Bundle 3 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019
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Hi, Everyone…

As we are about a third of the way through 2019 already, I know that many people are looking for ways to get things rolling for their online business as the first three months of the year may or may not have been as successful as they want.

Whether it has been or not, it always is good to look at the many options that are out there to grow your business using organic (free) methods that are available. One way that many people talk about but few really know that much about is online viral marketing.

This is no wonder as using this traffic method is not as easy as it at first appears. There are things to watch for and things you must do to have this method work. Many ‘gurus’ will teach you a small piece but not the whole process.

This makes sense as they can then sell you another course, and another, and so on. So for them, this viral marketing is a great way to make money, but for the multitudes, not so much.

In that light, I am going to break this cycle by covering a couple of things, recommend a course (of course), and also mention a couple of great tools that can help you get started or improve your online viral marketing campaigns.

Let’s get started!


Viral Marketing Success Depends on Influence Networks

First of all, there have been and still are, many misconceptions marketers have regarding the subject of viral marketing. Most people still have the idea that all they have to do is publish “great content”, whatever that means, and they will automatically start getting amazing numbers of traffic.

This is kind of what has been sold by many articles, many gurus, and even some of the top-dollar training that you find in the market. It is no wonder people still believe that idea.

However, these days it seems like a pretty dated false narrative, as in reality it takes a lot more planning and thought than just having good content. Marketing really boils down to a lot more than just great content.

If you are one of these people…

Unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news for you. The news is that even if you have put in a huge amount of time polishing your content, using great SEO practices, and found just the right videos and other graphics, it’s still not good enough for it to go viral most times.


Bottom line, I can tell you from experience that even if a lot of people you know will tell you that the content that you produce is top-notch, it is a winner, you’re not there yet. There is much more to think about and do…That is the reality.

Why can I say this? Well, it is easy because I have seen this. It all boils down to the promotion of that content. Remember that even if you have worked hard to come up with some kick-butt content, but you can’t get anyone to read it and take action on it, you might as well have not written that material.

It really is that basic.

If you have not planned how to promote it, to get it shared among a targeted audience that will join your mailing list so you can cultivate them and eventually sell them something, you’re going to get a whole lot of nothing.

So yes, it does all boil down to your promotion plan. With viral marketing, it’s much more than the content itself, rather it is where you plug that content into that is imperative. This truly is the core of viral marketing.

There are a couple of ways you can do this. Either you can build an influence network yourself (this takes time and work) or you can plug into an existing one (this takes time and planning too, but generally can be faster).

Now let’s be completely transparent here: If you don’t know how this works or if you’re completely clueless as to how great content interacts with distribution networks, you need professional help. You really do.

Perhaps you have tried it once or twice and not had any success. You may have been told by ‘experts’ what to do and you did it. You failed. Now you think it is just not for you.

Here is what I suggest:

You need to click here right now and get the most practical blueprint that you can ever get your hands on so you can get some straight advice and guidance and finally achieve the success you’re looking for.

I have put together a no holds barred course on the exact steps to take, explain what works, how to put a successful online viral marketing plan together and make it work. I also let you know what does NOT work. Plus things to watch for and things to do to keep yourself out of legal trouble.

What Is The Alternative?

If you do not get some straight training that is going to lay out the process for you clearly and succinctly, you’re going to continue to take shots in the dark, and it’s only a matter of time until you run out of cash, out of focus, or out of luck.

Remember, it doesn’t really matter how big your budget is, how much you can afford to lose. It also doesn’t really matter how great and talented of a team you have or maybe you are.

It just is the reality that if you do not have a clear idea of how to identify and then how to tap into the influence networks with the right type of content, you’re going to be wasting a lot of time.


This has nothing to do with how awesome your content is. Believe it or not, even mediocre content can go viral, or minimally produce some impressive results – IF they are marketed properly into the right influence networks.

Did you ever see lower quality versions of an existing viral meme end up getting more eyeballs than the meme it is based on? You know why? It is because the ‘right people’ decided to share it or retweet it.

This phenomenon is especially true of the ‘floating’ political memes you see, which seem to have been around for what feels like forever. For no reason and all of a sudden, they either get a new lease on life or they truly gain some traction when a big political personality retweets or shares them.

Why is this the case? It is because they are getting in front of the right eyeballs. In other words, target the right influence networks, and even long-life content can go viral, again and again.

What networks am I talking about? Of course social media, which has made it easier to identify and engage people in the varying influence networks that you can tap into with a little planning and knowledge on how to do it.

Call Your Viral Content Readers to Action the Right Way

Have you noticed that a lot of the viral content that you may see on the social media platforms don’t even have a call to action? In fact, many of the people who are sharing this material simply do so on a large-scale and wholesale basis. They have no plan on how to leverage it.

Rather, they think that it’s all a numbers game so as long as they can pump hundreds of millions of views to some piece of viral content on social media, over time enough of that tumult will translate to some actual website visitors.

Their mindset is that more is good and all that is needed, as when they increase the numbers (volume), there will be enough of that action that will somehow translate to actual conversions.

This is certainly an easy way to approach the marketing method, but guess what, it is not that successful. Huge amounts of work and time, plus perhaps money is being wasted using this ‘easy’ if unsuccessful method.

Why do people still do this? I think people use this method (shotgun approach) because this is the easiest way to do things. It is the path of least resistance. You really don’t have to try all that much to get this going. Gurus teach this too.

Here’s What I Say About This…

You really just have to know what you’re doing as far as marketing content is concerned. If you have enough influence networks and viral content going on at the same time, you can indeed rack the traffic an interest numbers up so high that raw minimal conversions will put some food on the table day after day.

But that is not a wise use of resources and efforts, in my mind…There is a better way…

I say this because that massive traffic where minimal people are taking action and getting you more leads and conversions represents a waste of effort. If you knew what tweaks to make you could easily get double or triple the number of conversions for the same work.

I am all about automation and leveraging time and money to get the maximum return on investment, and so should you be. If using the shotgun approach is how you expect to play the game, you are really selling yourself short.

Did you know that each and every person who engages with your viral content can easily be a direct visitor to your offers and promotions, or minimally a subscriber to your newsletter you send them via email?

It often just takes one small modification or one small additional action for this set of eyeballs to transform into a click, a subscriber, a buyer, and a life-long customer for you.

Okay, What’s The Secret?

I had a feeling this might be the question you have right now. So what’s the secret? Well, truly it’s not such a secret at all because I have seen people do it since forever, both online and offline.

The secret that is not one (it is overlooked though too much) that I am talking is talking about is calling people to take some action. As the old saying goes, if you want to receive, you have to ask. It is HOW you do that to make huge differences in your campaigns.

Although not everyone is going to take you up on your invitation, for sure, enough will. In fact, you will be surprised at what a difference in conversions that you can get with that simple step. It definitely is worth your time to make the invitation in the first place.

How Do I Add A Call To Action?

You have to do this the right way, of course. You need to tie the call to action with the actual content that you’re sharing. It has to be congruent. Let me give you an example…

If you are sharing funny dog videos, call the people to action to visit your conversion page by saying, “Sign up for our mailing list to get even more crazy feline comedy and hijinks.”

Can you see, the logical connection between the content they’re consuming and sharing with the content that you’re promising when they take action to look at your offer, your article, or sign up for your mailing list.

Really that’s pretty much how it works. It is not rocket science. You also don’t have to be some sort of Brainiac Nobel Prize-winning pundit to pull this off, but it does take some attention to detail, forethought plus a bit of extra effort.

The most effective calls to action will really help boost conversions as they are very appropriate and targeted to the audience and the content. Also, if you are thinking I am talking clickbait, I am not.

There is no need to engage in such gimmicks. People see through this and your reputation and business will suffer if you try to use this tactic. It is a lazy way to go and is a cheap trick.

The best calls to action get to the point and they are clear. There is no mystery to them. Their value is also clear. If you get the people in the audience to take action, you want to deliver as promised.

From my own experience at being fooled, let me tell you, the last thing you want to do is to trick people into believing they will be getting something that is very different from the page they actually end up on.

Instead of a fan, they are developing a hater. You would have just wasted my time and effort plus your own in this viral marketing method. Just don’t do it, as there are no winners in that scenario.

Do You Want To Learn More?

I have a course that I have just opened up that will tell you the down and dirty of how to get a successful online viral marketing campaign together. There are videos, resource materials, and a clear step-by-step path that you can emulate.

It is called SMART IM Training – Online Viral Marketing Secrets and it is open for members right now. The course goes for $19.95, but I am offering a launch discount of $10, so you will pay only $9.95!

There are 10 video modules plus some bonus materials that cover the real things you need to know about viral marketing…Not just half, not buying a bunch more courses or a mastermind expensive coaching program, rather just the facts that you need to know and follow to have success!

Here are a few screenshots of the course from the inside:

2019 04 02 1144 300x140 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019 2019 04 02 1145 300x141 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019 2019 04 02 1145 001 300x141 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019 2019 04 02 1145 002 300x141 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019 2019 04 02 1146 300x141 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

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There is a bonus inside too that normally retails for $22 – It is a related product that we offer under the SMART IM Tools brand. It is a checklist volume that complements the course! Read my review of these checklists HERE.

2018 12 19 1236 215x300 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

So really you are getting the training for nothing, and the checklist volume for less than half price! Is that a deal? See my product page for more details! After the launch period, we will be opening this up for the affiliate program too, so even if the training does not interest you, you can promote it to your tribe and make some good commissions!



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Pay With PayPal…

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Last Tip:

I use a great tool that is especially suited for viral campaigns that’s called PerkZilla. It is useful for many tactics for online marketing to include viral marketing. Read my review about that tool HERE. I have used this tool for quite a while and it has helped me a whole lot with viral marketing. I highly recommend having a look at it if you are serious about trying out online viral marketing.

2017 11 07 1900 300x76 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

2017 11 07 1822 280x300 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

Bottom Line…

Okay, we have covered a lot today with this post on online viral marketing, so I do hope that you are excited about this method for ramping up your business in a way that requires thought and works on the front side, but can take over on its own and give you a boost in conversions at no or little additional cost.

Online Viral Marketing is still a thing in 2019, and you can tap into the stream of traffic, leads, and conversions it can provide if you heed the advice and guidance that’s found in our latest SMART IM Training Course – Online Viral Marketing Secrets.

Get started today, and no matter whether you sign up or not, drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts on the subject of online viral marketing. Have you experienced success, do you think it is a dead marketing method, is it too hard?


Dave : )  



18 thoughts on “How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

  1. Hello,

    thanks for providing us with all these wonderful tips on how to use online viral market. Even though I’ve heard about it lately I haven’t been able to have a full glimpse on how it operates but I believe going by the smart IM tool. I’ll be able to have a good training about it. Which will be quite helpful. Thanks

    1. Hi, Salim…

      I am glad that this post has helped you, and there is no doubt that the SMART IM Training – Online Viral Marketing Secrets will help marketers out. Unfortunately, most people do not understand or perhaps they are not willing to do all the work needed to set a viral campaign up.

      Instead, they take shortcuts and then complain when they do not produce results, will say that it doesn’t work or perhaps will say that it is a dead method of marketing. It never fails that new viral campaigns are started every day, however, and many ARE successful.

      So rather a case of the method not working, it is more a matter of not doing the proper preparation and effort to make sure what you create will be shared and that people will also take action on your calls to action. That is where our training comes in… 

      We have created a course that cuts to the chase to provide just what you need, not more or less to have a successful viral marketing campaign. There are some things that most people do not know or understand that make the difference between success or frustration.

      Add in the great bonus and resources we are including, and you see that this is a training course that is worth far more than the small cost. That is what we like to do: overdeliver!


      Dave : )

  2. Sounds like an amazing tool to use especially at that price. I agree that it’s all in the promotion. You can create something great but no one will ever know about it if the advertising and promoting doesn’t stay afloat. With the competition in today’s marketplace, great content is not enough. Being someone who writes and sells e-books and print books, I should know. Sales always go up with promotional material and without promotion, sail south. 

    1. Hi, Todd…

      You are definitely speaking to the choir on the increased sales from promotions and without this, low sales and no activity. It is hard to get attention unless you have something compelling and not having a call to action when you try out the viral marketing just is a waste of time and effort.

      This is why we put together the course, as it will help the student understand how to set a viral marketing campaign up properly. The lessons and chapters are easy to follow along with, and the videos plus materials add to the ways students can learn about the material.

      The bonuses that we have added will also help, the many checklists you get guide the user through the maze that is social media today. It is easy to get overwhelmed, and the checklists will help a lot. They really drill down. That is why we felt they would be such a good complementary tool for the training.

      The tool I mention, called PerkZilla, is one we have used for a number of campaigns and it has worked out wonderfully. It helps with getting content to go vir