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Hi, Everyone,

Today I want to cover the newly launched SMART Customer Loyalty Program that the Soaring Eagle Company has just released under their brand “SMART Tools for Business.” It is the latest offering of tools for small businesses and entrepreneurs intended to help automate or standardize operations, cut costs, and grow the business faster.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am the CEO of the company so I know all about it and what they are doing. They have been working very hard to develop programs and tools that can be used by small businesses and entrepreneurs that may be doing any kind of work online (and these days all businesses need to have a presence online).

In that light…

Everyone who is selling a product, a service, or even using affiliate marketing or drop shipping (i.e. selling other people’s products) needs some kind of loyalty program. The problem is that many of the best solutions are well out of the price range for the typical small business owner. They cannot justify spending thousands of dollars monthly for a decent program.

The “SMART Tools for Business” team has seen the gap and taken steps to develop a program in-house offering a smorgasbord of solutions. They have proven to work, so they are now offering them to small businesses. Every small business and online marketer is unique and there is no one size fits all for a loyalty program.

It is with this in mind that they have developed the 4-Tier system from which the small businesses can select from, and when working directly with the SMART team, the small businesses can have a custom-built solution at a reasonable price. The options range from a DIY (do it yourself) set of tools to a full-fledged and feature-rich native mobile app that is added to the Android and Apple stores for download and use by anyone.

Let’s go through each option and see what the advantages and disadvantages are for each, plus we will talk about pricing and service. 

First of all…

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

Follow along from start to finish or go directly to the areas of interest using our Table of Contents links…

Now, let’s get to the “meat” of this review!

Introduction To The SMART Customer Loyalty Program

Here is a short video explaining the SMART Loyalty Program…

As you can see, the focus of the visual was on the level of service you can expect while the narration takes you through WHY a customer loyalty program is so important for any small business. In case there is any doubt, I want to cover a little bit moe the reasons to have a loyalty program before we discuss the tools that the SMART Team has put together…


If you would like to have a look at the sales page before reading

further, I have included a link for you:

SMART Customer Loyalty Program


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Why Add A Customer Loyalty Program To Your Business?

This is a fair question. Small businesses and online marketers (anyone who is an entrepreneur really) may wonder if such a program will help their business. It is an added burden, they do not know how to set such a program up, and they know they cannot compete with the big brands and companies who have much deeper pockets to fund such a program.


There are a ton of statistics that show having a customer loyalty plan is helpful to ANY business. You can retain more customers, sell more stuff, get repeat business, draw in new customers, and build your brand, reputation, and business faster using such a program. It is cheaper to have such customers (cost per acquisition goes way down and the average order value goes up)…

You can get more immediate feedback, you can build a tribe of loyal fans (and buyers), you can generate cash flow almost on demand (i.e. run a special to loyalty program members), and it makes for some good PR (Public Relations) when members of the program tell others about how great a program you have.

I could go on and on with reasons, but I believe you, dear reader, understand by now that there is the need and there is value as well for such a program. The next problem becomes how can you put one together that fits with the business that you are doing and how can you do it at a reasonable cost?

This is where the SMART Tools for Business comes in…


2019 12 02 1010 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

NOTE: Do you want a copy of this FREE Guide on Customer Loyalty Programs? Click on the image above and provide your contact information, we will get it to you PRONTO!


What is the SMART Customer Loyalty Program?

Developed over the last one year, tested with clients already on board with the SMART Tools for Business Services, the team from Soaring Eagle worked to develop a tiered system that can be custom-built using any of 4 main elements within the program to provide a client-based need and solution.

A “Statement of Requirements” is developed jointly with the client and then a unique customer loyalty program is built meeting the requirements. Once the client accepts the package, the program is then implemented and managed by the SMART Team for the client. There are solutions that are also standalone, i.e. the small business owner can operate and manage the program themselves.

Because there are some business owners and entrepreneurs who would like to build their system by themselves, there had to be options for this too. So the SMART team set about designing a complete system that is flexible, full-featured and tailored to many business owners and entrepreneurs.

The SMART team has a variety of tools and solutions for developing powerful customer loyalty programs that can be designed as the client’s wish, from simple to more complex. Depending on what the customer wants, a viable program can be built and operated for them around the unique set of needs each has…

There are 4 levels of tools, and each has a different capability, and two can be self-operated by small business owners or entrepreneurs if so desired. That solution represents the cheapest solution while providing a great set of features that will help every business keep the customers coming back and draw in new ones too.

There are also the more complex solutions that require regular maintenance they have as options for small business owners. To keep things simple on the front end (the offer), the SMART Team has consolidated the program into three options only, with 4 tools and limitless ways to build a program for the small business owners.


Smart Logo Tools For Business resized - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

My  SMART Customer Loyalty Program Overview

I will now dive into each of the tools that are available, what they can do, and describe how they fit into the overall Customer Loyalty Program that can be developed. There are three levels you can select from, and with all three you pay a monthly subscription to have your program maintained, updated, and monitored (with the Basic Plan, the monthly subscription is optional).

Reports are provided on a monthly basis to the client, and regular communication is possible and desired. You are not dealing with some faceless company that has 10,000 clients like you. This is a more personal program. I like that as a small business owner. I know what I am doing is important and I need to work with service providers that will recognize that.

Now let’s drill down into the specifics about each tool and the plans, pricing, etc…

Here are the three plans and four software tools or deliverable loyalty products that the SMART Customer Loyalty Program has for you:

SMART Customer Loyalty Program – Tier 1 Option – Basic Plan

This consists of two tools that when used together, offer a great way to build a suitable and simple loyalty program for your small business. They do the basics and more plus have some special features that make them very effective.

First,  let’s look at the Zap Local Loyalty tool, then we will look at the second tool called the Loyalty X System...

(1) Zap Local Loyalty Tool

This is an easy to use tool that you can quickly set up and use for creating several loyalty program elements that will help let your customers know that you appreciate their business. It consists of among other things, a VCard system, a QR system, and a rewards system.


Here are some screenshots:

2019 12 09 1350 1030x576 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review... 2019 12 09 1351 1030x612 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review... 2019 12 09 1351 001 1030x561 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...


2019 12 06 0658 1030x726 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

Next, we have the Loyalty X Tool…

(2) Loyalty X Software Tool

This tool complements the first tool and together they offer a robust loyalty program that you can put together. Obviously there are some features that you will NOT get with these two tools, but you will have enough to have a viable loyalty program deployed for your business…

Here is a video that explains how to use this tool:


Here are just a few things you will have with this tool:

2019 12 06 0816 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...


Now let’s move to the next level of the SMART Customer Loyalty Program that is on offer…


2019 12 06 0727 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

SMART Customer Loyalty Program – Tier 2 Option- Silver Plan

The Silver Plan includes the tools above and adds one more that is very popular with so many customers – a video scratch tool. You know how popular scratch cards are with millions of people all over the place. This tool allows you to create a series of video scratch cards that you can embed all over the websites and apps that you may have supporting your business.

They look cool and they are very effective. How many new customers will you get as word of mouth gets more and more people interested in being a part of your loyalty program (and how much business will that bring you?)? Truly an innovative addition to the loyalty program options that the SMART Team has brought together for small businesses!

Note that this program does require the monthly maintenance, updating, and reporting subscription at a small cost of $59 a month. That is a very low price to pay and you get 5 hours of support, which is normally enough for this program. The hours will be spent on all three of the tools that you have access to with the plan.

Hours that you get also carry over if not used (we do provide tracking for time worked and also you get screenshots that support the time claimed. The hours left over will be added to the following month’s hours. They also can be used for other services that we offer, things such as chatbots, videos, and much more.


2019 12 06 0932 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

The actual number of video scratch cards is up to the client and that will have an effect on the hours required as well. Prior to using more than the hours in the plan you will be notified and asked to authorize any additional hours which will be billed via a separate invoice. It is normally not required to have additional hours based on our experience to now.

Now let’s move on to the last level, the Gold Plan…


2019 12 06 0830 300x266 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

SMART Customer Loyalty Program – Tier 3 Option – Gold Plan

There are a ton of features and elements that you can build into the app, but what the SMART team will add is related to the loyalty and reward features for the client. There can be additional enhancements also built-in as the client may wish, and that may involve a higher end-price for them.

Just with the loyalty elements, you will have a very powerful tool that will allow you to contact the customers in a number of ways…Think push notifications, SMS, etc. directly to their phone (which they will see and open more than they will an email!). That is the power you get with a native app.

The app is also available on Apple and Android stores and you can create a QR code to take interested people directly to the app download link.

Here are just a few features that can be built into the app:

– Marketing on Auto-Pilot

A “set-and-forget-it” feature. You can set up time intervals for your customers that have not done business with you to have the system send preset messages.

For example, you could set up 30, 60, 90-day campaigns and the system will automatically send your messages to customers that have not visited your business for those periods.

– Gift Cards

With the mobile app, you can let your customers buy gift cards/certificates for your services & products directly from the app. Use the app to offer in-store gift card validation & redemption. It’s easy and works with any device, i.e. your mobile, iPad or PC/Mac.

– Push Notifications

You can reward your clients by sending a push notification from the app based on any actions they may perform. For example, you award them for completing their profile, like your social media pages, on their birthday, and even just for downloading your app.

– Integrated Employee Scheduler

The app can have a fully functioning online employee scheduling system. You can notify employees by push notification and email regarding their weekly schedules and they will always have their schedules on them.

– Automatic Emails

Another “set-and-forget-it” feature you can get. You can set up automatic preset email campaigns for set periods of time that have passed when your customers have not been into your business. As with the marketing example, you can set up 30, 60, 90-day campaigns.

– Clientele Module

Even if your customers do not have the app, you can connect with them, create automated follow-ups, client-based tasks, plus send text messages including images and video to your clients. This will help you Increase sales per associate with the automation and sales associates can manage more clients. Automating work-flows, adding notes and reminders, etc. This will help make sure that you never forget a customer with follow-ups and life events trigger automated reminders that help your sales team reach out when your customer is most likely to buy.

– Food Ordering System

You can build a complete online food ordering system if you are a restaurant. Create visually appealing Categories and items, and they can be ordered right through the app. You can add PayPal integration to be paid immediately on an order. It also integrates with your website.

Reservation Booking System

If you need a reservation booking system the mobile app has a convenient self-service booking system. That system can integrate with your existing website where you can customize the entire booking process. With the restaurant reservation system, you can customize the booking process, enable people to book a table through your app or website, manage restaurant availability, and reservations.

Appointment Booking

This is a great feature for salons, spas or any business that sets appointments with their clients. You get a full booking system for multiple employees and services –plus PayPal integration so you get paid right through the app.

Event Ticketing

With this module, you can list and promote countless events, add in multiple ticket types (paid, donation, free, early bird, etc.), upload seat maps, manage your bookings, and also process various offline & online payments.

Time Slot Booking

The booking calendars you have access to will accept multiple bookings per time slot as well. This is perfect for gyms & yoga studios, anywhere they are setting up classes with multiple attendees, and minimum and maximum users can be set.

Event Calendars

To keep your loyal customers up to date on any events you may schedule, you can add them here. You can create recurring events and make users aware of the all-important dates for them in regards to your business.

– Scratch & Win

This tool also includes a gamification module right in your apps…Users can scratch off the cards in the app and win prizes – just like lottery tickets. This is in addition to the other separate tool that we have for your program.

– Coupons

You can design and set up your own coupons (or have us do it) inside your app. You can set redeem limits plus user limits and include appropriate images and etc.

– Geo-Targeted Push Notifications

A super handy feature that allows you to set a specific area and radius around that area, where if any of your app users that go through that designated area they will receive the specific marketing message you have set up. You are not limited in the number of geofences you can set up.

Can you see how powerful the app can be not only for the loyalty program that you will build but for lead generation, getting more eyes on your offers, and staying in touch with all of them? This is the top of the line loyalty tool that we have for you, and of course, it is more expensive than the other options.

Now let’s talk more about the charges you will incur (and what value you will get for the charges)…


Initial set up fees for each plan.

Here is a screenshot right from the sales page:

As you can see, the price ranges from $99 for the Basic, and $199 for the Silver, and $599 for the Gold Plan…

Additionally, there is an optional monthly subscription fee for the Basic Plan, and mandatory monthly subscription fees of $59 for the Silver Pan and $89 for the Gold Plan…

2019 12 08 2159 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...


See the Sales Page Using This Link:

SMART Customer Loyalty Program

What Do You Get With The Monthly Subscriptions?

Each comes with the hours mentioned in the offers and they will be used to maintain, update, and track actions within your program. Also, monthly reports will be provided with statistics and other information that will help you fine-tune your program. This is something we know how to do so you do not have to.

As stated above, the hours do carry over, they never expire. If you find that they are not needed for your loyalty program, you are free to use them for some of our other services (we can create videos, chatbots, social marketing support, content support, SEO support, etc.). So you will get to use your hours.

Is There A Cheaper Way?

This is a question I get asked often: “Is there a cheap way to get a customer loyalty program in place for my business?” Good question and let’s answer this…If you are strapped for cash, you can get the two tools that are included in the Basic Plan for a one-time payment and build your customer loyalty program yourself.

It is not hard to do, the tools are easy to work with. The reason most clients have the SMART Team create their program is that we are familiar with the tools and can build the program they envision faster and also keep it running smoothly. The small investment with the Basic Plan monthly subscription is well worth the cost.

We will set you up and provide some tutorials and you will be able to get started very quickly. If you later decide that you want to upgrade and have us do it for you (and no headaches with the program we are standing by to make that happen too. Note that when you initially purchase the Basic Plan, you will be offered a bump price for the first month of service.

You could take that option, have us set everything up, and then take it over from the second month. That bump order price means we set it all up for $19.95! That is a pretty good deal (so is the monthly $29.95 regular price for that matter)! Have a look at the sales page for more info on what you get.

Lastly, I want to point out that we also sell each of these tools separately for $99 each for setup, with an obligatory maintenance plan that runs at $49 for each! This means that with this package deal you will save tons of money and have access to the tools for life. If you get the regular offer this does not hold true. Stop the subscriptions, and the tools are no longer available to you. So this is a great deal on its own!

Let’s discuss this a bit more…

Lifetime Access Option for 2 Tools

Now you may be asking: “How can I save even more money while tapping into the power of the SMART Customer Loyalty Program?” Another good question and I have some good news for you! Read on…

No matter which of the plans you select from the three options, if you ever decide that you need to downsize or save money and stop using the full range of services, you will still have access to the basic two tools in the Basic Plan. You will lose some of the features that you get with the other tools, but your program can continue.

That is some peace of mind!

Now, there are still MORE ways to make this program work for you, and this has to do with money directly into your pocket or into the business income side of things…Read on…I think you will like this next option…

Income Potential via The SMART Tools for Business Affiliate Program

If you are a small business owner or an online marketer either using an affiliate marketing model or similar, you can easily get paid to recommend the SMART Customer Loyalty Program and other tools and services to other business owners. When your referrals take action and get their own program through your referral link, you get paid a commission.

The commission rate is quite lucrative as well. For this loyalty program, they are paying 30% on all purchases and recurring subscription payments. This income can be quite substantial when you consider that the program can work for any kind of niche and any kind of business.

Although the monthly subscription price is not that high, with two to three referrals you can get your own subscription paid and even recoup the setup fees you have incurred and more.

The affiliate program is available on the PayKickStart payment and affiliate platform (this is where all the SMART Tools for Business products and services are being migrated to).

Go there and search for affiliate programs to promote, find ours, and make a request to promote all the SMART tools and services that are open to affiliates.

How Much Can You Earn?

As an example, you will earn $29.70 for each sale of the DIY tools set and another $8.70 for those that take the monthly subscription with the Base Plan, $59.70 and monthly $17.70 recurring for sales of the Silver Plan, and $179.70 plus monthly $26.70 recurring for sales of the Gold Plan.

It does not take long to get your own top-level program expense covered and likely you can make some profit too! It is another nice feature of this entire program. There are multiple ways to make it work for you as a small business owner.

Note that one big reason that we have switched to PayKickStart as a platform from our own internal affiliate program is that PayKickStart is an all-in service platform for us. We are using them as a payment gateway so adding the affiliate program is most convenient for all (us, buyers, and affiliates).

Whether you need a customer loyalty program or not, I recommend signing up and promoting this program (ALL their tools and services) to start creating some side income for yourself and your business! Give the chance to others to get started with their unique built-to-order loyalty program and earn while doing so!


Here is the link to check out the options:

Affiliate Request Link for SMART Tools for Business Affiliate Offers

Okay, I think we have covered the program pretty well, now it is time to sum things up and get you started with your own SMART Customer Loyalty Plan preferably…But is the SMART plan the best?

money1 1024x768 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

So What Is The Best Plan To Select With The SMART Customer Loyalty Program?

Again, the SMART Customer Loyalty Program was designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who may have varying amounts of assets and cash that they can sink into their customer loyalty program, so the prices vary between laughably cheap to moderate cost compared to what the user gets. Any small business owner can find a sweet spot in the price range when comparing features versus cost…

Which Customer Loyalty Program Option Should You Select?

It really depends on each small business owner or entrepreneur when it comes to what might be best for them. They all have business models that differ somewhat, and they may have differing amounts of cash that they can stick into their program. There is a free guide that explains what the uses are for such programs that may help in the selection process that you can get called Customer Loyalty Programs Guide that the SMART Team has available.

If you are on the fence or perhaps would like to learn more before making a decision on what might be right for you, I recommend that you get this and read through it, take some notes and then look at your current business. How will getting more customers to come back again and again to get the rewards you offer affect your business?

The next step would be to see how much bang for your buck can you get using one of the plans that they have available on offer. Note the great thing I like about the SMART Customer Loyalty Program is that it is so flexible. They will work with you one-on-one to develop just the right program for your business, large or small, one-person or many persons.


We can advise you if you would like…Make an appointment today and let’s get started! Here is the link to make an appointment today!

SMART Customer Loyalty Program Consultation (Free)

apps for life 4460x4460 1030x687 - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

Is The SMART Customer Loyalty Program the Best Available for 2020 and Beyond?

I believe so, yes. It offers a range of solutions with a range of prices, and the user can create a program that fits like a glove for their business, get personalized service on an ongoing basis, have a team of experts maintain and operate the program for them, and save their energy and effort for other areas of their business.

One point that I like about the program is that the hours you get with the monthly subscription fee. Those hours can be used for a range of other services if you do not need to make any updates or additions to your Customer Loyalty Program. They also do not expire monthly, so you can carry any unused hours over (the remaining hours get added to the next month’s hours).

This means that you can get the most value for the hours. If they are not needed for the Loyalty Program (maybe you are happy with it and do not want to make changes for some months), you can get a video created, or a chatbot developed, or add in some customer support hours or whatever you may need for other areas of your business.

When I add this to the features, tools, and options you have as a small business owner, I do believe this is the best solution that I have found for the cost. I have reviewed and researched many other programs that are out there, and most of them start at much higher prices and do not have the flexibility this SMART Customer Loyalty Program has.

61efb23d9677fde50cebb15c542be6651535453324 cropped 1535453452 optimized - The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review...

Bottom Line…

This review is not in my normal format for reviews you will find on this website, and that is because I know this program very well (I helped develop it). I can speak from a developer’s perspective, a small business owner’s perspective, and from a marketer’s perspective and I do in this review.

I know what I need as a small business owner is not what you may need. With the SMART Customer Loyalty Program, you get a wide range of options to work with and you can build (or have built) the exact program that you need and want for your business. It is fast, easy, and you can get support through the entire process.

For my money, for my business, from the research that went into designing the program, and for the value, I can say that the SMART Customer Loyalty Program offers the best option for most small businesses and entrepreneurs. You can be as involved as you want to be in your program, and get the support you need on a more personal level than with competing programs that are in the market.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask them in the comments below. Soaring Eagle LLC and their SMART Tools for Business team stands ready to work with you and get your customer loyalty program in place ASAP (as soon as possible). Check out the sales page, get the free guide, and get started today.

This is an excellent time of year to get started, as you likely have experienced an increase in business with the holiday season. The Customer Loyalty Program you add now will keep these new customers coming back again and again throughout the rest of the year 2019 and into 2010 and beyond.

Get started now, do not delay, work with the SMART Team to secure your very own SMART Customer Loyalty Program for your business. You owe it to yourself, your business, and to the loved ones that support you day in and day out as you build your business for them. Best of luck to all of you!


Dave : )







17 thoughts on “The Best Customer Loyalty Program Available for Small Business in 2020? Our SMART Loyalty Program Review…

  1. Thanks a lot for describing such an amazing article about this loyalty program. I have a a business using a affiliate marketing program. I didn’t knew until now that is exist such an amazing tool for my online business like Smart Tools for Business. 

    Here is one thing I want to clarify. This loyalty program can be used even if i created my small online business using Wealthy Affiliate platform? 

    1. Hi, Nimrod…

      Yes, indeed the loyalty program applies to affiliate marketers as well. In fact, once you start growing your list of leads, I highly recommend rewarding those that are opening your emails, reading and commenting on your reviews and other posts, and especially those that are buying through your links (meaning you are making money)…

      With the SMART Customer Loyalty Program, you can also earn some really good commissions too. That means you can write a review and when your readers take action and but one of the plans through your referral link, you will earn a commission.

      Right now we have just opened this new service so it is the ideal time to start promoting it. The unique options and tiered program mean that it will have a lot of appeal to every niche where there is marketing going on. So it is a sweet time to get started today!

      If you have more questions, just ask and I will answer them in this comment thread. Have a look at the sales page too so you can get a better idea of what is involved. We are here to grow our business, our client’s business, and the earnings of affiliates that work with us!


      Dave : )

  2. hi there, every one wants to improve financially. also Loyalty programs come in many different shapes and sizes, but all  involve a brand developing a system of discounts, points, or rewards to encourage and direct purchasing behavior. what can you say make this particular one stand out of the crowd? i am expecting your response soon.

    1. Hi Jennifer…

      That is a good question and I would say that there are a number of points of difference that the user will get from the SMART Customer Loyalty Program service and tools versus what is out there in the market. Let me list some and explain what we have.

      First of all, the many tool options are there so any small business or entrepreneur can tap into the program and have a specially designed program that has been specifically built around the business they are in. Most programs offer one or two options, but not the range nor the prices that we have.

      Next, there are the hours of support that you get with the subscription plans. Most companies will not tell you up-front how many hours they are going to provide while supporting your program. Why should they? If they can do it in an hour, they have made more money for their company. 

      You as the user are the loser in this case because you are paying for something that is either not needed or is a hidden overall price for the program. The SMART Customer Loyalty Plans will provide you a monthly report for the services provided, showing how well the program is performing, and make adjustments as indicated or requested by the client.

      The hours will be tracked and reported, and any that are NOT used will carry over to the next month. This is not the case with most programs using a similar system. You either use the hours or you lose them. Not fair is what we say! 

      Another point of difference is that these hours can be used for any of the myriads of services that we offer, from a chatbot build and installation to a niche video you may need for your business or affiliate website. We can do so many jobs that the business owner is paying others a big fee to do and save them money…

      The personal service is also a difference. We work one-on-one with clients and love communication. The more the better. Many of the competitors do not practice such a personal approach, but we have learned from being clients ourselves that this is a key factor to keeping clients happy (and taken care of)…

      These are all points that can be used for an affiliate review, by the way, and I am even open to an interview if that would be helpful. This is an excellent program all the way around: for the clients, for affiliate marketers (30% on the initial purchase and 30% on rebills) and of course, for us as well.

      If you have further questions, ask away!


      Dave : )


  3. one thing picked my interest. Cash-back systems influence customers to buy products or services from a brand in return for a percentage they get from each purchase. They can redeem the percentage accumulated to buy something else in the same location or with the same brand. Such offers work for businesses with frequent shoppers. am i right?

    1. Hi, Benjamin…

      Yes, such reward programs work well, that is why you see so many of the companies out there using this strategy to entice people to but more and but more often. It is just such offers like this that the SMART Customer Loyalty Program is designed to create.

      The scratch cards are another one that has wild interest from clients. Who has not bought one or two (or many) to get a “quick win” or maybe more? They are everywhere, and why not add them to your own online or offline business?

      With the options you have available within the SMART Customer Loyalty Program, this is possible. There are many other tools and features too that you can use depending on what option of plan you choose. Also, the budget can be considered, as there are cheaper and more expensive options.

      Overall, the whole intent of this program was to make some sort of a customer loyalty program possible for every business, large or small, no matter the niche or the experience level of the business owner. The base plan represents the cheapest option and the native mobile app and all other tools are the most expensive.

      You can pick and choose what will work best and get it at a price that is extremely reasonable compared to the big-budget solutions that are out there. Our idea is to bring this (and all our products and services) to the masses through reasonable pricing…

      If you have any more questions, please ask in this thread, I have just opened this to the public after extensive testing so we know it all works as advertised. I am sure there will be many questions, both from prospects who may want to use the tools for their business and from the potential affiliates out there that want to earn some good commissions!  


      Dave : )

  4. Thanks for this amazing post of SMART Customer Loyalty Program! Really helpful and informative! Can’t wait for the second part of this! Every blogger needs conversion rate optimization as this ensures that the one-time visitors are always transitioned into active subscribers, and from this category into real-time customers or buyers. does for your marketing goals in the online business world. Keep up the great work!

    1. HI, Yoge…

      There is no second part of the review, but maybe you are onto something…I am following this review up with some demo videos so people can see the various loyalty programs in detail. They will be better able to see what each does and also know it can work for them.

      The loyalty program can be a profit booster for all businesses, whether a one-person operation (i.e. an affiliate marketer working from home) to the small business owner that operates a brick and mortar operation. The programs help keep customers and reward the best customers.


      Dave : )

  5. Oh this is brilliant!  I think it is imperative to have a loyalty programme for a business.  I do not have one yet, but after having read this, I certainly think it is the way to go.  A brilliant way of retaining clients.  I am going to investigate your SMART Loyalty programmer to see what option is going to be the most viable for my business. 

    I will certainly be back

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi, Love Yourself (Love that handle!)…

      Yes, it really is an important aspect of every business. Taking care of the customers that you already have means that you will get more repeat business at no acquisition cost. It raises your profit margins and that can be documented and shown through tracking what these loyal customers are buying.

      The cost for the customer loyalty program is much less than the additional revenue you are getting, plus you are building a brand and a base of customers that will be there to keep you in business! They also are some of the best referral agents you can find. 

      Who does not like telling others about a great deal they have found? They can be your diplomats and get you more people who will try you out and also become loyal customers. It is a cyclic thing and a good thing. That is why I am so interested in getting as many people and businesses started with their own loyalty program and the SMART Customer Loyalty Program is perfect as it offers so many variations to the customer (the business owner).


      Dave : )  

  6. Hi there. I am planning on starting my website latest January by next year. I would love my business to be automated and professional too. I think the SMART TOOLS will do a very pretty job for me. I can see that there are so many nice features with this customer loyalty programme. Let’s see how it goes for my business when I launch.


    1. Hello, Shifts…

      SMART Tools for Business has a wide variety of tools and services that we offer the small business owner and all at very reasonable prices. This is our edge, and we also have the same when it comes to a loyalty program. The various levels of tools mean that every business owner can select one that is within their budget.

      As they grow their business, it could very well be likely they will also want to grow their loyalty program. Since we have the simple to sophisticated solutions, they can grow using our systems and stay with an organization that they have come to know and trust.

      That is what we offer with the SMART Customer Loyalty Program. It was designed with the small business owner in mind. We are a small business ourselves, so know what we are looking for. That helped as we designed this program. 

      Once you are up and running, this element can be added at any point. Earlier is better of course, so just coordinate with us and we stand by ready to help you out. Also do not forget the affiliate program that we have developed n tandem with the program itself. 

      That can earn you some good income on a recurring basis once you get some of your referrals to sign up for one of the programs. The monthly commission will help your bottom line and get you earning money so you can get your own loyalty program going!


      Dave : )

  7. What an excellent idea! I never considered I would have the financial ability to implement an actual customer loyalty program into my business but the SMART Loyalty Program looks not only comprehensive but affordable. From the looks of it, the program can be tailored to any type of business, whether it be a restaurant or flower delivery service or anything in between. 

    I see the initial set-up fee for the Basic plan is $99, and if selected, $29 per month maintenance. Is it possible to only integrate the basic set-up for $99 and upgrade to either monthly maintenance or even the Silver/Gold plans at a later date? Thanks so much for introducing me to the SMART Loyalty Program! I will definitely look in to these options further. I have bookmarked your page so I can return when I’m ready to go forward with the program.

    1. Hey There, Shan…

      Thanks for popping through and leaving your thoughts here in the comments. Our SMART Customer Loyalty Program can work for a small business just as well as it does for a large business. Many people think I do not need this, I am a one-person business and I work from home, but that is not the case. 

      Many of our clients have started with the basic level program at the lower cost and later upgraded to add in the additional tools that we have. Most assuredly you can get started with the lower level programs. By the way, the lower level does not mean lower quality.

      These programs are powerful and work well for any business, which is why they are part of the Gold Plan. Taken by themselves, they will be effective. You add more capabilities and features with the Silver Plan and the Gold Plan, but as they are more expensive many choose to start with the Basic Plan.

      We stand ready when you are. Be on the lookout as we will be running specials over the next 4 weeks to celebrate the holidays and give back to the communities. We have been helped over the years by people within the community and want to do this to help others succeed.


      Dave : )

  8. Hmmm… Incredible! These tools are smart indeed and I am very excited that they can be used in any niches hence it is a very suitable program for me that I can market as an internet marketer. I love that the commissions are recurring. 30% is not a bad deal.

    1. Hi, Techie!

      Yes, we are very optimistic that sales of this SMART Customer Loyalty Program will grow into a significant regular income for the company over time. They are all solid tools and customer loyalty is such an important consideration for all small businesses whether they focus their efforts online, offline or even a combination of two.  

      The commissions are lower than for some software that you will see on JVZoo, Warrior Plus, or elsewhere, but much more than you will get than promoting something on Amazon likely. These are also recurring, so you will make a good bit of money for the setup, then monthly see income. 

      Because loyalty programs do apply to so many niches (all?) it means too that no matter what niche you may be working in and promoting products for as an affiliate, this is something that will help. I am very excited to get this to the market!


      Dave : )

  9. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for sharing this very informative post. Customer loyalty and retention is very important to any business, and using tools like this to retain and acquire new clients is genius. I think there are lots of industries which will benefit from this program when implemented correctly. I will have to spend more time to see how I can implement this for my business as well. Thanks again for bringing this idea to my attention.

    Best regards,
    Jefrey M.

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