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Unlock the Power of the SMART(ER) Business Network: Your Ticket to Success!


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Right now we are giving away 20 free 1-year accounts for the SMART(ER) Platinum Membership level access! How do you get this? Simple…Go to the home page of the academy at https://smarterbizacademy.com, click on the banner at the bottom for the recruiting contest, and sign up!

The next 20 entrants Dave will upgrade once they have enrolled in the contest and registered for a free 7-day account to the Premium level membership. Even if you are not one of the lucky 20, there are still ways to leverage this offer! First you get the 7-day free access when you register within the academy.

But, since you are also registered for the recruiting contest, just by referring a few people, you can extend that free access by months – the more referrals, the more free extensions you get (read the rules for more information and details)! This means that you can leverage all the power that the academy offers for your business at no cost but a little bit of your time!

Want to earn more than free access? Sign up as an affiliate and earn commissions when your referrals upgrade to a paid plan. Our commissions are fair and they are lifetime and recurring. Since we have a member shop with literally hundreds of products, you will have the chance to earn from your referrals again and again as they purchase what they need for their business.

OK, be an action-taker and get access to our regularly-priced Platinum Annual Plan Membership at absolutely no cost!  Now, please read through the rest of this post to see what all comes with the SMARTER Business Network. We are pretty sure you will like what you read/get! See you on the inside!


Coach Dave

Dave Sweney Italy 300x300 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members


Hey there, ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners! We’ve got some electrifying news that will turbocharge your success. This is something I have been working on for quite some time and it is cutting-edge!

For a limited time only, we’re rolling out a FLASH SALE on our game-changing SMART(ER) Business Network. This exclusive offer allows you to secure LIFETIME ACCESS for a jaw-dropping one-time membership fee of just $99!

Due to the amount of content, resources, and tools that are included, our normal prices start at $1000 per year for this membership, and it is worth every penny!

But, you are now able to get in at the startup phase, so we have decided to kick things off with a bang, we will offer prices that people will jump at to get into the network.

So now, please brace yourself for the ultimate opportunity to tap into the unrivaled power of our network and take your business to soaring heights.

Read on and discover why SMART(ER) is the savvy choice for unlocking your true potential and achieving extraordinary success.

If you are ready to get a fast start right now here is the link to the academy: Start by signing up for the recruiting contest, then register for a free account – If you are one of the lucky 20, Dave will upgrade you to the 1-year access that is regularly $1000 (on sale at lower prices from time to time, but the value is there, no matter the price!)…

Go to: https://smarterbizacademy.com

Tap into Included AI Power and Expertise

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and endless headaches! At SMART(ER), we’ve harnessed the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology to empower your business endeavors.

With over 40 AI staff members, we’re equipped to assist you in every area of your business, delivering unparalleled expertise and support.

These staff members have been trained in their areas of expertise with all the related content across the internet that is related to their niche or section of the industry.

They can help you immensely as you work in every area of your business. From content, SEO, sales copy, marketing, and even graphics, they are there to help.

Additionally, the AI Staff we have can help you in other areas of your life. We have life coaches, fitness trainers, therapists, etc. that will help you round out your business efforts to fit in with the lifestyle that you are building.

Here are a few of our staff members:

SMARTER AI Staff 2 1030x529 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members SMARTER AI Staff 1 1030x546 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members

Moving on to our comprehensive range of courses covers essential topics such as business models, core competency skills, and more.

The cookie-cutter approach that you see on other similar networks to ours offers you a single pathway to success using their model. That may work for some but for many, it does not.

We are not a cookie-cutter society these days. People are in unique situations and have different sets of resources, skills, time, and interests. That means what works for one person may not work for another.

Using our Getting Started courses, along with the templates, workbooks, videos, and coaching, with us you develop a business plan that is specific to your situation.

From innovative strategies to practical case studies, we provide you with the knowledge and insights to navigate today’s fast-paced business landscape.

You have a leg up working with us as we understand that you need to have your own plan and implementation schedule to get it from paper to reality.

Course Page Screenshot 1030x538 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members

And with our reference library and curated YouTube playlists, you’ll have a treasure trove of resources at your fingertips to propel your business forward. We also have sets of done-for-you prompts, business planners, journals, and lead magnets that you can tap into immediately after getting started.

There is more…


Connect and Collaborate with Like-Minded Professionals

Success is a journey best shared, and at SMART(ER), we’ve built a thriving and exclusive community to connect you with like-minded professionals.

Our SMART Business Community is a vibrant hub where entrepreneurs gather to network, collaborate, and share their experiences.

Here is a screenshot of the home page:

Smart Community Home Page Screenshot1 1030x544 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members

Imagine gaining access to a supportive network of driven individuals who understand the unique challenges and triumphs of running a business.

Engage in thought-provoking discussions, seek advice from industry experts, and forge valuable partnerships.

The power of collaboration is immeasurable, and within our community, you’ll find inspiration, motivation, and opportunities to take your business to unprecedented heights.

You can check out the exclusive and private community (NOT a Facebook Group!) and sign up for free at:


Save Time and Money with the Member Shop

As a member of SMART(ER), you’ll unlock a treasure trove of resources that will save you both time and money. We have set up a shop exclusively for members to access all of our products and services.

Our member shop is a one-stop destination where you can find everything your business needs at unbeatable prices. From niche sites to affiliate marketing tools, we’ve curated a wide range of resources to cater to your specific needs.

There is no need for members to check all the shops that we operate for non-members as we have consolidated everything in one place for them.

Here is a screenshot of the home page of the shop:

SMART Member Resource Shop 1030x536 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members

Plus, as a SMART(ER) member, you’ll enjoy a permanent 10% discount on all your purchases, ensuring that you never overspend.

Say goodbye to hunting for costly solutions and hello to smart savings. We cannot emphasize enough that from our experience most entrepreneurs waste too much money and time on stuff they do not need.

With our member shop, your business will have access to the tools and resources it needs to thrive, without breaking the bank. We offer low prices, lower than the competition normally.

We do pay commissions to your referrals if you are an affiliate for these sales to members, but at a 10% rate versus 20 or 25% as is the case for other products and services that we offer to the public.

Although this may sound like it is not a good deal, it is. Here is why: Members will be able to tap into the resources and tools they really need for their business at a decent price and save 10% on their purchases.

That means they will likely buy more than they need and in the end, you as their referrer will also earn. It helps everyone get ahead, and the overall lifetime value that referral brings is going to be more than if you earned a one-time higher commission. Bank on that!

Speaking of banks, you also can earn commission as an affiliate from your referrals, as mentioned above. Once you are a member, request approval as an affiliate and get started!

All the prospects that sign up for a paid membership from you are eligible to earn you commissions as they make further purchases in the shop.

The referrals that you bring are also recurring and lifetime status members, another way that you are going to earn more. They are getting a good deal, so you can ethically promote the SMART(ER) Business network!

You can check out the shop by clicking on this link: https://resources.smarterbizacademy.com

Personalized Coaching and Mentoring

Every successful entrepreneur knows that guidance and support are essential on the path to greatness. At SMART(ER), we go above and beyond to provide you with the personalized coaching and mentoring you need to excel.

Led by Coach Dave, someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk, our weekly mentoring and coaching sessions will propel your business forward.

Benefit from his wealth of experience, education, and insights tailored to your unique business needs. He has 4 college and university degrees, 25 years of military experience, 10 years of teaching experience in colleges, and 25+ years of experience as an entrepreneur.

Whether you’re facing challenges, seeking advice, or looking for that extra push, Coach Dave will be your trusted partner on your entrepreneurial journey. He has an avid interest in seeing members and people in general have success with their lives.

With his guidance, you’ll have the confidence, clarity, and strategies to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and achieve your goals.

There’s more…


Exciting Rewards and Ongoing Growth

At SMART(ER), we believe in celebrating your achievements and fueling your ongoing growth. That’s why we host monthly recruiting contests where you can earn fantastic rewards and cash prizes.

Here is a screenshot of the current contest:


Recruiting Contest Screenshot 1030x545 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members

Go here to check out the current contest: https://smarterbizacademy.com/smarter-academy-ai-staff-recruiting-contest/

These contests not only provide an opportunity to showcase your skills and creativity but also serve as a catalyst for continuous improvement. Please feel free to join and win cash prizes and rewards worth hundreds of dollars too! Note these contests are in addition to the regular affiliate contests that we operate monthly to recognize outstanding affiliates!


Bottom Line:

As a SMART(ER) member, you’ll have access to new courses, resources, and ideas every week and month too. We are constantly adding to the resources, the training, the case studies, and more offered to members.

We’re dedicated to keeping you ahead of the competition and empowering you with the latest strategies, insights, and tools to grow your business.

With SMART(ER), you’ll never stop learning, evolving, and reaching new heights. Learning is a lifelong passion that Dave has, and he wants members to be able to develop their businesses and work on their personal growth.

Ok, let’s wrap this up so you can go sign up for the 7-day free access plan we have, or better yet, get in on the flash sale we have running now.


Here’s the deal:

Once 200 slots are sold, the price for the lifetime access membership will rise to $199.99 or 2 x $125. These are decent prices still compared to the regular prices but why not tap into the lowest price right now?



Don’t let this electrifying opportunity pass you by! Join our SMART(ER) Business Network today and unlock a world of unlimited possibilities.

With LIFETIME ACCESS available for a remarkable one-time payment of just $99 (using the coupon “FLASH99” at checkout), you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge, expert support, and a thriving community of like-minded professionals.

Take action now and secure your spot in this exclusive network that will transform your business and propel you toward unparalleled success.



Q1: What makes the SMART(ER) Business Network unique?

A: The SMART(ER) Business Network stands out for its comprehensive offerings designed to empower entrepreneurs and business owners. With a combination of AI technology, expert-led courses, a thriving community, personalized coaching, and a member shop, SMART(ER) provides a holistic approach to business growth and success.


Q2: How can I benefit from the SMART(ER) Business Network’s AI power?

A: Our AI technology, backed by a team of over 40 AI staff members, helps you save time and effort by providing valuable insights, recommendations, and support in various areas of your business. From business models to core competency skills, our AI-powered resources give you an edge in the competitive market.


Q3: Can I connect and collaborate with other entrepreneurs in the SMART(ER) community?

A: Absolutely! The SMART(ER) Business Network offers a private and exclusive community where you can network, collaborate, and seek advice from fellow entrepreneurs. Engage in discussions, share experiences, and build valuable relationships with like-minded professionals who understand the challenges and triumphs of running a business.


Q4: What can I find in the member shop, and how can it save me money?

A: Our member shop is a treasure trove of resources, including tools, services, and products essential for your business. As a SMART(ER) member, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts, saving you hundreds of dollars on your business resource needs. From niche sites to affiliate marketing tools, our member shop has you covered.


Q5: How do the personalized coaching and mentoring aspects benefit me?

A: At SMART(ER), we understand that guidance and support are crucial for success. That’s why we offer weekly coaching and mentoring sessions led by Coach Dave, someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk. Benefit from his experience, education, and personalized advice tailored to your unique business needs, giving you the clarity, strategies, and confidence to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.


Q6: What rewards and ongoing growth opportunities are available?

A: As a SMART(ER) member, you’ll have the chance to participate in monthly recruiting contests, where you can win exciting rewards and cash prizes. Additionally, our network constantly updates with new courses, resources, and ideas to fuel your ongoing growth. Stay ahead of the competition and keep evolving with SMART(ER).


Q7: How does the SMART(ER) Business Network Compare to Similar Sites?

A: When it comes to business networks and programs, the SMART(ER) Business Network stands out from the crowd. We’ve done the research and compared our network with others in the market to help you make an informed decision. Here’s why SMART(ER) is your ultimate choice for business success:


  1. Comprehensive Offerings:

While other networks may offer limited resources or focus on specific areas, SMART(ER) provides a holistic approach to your business growth. With AI-powered technology, expert-led courses, a thriving community, personalized coaching, and a member shop, we cover all the bases to ensure you have the tools and support you need.


  1. Unbeatable Pricing:

When it comes to pricing, SMART(ER) is unbeatable. Our FLASH SALE offers LIFETIME ACCESS for a one-time membership fee of just $99. This exclusive offer is a fraction of what other networks charge for annual memberships. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal to secure unlimited access to our network at an unbeatable price.


  1. AI Power and Expertise:

Unlike other networks, SMART(ER) harnesses the power of AI technology. With over 40 AI staff members, we provide you with valuable insights, recommendations, and support in various areas of your business. This cutting-edge technology gives you a competitive edge and helps you save time and effort.


  1. Personalized Coaching and Mentoring:

While some networks may offer generic resources, SMART(ER) takes it a step further with personalized coaching and mentoring. Led by Coach Dave, someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk, our weekly sessions provide you with tailored advice and guidance to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.


  1. Thriving Community:

While other networks may have communities, the SMART(ER) Business Community is a vibrant hub of like-minded professionals. Engage in discussions, share experiences, and build valuable relationships with entrepreneurs who understand the unique challenges you face. The power of collaboration and support is unmatched within our community.


  1. Exclusive Member Shop:

Our member shop sets us apart from the competition. With unbeatable prices and a wide range of resources, you’ll find everything your business needs at SMART(ER). Plus, as a member, you’ll enjoy a permanent 10% discount on all purchases, ensuring you save even more.


Q8: Why choose SMART(ER) Network over sites such as Wealthy Affiliate, Builderall, Funnelmates, NAMS, or Clickfunnels, for instance?

A: When everything is considered it is just a wiser decision that is going to provide you the maximum bang for your buck!

Home Page Screenshot Fresh 1030x561 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members




(2) SMART(ER) Recruiting Contest:


(3) SMART Business Community:


(4) SMART(ER) Member Resource Shop:


80 thoughts on “SMART(ER) Academy Opens It’s Doors for Members

  1. Wow, the offerings of the SMART(ER) Business Network are genuinely comprehensive and impressive! The integration of AI staff members across various domains seems like a game-changer for entrepreneurs. My question is: With such a diverse range of resources, tools, and courses, how does the platform ensure that new members don’t feel overwhelmed and can navigate efficiently to the most relevant content for their specific needs? Looking forward to hearing more about this!

    Wishing you well,


    1. Hi, Lou!

      Thanks for your comment, first of all…

      Yes, it can be overwhelming for the newcomer to the online business world for sure. That is why we have a special series of courses set up broadly named “Getting Started.” These walk the entrepreneur through the process of determining their goals, and the various online or offline options that are most lucrative, and then walk them through the research and business plan preparation phases.

      It does not stop there, though. We have checklists that provide an outline for virtually every phase of their business, that they can tap into as they conduct their day-to-day tasks operating their new business. We also detail how they should track data from the various sources to measure their effectiveness and make adjustments based on results.

      Lastly, for those entrepreneurs who may be a bit more seasoned and who perhaps already have their businesses up and running, we have tools and materials/resources to enable them top leverage their success to take the business to the next level.

      One of the reasons that we offer so many business options is that we are not all cut out of the same piece of material, We have unique backgrounds, skill sets, interests, and assets that all come into play as you get started building your independence.

      This network has grown over the past year plus, and as of now, I think we have the right combination of tools, training, resources, coaching, and community. It is not etched in stone, however. Just as people are unique and require different options, we also realize we too have to be adaptable and continuously improve what we are offering.

      Please feel free to join the network and see for yourself. It costs nothing, and if you think it is worthy, you can recommend it to others and benefit in a number of ways through promoting the recruiting contest and the site membership!


      Coach Dave : )

  2. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs! I’m curious about the effectiveness of the AI-powered assistance – how exactly does it work, and what kind of support can we expect in various business areas? Additionally, the personalized coaching and mentoring by Coach Dave is intriguing. What’s the format of these sessions, and how often do they occur? The member shop with exclusive discounts is also appealing, but what specific products and services are available there? Lastly, it’s great that there are contests and ongoing growth opportunities; could you provide more details about these contests and how they benefit members? Overall, it seems like a valuable network, but I’d love more information on these aspects.

    1. Hi, Liam!

      Love the questions, it shows that you have read through the post and it has generated your interest in learning more! Excellent! Let me go through each of them one by one to fill you in on the details!

      (1) Fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs?

      Yes indeed, we really think so. The network of sites and support has been designed to offer as much as possible an all-in-one environment where members can get 90% or more of everything they need for their business.

      (2) The AI assistants – These are very powerful. Each of them has been trained on everything the internet has to offer in their area of expertise, or in some cases the experts they represent.

      Here is a listing of a range of the AI assistants we offer/their roles:

      1. YT Script Writer;
      2. YT Expert;
      3. Sales Page Copywriter;
      4. Sales Coach;
      5. & 6. SEO Expert (2);
      7. Affiliate Marketing Expert;
      8. & 9. Accountant (2);
      10 & 11. Support Specialists (2);
      12. Legal Advisor’
      13. Copywriter;
      14. DIY Expert;
      15. Tech Writer;
      16. & 17. Lead Generation Specialist (2);
      18. Career Counselor;
      19. Nutritionist;
      20. Personal Trainer,

      then there are…

      21. Therapist;
      22. Lawyer;
      23. Life Coach;
      24. Start-up Tech Lawyer;
      25. & 26. Graphic Designer (2);
      27. HR Consultant;
      28. & 29. Marketing Expert (2);
      30. Professional Chef;
      31. Professional Salesperson;
      32. Digital Marketing Guru;
      33. Marketing Visionary;
      34. Product Manager;
      35. Start-up Marketing Pioneer;
      36. Social Media Marketing Expert;
      37. Marketing & Branding Guru;
      38. Product Marketing Strategist;
      39. Visual Marketing & Social Marketing Strategist;
      40. Advertising & Content Marketing Master

      Use cases for the AI Staff to now: I have used them for marketing plans, launch plans, video script writing, image generation, support staff for our support sites, blog posts, niche research, legal document preparation, and even diets and workout planning for myself!

      They are all very smart and have saved me at least 100 hours or more of work! Going forward, as I incorporate their skills into more areas of the business, my guess is that they will allow me to expand greatly the level of business without having to hire a lot more people.

      (3) Coaching sessions – Daily during the course of the week, Coach Dave interacts with community members at the community site and within the academy and shop sites. Additionally, there are weekly live-streamed sessions (we archive them) for members and a separate stream weekly for affiliates. The small group and 1-1 coaching is an add-on service that is made available to members at a discount price.

      (4) There is a wide range of products and services available within the member shop. All the products that we have in the other public shops are there, and as we grow the shop’s inventories the member shop grows as well. There are tools for automation, marketing, and productivity, WordPress premium plugins, themes, page-builders, and many other resources such as business planners, checklists, PLR products (private label rights), lead magnet kits; and social media 30-day kits, etc.

      In regards to services, we have DFY niche and membership sites, e-com sites, hosting website building, bundles of resources that we can help members use, and also the coaching, small group, and 1-1 will eventually show up there.

      In short, a one-stop shop. Referrals will earn the referrer (affiliate) a commission and the member spending money will save 10% using the coupon they have as a member. The idea is that everyone wins without breaking the bank of all.

      (5) Contests and Growth Opportunities – for the foreseeable future, we will be running monthly recruiting contests to help generate more interest and visibility of the SMART(ER) Business Network. These days it can be hard to gain a foothold in garnering attention from the targeted audiences, so we feel that this is a great way to get some attention and action, much like Dropbox did so many years ago.

      The monthly affiliate contests and the recruiting contests have cash prizes that affiliates can earn based on their sales and referrals. They can triple dip too. This means they can earn as affiliates become paid members and purchase needed materials from the shop, they can also earn from the recruiting contest, and lastly, if they are sharp they can also win the affiliate contest!

      We will be shaping the network as we grow, so likely improvements and innovations not even thought about will be added over the coming months and years. Constant improvement, listening to our members, keeping up with the markets, and hard work will ensure that we are around for the long haul and that our members are too!

      If you have any more questions, please revert, and do sign up for the free 7-day access soon and also get in on the recruiting contest. Each month, that starts all over again as we drop the numbers and data back to zero. That means you can excel month after month and have the same chance as everyone else to do so!


      Coach Dave : )

  3. I could only open one of the videos here and they talked about AI training one in various different things to help you succeed online, as well as having live mentors.

    I am interested to see what types of courses they offer. I was unsure from the video if it was online marketing related or courses in anything you want to find out about.

    These types of platforms are definitely the future in learning and courses, and the sky is now the limit for anyone who wants to study further.

    1. Hello, Michal…

      The best way to really dig down on what is on offer is to check out the platform and site to learn everything you might want to know! You may want to check your connection )internet) as no other visitors have had the viewing problem for the videos.


      The content dives down into the AO a bit, and in the comment section is a response to one comment I detailed the many areas of expertise that you can access as well as laid out some actual use cases, in this instance for our business.

      There are a variety of business models that are covered in the academy (over 20) and the core competency courses are all skills that every business owner these days needs to know about. Examples include email, marketing, creating sales funnels, copywriting, etc.  

      The live mentoring, combined with the daily interactions that take place within the community and the academy site, are very helpful to members as they plan, start, and grow their businesses. Often JV arrangements can be worked out, and it just promotes an atmosphere where things get done versus the social platforms which too often have distractions that prevent maximum efficiency of your worktime.

      Online businesses are not going away at all, you are right, Affiliate marketing, digital products, services, and SAAS (software as a service) are examples of niches that are growing by leaps and bounds, It is an exciting time to be starting or growing a business!



      Dave : )

  4. Good to see you have a solid staff behind you with their profiles on show. This is encouraging. There a re a lot of one-man-bands out there, out to make a quick quid. It sounds like you have quite a wealth of expertise and experience on offer and while I am always hesitant about these things, a free trial would certainly draw me in to investigate your options deeper. Love the YouTube playlists and reference library – so helpful and well organised. When you say you can still leverage this offer by referring a few people, how many people is ‘a few’?

    1. Hi, Michelle!

      Thanks for your interest and for stopping by today! Indeed, having a stable of trained SMART(ER( AI Staff is going to be very helpful for any member that is planning, starting, or growing their business. It is what I like to call an equalizer factor.

      Many small business owners or would-be owners start out as one-man bands, as you call it. Entrepreneurship is alive and well in many parts of the world, and thanks to sites such the the SMART(ER) Business Network, the cost to get started has never been less than it is right now!

      Yes, to attract both entrepreneurs wanting to get started and also the affiliate promoters we have developed a rich set of training courses and subjects plus made it attractive to promote the platform to others. The commissions are reasonable and due to the recurring and lifetime features (along with the cash prize awards for excellence) of the affiliate program, we will be drawing n both types (newbies and experienced marketers).


      The free trial aspect is a great way to enable people to give the platform a test run. The 7-day versus one-day or three days is also long enough so they can actually take the training and start something to see that the platform offers value. Then the pricing is also super competitive and helps too, we think…

      There is a sliding scale for referrals and rewards with the contest(s). The more referrals, the more free access. The numbers are low to start earning free months of access, and at numbers into the 10s or higher, the rewards are also higher. As these change from time to time, I would recommend that you go to the page using the link provided and get the latest update/information… 


      Coach Dave : )

  5. This is incredible news! The Smarter Academy welcoming members is a thrilling chance for those keen to boost their knowledge and skills. Offering a diverse array of courses, this academy promises enriching learning opportunities for everyone who becomes a part of it.

    I’m intrigued to learn what distinguishes Smarter Academy from other educational institutions. Will there be innovative teaching methods or exceptional resources in place to guarantee a truly transformative and enriching learning journey for members?

    1. Hello, Kiersti,

      Thanks for stopping by today. Always great to see new faces on the site and always nice to get their feedback regarding our content/offers/information! We welcome the opportunity to expand on the basic blog post to help clarify for others who may be stopping by down the road a bit…

      Not only is the SMART(ER) Business Network a great way to learn new things quickly with the courses, the case studies, the reference library, the AI Staff, and the community of like-minded entrepreneurs, it is much more than that. That is the start, or the springboard, as I like to think of it, for putting what you learn to work with a business that is earning the member a stream of income.

      If you read through the various features and tools that are included with the SMART(ER) Business Network, you will see many things that the member will have access to that just is not available on other similar sites. That means more places to go and more money to get the resources and tools you need to build that business. 

      Our focus has been to offer a flexible platform that will allow anyone with an interest in starting an online business (or a brick-and-mortar, or a hybrid combination for that matter) to do so at a reasonable price and within a reasonable period of time before they start seeing results (assuming they put in the effort).

      Too many platforms out there today are very inflexible when it comes to the business model and the deployment plan to get a business started. People are not all the same, their circumstances are not the same, and their motivations and needs are not the same. 

      Business platforms such as this one need to cater to those differences while helping them to develop viable options and plans that will result in successes earlier on in the process in my opinion. That factor was one of the main motivations for developing this platform,…

      Have a look at the affiliate program too as you check out the site, the recruiting contest, the community, and the shop(s) that are found within the SMART(ER) Business Network. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Note that there are still some free 1-year access memberships available, worth at regular pricing $1000 a year.  

      You might want to check that out and sign up – that could change your whole business and outlook over the next year! See you inside!


      Coach Dave : )

  6. Hi, this seems like an interesting thing for me. It can be so hard to get the right mentorship and support these days. Especially when your budget is tight. I’m just wondering if this strictly for entrepreneurship, or would it also be applicable for self development?

    that’s the good thing about business, is that self growth is such a important part of it 

    1. Hello, Jake!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I and the SMART(ER) Support Team really appreciate it. Feedback is important to us, as otherwise, we will never know what we are doing well and what we need to improve on in the eyes of the members or prospects that may become members…

      The self-development is an important area of the overall business in my opinion. So the answer to your question is a definite “Yes!” The other areas that we cover outside of the business models and the core competencies are self-development, professional development, WordPress (because it is such a huge factor in so many businesses and also a subject that requires a lot of training for we have it as a separate area), leadership, and even things like nutrition and staying in shape, etc.

      There are also some of the SMART(ER) AI Staff that have been training in these sorts of shoulder areas of focus so they can help the members as well. These AI Staff members have been trained with all the knowledge about their areas of expertise and are always standing by to help. They also work 24 hours a day, do not ever get sick and want no vacation!  

      Thanks for your excellent question and be sure to sign up as quickly as possible to get access to the annual Platinum membership level at absolutely no cost to you. You likely can leverage that membership in a number of ways to take your business to new heights!


      Coach Dave : )

  7. Hi there. This article about SMART(ER) Academy opening its doors for members is truly exciting! The offer of a lifetime membership for just $99 is remarkable. The inclusion of AI technology and expert-led courses is a game-changer. The community, personalized coaching, and member shop make it a comprehensive resource. Thanks for sharing this incredible opportunity!

    1. Hi, Ana!

      Thanks for popping through the site and also for taking a look at this latest blog post referencing the SMART(ER) Business Network opening and offers! I agree with you that the $ 99-lifetime deal being offered is a no-brainer and quite an opportunity!

      For those that are NOT ready to take the $99 plunge (again this is an offer that will not be around for long, as there are only 200 slots available at that price and it will go up to a still super price of $199.99 or $250 (2 x $125)( the other option of great interest might be the monthly recruiting contest.

      That is free to enter and can earn you free immediate access to the Pemiumlevel membership for 7 days, and simply by referring other people to the contest and the membership you can earn free additional months of access and also an entire year of Platinum membership with enough referrals that take action and sign up.

      There are advantages to both means of getting access, just as there are for affiliates that are paid members versus the affiliates that are not paying members of the SMART(ER) Business Network. The point is that we have alternatives that will fit a larger segment of the target audience and through this approach will get more attention, and action-takers, and help us help more people.

      At the end of the day, that is what the whole system is set up for – to help people get started with their business, It takes a number of things to have in place to make that work. The only thing we cannot provide is the mindset to have people follow through and actually do things. Too many simply dream but never do. 

      There are a lot of reasons for that lack of follow-through as well, and we do try to address that in the Getting Started area of the training academy. Once you have that in place, the sky is the limit as we show how to plan and start a number of business model businesses.

      Once that mindset is right, what we have found over the years is the second most important thing is mentoring and coaching. Anyone who excels in any niche or sport normally will have someone behind or with them supporting their endeavors. It can make the difference between surviving and thriving, in our opinion. 

      Thanks so much for stopping by and I do hope that you will consider promoting this SMART(ER) Business Network to your contacts! We would love to have you join us!


      Coach Dave : ) 

  8. What a creative way to introduce people to affiliate, marketing, and an education program that will help them get a Headstart in having a side hustle for extra money. Smart(er) Business academy is a great way to learn how to do affiliate marketing. Including AI education which helps with content production will encourage those who are afraid that they can’t do content.  And having a community to fall back on, and ask advice from is a great tool for anyone looking to make money online.  Great article – thanks very much.

    Deedee Whitehead 

    1. Hello, Diedre!

      First of all, thanks so much for stopping by! We do love to hear from our site visitors! We would like to see you also inside the SMART(ER) Business Academy if you have the time! Right now, we still have a few of the free 1-year Platinum Member slots available so if you get over there quickly you can tap into them and get $1000 in value for nothing! 

      The good thing is there is much more than just affiliate marketing covered by the training. There are over 80 courses published right now, and there are an additional 420 in the queue to be posted over the coming year! These cover a wide variety of business models and many core competency skills that business owners need.

      The AI staff are critical pieces of the business puzzle these days, as they help you leverage your time, reach, and capabilities by many factors of scale at little to no cost. The 40 we have will cover pretty much any task that a typical business owner may have and then some.

      I know that the AI staff has saved us over 400 hours already in a typical month of use (equivalent to 10 full-time workers!), and it will be saving that much and likely more going forward on a regular basis. That is significant. Think how much you can scale up your business by having that much free labor that requires no vacation, time off, sick days, etc.!

      The community is also a key feature of the SMART(RT) Business Network, as you have recognized. The interaction, advice, support, JV opportunities, and having a place where things are focused versus a social platform site where distractions get in the way too often is a valuable feature. 

      So we will see you on the inside! Have a great day!


      Coach Dave : )

  9. Hi Coach Dave,

    This SMART(ER) Academy sounds really helpful for business owners with all the support you provide. I’d love to hear some success stories from members who’ve gone through the program already. It would be awesome to read how the coaching and guidance has helped others succeed. If you’ve got any testimonials to share, I’d really appreciate taking a look. Seems like a great way to get your business to the next level!


    1. Hey There, Jack!

      Thanks much for stopping by and for sure we have some testimonials from happy members or clients who have worked with us over the years. Some you will see directly on the academy site as you look through it, and some are offline local or regional clients that have used our services for years.

      Without giving away too much private information, I can say that we work with media companies, real estate companies, and some smaller businesses that have SAAS and agency support needs, and finally, we do VA support in some cases. 

      The site itself is relatively new, as we are transitioning from an older less feature-capable site to the WordPress-based LMS, and the community site is the same. The shop is also fairly new (some of the shops where items are listed are older, but the member shops are very new).

      Hence the testimonials will be from the overall work that we have done for others that is related to the work we have done with the academy, shop, and community sites. Again, as you peruse the sites we have you will see the testimonials smattered throughout to include on checkout pages…

      See you inside!


      Coach Dave : )


  10. Thank you for sharing this opportunity to join the SMART(ER) academy. I am slightly confused though as to what type of courses, resources, and ideas are released every week and month. Is it training for affiliate marketing? Or is it just being able to network with other business owners? 

    You mention the payment of $99 that gives one lifetime access, but are there other costs involved? Thank you for clarifying. 

    1. Hi, Line!

      Thanks for stopping by today. We always appreciate feedback and questions, as it gives us the chance to provide further clarification as to what is included in the SMART(ER) Business Network for members to tap into as they plan and implement their businesses.

      In regards to the types of business courses that are available, we are focusing on about 20 that are the main types of businesses that are making people good incomes online, offline, or hybrid type businesses that combine online and offline efforts.

      These include but are not limited to niches such as affiliate marketing, POD (Print on Demand), YouTube Channel Monetization, arts and crafts ((i.e. Etsy, Creative Fabrica, etc.), drop-shipping, membership programs, SAAS (software as a service), Freelancing, Coaching, copywriting, website development, podcasting, domain and website flipping, teaching online, digital products, e-commerce stores, FBA, etc.

      The core competency courses cover basic and advanced skills such as email marketing, social media marketing, sales funnel development, business writing, research methods, AI implementation, use of PLR (private label rights), use of tools such as Zapier, auto-responders, website page builders, and our proprietary tools such as link cloaker, social and website posting tools, etc.  

      There are specialized skills needed for members too based on the type of business that they want to pursue and there are skills that every business owner needs to have these days to operate a business, whether online or offline. An example of an area that all businesses need to know about is a website. It is crucial these days to have a site and also a social presence. We teach about how to set these up effectively and as quickly as possible have them live and ready for views/traffic…

      Affiliate marketing is a focus as well, as mentioned above, and for those who want to promote the program/network, there are additional training and materials available along with coaching sessions to support their promotion efforts for the SMART(ER) Business Network. This is in addition to the weekly coaching that is provided to all members.

      Networking with other business owners is a big part/benefit of the network too. The community is a standalone site (NOT a Facebook Group) where other entrepreneurs can converse with you and together you can push and help one another develop and grow their businesses. Members can communicate directly with one another and even share files, videos, etc.

      The special flash sale is indeed $99 right now for lifetime access. Once the 200 slots allocated for this pricing are sold out, that offer will go away. It is intended to kick-start the membership and get people interested in seeing what is on offer. It is well worth it. The next price rise will be to $199.99 ($200) and $250 (2 x $125) which will be in place after the 200 $99 slots are sold.

      The AI Staff access alone is worth much more than the $99 price, as you have 40 trained staff that you can tap into as you go about your daily tasks operating your business. I know that we use them every day and they save so much time that we can get 10x as much done with the same amount of staff.

      That also means that we can hire one to two more staff and get that much more productivity, hence can grow the business that much faster. Truly AI is going to be as disruptive as the internet or mobile phones have been for the business world.


      Lastly, in regards to additional costs, it really depends on your business and your approach. Most people will want to have an autoresponder service. They will want to have some sort of lead generation system, as traffic is key to any business’s success. There are other automation, marketing, and productivity tools that you can add to your business as well that will involve additional costs. It depends on what you are building, how fast you want to expand, and the exact goals the member may have. Again, each person will have their own business plan and end game.  

      Of course, too many people buy stuff that they really do not need, based on the sales pages and offers they are presented with on a constant basis. They end up spending money that they really do not need to spend. This is where our shop comes in. The shop is a rolled-up version of all our shops that focus on different tools or resources. Rather than having to visit all the shops, we have one shop that combines everything for members to peruse. 

      In that member resource shop, we have many resources for members that they can purchase at a lower price using the lower-than-market prices and the lifetime 10% discount coupon they get as a paid member. They can use that discount again and again as they do but the things they may need for their business.   

      Things like tools, services, coaching, materials such as lead magnet kits, social media kits, business checklists, planners, journals, videos, images, swipe files, DFY AI Engineer prompts, websites, memberships, academy sites, drop-shipping sites, etc. are all found in that shop inventory, and we are adding to it weekly new items.

      We have 5 external shops and will be growing these to 12 total. There are two shops that are for members though that will save money and help members earn money. The first is the shop mentioned above. Members save using the discount and tapping into low prices (lower than the market), and earn when their affiliates purchase goods and services from the shop. 

      The second shop that is of interest is the member shop where they can list their own products and services for other members. They have a means to get some sales started and also get some feedback from members on their offers. There is a small admin fee and of course, PayPal or Stripe fees involved, but nonetheless it is a good opportunity to get some sales (without affiliate fees too).

      One of the premises for designing the SMART(ER) Business Network as described is that we know it is not a cookie-cutter world we live in. Each person has their own set of circumstances and the business that they want to pursue and have the most success with is unique to them. There are some commonalities, but every person is not going to want to do affiliate marketing. With us they have options.

      The AI Staff can help with any business focus and much more. Personal development, including health, diet, mindfulness, career counseling, professional development, leadership, and even some therapy/advice are parts of the overall effort they can be involved with and provide assistance with for members.

      All of these benefits are part of the SMART(ER) Business Network. There are more, but these do address your specific questions, and I hope that they have helped you understand what is included with membership. Indeed, much like similar sites, but with much more value. If you have more questions, just ask!



      Coach Dave : )

  11. Hi there, What an innovative approach to acquaint individuals with the world of affiliate marketing and an educational program designed to give them a jumpstart in establishing a side hustle for additional income. 

    The Smart Business Academy serves as an excellent platform for acquiring the skills needed for successful affiliate marketing. Moreover, the incorporation of AI education, which aids in content creation, is particularly reassuring for those who may have reservations about producing content. 

    Additionally, the presence of a supportive community that offers guidance and advice is an invaluable resource for anyone aspiring to generate income online. This article is truly insightful and much appreciated.

    1. Hello, Herman!

      Thanks for popping through, and also taking the time to drop a comment here. We do like to get feedback from our visitors, and the information is used as we continue to build out the SMART(ER) Business Network for our member’s use.

      There is much more than affiliate marketing that is possible with the network. On top of affiliate marketing (you can learn how to set up your own affiliate marketing program, and also learn in detail what to do to leverage the power that the network offers for others and earn affiliate income from the site you are learning from)…

      We also offer training, case studies, YouTube playlists, and trending ideas of many other potential business models that can be pursued by our members. Since there are so many unique requirements out there, we know that many entrepreneurs will want to pursue other models..

      Right now, we have training on 20+ business models, and this is growing as AI comes into the mainstream, and more opportunities are opened up to establish and grow a business. We stay abreast of what is happening in the small business world and then apply the lessons and opportunities to our site to help members get ahead faster…

      The AI staff members have skills in a number of areas that all small business owners delve into on a daily or weekly basis. They can do so much more than create articles. There are 40 in total, and they do things like creating marketing plans, video scripts, lead magnets, sales funnels, and website support. etc.

      We do provide training on how best to leverage the AI staff members, and provide a robust set of prompts to use so you do not start from nothing. This means even less wasted time and even more production for members. They have been a big hit for many and it does not look like that will change.

      Note that we do have the recruiting contest active monthly too, and for referrals, you get free access to the Premium level of the academy and network. As you bring in more referrals. and they too sign up for the contest, plus if they sign up for the free 7-day trial, you get more free months of access added to the free membership. Lastly, you can also earn commissions as a paid or free member.

      The amount of commission depends on the purchase, the status you have within the network, and even whether or not there is a sale ongoing or not. The rates provided are between 10-25% and are recurring and lifetime. This means you can earn again and again from the one referral as they add to the resources they need for their business.

      As a registered member, another benefit is that you can list your products and services to other members through our member shop. This is a fast way to get started selling your own stuff and earning money for your business. There are admin and payment gateway fees but less than what you would pay a platform such as Shopify and there are no costs to list.

      The community is a strong point as well, as you mention. It really helps when you have a group of people who are all focused on building their businesses. They can pull each other up (inspiration), provide tips or receive them, and even arrange JVs (joint ventures) with one another. An example might be an email campaign swap, where you send an offer from the JV partner to your subscriber list, and they send your offer out to their subscribers.  

      As you can tell, I am quite excited to be able to get this network out to market,. We have been working on various renditions of it over the past months and we think the move to prime time is past due! I hope you will join us, and we will see you on the inside!


      Coach Dave : )