SMART(ER) Academy Opens It’s Doors for Members

2021 12 12 05 35 44 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members

Unlock the Power of the SMART(ER) Business Network: Your Ticket to Success!   ****HOT! HOT! HOT!**** Right now we are giving away 20 free 1-year accounts for the SMART(ER) Platinum Membership level access! How do you get this? Simple…Go to the home page of the academy at, click on the banner at the bottom for the recruiting contest, and sign up! The next 20 entrants Dave will upgrade once they have enrolled in the contest and registered for a free 7-day account to the Premium level membership. Even if you are not one of the lucky 20, there are […]

Review Of SMART IM Checklists

2018 12 19 1229 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists

INTRODUCTION This is a different kind of review today. How so? The product I am reviewing is my own! As such, I will try to inform readers what I am offering in detail and explain why I think they should consider using this tool(s) for their online businesses. The product is called SMART IM Checklists, and they consist of 12 volumes of lists by subject, and some training to go along with the one (Canva). Right now for a limited period of time, you can get a low introductory price for this set of tools that will help you make […]

Membership Sites – My Case Study Roll

INTRODUCTION I have written quite a few posts now on membership sites over the past months and the reason I have is that I believe that they are one of the best ways you can set up an almost completely passive income stream by using them in your online marketing business. Today I wanted to start a new rolling blog on my own personal experiences with membership sites. Not only am I talking the talk, I am walking the walk! This stream of thoughts and findings as I go along will help me and you! After a lot of research, […]

WordPress Tools & Plugins That Help Your Site.

INTRODUCTION When starting a website many people use a WordPress theme. It is easy to use and provides a solid backbone from which you can quickly get a site up and functional, and depending on the theme used, it looks very professional. There are many add-on tools you can also incorporate to make the site more user-friendly and also have the site be more engaging and useful for your visitors. Today I want to go through a few, some you may know about while others, perhaps not… What I am presenting here are the basic plugins or services you may want […]