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This is a different kind of review today. How so? The product I am reviewing is my own! As such, I will try to inform readers what I am offering in detail and explain why I think they should consider using this tool(s) for their online businesses.

The product is called SMART IM Checklists, and they consist of 12 volumes of lists by subject, and some training to go along with the one (Canva). Right now for a limited period of time, you can get a low introductory price for this set of tools that will help you make many times your investment back.

Because it is a soft launch, and I am to grow the user base of SMART Tools (a new brand I have established, BTW), so for the next 7 days you can pay a one-time fee of $97 for lifetime access to the checklist volumes. and you will have grandfathered access to the next two volumes as I publish them for no additional cost. So you are getting a REAL low price.

I have also other packages I am offering, but for those that select the full package, they will be getting the best deal. You can but any one of the volumes individually or you can get a set of 3 or a set of 6 (your choice). So as you can see, now is the time to jump.

Needless to say, I think these checklists represent a tremendous value for the online marketer, and I want to pass this on to as many fellow online marketers as possible at the lowest price possible, especially during this launch.

Let’s drill down and see just why the SMART IM Checklists may be what you are looking for and need, even if you did not know you were looking for or needed them!

Product Overview


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Overview of the SMART IM Checklists Volume 1 – 12

Vendor: Author: Dave Sweney
Product: SMART IM Checklists Volumes 1 – 12
Launch Date: 27 December 2108 through 2 January 2019
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Skill: All Levels
Front-End Price: $17 (1 Checklist) $49 (3 Checklists) $79 (6 Checklists) $97 (12 Checklists)
Niche: General Online Marketing – Checklists  for IM Tasks
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Guarantee: 7-day money back guarantee (only if the product is not downloadable)

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So What Is Behind The SMART IM Checklists?

Quite simply, you are getting the set of checklists that I use in my own online marketing business, plus some training and additional support via our Facebook Business Page. A wide array of subjects are covered and together you will have over 240 individual checklists! This is over 1200 pages of content, BTW.

Most online marketers look for guidance when starting out. Unfortunately, many get bad advice or downright wrong information. They waste time and effort, money and get discouraged. Many will quit the online marketing niche altogether in frustration.

These volumes of checklists aim to do the opposite. Using them, you will know step-by-step what you need to be doing in a particular area. These are detailed and thorough, and up-to-date. This means essentially you are getting a blueprint of how to set up and operate your business.

They are also provided in a variety of formats so you can use them in a number of ways as you may want. You will have PDF versions, Excel versions, individual or consolidated PDF versions by volume, so you have a lot of flexibility on how you can access them.

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What Can You Do with These Checklists:

  • Set up your own online or offline marketing business from start to opening.
  • Use them to spot check your current online or offline business to identify areas for improvement.
  • You can use them to train others (note these are personal use checklists, so you cannot resell them or offer them as PLR, etc.) through webinars, online courses, etc.
  • They can be presented as blog articles repurposing the content in a different format for your subscribers.
  • If there areas that you have not addressed n your current business (i.e. Messenger Bots) you can use these to get set up and operating.
  • The volumes offered will continue to grow over time, so as new concepts are introduced into the market, you will be able to check back and see if there is a new volume that has been introduced.

If you have seen enough to make a move to secure these checklists for youself now, just click on the link below – select the ones you want, a package of 3, 6, or all 12 for a special soft launch price:

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NOTE: Please check out my bonuses below that you will get with this tool! 


Who Are The SMART IM Checklists Designed For?

If you are serious about building an online or offline business that has any elements of online support and want to get the straight non-nonsense path to get started or improve what you already have in place, these checklists are for you.

There are many other tools that promise you instant profits, instant cash, or instant something or other. This is not such a product. Reality is that you need some straight guidance on everything that you REALLY need to do to get a solid start with online business. That is what you get with these checklists.

Even if you passed on or missed the soft launch period, you will be getting these checklists at an excellent price, and there are some tremendous bonuses that I have for everyone, no matter when you get in!

Will You Make Money With These Checklists?

If you apply everything that is in them, you have the potential to make a great deal of money. KIt all depends on how much effort you put into your business. No matter what business you enter, this is the case. There simply is no magic button or pill to make a ton of money with no work.

Nonetheless, I can say that you will have the templates you need to greatly increase your chances of making a good income online. There are a million ways to make money (niches), and the market is not saturated, and likely will never be.

Why do these checklists work so well? It is a combination of having the information in front of you, being able to make notes and jot down thoughts as you may want to as you go along, and the tactile exercise of writing notes etc. that helps make the information and guidance stick.

What holds most people back from having success is that they get distracted by the next big thing (shiny object syndrome) or they get overwhelmed and just become paralyzed, taking no or little action. Having a clear set of tasks to complete and a checklist to document your progress is very helpful!

I know this sounds old school, and indeed, it is the way I have operated my whole life (62 years now). Why? It works! Really, no matter what you are trying to accomplish, planning and then writing out the steps to get things done makes sense.

These checklists SAVE you a lot of time for this process. The tasks have already been laid out for you. These are sets of tasks that have proven to be required for success in a particular subject, so if you follow through and get the steps laid out completed, you will be in a position to make money from your online efforts (WITHOUT wasting time, money, and effort).

There is much more we need to point out in this review, we are just getting started! Let’s drill down even more so you can see what you have available to you:


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Features of the SMART IM Checklist Volumes

Here are some features you will get with the checklists:

  • You Can Learn To Maximize Your Sales: The platform is designed from the ground up to increase your one-time plus sales and profits for your products.
  • Helps Get You Ready For Most Areas Of Online Marketing: The retention and upsell features are conducive to getting more buyers and recurring buyers.
  • Quickly Know What The Essential Tasks Are And What To Do For Each: Very easy to put together your products and get them live. Intuitive interface.
  • Organized By Subject and Sub-tasks For Easy Use/Access To JUST What You Need WHEN You Need It: Using the automated selling features you will experience a growth in members and a higher retention rate, plus members who will upgrade their levels of membership.

Here are some more features:

  • Variety of Formats For Access As You Need To Best Use Them – There are 4 formats you can download. 

It is easy to find one that works for your site, and you can edit them as well. You can hover over any of the templates and see how each page will look.

  • Ongoing Support Via Facebook Business Page and a Membership Site (eventual)

The platform will gently remind members if they don’t have access and asks if they’d like to upgrade – it then will present the exact sales page of the package or offer they’re looking for.

Here Is What You Get In Each Volume:

SMART IM Checklist Volume 1 – Product Creation

Checklist 1 – Product Idea Guide

Checklist 2 – Services and Software

Checklist 3 – Sales Funnels

Checklist 4 – Graphic Design

Checklist 5 – Warrior Plus Setup

Checklist 6 – JVZoo Setup

Checklist 7 – Membership Area 

Checklist 8 – Early-bird and Mailing

Checklist 9 – JV Page

Checklist 10 – JV Recruitment

Checklist 11 – JV Document

Checklist 12 – JV Video

Checklist 13 – Sales Page

Checklist 14 – Sales Video

Checklist 15 – FB Ads Product Launch

Checklist 16 – Sales Page Split Test 

Checklist 17 – Landing & Download Pages 

Checklist 18 – Final Testing

SMART IM Checklist Volume 2 – Email Marketing

Checklist 1 – Email Marketing Guide

Checklist 2 – IM Squeeze Page Setup

Checklist 3 – IM Thank You Page Setup

Checklist 4 – Offline Squeeze Page Setup

Checklist 5 – Offline Thank You Page Setup

Checklist 6 – Webinar Signup Page Setup

Checklist 7 – Webinar Thank You Page Setup 

Checklist 8 – Follow-Up Email Sequence

Checklist 9 – Autoresponder Settings

Checklist 10 – Aweber Setup 

Checklist 11 – Active Campaign Setup

Checklist 12 – Market Hero Setup

Checklist 13 – Optimize Press Landing Page

Checklist 14 – Thrive Themes Landing Page

Checklist 15 – Free Landing Page

Checklist 16 – Email Deliverability

Checklist 17 – Email Marketing Improvements

Checklist 18 – List Building Methods

SMART IM Checklist Volume 3 – Social Media

Checklist 1 – Social Media Hacks

Checklist 2 – Social Media Branding

Checklist 3 – G-Mail and Google

Checklist 4 – Google Places

Checklist 5 – Engaging Content

Checklist 6 – Social Media Posting Schedule

Checklist 7 – Google+ SetUp

Checklist 8 – YouTube Setup

Checklist 9 – Facebook Setup

Checklist 10 – Instagram Setup

Checklist 11 – Twitter Setup

Checklist 12 – Pinterest Setup

Checklist 13 – Reddit Setup

Checklist 14 – Google Content Creation

Checklist 15 – YouTube Content Creation

Checklist 16 – Facebook Content Creation

Checklist 17 – Instagram Content Creation

Checklist 18 – Twitter Content Creation

Checklist 19 – Pinterest Content Creation

Checklist 20 – Reddit Content Creation

Checklist 21 – Connect and Engage on Google

Checklist 22 – Connect and Engage on YouTube

Checklist 23 – Connect and Engage On Facebook

Checklist 24 – Connect and Engage On Instagram

Checklist 25 – Connect and Engage On Twitter

Checklist 26 – Connect and Engage On Reddit

Checklist 27 – Marketing On Social Media

Checklist 28 – List Building On Social Media

Checklist 29 – Online Advertising

Checklist 30 – Offline Advertising

SMART IM Checklist Volume 4 – Affiliate Marketing

Checklist 1 – Choose The Right Network

Checklist 2 – Abbreviations and Statistics

Checklist 3 – Finding A Profile Niche

Checklist 4 – Product Approval

Checklist 5 – JVZoo Account Setup

Checklist 6 – JVZoo Product Research

Checklist 7 – Warrior Plus Account Setup

Checklist 8 – Warrior Plus Product Research

Checklist 9 – ClickBank Account Setup

Checklist 10 – ClickBank Product Research

Checklist 11 – Checking The Launch Calendar

Checklist 12 – Affiliate Approval

Checklist 13 – Plan Promotions In Advance

Checklist 14 – List Building With Affiliate Marketing

Checklist 15 – Promotion Emails

Checklist 16 – Offering and Delivering Bonuses

Checklist 17 – Product Reviews

Checklist 18 – Affiliate Marketing – Free Traffic

Checklist 19 – Affiliate Marketing – Paid Traffic


SMART IM Checklist Volume 5 – Video Marketing

Checklist 1 – Video Aims

Checklist 2 – Video Types

Checklist 3 – Keyword Research

Checklist 4 – Recording Equipment

Checklist 5 – Smartphone Video

Checklist 6 – Prepare To Record

Checklist 7 – Video Templates

Checklist 8 – Video Monetization

Checklist 9 – Video Editing

Checklist 10 – YouTube Channel

Checklist 11 – YouTube Video Upload

Checklist 12 – YouTube Playlist

Checklist 13 – YouTube Connect and Engage

Checklist 14 – Video Traffic: Email

Checklist 15 – Video Traffic: Blog

Checklist 16 – Video Traffic: Facebook

Checklist 17 – Video Traffic: Twitter

Checklist 18 – Video Traffic: Pinterest

Checklist 19 – Video Traffic: Instagram

Checklist 20 – Live Videos 


SMART IM TOOLS  – Canva Training

What Is The Training You Get and What Checklists Will You Get?

You will get a series of training videos that will go through the Canva tool and explain how to use them for your business.  Here are the training subjects for the training videos and the accompanying checklists that you will have to use to learn how to create your own graphic designs.

  • Create A Canva Account
  • Navigate Canva Dashboard
  • Create Your Canva Profile
  • Canva Design Tools
  • Layouts And Grids
  • Canva Frames
  • Canva Shapes And Lines
  • Canva Illustration Icons
  • Canva Charts
  • Canva Text New
  • Plus…
  • Canva Font Combinations
  • Canva Image Editor
  • Canva Colour Palette
  • Canva Saved Design
  • Canva Pinterest Post
  • Canva Twitter Post
  • Facebook Quote Post
  • Instagram Post Connect With Emotions
  • Presentations Powerpoint Or Videos
  • Downloading Your Designs
  • Create A Magazine Using Canva
  • Other Documents On Canva
  • Create Kindle Cover Using Canva
  • Create Ebook Using Canva
  • Blogging & Ebook Section
  • Flyers And Brochures
  • Menus Gift Certificates And Labels
  • Logo Using Canva
  • Youtube Art Using Canva
  • Banners & Headers

Each training video will show you how to navigate the subjects covered above and at the end of the training, you will be able to create a variety of graphic designs and products that are crucial to your online or offline business operation.

You can follow along and stop the video as you may need so you can do hands-on training on the Canva site as you get the training. This will make it much easier to learn how to get the most out of the training. Learning by doing is often the most effective way to have it sink in and stick.

SMART IM Checklist Volume 7 – Newbie Marketing

Checklist 1 – Website & Domain Setup

Checklist 2 – Business Branding Setup

Checklist 3 – WordPress Setup

Checklist 4 – Email Marketing Setup

Checklist 5 – Landing Page Setup

Checklist 6 – Thankyou Page Setup

Checklist 7 – Tracking Setup

Checklist 8 – Social Media Setup

Checklist 9 – Indoctrination Email Setup

Checklist 10 – Retargeting Setup

Checklist 11 – Messenger Chat Setup

Checklist 12 – Affiliate Network Setup

Checklist 13 – Video Hosting Setup

Checklist 14 – Content Creation Setup

Checklist 15 – Advertising Accounts Setup

Checklist 16 – Marketing Plan Setup

Checklist 17 – 31-Day Planner Worksheet

Checklist 18 – 90-Day Guaranteed Success Plan


SMART IM Checklist Volume 8 – Messenger Bot Marketing

Checklist 1 – Creating Your ManyChat Account & Connecting Your Fan Page

Checklist 2 – Creating Your Marketing Plan

Checklist 3 – ManyChat Bot Settings

Checklist 4 – Automation With Flows

Checklist 5 – Automation Sequences and Tags

Checklist 6 – Automation Rules

Checklist 7 – Main Menu & Default Reply

Checklist 8 – Welcome Message

Checklist 9 – Growth Tools Widget – Top Bar

Checklist 10 – Growth Tools – Slide In Widget

Checklist 11 – Growth Tools – Widgets Modal & Page Takeover

Checklist 12 – Growth Tools – Widget Buttons

Checklist 13 – Growth Tools – Widget Box

Checklist 14 – ManyChat Growth Tools – Landing Page

Checklist 15 – Growth Tools – Messenger Ref URL

Checklist 16 – Growth Tools – Customer Chat

Checklist 17 – Growth Tools – Facebook Comments

Checklist 18 – Facebook Messenger Code 

Checklist 19 – Growth Tools – Facebook Ad JSON

Checklist 20 – Broadcasting To Your ManyChat List

Checklist 21 – Adding Email Addresses To Your Autoresponder


SMART IM Checklist Volume 9 – Outsourcing

Checklist 1 – Needs Assessment

Checklist 2 – Hiring Outsources

Checklist 3 – How To Find The Right Person For Your Team

Checklist 4 – Outsourcing on Freelancer

Checklist 5 – Outsourcing on UpWorks

Checklist 6 – Outsourcing on OnlineJobs.php

Checklist 7 – Staff Time Control

Checklist 8 – Paying Your Staff

Checklist 9 – Managing Access & Passwords

Checklist 10 – Team Manager Tasks

Checklist 11 – Team Training

Checklist 12 – Contracts and NDAs

Checklist 13 – How To Outsource A Digital Product From Start To Finish

Checklist 14 – Negotiations for Price and Work Turnaround

Checklist 15 – Testing A Potential Outsourcer

Checklist 16 – How To Outsource Your Support Desk

Checklist 17 – How To Outsource A Software From Start To Finish

Checklist 18 – Things A VA Can Do



SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 – Self Publishing

Checklist 1 – Book Planning Checklist

Checklist 2 – Book Writing Checklist

Checklist 3 – Book Cover Checklist

Checklist 4 – Book Publishing Checklist

Checklist 5 – Book Marketing Checklist

Checklist 6 – Createspace Upload Checklist

Checklist 7 – Lulu Upload Checklist

Checklist 8 – Nook Upload Checklist

Checklist 9 – Kindle Upload Checklist

Checklist 10 – Amazon Advertising Checklist

Checklist 11 – Book Online Advertising Checklist

Checklist 12 – Giveaway Model Book Funnel

Checklist 13 – Free Plus Shipping Model Book

Checklist 14 – Traditional Book Selling Model

Checklist 15 – Local Book Launch Checklist

Checklist 16 – Online Book Launch Checklist

Checklist 17 – Book Lead Generation / Sales

Checklist 18 – Book Backend Checklist

Checklist 19 – Book Speaking Gigs Checklist

Checklist 20 – Book Translation Checklist



SMART IM Checklist Volume 11 – Building A Business Using WordPress

Checklist 1 – Things To Know Before Making A Website On WordPress

Checklist 2 – Install WordPress From The Start

Checklist 3 – Installing and Configuring A Theme On WordPress

Checklist 4 – Installing and Configuring Plugins On WordPress

Checklist 5 – Styling On WordPress

Checklist 6 – Widgets and Menus

Checklist 7 – Tracking and Analytics