My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

2019 06 06 0900 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

Hi, Everyone… This is a product that caught my eye because I am always interested in finding tools that help automate the many tasks that we all have to take care of day in and day out. Content is something that you can quickly fall behind on. The more websites and niches you enter, the worse it can get. Key for me is that any automation tool does what it says and not cause more work than it solves. I mean that when it comes to content, you want to provide fresh and unique information that is going to add […]

The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity – May 29 through June 2 2019

2019 05 12 0521 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

Hi, Everyone… This is something new for me, but I am excited to be a small part of an upcoming virtual conference called The Ultimate Underdog Summit, where some really big figures in online marketing will be presenting over a series of dates and times. My role is as an affiliate, nothing big, but it will provide a lot of benefits. Branding, networking with other entrepreneurs, getting my products introduced to a global market, and growing my subscriber list are all things I can do besides earning some commissions from ticket sales by participating as an affiliate for the conference. […]

How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

Bundle 3 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

Hi, Everyone… As we are about a third of the way through 2019 already, I know that many people are looking for ways to get things rolling for their online business as the first three months of the year may or may not have been as successful as they want. Whether it has been or not, it always is good to look at the many options that are out there to grow your business using organic (free) methods that are available. One way that many people talk about but few really know that much about is online viral marketing. This […]


NOTE: Updated 16 October 2016 INTRODUCTION This is a handy tool called Trending Traffic that has been designed to emulate some of the other sites that curate content and present the best of the best in one place. The difference is that instead of it being on a site elsewhere, it will post the content that is on the verge of going viral on YOUR website. This means that you can tap into the viral effect for your own uses, and for free. With it getting harder and harder to draw in traffic with the advancements in the internet and […]


INTRODUCTION This is part seven of our ten part series on free traffic. This particular tutorial covers viral blogging. This is a great way to not only build your free traffic, you can also use it to add to your authority, build your brand, and your reputation in the niche you are focusing on. We will cover what viral blogging is, why you need to consider using this method and provide some tips on how to use viral blogging in your own online marketing program. Note that many of the same points and tips you find are applicable to viral blogging […]