Review of the SMART Affiliate Program – A NEW Way To “Learn to Earn” From Home

SMART Affiliate Program Logo - Review of the SMART Affiliate Program - A NEW Way To "Learn to Earn" From Home

Hi Everyone… Today I am going to be reviewing the new platform I have built that is called the SMART Affiliate Program. It is just being launched and it definitely is a product that many people can use in these days of enforced quarantines and the huge loss of employment that are outcomes of the fight to slow the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic. What This Program Is All About Are you stuck at home, have you lost your job, are you looking for ways to earn from home and build up a secondary or main source of income fast? […]

Review of Dave’s “List Building Expert” Training Bundle With Bonuses

INTRODUCTION List building is still the best way to promote products, whether they are your own or as an affiliate. There has been tons of material published on the subject… Some of the training offered is crap, quite frankly, while other packages do what they say, but at a horrendous price…I am speaking of some monthly platforms that provide lead magnets for you and sales funnels… The problem is that you are getting something that 5000 others have too, so the competition is fierce, market saturation can be a problem, and it is quite expensive… Today I want to offer […]