SMART(ER) Academy Opens It’s Doors for Members

2021 12 12 05 35 44 - SMART(ER) Academy Opens It's Doors for Members

Unlock the Power of the SMART(ER) Business Network: Your Ticket to Success!   ****HOT! HOT! HOT!**** Right now we are giving away 20 free 1-year accounts for the SMART(ER) Platinum Membership level access! How do you get this? Simple…Go to the home page of the academy at, click on the banner at the bottom for the recruiting contest, and sign up! The next 20 entrants Dave will upgrade once they have enrolled in the contest and registered for a free 7-day account to the Premium level membership. Even if you are not one of the lucky 20, there are […]

The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review…

2019 12 06 0936 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

Hi, Everyone, Today I want to cover the newly launched SMART Customer Loyalty Program that the Soaring Eagle Company has just released under their brand “SMART Tools for Business.” It is the latest offering of tools for small businesses and entrepreneurs intended to help automate or standardize operations, cut costs, and grow the business faster. In the interest of full disclosure, I am the CEO of the company so I know all about it and what they are doing. They have been working very hard to develop programs and tools that can be used by small businesses and entrepreneurs that […]

The Lighter Side – Day Four – Are You TOO Competitive

INTRODUCTION Today we take a quick look at competitiveness, a trait that most online marketers possess to one degree or another. There is some discussion on what amount is healthy and useful… This is a popular subject not just in the online marketing world. I have a Buzzfeed video for you today, where visually you can see some examples of competitiveness… We can take away some of the points made in this popular video for our own education and use…Maybe we need to change our actions and behaviors as we conduct this online marketing business. maybe not… Although this is […]