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Hi Everyone…

Today I am going to be reviewing the new platform I have built that is called the SMART Affiliate Program. It is just being launched and it definitely is a product that many people can use in these days of enforced quarantines and the huge loss of employment that are outcomes of the fight to slow the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What This Program Is All About

Are you stuck at home, have you lost your job, are you looking for ways to earn from home and build up a secondary or main source of income fast? In the fast-changing world we live in, now is the time to consider getting started on doing just that.

Our platform is designed to teach anyone to build an online income, and if you are like most people, you already have a set of skills that you can offer someone, but you just do not know how to get started. The SMART Affiliate Program will show you the way, step-by-step.

The SMART Affiliate platform (and sites) has the training, tools, materials, and resources that you need to learn how to set up your affiliate marketing business, from start to earning a regular income from commissions for sales of products and tools that you recommend.

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Who Am I And What Qualifies Me To Offer You This Platform?

My name is Dave Sweney, I am 63 years old, and I have been in sales for over 20 years. I have sold well over $100 million of product and earned some very good income from the commissions. I started with the online marketing segment 5 years ago, and have been a huge fan since.

I could see the sea-change in the shopping habits of people, and knew that affiliate marketing was a great way (there are other options too that I am offering) to leverage these changes. Especially with the pandemic and the fallout, this is a platform and program whose time has come.

I have 4 college and university degrees, I taught college courses for over 10 years as an adjunct professor in European branches of several well-known colleges and universities, and I also was involved in the education field in some manner for 25 years while in the military. I know how to teach.

Bringing together all these skills to package them and offer them to you is a passion for me. I am not perfect by any means, but I can help you become successful at working from home to earn money. This is something whose time has come, and I am proud to be able to offer this platform to you.

SMART Affiliate Program Logo 300x169 - Review of the SMART Affiliate Program - A NEW Way To "Learn to Earn" From Home

More Details About the SMART Affiliate Platform

There are a lot of features in the SMART Affiliate Platform that you will find in more expensive platforms or programs, and it has other tools that you will not find in the more expensive platforms. SMART Affiliate is an all-in-one product that will give you access to the tools you need to get set up quickly.

There is also a support system in place to answer your questions…Plus various areas within the set of sites to ask specific questions about a subject area or a process. Members will also earn points by helping one another out and get rewards as they accumulate points.

Most people want to kick the tires to see if any such program is worth investing time effort, and money into, and this platform is allowing that by adding a free sign-up and 7-day trial access to the first three lessons of the Basic Course.

The training site and free lessons are the starting point, and from there, once you decide this platform is for you and have selected a membership plan (there are 4 levels) you will then get access to a whole slate of tools and resources that you can use to build your business.

You also will get access to the SMART Boot Camp training for promoting the platform as a member of the SMART Affiliate program as a member (as will non-members). There are some advantages that members will have over non-members too.

Anyone can request to promote the platform and likely they will be approved, but members of the SMART Affiliate Program will receive a higher commission than non-members, and nonmembers will not get a free website to promote the SMART Affiliate program.

What better way to get started earning money as an affiliate is there than through recommending and getting others to also learn how to build their online business through the SMART Affiliate platform? So you will have the ability to start earning fast…

Here are some of the things you are getting access to as a free member:

  • Basic Training – Lessons 1-3
  • Website – Free sub-domain account to build your practice site
  • Facebook Private Support Group
  • SMART Business Support Platform

Once you decide that you want to upgrade, here are the options:

  • Monthly Membership $35
  • Semiannual Membership $180 ($30 a month, paid 2 x a year)
  • Annual Membership $300 ($25 a month, paid 1 x a year)
  • Lifetime Membership $330 (pay once $330 or pay for 3 months x $125/month) – limited memberships available at this price, we can close it at any time…

The SMART Affiliate Set of Features & Tools:

You may be wondering what you get for that money. Here is just a partial list (more tools, resources, training, and materials will be added on a regular basis for members)…You can save many hundreds of dollars using the access you get as a member to these tools.

  • Secure, fast, hosting.
  • 5 Websites, TLD (top-level domain) or Sub-domains.
  • Access to a CPanel to work on your sites from one location.
  • Training, hundreds of modules…
    1. Basic (Getting Started, 10 Lessons).
    2. Advanced (Building Out Your Business).
    3. SMART Affiliate Boot Camp (Training on Promoting SMART Affiliate).
    4. SMART Freelancer Training (you also get access to a freelancer platform where you can list and sell your services or products).
    5. SMART Biz Academy – This will be opened to members as a reward for their completing successfully the above courses – This is a $997 complete business curriculum that is on sale at times for $497.
    6. Other special subject training courses as may be requested or required by members.
  • Weekly Webinars (fresh and archived recordings of them too for your viewing as you have time).
  • As you complete the various courses, other rewards will be unlocked for you as well, to include:
    1. Chat Bot Tool access.
    2. Lead Magnets platform (over 200+ lead magnets and growing that are free to use).
    3. PLR Store – We have 1000s of titles and materials that you can use to repurpose for your own business plus training on how best to use this material (and how NOT to use it).
    4. Video Background Assets – thousands of backgrounds and useful videos that you can use in creating your own videos for your business.
    5. Video Creation and Editing Tools.
    6. Checklists for the many areas of your business that you can use to keep on track – these are growing in number month by month too.
    7. WordPress tools to help you have the best-looking website in your niche.
    8. Sales Funnels, building leads and selling online training to help you grow a lead list of customers and prospects that can become customers.
    9. Training on free Keyword Tools that you can use for creating content that people are looking for (so you get free traffic to your website).
    10. Training on free advanced video editing tools and other tools that we will be getting you access to inside the membership.
    11. You will be able to buy domains within our hosting sign-up page as your account is created.
    12. More tools, training, and materials added regularly to make sure that you are keeping up with the changes in online marketing that will allow you to stay relevant in the marketing segment.

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How Does the SMART Affiliate Program Compare to Other Similar Platforms?

In looking at competing platforms that provide similar services and training, there are areas that we excel in over them, and some features that we do not have (nothing that is a show-stopper) but are not needed.

The number one platform in my estimation is called Wealthy Affiliate, and this is perhaps the best site to do a comparison with the SMART Affiliate Program. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 5 years now, and they are really top-notch.

Here is how the two stack up against one another:

As you can see, you get more tools (have a look at their sales page if you like) that you actually will need with the SMART Affiliate Program, and the price is cheaper (They charge $49 a month, or cheaper rates for semi-annual, or annual membership). Note there is no lifetime option with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. If you select that option with the SMART Affiliate program you will save many thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your business.

4 300x300 - Review of the SMART Affiliate Program - A NEW Way To "Learn to Earn" From Home

My Bottom Line:

This platform is well worth investing time, effort, and money into. With the training, the websites, the Freelancer Services Platform, and additional tools that you will need to get your business up and running, people are getting an excellent deal.

I have placed my considerable experience and resources into building this set of sites, tools, and training for you, and I know that using them you can be successful.

Right now there are many people looking for alternative sources of income, and just these two (affiliate marketing and freelancer services) can help. I want to help get you on the right track using the resources you have within this platform.

SMART Affiliate Program Logo 300x169 - Review of the SMART Affiliate Program - A NEW Way To "Learn to Earn" From Home

Here is what to do if you want to get started right now…

Free Trial:


While we check out the links, please feel free to join our private Facebook Group that is one platform you can tap into to keep abreast of this program.


Here is a sample of what it looks like “on the inside!”

2020 04 13 1204 1030x503 - Review of the SMART Affiliate Program - A NEW Way To "Learn to Earn" From Home



Memberships $35 monthly, $180 semi-annual ($30 a month), or $300 annual ($25 a month):


While we check out the links, please feel free to join our private Facebook Group that is one platform you can tap into to keep abreast of this program. The link is above…


Lifetime $330 (1 x pay), or $375 (3 x pay $125/month):



While we check out the links, please feel free to join our private Facebook Group that is one platform you can tap into to keep abreast of this program. The link is above…


Affiliate Program Signup (20% recurring and lifetime cookies as a nonmember, 30 % recurring and lifetime cookies as a SMART Affiliate Program member):



While we check out the links, please feel free to join our private Facebook Group that is one platform you can tap into to keep abreast of this program. The link is above…

sell - Review of the SMART Affiliate Program - A NEW Way To "Learn to Earn" From Home

In Conclusion

The SMART Affiliate Program has been designed with the users in mind from top to bottom and to ensure it meets the needs of a large group of people that want to get started with learning to earn from home online activities. There is a huge demand right now for this type of business and it looks like it will only be growing over the next years.

You will get the training, the tools, and help to get your own home-based business off the ground and making you money month in and month out. It is for anyone that has an interest or a need to get some alternate income streams in place right now. With the training and access to the Freelancer platform, you can create offers using the skills that you already have for buyers who need your services and who will pay you.

We will see you on the inside and I look forward to working with each of you and seeing your progress in getting your own business up and running. If you have any questions, please do ask in the comment section below. This program will change and grow over time and you will be right there at the cutting edge as these changes in the environment we are operating in mean changes in how you deliver the goods to your followers.



Dave : )


P.S. The links for the free sign-up and membership plans will be posted as we get them in place. Do come back if you do not see them, or leave a comment and we will get back to you. We are just getting this up and running, and there is a lot to do, but we will be working every day to get you everything you need to have success! Thanks!



46 thoughts on “Review of the SMART Affiliate Program – A NEW Way To “Learn to Earn” From Home

  1. Way to go David. I think creating this is a fantastic move for you and I’m sure you are going to make so much success with it. This smart affiliate programme actually has so much to give. Looking at all your qualifications, it’s easy to say that I am going to learn a lot. I would like to give the free account a try first before deciding to go in for the lifetime account before it gets closed. Is there going to be anything on referral?

    1. HI, Riley…

      Thanks for popping through, first of all! Most definitely I will add the free trial link (and the others) as they are checked and rechecked to make sure the system is working. It is one thing when we are doing beta, and quite another when we get the influx of people that I am expecting when we officially open the doors in a day or so…

      The referral and checkout pages will be hosted on PayKickStart, which has an excellent affiliate tracking system. Anyone can request to promote this platform, and likely will get approved. The rate is not as good as some digital products that are found in the JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and similar affiliate platforms, but then again, this is also not a grand launch.

      The idea is to make it affordable for as many people as possible. While I am a huge fan of Wealthy Affiliate and have learned a lot (and continue to do so), I know that there is a wide swath of people that silly cannot afford to stay as a premium member. 

      The target audience for this opportunity is huge. In the last two weeks, 13 million people have lost their jobs in the USA alone, and in Germany and Dubai, it is the same. People need to learn how to earn online, and we aim to do this for them. They will have all the tools and training to do so, and a supportive community to help them along.

      Do have a look at the backend once the links are opened, and I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

      Dave : )

  2. Wow! This smart affiliate actually presents a much better and comprehensive offer in comparison to the wealthy affiliate and that is quite really awesome to see. Thank you so much for sharing this detailed review here. To be honest, I found it quite an interesting platform which I would checkout. 

    I like the basic plan of the 35$ per month which is considerably lower compared to most other platforms. Thanks

    1. Hi There, Ella…

      I have chosen to focus on some other areas that the Wealthy Affiliate does not cover as well from my experience over the last 5 years on their platform. What we have in addition to what Wealthy Affiliate has are tools that will aid in the building of lead lists, longer times on pages, and more conversions.

      The basic plan at $35 is 30% cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate, and there are some sacrifices for that savings. For instance, you get 10 websites with WA versus 5 with us. But you do get a CPanel where all your sites can be accessed and other activities can be taken care of which you do not get with Wealthy Affiliate.

      The video creation tools and the editing tools are also big pluses for the SMART Affiliate Platform. Video is such an important piece of the online marketing puzzle these days, and the training and tools will help members get started easily.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the gold standard in my opinion for what  platform should offer members, so what I have done is to take the features we are offering and compared them to that standard and attempted to exceed the standard where possible.


      Dave : )

  3. There are many of these “get rich” schemes and invariably they are a con. But somehow you have effectively identified two schemes that appear to be genuine and have great potential, if you apply yourself to the programme. I had not heard of Smart Affiliate Programme although I am familiar with WA.  The ranking you described, as well as your personal experience with the schemes was really helpful and added to their credibility. . Do you have any advice on schemes that should be AVOIDED?

    1. Hi, Trevor…

      There are a lot of schemes out there, especially in these times when so many people are looking for viable alternatives to the jobs that they have lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic fallout. Affiliate marketing is not going away, and the business model works and has worked for years.

      The Freelancer platforms that are out there are also legitimate ways to earn from offering the skills and services someone already has to businesses and entrepreneurs that need help. This is why I decided to combine the two into this one membership.

      People can build their affiliate niche websites while also offering services to others and earn enough to keep membership in place and even pay bills and etc. Right now there are millions that are looking for solutions. The two options here are viable most certainly.

      I would be very careful about what I decide to spend money on, as you say, I could list 100 questionable “opportunities” that really are not. Due diligence is the phrase of the day. Instead of offering one piece to the puzzle of making money online, the SMART Affiliate Program offers all the pieces or training on how to get and use all the pieces.

      Thanks for stopping by and for sure do have a look at the three free lessons that you will get access to. Also the free website to practice on will be there to use during the trial period. If the person decides that another option is better for them, they can move the website if they want to or it will be deleted after a period of time.

      Our affiliate program is likely going to interest a lot of people. Although lower than some MMO (making money online) products, this represents a chance to build up a solid chunk of recurring income from members who will stay for a long time (or purchase the lifetime memberships, providing a big cash commission for a one time purchase.


      Dave : )

  4. The smart affiliate program looks much like wealthy affiliate, but sorry to say that from all that I achieved and learnt from wealthy affiliate I don’t believe any other blog can be as good as it looks, Kyle and his colleges actually took out time to prepare this beautiful blog where you can learn everything about affiliate marketing and so much more

    Smart affiliate program is also a place to check out for yourself to learn about how to earn money online for your self if you find it more integrating then you will definitely achieve what you desire

    1. Hi, Evans…

      I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the gold standard when it comes to learning how to build an affiliate marketing business online. As a member for 5 years myself, I can say that as an insider. Where our platform differs, it differs for some very concrete reasons.

      Pricing, the tools, the training, and the focus are somewhat different on our platform. The other areas of an online business outside of written content will have a bigger presence, both in the tools members get and the training on how to use them in the business.

      So although very similar, there are differences that some people may like when comparing the two. Wealthy Affiliate has had light years too to fully develop and refine their platform, so it is quite true that in that regard, our platform will not look as pretty – but ours will be functional (and cheaper)…

      Thanks for stopping by and give the three -lesson free trial a whirl when we open the doors to the public. You may very well be pleasantly surprised, and some of the tools that you get access to most certainly will help you get more traffic and leads, plus conversions. 

      Dave : )

  5. I love the concept of affiliate marketing and I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. As you state their service is great and I really enjoy being part of their program. Obviously in the Affiliate Marketing world it is also wise to not be a one trick pony and I will keep an eye on your program and once you have your Free membership in place I will sign up and have a look at your service. I believe the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Any ideas on the timescale that your program will available in? Are you going to have access to different Affiliate programs or are your programs run through the usual external companies? I wish you great success with this new and exciting venture. Mark

    1. HI, Mark…

      Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate platform and program are certainly the gold standards and what I consider to be the next out there. It is in my use of this standard that Kyle and Carson have put into their platform, along with some other marketers that I have a great deal of respect for who do the same, that I have designed my platform.

      We will be opening the doors as soon as the pieces click and are working as they should. I am speaking of the payment gateway and checkout pages and affiliate program (all through PayKickStart, a recognized and reliable system/platform), and Everlesson (where we are hosting the training and access to materials), and we have our own hosting service for members. 

      The other tools and materials will be accessed on their platforms, i.e. lead magnets, PLR, and HD Videos each has a store and download location. There is one support site that members will be able to comment, as questions, and access the links to the tools and materials. 

      We also have a private Facebook group where members can ask questions and get help/advice as needed. That will complement the other locations (i.e. there is a chat for each training and people can ask questions and add in any thoughts too)…

      I hope this answers the questions, and I look forward to having you check us out. I will add the links above so you will be able to get started. This platform is the end outcome of a lot of effort to provide a platform where people can learn to earn and start earning as quickly as possible.

      Two fast ways will be to promote our platform and to sell their skills on the Freelancer platform that we have. We are providing a free MMO site that is set up to promote our program(s) and the Freelancer is free to list with (less competition, fewer expenses, and targeted markets too)…


      Dave : )

  6. Dave, 

    Great job in your review of the Smart Affiliate Program. I am absolutely amazed at all the things smart affiliate program has to offer. I have been looking into the program for a while now and this article explains it all. It looks like the perfect platform for someone just starting, and people that are widely versed in the industry. Your review of the smart affiliate program has tipped my scale to go ahead and get it going and I can’t wait. 

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hello, Russ…

      Thanks or the positive comments and this platform is the result of learning a whole bunch of things over the pst 5 years working online and supporting offline companies with their online efforts (i.e. social marketing, websites, leads, etc.). It is every bit as worthy as any of the high-end platforms that are out there.

      Of course, this is all in its infancy stage, and the depth of training and resources will continue to grow over time as we add more and more content training, and resources for members. It does not mean that people are going to get push-button profits immediately, there is work involved.

      As with any legitimate business, the time and effort regularly over a longer period of time are required to make a go of it. But the tools and proven plan is there for the taking for members and they will be able to learn and earn fairly quickly. One of the biggest barriers to success that I have seen is that people give up too fast.

      It is my hope that members will also list their services on the Freelancer platform, which is part of the program. They can realize some income that will help cover the bills, and by the way, this all can be done while still getting unemployment benefits.

      I will be adding the links to try it out, as well as the affiliate page so you can offer this to some people that need to start earning right now. There are two more projects that we are launching too that will help people get set up to start earning online quickly.

      Although these are perilous times we find ourselves in, I believe that we can meet the challenges and overcome them. The SMART Affiliate Program is intended to do just that, and we hope to help out millions of people over the coming years as this platform grows and becomes more mature.


      Dave : )



  7. I am excited to try out the Smart Affiliate Program. I know how to build a simple website but need to learn video editing, sales funnel, and many more.

    The lifetime membership is great. Those who are interested to build a successful online business should go for this to get continuous training.

    Looking forward to the trial sign-up. Thank you.

    1. Hi There, Christine!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to add a comment! We are very excited to see this come to fruition and confident that it will really make a difference for many people. The entry cost is low, and through a bit of promotion members can not only pay their membership, but they can also earn some good commissions too.

      We wanted to offer that lifetime membership so people can save money long-term. Quite honestly, we are not sure how long we will keep it open, but I am confident that it will help people save a lot of money over time. Eve with the 3 x payment plan, it is a small investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

      Those that get in and see what they have will likely want to take this offer while it is available. The monthly membership is not that high, but it can cost a lot more over time. It all depends on what value people have with our platform.

      Our job is to make sure that everyone will get more than what they are paying for, month in and month out. I have a team of people that is growing too to make sure that this is the case. We aim to meet the high standards that other similar platforms have while keeping costs down as much as possible.

      Cheers and be sure to check back – te links are coming and we would love to have you try us out. The advanced training is what you are interested in it seems, along with the tools to put that training to use. You will get that with us, as fast as we can we are adding more training right at this moment!

      Dave : )

  8. Hello dave, i must commend the effort that you have put in this  website.

    this review is super amazing and i will be very happy to have platforms like come on board enough so as to make the affiliate marketing a bit easier. i would love to give it a try but i want to know if the support system is really active.

    1. Hi, Smoochi!

      The support staff is active and ready for questions that members may have as this platform kicks off. The launch we are doing (a soft one versus a massive marketing effort) means that we will be able to handle any and all problems that may arise.

      Since there are many moving parts to the platform, we do anticipate that people will have questions on each. For instance, the CPanel and hosting features, or perhaps questions with the lessons and courses themselves, or ut could be even the support sites that they will get access to.

      In any case, we are ready and happy to help asap all those that may have any questions. For some areas there will be immediate replies to queries, while for others it may be a few hours to a day. We have staffed up for this, but will be adding more team members as we grow the business.

      Looking forward to seeing you on the inside and thanks for popping through!


      Dave : )

  9. The lifetime membership option of The Smart Affiliate Program is definitely very enticing. I’m currently a Wealthy Affiliate member and I’m paying about $359 a year, for a little less than that I could pay once and be done with it forever. It seems like it stacks up pretty well against Wealthy Affiliate and it’s a very viable alternative for people looking to learn how to earn a serious part time or full time income with affiliate marketing.

    1. Hi, Son…

      Yes, the lifetime membership is something that we wanted to offer for the SMART Affiliate Program, as it really represents a great value for the price. It also will help us build a reserve of capital that will invest in continuing to build the platform out over time.

      This project is something that the circumstances of the COVID-19 brought about. I had been thinking a long time about doing something like this, As I mentioned in my review, I have been with them for years, and this platform has some of the same characteristics, but others that make it quite unique.

      The tools and resources that we have included are ones that are needed long term and within the platform, you will be able to access them as you need them. Initially, the foundation is provided, as with Wealthy Affiliate, but additionally, we have some immediate income potential features like the Freelancer platform.

      The reason I felt this was important to have for members is that people need to earn money as fast as possible. Marketing any skills they may have takes a little time to set up, and perhaps some times to fulfill any sales they have, but it gets the ball rolling when it comes to earning online.

      These days there are a lot of people that are out of work and even if they are getting or will get unemployment benefits, most of the time they will not be getting 100%. Starting their business now from home means they can learn while they have time, and earn too.

      Since I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for such a long time, I know that the basic system they teach is sound. That basis, along with some bells and whistles that we have added, means that members will get the best of the best. and that will continue to be the case going forward.

      I have has some questions also about my age and health. I have some family members and people in the background that will be able to step up and make the SMART Affiliate Program continue on for the next 20 years. I have built it with this in mind.

      Since we do have the free trial please do have a look. I will continue to stay with Wealthy Affiliate and try to contribute there as possible. Obviously, this platform will take up the majority of my time. I want it to stay at the cutting edge of such platforms and that means I have to stay on the ball!


      Dave : )

  10. Hello Dave, working from home has been a very nice means of making money with relative ease and not having to deal with the stress of answering to the boss. There is nothing more interesting than getting involved with a platform that is built to help the members with the things they will need to be a good online business owner. Smart affiliate program happens to be one of the few online training platforms that am happy about the system. Only a few other platforms can guarantee full support to its members and be readily available to answer questions when asked. I like the fact that they provide tools and good training at such a cheap fee also. The points earned from helping other members, how do you redeem it?

    1. Hi, Benson,

      Thanks for popping through and leaving a comment. This really is a platform that can in every measure meet the high standards that Wealthy Affiliate provides, and in some areas, it will exceed the standard they have set for the rest of the industry.

      Pricing is a big concern these days, as many people cannot afford a Mercedes, they can better fit a Volkswagen into their budget. It would be nice to have the more expensive car, but both will get you to your destination, and with the Volkswagen, you are going t have more money in your pocket when you get to wherever you are going.

      These days people are looking for solutions, and not ones that will be good just for the times we find ourselves in at this very moment. There is no way that the global economy is going to get back to where it was just a short time ago for many years.

      That means a shift in thinking needs to happen about how we earn money to pay the bills and have some of the nice things and school funds for the kids when they are needed. If ever there was a time to think about all of that it is now.

      I have attempted to put this together with all of that in mind. People are looking for something they can do from home (SMART Affiliate can be). They are looking for something that can be long-term (SMART Affiliate is that), and they are looking for something that will have support (SMART Affiliate has that).

      Do stop by and try it out, we are looking for many members and affiliates to get the word out and earn some good commissions too. If you do become a member, you will get access to a DFY site that you can quickly edit and start promoting the SMART Affiliate Program from using the training and tools you get access to.


      Dave : )

  11. Hi Dave,

    Being a full-time affiliate marketer I have come across several platforms that teach affiliate marketing and also provides with the required tools. I am really amazed at what Smart Affiliate Program offers (both features and price).

    With your expertise, I am not surprised when I came to know that Smart Affiliate Program is your own product. I do know how much effort and work it will take to create these types of platforms.

    Thanks for the free trial offer. I always prefer free trial and I believe it (offering a free trial) shows the confidence of the creator on his/her product. The points system sounds interesting. Lifetime Membership for $330 is a shocker for me and that’s a lot cheaper.

    I will come back to check for the links. I am sure the Smart Affiliate Program is going to help 1000’s of people to learn about making money online. Wishing you great success!

    1. Good Day, Paul…

      Thanks for the vote of confidence for the SMART Affiliate Program and your trust in me as well. I really want to provide a mid-ticket program for the many people out there that need help but may not be able to afford the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I know that there is a gap in such offers (ones that are worth a darn anyway!)…

      The reason for the lifetime access is twofold: It helps us as we are getting started, and it helps the members who may be able to invest a bit more in light of the savings they will reach down the road. I thought carefully about this offer and decided that we will at least offer this through the COVID-19 pandemic.

      The program I put together has elements from some of the best I have seen out there, from Kyle & Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate Platform to Aaron Fletcher’s Program(s). Additionally, I have seen what other market-focused membership areas offer, for instance, Adam Payne’s VMI (Video Marketing Institute). I have tried to include the best ideas from each and added them to my own…

      The bottom line is that members will be getting tremendous value for the money, we will overdeliver. To get participation and training completion (action takers) rates higher, we have added an incentive program that will unlock rewards as people earn points from completing training and participating in the community.

      The points will be like cash credits but only redeemable for tools, resources, and extras that we will be adding on a regular basis over the large inventory of such items that we already have ready to go. The idea is that we will get people the tools they need.

      Another strong point for this is that we will stop people from falling victim to the shiny object syndrome. Too many are still out there buying a lot of tools and Softwares that will not help them build a business. They are buying hope but fail to realize that a real business requires focus and work over some time.

      I look forward to having you take a look at the program and will be asking for feedback. As with any new program, I am sure there will be many things that we can improve upon over time, some immediately and some within weeks or months.


      Dave : )

      1. Thanks a lot for the detailed and insightful reply.

        Wow, sounds a lot of work and I am sure you have invested all your experience. For sure you are going to change many lives (I am saying this from the bottom of my heart).

        I have reviewed 300+ make money online programs and products on my site. Trust me, most of the products under-delivers with low quality. For the sake of money, there are some product creators launching products after products. Thank GOD, there are some people like you who really want to help people and provide great.

        The pricing is really affordable.

        Wishing You Great Success!


        1. Hi, Paul…

          Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to add another comment!

          You mention many of the things that have irked me since getting into this online marketing business. Product creators pump-out new software and tools that they have no intention of supporting, and generally they do not work or the tool provides only a piece of the solution. Also, to get the “full package” often you need to go through up-sell after up-sell, and in the end, it is too expensive and does not work as advertised.

          Like you, I want to really help people and this program has been designed with that in mind. The true competitors out there are few, and these are the ones that I have looked at for tips on what members really need to have success. Because some of these top-rated programs can be quite expensive, I tried to put together a “lite” version that approaches the making money online from a slightly different perspective, adding to what people will get on those top-rated platforms.

          The features, tools, resources, and materials within the SMART Affiliate Program will allow a member to get started, earn money fairly fast (if they put the work in), and they will be able to shorten the learning curve considerably to get to the point of being able to create content that will pull in traffic and get leads and conversions for them. So the initial focus will be to provide a DFY MMO (making money online) site that they can edit and make their own fast.

          They will then be able to immediately promote the SMART Affiliate Program and will also have access to the training on how to promote the platform and for affiliate marketing in general. Additionally, they can list any skills that they may have on our SMART Freelancer Services platform (and on other sites like Fiverr) to get some immediate income. Between the two platforms, plus the lower cost that they will have, they should be able to start earning a profit from their work very quickly…

          I could go on and on, but this platform will grow as we grow, I have plans to add in a lot more features and automation tools for members to help them do more in the same time. The gamification features we have are also going to play a big part in how members get access to the tools and materials that will help them grow faster and present a more professional appearance to their website visitors.

          As they complete training and participate, they will earn points that are like virtual cash, which they can exchange for unlocking rewards of tools they can then use for their online business. There are a number of ways to earn points, and the more a member is active, the more they can earn and faster they can unlock tools.

          These are tools that we are selling for cash to non-members by the way, so they really do have a cash value. I am quite excited and the deays to now in opening this up is I want it to be as perfect as possible. We will tweak things as we go along and the membership grows. Our advanced training courses will also be added to regularly, based on what members want.

          I have no doubt that we will have some glitches as we get more of a strain on the systems that we have, but we will work through them. We are in this for the long haul, it is likely the last major project (actually this effort includes some other major roll-outs too) before I turn it all over to the next generation that can carry on and make it even better for members. This will be my last hurrah I think, so it has to be a good one!

          Again, thanks for stopping by once more, and please do have a look inside when we open the doors!

          Dave : )

  12. That’s beautiful. This is the very first time I’m seeing a website which could stand a comparism with wealthy affiliate platform. I’m a member of wealthy affiliate platform but I don’t think it is bad for one to diversify in business. 

    I think I will have to give the SMART a try and I’m hopeful it will be worth it.

    1. Hi There, Kenechi!

      Thanks so much for the kind words. Yes, this platform was designed to take care of the market segment that would like to have the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and access, but perhaps just cannot afford it.  Having said that, it does have some features that are unique to the SMART Affiliate Program that no other platform has. It is a complete platform.

      I have included some tools and features that I have seen are necessary for the online business that normally people would have to pay for, and we have training on tools that are needed that are free to start out with. Things like a MailChimp autoresponder account, a keyword tool that doe snot cost anything but is effective, and so on.

      Overall, it is providing tremendous value for the cost, which is for us a mantra. We do not want members to have to go out and buy a lot of tools that will not help their business. Everything they need they have. All they have to do is complete the training, apply the training, and continue this over time.

      Do stop by and give it a whirl, I think you will be impressed. I would also value the feedback as we roll this out globally. I am focusing on the USA and Canada with the initial set of ads, but we will grow all over. The platform works for anyone anywhere. 


      Dave : )

  13. Hello, thanks to you for reviewing the smart affiliate program. Amazed to know it is your own affiliate program. Hats off for that effort. Really looking forward to trying lifetime membership, its great. I think over 20 years of experience pushed you to start this stunning program. Waiting until you put the links. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi, Janu!

      Thanks for the positive comments and believe me when I say I am putting my heart and soul into this venture. I just know we are going to be able to affect people’s lives in a very good way. There are so many out there that need some help and a plan right now, today on how to proceed with their lives when it comes to earning a living.

      The move to online has been hastened by this pandemic, and our aim is to make that transition as painless as possible with the SMART Affiliate Program. This has been one thread that has sewn together all the efforts me and the team have put into getting this up and running.

      It is not a one-trick pony product and of course, I am not promising what kind of return people will get from being a member. The training and tools are there, as is the community base and the support. It will still require regular focused effort regularly over time, as with any real business.

      Our mission is to provide a proven path to making the time, money, and effort work for members. I have no doubt that we will end up with some millionaires as time goes on, and there will be some that do not make it. If they do not, it will not be for lacking in the resources they need, as SMART Affiliate has them.

      During this pandemic, when so many people are without work, some having access to money from unemployment and some not, this is a platform whose time has come. If people are willing to apply what lessons are there to the tools that are also there, they will make it…

      Do stop back, I am pretty fussy that everything is right before opening the doors to the public, so the extra time waiting now will mean a better experience for all members and prospective members. I want affiliates to push this with their leads, and it has to be right so they are offering true value.


      Dave : )


  14. Heloo Dave, I must confess seeing this Smart affiliate program really made me smile for a while. I have been under wealthy affiliate platform for some time and I was doubting if there could be ever any program or platform as wealthy affiliate, so reliable. But with what I am seeing now wow I must say you deserve a classic Thanks for putting this smart affiliate programe together, I could barely see any differences between it self and wealthy affiliate and as matter of fact it’s even covering some other wonderful areas, interesting indeed. You adding a free sign-up and 7-day trial access is really cool. Well done man, I would want to check it out.

    1. Good Day, Sheddy!

      Thanks for popping through, I see my search results from Google are getting some eyes on this review (a good thing). We are in the top 10 after a few days, below some luminary people like Neil Patel (but we are climbing!)…This tells in addition to all the other signals I am seeing me that what we have is of interest to many people!

      Wealthy Affiliate is a fine platform, no doubt. They have a ton of features and tools, and over the years have continued to improve and refine the tools and services offered. Where we differ is that we have more automation tools that complement the content tools and focus that Wealthy Affiliate has for members.

      Our idea is to make more use of the social platforms in conjunction with the copious content that is recommended by Wealthy Affiliate. That works (content that you can rank for) but it does take time. Most people want some immediate or near-term results. 

      That is why you will see that inside, as you complete lessons and participate in the community, you will get points that can then be used to “buy” at no cost the tools that will help members do more things in the same amount of time, or spend less time doing what they may be doing…

      We are excited and will continue to improve the platform and program, just as Wealthy Affiliate has. One reason they are on top and have been for a long time is that they really care and stay abreast of what is going on with the business and market. We are doing the same and more…

      Cheers and see you on the inside once we are open for business. I am a perfectionist so really am drilling down on every aspect (along with my team) to make things go as smoothly as possible for the short and long term!)…

      Dave : )

  15. A wonderful review you have got there! 

    I think “smart affiliate program” is a good opportunity for everyone to make money now that we are at home and most people have lost their job due to the pandemic.

    I am member of wealthy affiliate and I must confess that your services are almost similar. Once the link is available I will consider joining the platform. The charges are fair.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey There, Chris…

      Good to have you stop by and check out the review of the SMART Affiliate Program we are launching. You have identified very well the program main points – it is designed to offer similar features to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, which is top-notch.

      Where we differ are in the two areas that you mention – pricing (we are cheaper), and what our main focus is right at this moment: we want to help people earn money right now, today, immediately. This is no pie-in-the-sky thing though, there is work involved.

      For those that want to get started fast, we have the DFY affiliate site that can be quickly edited and used to start promoting the SMART Affiliate Program and other MMO (making money online) offers out there. Also, they can list their skills on our SMART Freelancer Services Platform and get some income from sales to other business owners.

      Along with the robust set of training modules, free website hosting, and tools (they will “earn” access to many as they complete training, objectives, and participation in the community) they will have a very good chance at getting a sizeable income in place fast.  

      When that happens for the thousands that we hope to see inside the membership, we will know that we have accomplished the mission (at least for the moment, we know that constant improvement is required)…I am excited, can you tell? : )

      Have a great day!

      Dave : )

  16. Hello David, this is very fantastic and I’m sure it is a path way to success online. This smart affiliate program actually has so much to give. How much does it cost to install on website? I Looked at the heading of the course, it seems to be offering quite some amount of learning time. I would like to start with the free account. I tried one program similar to this before and I liked it. Thank you for sharing and have a great one.

    1. Hello, Juma!

      Thanks for stopping by, we are getting more and more traffic with queries just like yours. We want to offer as many people as possible a chance to get a viable online business up and running fast. This is why the free trial aspect has been added…

      There is no cost to install it, as what you get are hosting rights to 5 websites and you add your own website and build it as you wish, depending on the niche you are going after. You will get an affiliate DFY site that you can use to write related content to promote the SMART Affiliate Program however should you decide to join as a paid member.

      Otherwise, you can promote the offer as a non-member, without having access to the DFY site, and earn commissions too. The rate is 20% for nonmembers and 30% for paying members of the SMART Affiliate Program. These may seem low compared to other MMO (making money online) offers, but they are fair and it keeps the cost down for everyone so more people can afford to join.

      Also, there are other ways to earn. As a member, you will earn points and can exchange these for tools that you will need for the business. This will save tons of money over time, as some we have can be quite expensive. Lastly, you can list any skills that you have on our SMART Freelancer  Services platform, and get paid when businesses or entrepreneurs need what you have. 

      Once we have opened the doors, you will be able to get a free account for 7 days, and then make a choice as to the plan you want. There are no upsells, just that. Either the monthly (at $35) or semi-annual (at $180 or $30 a month), the annual at $300 ($25 a month), or the lifetime at either $330 (1 x) or $375 (3 x $125/month)…

      This offer is very generous when you consider what all you get (see the review to know more) and we have set the program up to enable as many people as possible to join and learn while they earn. We are excited and will be glad to have you try it out for free. The link will be posted shortly!


      Dave : ) 

  17. Hey, Dave!

    Wow, this sounds great. I’m saving a bookmark for getting back to this later.

    I mean, you really got me intrigued by the learning materials (and your teaching experience!!). That SMART Biz Academy sounds beyond superb. I have learned stuff along those lines but never from a person who’s done $100 million in sales and, as far as I can tell, has some proper teaching experience. And I bet it will be something discussed in the light of affiliate marketing (and likely also freelancing). Which makes it that much more (significantly more!!) valuable for me.

    I’m full-heatedly looking forward to your teachings, Dave!

    And have the best of success with launching the platform. Cheers. <3

    1. Hi, Matiss…

      Great to have your feedback and you are exactly right that the curriculum of the SMART Biz Academy will focus on things that will continue to work even with the major shift that is taking place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It covers everything from start to finish, and new material will be added regularly too.

      We are taking the same approach with all the programs, and sticking with offering solutions that will work in this environment of high unemployment and high uncertainty. Our preference is to move people from taking actions based on fear and emotion to take positive action after developing a strategy.

      The SMART Affiliate Program will provide more than a bare-bones set of training and tools, it will provide a safe area where like-minded people can stay in touch and support one another in these scary times. We have had a massive outpouring of interest in our approach and our programs, and are confident that we can deliver.

      Do stop in and have a trial run, I have not announced it yet, but I changed the format of the initial Basic Course so that I can open it up completely for those that want to give it a go. They will be able to go through the lessons completely and even earn a reward as a non-paying starter member.

      Details to follow, I will see you on the inside! If you already have experience as it sounds like you do, the training will likely be a rehash in some respects, but there will be tidbits that can add to what you are already doing I am sure. Additionally, there is a great reward at the end of the training that you will qualify for as long a the points are earned!


      Dave : )

  18. I’m glad this system is legit. I just signed up with it 2 days ago and thought I should check some reviews before I move forward. I could tell from the get-go that they have their customers in mind and aren’t just out to make a quick buck. I am by no means computer savvy so do u think this would still work for me? Thanks

    1. Hey There, Brandon!

      Glad to have you on board with us and I am sure that you will be impressed with what we have to offer. Our goal is to help people get started fast, and a two-pronged approach using proven methods is how we are going to help members.

      The SMART Affiliate Program was built to help people that are brand new to the market segment, and also the Freelancer services are explained quite well in the training provided. Our training can be used to set up offers on more platforms too. meaning the member will have more chances to earn income fast.

      You do not have to be computer savvy to make either of these systems that you will have access to work. We walk you through step-by-step, and as a team member (paying membership) you even get a DFY website that you can edit and make unique (we provide training on that too).

      Let us know how you get along and we look forward to reading about all you successes going forward. Thanks for stopping by and leaving us your thoughts!


      Dave : )