student to become an affiliate, or are the two not related? 

    So do I understand it correctly that at the moment one can join the program at the Early Adopter price of only $59.95, or is that low price only available to the existing affiliates that received the email? 

    What happens after the initial 6 months? Does one stay a member of the Smart platform and what is the monthly cost then? 

    I am currently a member of another training platform and have just renewed my annual membership. So if I decide to leave that platform and join Smart 1K, does my website get transferred? 

    I will check out the links you provided more. Thanks

  5. I work from home and I am learning from WA to become an excellent Affiliate Marketer. I found your article very informative and learned a lot. I also like the discounts you offer for your training it is quite affordable. One question is there 24/7 support available and is help easy accessible? 

    Thank for an interesting read


  6. Indeed there are so many online opportunities nowadays that one only need to know where to look to find any kind of success. Affiliate marketing is in my opinion the easiest way to go for any beginner. Not that you can be successful easy but at least from all the ways I have seen being offered in the online world this seems the most straightforward to me.

    1. Hello, Stratos…

      I agree that affiliate marketing is one way to earn online, and yes indeed, it can be an easy way compared to other methods such as teaching, coaching, membership sites, etc. There are some nuances about affiliate marketing that can make it easier and faster.

      These are the kind of things that our affiliates will learn about as they dig into our affiliate program and attend the weekly coaching sessions (or watch the archived sessions as they may have time). Our program teaches students about many options when it comes to earning online.

      Because not all people feel as you do, that affiliate marketing is the way to go, we teach them about freelancing, selling digital products, coaching, teaching online, membership sites, KDO (low and medium content book publishing on Kindle), and many more models that also will work.

      Every person has a unique situation they are in. It is with this in mind that we help the students to determine what model or models will work best for them based on that unique situation. As opposed to being forced into an “Our system only – you must do this and that or fail and if you fail it is your fault (but it is often not the student’s fault!)” the student has a say in developing their own business model…

      We have seen some success rates that are 4-5x the typical success rates of other programs. That is not to say there is no room for improvement – there is. But we are on the right track, and this is shown in the success reates our students are getting with their businesses. 


      Coach Dave : )

  7. First of all, let me say that I love your avatar!  Your platform sounds like a great resource for those of us who want to start our own online business.  The full price for 6 months of intensive training is a great value but the currently reduced price makes it impossible to say no!  Is this course good for a beginner (as in I know nothing about building a website at all)?

    1. Hello, Cynthia…

      Thanks for the kind words on the site, and some (most) people do like that touch we add, while there are others (even here in the comments you will see some negative reviews of that!) who do not like it. 

      The pricing we have now in place for a limited number of students is truly a value. There are 200 coupons (less now) where they can get in for less than $10 a month! 

      The entry price gives them full access to everything. The two other sale price points we offer ($99 & $199) are the same. 

      Students get the training (beginner to advanced), the tools, the done-for-you/ready-to-go websites, the tools for automation, marketing, tracking and productivity (over 80), the resources (1000s), the 4 shops full access (PLR, Lead Magnet Kits, Tools, Resources), coaching (weekly live sessions and archived), etc. 

      Our approach is that to get started earning fast, students need to focus on the business model and approach to earning online, versus learning to build a website. That is why they get the DFY and RTG sites. They can learn about WordPress later as they gain more expertise and have the time and need.

      They can also move the sites we provide to their own domains if they desire over time. But all that takes away from the main focus which is starting quickly to earn online. One reason so many people fail is they are not being provided the right information and guidance that will allow them to achieve success early on.

      Our approach is on getting earnings as rapidly as possible. Once they are seeing the dollars rolling in, they are far more likely to stick it out to be able to grow and scale their online business. They are more likely to do the work required. They are more likely to be able to explain to friends and loved ones what they are doing and why.

      Note that experienced marketers can also pick up points and they can access the advanced training, the tools, and resources that are going to save them money and provide access to almost everything they need in one place (or places in our program)…


      Coach Dave : ) 

  8. This looks like a great program to promote, and especially as you earn more commissions as the training moves on. So commissions are not once-off and if the retention is high then you stand to make a nice income for yourself.

    I just have two questions. What are DFY & RTG websites and do you need to purchase the program in order to become an affiliate?

    1. Hello, Michel…

      The DFY and RTG are acronyms or abbreviations for “Done for You” and Ready to Go.” I am an old Army guy and we used such abbreviations all the time, just for the sake of talking faster I think. Old habits die hard!

      We are confident that the follow-on options to the 6-month program are going to keep our retention rates high. The student can extend once at the same price they came in at (even if a sale price was used to initially start), and they also get grandfathered in at $199 for 6 months if they choose to extend after the second extension.

      That of course means that your referral is going to earn you again and again commissions. Although the actual amount of dollars earned is not as high as some programs out there when considering the commission rate (20% as a nonmember of the programs or 30% as a member) the entry point is lower.

      That means that it is an easier sell to make because of less out-of-pocket expense to get started. The extensions are the same. Students will save money compared to other options that are out there and they will be getting more tools, more resources, and more support in the areas of coaching and community.

      Thanks for popping through, and your questions were spot on. Best of luck to you in your online journey and I look forward to seeing you in our coaching live sessions for affiliates that we conduct weekly.


      Coach Dave : ) 

  9. The email that is sent out for this training program would catch my eye to continue find out more. I love the programs that offer recurring commissions because as long as my referral stays active I will earn commissions from their sales. I sure would like to know more about the monthly contests. I’m going to check out this program to join & also discover their affiliate program. Thanks for sharing your review, and may I share with my social media followers?

    1. Hi, Jannette!

      I have been out of the net for some days and now am catching up with comments, etc. here. 

      The recurring aspect of the program as well as lifelong referral links are very good reasons to promote the SMART $1k+ Project and program. Students will likely want to stay with the platforms over time as they save money and the hassle of moving everything to another hosting service and losing access to some very powerful tools.

      The contests are simply aggregate sales figures for affiliates. The number of referrals and income earned are tracked, and the top affiliates are recognized plus compensated by a higher commission rate for all new sales they make for that month.

      There are no limits on how many times you can win, and there are levels of winners, so you do not necessarily have to be the top salesperson every month to still get awarded the additional commission rates. The idea is that we want to promote this and other programs, tools, resources, services, etc. and we know affiliates are key to successfully doing so. \

      Please feel free and do share the news about this program on social platforms and to your tribe members, wherever they may be found. One of the most effective means of marketing is called word of mouth marketing (WOMM). 

      We intend on using that model in tandem with other methods such as article/SEO and paid ads to get the word out, The more people get to know about our program the more people we can help REALLY start earning versus the many programs that are largely ineffective for most people…


      Coach Dave : )


  10. Hi Dave,

    Wow, you.ve got a lot going on here!

    The Affiliate site you offer in your post sounds intriguing. Your material is presented well. For someone that is looking to get started in affiliate marketing, this could be very appealing. When someone offers something like this. I start checking out their site. You have several broken links, including “Blog Training” and “Smart Training.” This was a red flag for me. 

    Also, for me personally, with all the pop-ups and bots, it seems a little gimmicky. I found it intrusive, but I read through and checked out your site to give you honest feedback. I have to be honest, my first impulse was to get out of there because it was too busy.

    On a side note, I am also curious, if this program is so good, why are you in WA? It seems in conflict. The thing I like best about WA is that it’s not gimmicky, it’s straight-forward without all of this hype. Hype screams fraud. I certainly wouldn’t give up $300, or even click for more info from this site. 

    My advice would be to at minimum, get rid of the pop-ups. They are annoying and come up before I’ve read anything. I guess your bot is ok, some folks like to hear the message. But either take your menu items out that don’t go anywhere or fix them so they do, because that was the biggest turn off to me.

    Good luck in your venture!

    Stay well and thrive!


    1. Hi, Al! 

      Sorry to take so long getting back to you…I have been out of the net for a few days and now am catching up…

      Your questions and comments seem to be intended to justify your challenge to the approach we are using but can be easily addressed, which I will in this reply.

      I do appreciate that you are digging deeper, as that indicates to me that you are interested, perhaps from a negative point of view, but nonetheless (based on the depth you went into, it was not just for getting a comment approval/credit)…

      Let’s go through your comments and questions one by one:

      (1) Your comment: “You have several broken links, including “Blog Training” and “Smart Training.” This was a red flag for me.”

      A: This I will have to check out, thanks for pointing this out although IMO that has nothing to do with the program in question. The SMART $1K+ Project is not associated or linked to this page other than I am writing the article and reporting on what the affiliate program is all about (and I am the creator of the program?). 

      The links you mention have nothing to do with the affiliate program. Nonetheless, as stated, we will look into the broken links which are for something entirely different. This site has been around for quite some time, and there are always going to be some issues with broken links, etc. 

      (2) Your comment: ‘Also, for me personally, with all the pop-ups and bots, it seems a little gimmicky. I found it intrusive, but I read through and checked out your site to give you honest feedback. I have to be honest, my first impulse was to get out of there because it was too busy.”

      A: Perhaps in your eyes “gimmicky” but not in the eyes of others. Not sure what your expectations might be for a “good” website, but in the end, it really comes down to value. Does the site offer value to the reader. In the case of this website, speaking subjectively (it is my site after all), having one person who may feel this way does not affect the overall positive reactions I get from readers. 

      Again, this comment has nothing to do with the affiliate program that is discussed in the article, but since you are “digging down” I can see how you would look for anything negative (in your eyes to support your red flag theory. I think in your zeal you may be throwing out the baby with the bathwater so to speak…

      (3) Your Comment: “On a side note, I am also curious, if this program is so good, why are you in WA? It seems in conflict. The thing I like best about WA is that it’s not gimmicky, it’s straightforward without all of this hype. Hype screams fraud…”

      A: This is again a subjective opinion and I read this after seeing your other comments above it. These seemingly use and point to the age-old “gimmick” that many WA members use – negative reviews and a bait and switch to recommending WA over the oftentimes totally unrelated program or software being reviewed. 

      This program “is so good” because it offers the member the chance to build a business plan that is based on their situation as opposed to trying to push them into a one-way (our way or you will fail and it is not our fault it is yours because you didn’t do like we said – no accountability there for the offerer) method that many people do not fit well into. 

      Let’s look at success rates for most of these programs to include WA. 

      They are between 5% to 1% (or stated another way 95 to 99% fail!). Did you know that? 

      Check out the stats (use Google “success rates for affiliate marketers”) and you will see. 

      This is why the SMART $1k+ Project provides a variety of ways to make money online, some faster than others, but all are viable. The student can pick and choose based on a number of factors – THAT makes a difference right out of the gate we have found.

      One method we teach IS affiliate marketing. WA has its approach and we teach a similar one. But…

      There are a number of ways to approach the business model. Did you know that other approaches are faster, more effective, and people who try these alternatives succeed more often and faster?

      Approaches such as launch-jacking paid ads, using landing pages or opt-in pages and paid ads where you do not need a full-blown website, or it could be using social and eventually email marketing, or it could be even word-of-mouth marketing that floats your boat.

      None of these methods uses the articles approach (nor the negative “scam” title approach I see so often used by WA members that is more and more being exposed for what it is. Negative marketing tactics have a negative impact on such marketers over time IMO.

      As to why I am with WA still after 6 1/2 years, it is because there are some valuable tools and features such as the keyword tool,  being able to get website comments as yours is, and also to keep up with what is going on in the online marketing world.

      I am a member of several online marketing programs, not just WA. I was a teacher for years with colleges and universities, and to be effective, you have to know the marketing or the field of study. There is no “one-way” approach that works for all.

      If someone is telling you that they are not being truthful. There are bits and pieces you can pick up from most programs though, and these can improve what you are doing. That is why I am a member of WA. 

      Now you may think that WA is the be-all and end-all, but believe me, there are a lot of ways to skin a cat, and WA is just one (and not the best way IMO). Unless you have tried out some of these other methods, I do not think you have much room to criticize. I am not talking about writing a negative review either, anyone can use that tactic (but more and more people are seeing through this and also “running away” as I would)… 

      Your Comment: “My advice would be to at minimum, get rid of the pop-ups. They are annoying and come up before I’ve read anything. I guess your bot is ok, some folks like to hear the message. But either take your menu items out that don’t go anywhere or fix them so they do, because that was the biggest turn-off to me.”

      A: I appreciate your unsolicited advice on how to set up the website, Even if they have nothing to do with the article or the affiliate program that is highlighted. Please be aware that your attitude is a turn-off for me and many and I could not help thinking that you are likely turning off many people if this is how you are operating your content and recommendations.

      You try to justify the statement that you would not pay $300 or click further based on your drilling down and looking for reasons that have nothing to do with the affiliate program. Fair enough, I am used to seeing this from some WA members who use the same tactics to promote WA when the success rates are abysmal, as the method that is taught on WA is rather one-dimensional and most people have a tough time earning any money using the method.

      Those that do succeed (and yes there are some, like me) often end up waiting for a long period before seeing any earnings, or they resort to adding in other approaches and shoulder models where they are actually approaching the market using the same work effort to hit two or more areas they can earn.

      The prettiness or not of a website makes no difference (to most people) if they can see the approach recommended will earn them money, That is the bottom line, People do not want to spend 6 months or a year and not earn anything.

      This happens far too often. Affiliates are promoting a program (SMART $1K+ Project) that uses a novel approach where they build their own business plan (with our help and lessons), use our tools and resources to actually implement their business plan, and get weekly live coaching and a community of entrepreneurs to interact/partner with to get things done 0 and most importantly, earn money.  

      Have a great day and I hope that my reply has not rained on your day as your comment has not rained on mine! 

      BTW…I think you should stick to promoting only WA, but please do change that negative attitude. People are tired of the bait-and-switch tactics and all the negativity unless it is WA. You are not doing the readers any favors…

      I wish you all the success…


      Coach Dave : )


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