SMART Training – Membership Marketers Club – 4 Simple Steps To Membership Profits

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Hi Everyone…   Today we are going to talk about membership sites. These are popular and with good reason. They have replaced the old forums that you used to see people interacting on (with some exceptions like Reddit) and they are a viable alternative to Facebook Groups, for which you do not own the platform and are have restricted features.   It’s no secret that membership models are crazy profitable. That’s why so many big companies (like Sam’s Club, Amazon and Apple) are setting up membership clubs and sites. It’s a great model because members pay you over and over […]

New JVZoo Member Platform and Bonuses Revew

2018 08 31 0646 - New JVZoo Member Platform and Bonuses Revew

  INTRODUCTION Every once in a while, there is a new tool that makes so much sense and is of such value that you want to shout out to the world about it. This new JVZoo Member platform is such a case. Right now for a limited period of time, you can get a lifetime price for this tool that will help you make many times your investment back. Because it is a launch, and they are trying to grow the user base, for the next 4 days you can pay a one-time fee of $397 (I know this seems […]

How To Make Quick Money Online – Niche Membership Sites

INTRODUCTION In our ongoing series on how to make money online, today I want to discuss a popular and proven method that you can implement quickly. As you may or may not know, I am developing a membership site myself for the making money online niche. I have spent a great deal of time gathering training materials, tools, a theme, and other materials… The reason I am doing this is not just for myself and the recurring income you can realize from such a site. Rather, I really want to help people that are getting started or who have some […]

Review of Work1099 (Special) Membership Site – Hands On Test

INTRODUCTION Today I am taking a look at a training membership site called Work1099 (Special). This is a hands-on review, in that I actually signed up for a 30 day trial at a cost of $7. This is the same price that everyone can subscribe for, and after the 30 days, there is a monthly fee of $29 to remain a member and have access to the training, templates, and content. I am a member of other training sites that offer a great value (Wealthy Affiliate is one, BakkersBoard is another, etc), so I go into this review with open […]

Your Valuable Content + Easy Shopify = Huge Recurring Income

INTRODUCTION Today we are going to take a look at yet another membership model that you should consider using to create a source of recurring income. Whether you are brand new to online marketing or have been doing it for a long period, recurring income is the mantra that you will hear again and again. The reasons for this are many. Through setting up a system that runs on automatic, you can realize more freedom from the day to day rigor that other online marketing models require. I will go into more reasons below, but what I am going to […]