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Hi, Everyone…


Today I am going to expand on something that is near and dear to our heart as online marketers – traffic! Without traffic, we are all dead in the water.


You can have the best content, great videos, good offers, and bonuses that people really want and need, but if nobody sees your efforts (i.e. no traffic) you cannot sell a thing.


This article is intended to help you get your head around traffic generation. What to do and what not to do, tips to help you get more traffic and traffic that is targeted.




If you ask just about any online marketer on the planet if they have enough traffic, I would be willing to bet the answer will be “no.” All the marketers who’re pulling down the huge traffic numbers want even more traffic. Why do you think that is the case?


The reason is pretty simple: More traffic equals more customers, more sales and more cash. It all comes down to that.


The problem is that many marketers go about getting traffic in all the wrong ways. This means, of course, they do not get the traffic they want. They are making some deadly traffic mistakes.


When they make these mistakes, they only get a trickle of traffic when if they stopped the mistakes they could be having so much more traffic, leads and sales that come with the traffic.


So here is my question to you:


Are you making these deadly traffic and marketing mistakes too?


Find out by reading on…


Table Of Contents

Table of Contents


As is normal for my articles these days, I have added a table of contents for your convenience. You can click on the icon here and quickly get to any section of the content that interests you most. Please do check out the entire article though before leaving, there are lots of tips and advice that will help you!

So let’s discuss some mistakes that marketers make when seeking traffic for their business…

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Mistake 1: Cherry-Picking Traffic Methods


If you are like most of us, you have done a to of research and read books, blog posts, articles and other materials about how to get traffic. Based on all that research you likely have developed a plan for which traffic method or methods that you want to use and discarded the ones you’re going to skip for whatever reason.


Let’s stop right there…Hold up there for just a second…


Make sure that the reason you skipping that traffic source is a good one. If you think or even know that it won’t work, then that’s one thing.


An example might be trying to generate traffic from some decade-old, un-targeted source like a “start page” exchange as was done in the past makes sense to skip. Any effort to generate traffic from that is not going to work these days.


This is not what I am talking about. Rather I am speaking of ignoring proven traffic methods that are sure to bring targeted traffic to your site.


For example:


  • Maybe you don’t feel like building a list or going through the trouble of publishing a blog. You don’t really feel like developing and committing to a publishing schedule and you do not want to get involved with auto-responder services.


  • Maybe you are a loner so you don’t want to get joint venture partners or affiliates to work for you, just because you’re happier working alone.


  • The idea of using social media nauseates you, even though your target market is young and known to hang out on Facebook, on Instagram, on Pinterest, on Snapchat, on TikTok, or some similar social platform all day.


What is a better solution than ignoring such streams of traffic that will help you succeed with your business? My suggestion is to hire someone to do it for you.


If you want to build a thriving business, be sure not to skip over a promising traffic source just because you don’t feel like doing it yourself. Outsource the work.


Your time is also worth something, so the money you pay will be money (time) that you have for other things in your business.


Let’s look at the next mistake you could be making…


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Mistake 2: Not Being Consistent


If you are like most of us, you start off being really enthusiastic about driving traffic to your site(s).


You try to do everything at once and may run ads, getting involved in content swaps (guest blogging), blogging yourself, maybe setting up a Facebook business page, and dig into optimizing your pages for the search engines, and possibly even setting up an affiliate program… and so on.


You are all in, and working every available minute of the day getting all this done. You do it for a few weeks, and indeed the traffic starts coming in at a nice clip.


When you see that happening and track all the targeted traffic filling up the traffic logs you start diverting attention to something else on your list.


Many marketers, unfortunately (or mistakenly), think that if they stop working on their marketing (getting traffic), that somehow the traffic will just keep coming in on its own. After all, it has started to work, right?


But, of course, it simply doesn’t work that way.


Here’s why:


The content swaps (guest posting) loses effectiveness as that shared content drops off the other blogger’s front page.


Your affiliates will start to lose interest and they will go seek out other opportunities.


The Facebook fans and blog readers you have generated will drift away when they see that there hasn’t been any new content or value-added in a while.


Your competitors in the search engines are still publishing and eventually knock your pages out of the top spots. No more page one rankings on the search engines, your content gets lost in the millions of other pages out there.


And of course, any paid ads don’t bring in any visitors if you stop the campaigns.


So here’s the point…


Generating traffic has to be worked every day, so you can keep the traffic you have and build more traffic over time.


Here are some examples of things you may do every day:


  • Recruit new affiliates or joint venture partners. You might make it a goal to find five new partners before the week is out.


  • Send an email to marketing partners. At a minimum, you can send them new tools to help their promotions, such as new ads, blog posts, and graphics. If you really want to get them hopping, then send out an announcement about an upcoming affiliate contest.


  • Post something on your blog, on someone else’s blog, or on social media. Or do all three. Aim for something that will engage readers and start up a discussion.


  • Create a viral video. This could be something funny, super-useful or even controversial. Then post it on social media and see if you get any traction.


  • Send an email to your list. Then make it a point to do this regularly, as the only way to build a good relationship with them is by sending your list engaging content on at least a weekly basis.


  • Start a Facebook ad campaign. Just be sure to use the ad platform’s power tool to get your ad in front of as targeted an audience as possible.


And so on.


In short: Small steps on a consistent basis lead to big results over time.


And now let’s cover the BIG third mistake…


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Mistake 3: Skipping the Tracking and Testing


I have seen that many marketers will waste tons of time and money chasing after advertising strategies that simply don’t work for them.


They may be using ineffective ads or bad calls to action. Perhaps their lead pages suck. They could be posting ads in places where they’re getting almost no action-takers.


So why would someone keep throwing money and time at advertising that doesn’t work?


The answer is simple: Because these marketers have no idea their advertising doesn’t work.


And you know what?


Unless you are tracking and testing your ad campaigns, you too might be wasting a lot of money and time running lousy ads.


So what you need to do is start keeping careful track of what works and what doesn’t. You’ll need a tool to track and statistically test your ads and campaigns.


You can find plenty of tools around, such as Google Analytics, or the open-source alternative at


Check your other tools, which may have built-in tracking.


One good example is your email service provider (auto-responder service), as many of the big providers can track open and click-through rates.


First decide what you’re going to test, be sure to test just one element of your ad campaign at a time, and once you have it optimized, move on to the next element.


That way, you can be confident that any change in the conversion rate is due to that one element, rather than something else.


For example, if you’re testing the best landing page to use you need to randomly split what your traffic sees and track the actions – you will be able to see which works better.


The idea is to maximize the traffic you are working on daily to get so your cost per acquisition drops and the lifetime value of that prospect goes up.


There are many more such tips that you can get access to using the lessons found in the training that we are now going to present to you…


Have a look and see if this training might be something worth an investment of your time and money…The offer is below after the next section…


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These three simple mistakes many marketers make seem to be ones no one would make, but thousands of marketers make them every day.


If you make them too you’ll face dismal amounts of traffic.


So be sure to test everything, diversify your traffic methods, and take consistent steps every day to build your traffic.


Of course, the question remains, what all should you be doing to build your traffic? What are you missing or not doing effectively?


Another question: What is the best way to bring in targeted traffic? There are many methods out there, which one works best for your business or niche?


The answers to these questions and more can make or break your business…


This is why you’ll want to get your answers from the best source around: Our SMART Training – Traffic Generation Club course…


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Oh, yes…


One more thing…


We have some fantastic bonuses for you too that will help you get started even faster with rolling out your products to the market. Be sure to check them out below!



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12 thoughts on “SMART Training – Traffic Generation Club –

  1. The importance of traffic to running an online business can never be overstated. Just as you’ve rightly pointed out, regardless of how proficient an online marketer is with the other aspects of his/her business, without traffic, it all stacks for nothing.

    Furthermore, I can totally relate to the point you made about cherry picking traffic sources. These days, social hangouts are a great source for targeted traffic. But I don’t really like hanging out on social media. Since that’s the case, I have to find a way to bridge that weakness and like you said, outsourcing that part of the business can be the solution. 

    Great post

    1. Hi, Rhain…

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your feedback and thoughts on this article. The points you bring up are good ones. Traffic seems to be right at the top when it comes to the challenges that all online marketers (or anyone in business really) has.

      This course is intended to confront that issue head-on. The 10 modules of video training that you get with the SMART Training – Traffic Generation Course are just the beginning. The ongoing support that is available through the support platform and channel will allow members to commiserate, trade ideas, problems, advice, and tips We also have added weekly webinars to the materials to help even more.

      Your point on social media is well-taken, I am the same. There seems to be so much wasted time on those platforms.  Nonetheless, since they are useful in so many ways, what I have come up with is a social media marketing plan. I create a plan at least a month ahead of time and outsource the different posts that are scheduled.

      Additionally, I use an automation tool so they can be uploaded and ready to go and then published on the various platforms as per that schedule. It gets the job done and I do not have the headache I otherwise would have. It makes a lot of sense for most people to do the same I think.


      Dave : )

  2. So in essence in order to produce traffic it is best to: be open to a variety of traffic sources even ones that you may be uncomfortable with, stay consistent with your traffic generating efforts and stay in it for the long haul, and make sure you test and track your efforts to ensure they are working. This is some valuable advice especially to those of us that are new to online marketing. I think I am a candidate for your SMART training course and I am very interested in the information that it will provide. 

    1. Hi, Lee…

      You have grasped the main intent and focus of the article for sure. Traffic generation can be a very frustrating thing for us all (I include myself) and I know that getting a fresh look at the challenges and the opportunities can be helpful.

      That is where the course we have comes in but it goes much further than that. Over the 10-modules that the student gain access to, we have a private support platform where members can exchange ideas, tips, problems, case studies, etc.

      Additionally, we do a weekly webinar to add to the help and these are recorded and archived for later use. The last thing that we do is provide some other supporting materials from time to time at no cost and discuss what works and does not, and why. 

      Cheers and thanks for stopping by and adding in your input!

      Dave : )


  3. Hi Dave,

    Indeed, even the successful internet marketers are keen in increasing their traffic. Traffic is the life-blood of any business!

    As a blogger and affiliate marketer I always look for ways to improve my traffic. Your post means a lot to me and I got helpful insights from your post.

    I am just focusing on organic traffic. I am not using the social media platforms and very recently I started to build my list (I have just 28 subscribers on my list). Consistency is the key and I am working on it.

    If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It! I need to work on my Tracking and Testing. Oops! I am making all the three mistakes. You have given me plenty to think about here and I am going to implement what I learned from your post and avoid those 3 mistakes.

    You not only discussed the mistakes, you have provided helpful information on how to rectify it. The examples you have provided is super helpful.

    1. Good Day, Paul…

      Thanks for popping through and providing your valuable feedback and input to this article. You have a lot of insight and it is very helpful to all the readers who happen to stop by here and read through the post. I appreciate that very much!

      Traffic is such a major factor in success online for any business. Even the offline brick and mortar operations realize the importance of traffic as it leads to more business for them on a daily basis. We offer traffic and lead generation services to such businesses on a regular basis.

      Measuring how things are going is also essential, as you mention. It is hard to make any adjustments that might help improve results if you do not know how your current efforts are doing. Sometimes I get people that want help who are not tracking results and the first thing we do is to get that in place.

      Our SMART Training – Traffic Generation Club course is intended to address these issues and more (i.e. the social marketing aspects) and to add tons more value we have also added other “pieced” to the training course that will help those that are members increase their traffic and business.

      This includes a private support channel and platform, where members can share their ideas, tips, problems, and solutions, plus have a community to discuss online business with. This can be very helpful for those entrepreneurs that are looking for someone to interact with (lots are one-person operations and are done at home, so there is little interaction with others)…


      Dave : )

  4. This review was extremely helpful in regards to website traffic. I have websites of my own, and I’m at the point where I need to get traffic soon.

    I’m glad you showed those common mistakes people make. I wasn’t aware of those mistakes, but I’ll keep those in mind when I’m working on traffic for my sites.

    I’ll definitely bookmark this post- I’ll be referring to it later for sure!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi There, Eric…

      Traffic is a huge concern for every online marketer. These days so much business is conducted online it can be easy to lose your presence with all the competition. This is why I recommend using a combination of traffic generating techniques that all work together to get you the traffic we all need.

      This is where our course Traffic Generation Club comes in. Not only do you get access to the basic 10-module course, but you also gain access to our private support platform and channel for the course. There, fellow members can share tips, ideas, problems, etc.

      In addition to that platform, we have added a few other things to beef up the power of the course too. Things like weekly webinars, archived recordings of these, more materials to help with planning for more traffic like checklists and planning templates, etc.

      Our goal is to help every member grow their business in a planned manner using all the tools that we have available to us these days online.  Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you on the inside. The prices right now have never been lower for this course!


      Dave : )

  5. Just finished reading your article and I have to say there is some really useful information there. I’ve been really inconsistent and have been putting out content at a snails pace. I just have to make a commitment to work on it everyday until I could bring in some traffic. Thanks for the info.

    1. Good Day, Dave…

      The traffic will only come if you follow tried and true practices that are available. This course covers all these and adds in some new ones that you likely have not thought of. The content and SEO method works, but it is susceptible to algorithm changes the search engines are always tinkering with.

      That is why a good strategy is to have more sources of traffic and means to touch your subscribers and website visitors. It really can make a difference long-term and although it is more complex than just writing and publishing more and more content, it is manageable.

      This is where our SMART Training – Traffic Generation Club comes into play. Not only do you get the 10-module course you also gain access (lifetime) for a support platform and channel where you can exchange ideas, tips, and solutions.

      We also provide additional resources and hold a weekly webinar that we record and archive for viewing as members may want or need. Together, these materials all mean that the entrepreneur has a place to come to for guidance, training, support, and just talking to others doing what they are doing.

      The feedback has been very positive so far, and we are improving and adding new materials as we get suggestions. We look forward to seeing you on the inside!


      Dave : )

  6. Hey, I enjoy while reading your article and find it very useful for everyone. Your guide is useful for me as well as for others too. If anyone want to build a thriving business, be sure not to skip over a promising traffic source just because you don’t feel like doing it ourself. Outsource the work. Thanks for your awesome guide. Keep this grate work up.

    1. Hello, Parveen…

      Thanks for stopping by again, you are always welcome! Traffic generation is a constant worry for all online marketers and we are all selling online these days, whether we have a brick and mortar operation or are strictly working online.

      This is such a problem that many are looking for new ways to generate the traffic they need. This is where our SMART Training – Traffic Generation Club course comes into play. We know that people need an overall strategy and not count on just one source for traffic.

      If something happens to that source, the business will dry up. The course consists of 10-modules of video training and much more. We have a support platform and private channel for the course where all members can meet as they have time.

      Within that channel, they can communicate with other like-minded entrepreneurs and get ideas, tips, and solutions to problems they may be experiencing with traffic. We also conduct weekly webinars and record and archive them so members can view it as they may need to.

      We are very optimistic about the growth potential of the course and membership, so far the feedback has been extremely positive. As we get ideas and suggestions, we are also adding more materials to the course as well. We know that to be relevant, we have to continue to watch the market and add what is working for members.


      Dave : )

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