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This is a different kind of review today. How so? The product I am reviewing is my own! As such, I will try to inform readers what I am offering in detail and explain why I think they should consider using this tool(s) for their online businesses.

The product is called SMART IM Checklists, and they consist of 12 volumes of lists by subject, and some training to go along with the one (Canva). Right now for a limited period of time, you can get a low introductory price for this set of tools that will help you make many times your investment back.

Because it is a soft launch, and I am to grow the user base of SMART Tools (a new brand I have established, BTW), so for the next 7 days you can pay a one-time fee of $97 for lifetime access to the checklist volumes. and you will have grandfathered access to the next two volumes as I publish them for no additional cost. So you are getting a REAL low price.

I have also other packages I am offering, but for those that select the full package, they will be getting the best deal. You can but any one of the volumes individually or you can get a set of 3 or a set of 6 (your choice). So as you can see, now is the time to jump.

Needless to say, I think these checklists represent a tremendous value for the online marketer, and I want to pass this on to as many fellow online marketers as possible at the lowest price possible, especially during this launch.

Let’s drill down and see just why the SMART IM Checklists may be what you are looking for and need, even if you did not know you were looking for or needed them!

Product Overview


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Overview of the SMART IM Checklists Volume 1 – 12

Vendor: Author: Dave Sweney
Product: SMART IM Checklists Volumes 1 – 12
Launch Date: 27 December 2108 through 2 January 2019
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Skill: All Levels
Front-End Price: $17 (1 Checklist) $49 (3 Checklists) $79 (6 Checklists) $97 (12 Checklists)
Niche: General Online Marketing – Checklists  for IM Tasks
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Guarantee: 7-day money back guarantee (only if the product is not downloadable)

2018 12 19 1232 211x300 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists

So What Is Behind The SMART IM Checklists?

Quite simply, you are getting the set of checklists that I use in my own online marketing business, plus some training and additional support via our Facebook Business Page. A wide array of subjects are covered and together you will have over 240 individual checklists! This is over 1200 pages of content, BTW.

Most online marketers look for guidance when starting out. Unfortunately, many get bad advice or downright wrong information. They waste time and effort, money and get discouraged. Many will quit the online marketing niche altogether in frustration.

These volumes of checklists aim to do the opposite. Using them, you will know step-by-step what you need to be doing in a particular area. These are detailed and thorough, and up-to-date. This means essentially you are getting a blueprint of how to set up and operate your business.

They are also provided in a variety of formats so you can use them in a number of ways as you may want. You will have PDF versions, Excel versions, individual or consolidated PDF versions by volume, so you have a lot of flexibility on how you can access them.

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What Can You Do with These Checklists:

  • Set up your own online or offline marketing business from start to opening.
  • Use them to spot check your current online or offline business to identify areas for improvement.
  • You can use them to train others (note these are personal use checklists, so you cannot resell them or offer them as PLR, etc.) through webinars, online courses, etc.
  • They can be presented as blog articles repurposing the content in a different format for your subscribers.
  • If there areas that you have not addressed n your current business (i.e. Messenger Bots) you can use these to get set up and operating.
  • The volumes offered will continue to grow over time, so as new concepts are introduced into the market, you will be able to check back and see if there is a new volume that has been introduced.

If you have seen enough to make a move to secure these checklists for youself now, just click on the link below – select the ones you want, a package of 3, 6, or all 12 for a special soft launch price:

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NOTE: Please check out my bonuses below that you will get with this tool! 


Who Are The SMART IM Checklists Designed For?

If you are serious about building an online or offline business that has any elements of online support and want to get the straight non-nonsense path to get started or improve what you already have in place, these checklists are for you.

There are many other tools that promise you instant profits, instant cash, or instant something or other. This is not such a product. Reality is that you need some straight guidance on everything that you REALLY need to do to get a solid start with online business. That is what you get with these checklists.

Even if you passed on or missed the soft launch period, you will be getting these checklists at an excellent price, and there are some tremendous bonuses that I have for everyone, no matter when you get in!

Will You Make Money With These Checklists?

If you apply everything that is in them, you have the potential to make a great deal of money. KIt all depends on how much effort you put into your business. No matter what business you enter, this is the case. There simply is no magic button or pill to make a ton of money with no work.

Nonetheless, I can say that you will have the templates you need to greatly increase your chances of making a good income online. There are a million ways to make money (niches), and the market is not saturated, and likely will never be.

Why do these checklists work so well? It is a combination of having the information in front of you, being able to make notes and jot down thoughts as you may want to as you go along, and the tactile exercise of writing notes etc. that helps make the information and guidance stick.

What holds most people back from having success is that they get distracted by the next big thing (shiny object syndrome) or they get overwhelmed and just become paralyzed, taking no or little action. Having a clear set of tasks to complete and a checklist to document your progress is very helpful!

I know this sounds old school, and indeed, it is the way I have operated my whole life (62 years now). Why? It works! Really, no matter what you are trying to accomplish, planning and then writing out the steps to get things done makes sense.

These checklists SAVE you a lot of time for this process. The tasks have already been laid out for you. These are sets of tasks that have proven to be required for success in a particular subject, so if you follow through and get the steps laid out completed, you will be in a position to make money from your online efforts (WITHOUT wasting time, money, and effort).

There is much more we need to point out in this review, we are just getting started! Let’s drill down even more so you can see what you have available to you:


2018 12 19 1236 215x300 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists

Features of the SMART IM Checklist Volumes

Here are some features you will get with the checklists:

  • You Can Learn To Maximize Your Sales: The platform is designed from the ground up to increase your one-time plus sales and profits for your products.
  • Helps Get You Ready For Most Areas Of Online Marketing: The retention and upsell features are conducive to getting more buyers and recurring buyers.
  • Quickly Know What The Essential Tasks Are And What To Do For Each: Very easy to put together your products and get them live. Intuitive interface.
  • Organized By Subject and Sub-tasks For Easy Use/Access To JUST What You Need WHEN You Need It: Using the automated selling features you will experience a growth in members and a higher retention rate, plus members who will upgrade their levels of membership.

Here are some more features:

  • Variety of Formats For Access As You Need To Best Use Them – There are 4 formats you can download. 

It is easy to find one that works for your site, and you can edit them as well. You can hover over any of the templates and see how each page will look.

  • Ongoing Support Via Facebook Business Page and a Membership Site (eventual)

The platform will gently remind members if they don’t have access and asks if they’d like to upgrade – it then will present the exact sales page of the package or offer they’re looking for.

Here Is What You Get In Each Volume:

SMART IM Checklist Volume 1 – Product Creation

Checklist 1 – Product Idea Guide

Checklist 2 – Services and Software

Checklist 3 – Sales Funnels

Checklist 4 – Graphic Design

Checklist 5 – Warrior Plus Setup

Checklist 6 – JVZoo Setup

Checklist 7 – Membership Area 

Checklist 8 – Early-bird and Mailing

Checklist 9 – JV Page

Checklist 10 – JV Recruitment

Checklist 11 – JV Document

Checklist 12 – JV Video

Checklist 13 – Sales Page

Checklist 14 – Sales Video

Checklist 15 – FB Ads Product Launch

Checklist 16 – Sales Page Split Test 

Checklist 17 – Landing & Download Pages 

Checklist 18 – Final Testing

SMART IM Checklist Volume 2 – Email Marketing

Checklist 1 – Email Marketing Guide

Checklist 2 – IM Squeeze Page Setup

Checklist 3 – IM Thank You Page Setup

Checklist 4 – Offline Squeeze Page Setup

Checklist 5 – Offline Thank You Page Setup

Checklist 6 – Webinar Signup Page Setup

Checklist 7 – Webinar Thank You Page Setup 

Checklist 8 – Follow-Up Email Sequence

Checklist 9 – Autoresponder Settings

Checklist 10 – Aweber Setup 

Checklist 11 – Active Campaign Setup

Checklist 12 – Market Hero Setup

Checklist 13 – Optimize Press Landing Page

Checklist 14 – Thrive Themes Landing Page

Checklist 15 – Free Landing Page

Checklist 16 – Email Deliverability

Checklist 17 – Email Marketing Improvements

Checklist 18 – List Building Methods

SMART IM Checklist Volume 3 – Social Media

Checklist 1 – Social Media Hacks

Checklist 2 – Social Media Branding

Checklist 3 – G-Mail and Google

Checklist 4 – Google Places

Checklist 5 – Engaging Content

Checklist 6 – Social Media Posting Schedule

Checklist 7 – Google+ SetUp

Checklist 8 – YouTube Setup

Checklist 9 – Facebook Setup

Checklist 10 – Instagram Setup

Checklist 11 – Twitter Setup

Checklist 12 – Pinterest Setup

Checklist 13 – Reddit Setup

Checklist 14 – Google Content Creation

Checklist 15 – YouTube Content Creation

Checklist 16 – Facebook Content Creation

Checklist 17 – Instagram Content Creation

Checklist 18 – Twitter Content Creation

Checklist 19 – Pinterest Content Creation

Checklist 20 – Reddit Content Creation

Checklist 21 – Connect and Engage on Google

Checklist 22 – Connect and Engage on YouTube

Checklist 23 – Connect and Engage On Facebook

Checklist 24 – Connect and Engage On Instagram

Checklist 25 – Connect and Engage On Twitter

Checklist 26 – Connect and Engage On Reddit

Checklist 27 – Marketing On Social Media

Checklist 28 – List Building On Social Media

Checklist 29 – Online Advertising

Checklist 30 – Offline Advertising

SMART IM Checklist Volume 4 – Affiliate Marketing

Checklist 1 – Choose The Right Network

Checklist 2 – Abbreviations and Statistics

Checklist 3 – Finding A Profile Niche

Checklist 4 – Product Approval

Checklist 5 – JVZoo Account Setup

Checklist 6 – JVZoo Product Research

Checklist 7 – Warrior Plus Account Setup

Checklist 8 – Warrior Plus Product Research

Checklist 9 – ClickBank Account Setup

Checklist 10 – ClickBank Product Research

Checklist 11 – Checking The Launch Calendar

Checklist 12 – Affiliate Approval

Checklist 13 – Plan Promotions In Advance

Checklist 14 – List Building With Affiliate Marketing

Checklist 15 – Promotion Emails

Checklist 16 – Offering and Delivering Bonuses

Checklist 17 – Product Reviews

Checklist 18 – Affiliate Marketing – Free Traffic

Checklist 19 – Affiliate Marketing – Paid Traffic


SMART IM Checklist Volume 5 – Video Marketing

Checklist 1 – Video Aims

Checklist 2 – Video Types

Checklist 3 – Keyword Research

Checklist 4 – Recording Equipment

Checklist 5 – Smartphone Video

Checklist 6 – Prepare To Record

Checklist 7 – Video Templates

Checklist 8 – Video Monetization

Checklist 9 – Video Editing

Checklist 10 – YouTube Channel

Checklist 11 – YouTube Video Upload

Checklist 12 – YouTube Playlist

Checklist 13 – YouTube Connect and Engage

Checklist 14 – Video Traffic: Email

Checklist 15 – Video Traffic: Blog

Checklist 16 – Video Traffic: Facebook

Checklist 17 – Video Traffic: Twitter

Checklist 18 – Video Traffic: Pinterest

Checklist 19 – Video Traffic: Instagram

Checklist 20 – Live Videos 


SMART IM TOOLS  – Canva Training

What Is The Training You Get and What Checklists Will You Get?

You will get a series of training videos that will go through the Canva tool and explain how to use them for your business.  Here are the training subjects for the training videos and the accompanying checklists that you will have to use to learn how to create your own graphic designs.

  • Create A Canva Account
  • Navigate Canva Dashboard
  • Create Your Canva Profile
  • Canva Design Tools
  • Layouts And Grids
  • Canva Frames
  • Canva Shapes And Lines
  • Canva Illustration Icons
  • Canva Charts
  • Canva Text New
  • Plus…
  • Canva Font Combinations
  • Canva Image Editor
  • Canva Colour Palette
  • Canva Saved Design
  • Canva Pinterest Post
  • Canva Twitter Post
  • Facebook Quote Post
  • Instagram Post Connect With Emotions
  • Presentations Powerpoint Or Videos
  • Downloading Your Designs
  • Create A Magazine Using Canva
  • Other Documents On Canva
  • Create Kindle Cover Using Canva
  • Create Ebook Using Canva
  • Blogging & Ebook Section
  • Flyers And Brochures
  • Menus Gift Certificates And Labels
  • Logo Using Canva
  • Youtube Art Using Canva
  • Banners & Headers

Each training video will show you how to navigate the subjects covered above and at the end of the training, you will be able to create a variety of graphic designs and products that are crucial to your online or offline business operation.

You can follow along and stop the video as you may need so you can do hands-on training on the Canva site as you get the training. This will make it much easier to learn how to get the most out of the training. Learning by doing is often the most effective way to have it sink in and stick.

SMART IM Checklist Volume 7 – Newbie Marketing

Checklist 1 – Website & Domain Setup

Checklist 2 – Business Branding Setup

Checklist 3 – WordPress Setup

Checklist 4 – Email Marketing Setup

Checklist 5 – Landing Page Setup

Checklist 6 – Thankyou Page Setup

Checklist 7 – Tracking Setup

Checklist 8 – Social Media Setup

Checklist 9 – Indoctrination Email Setup

Checklist 10 – Retargeting Setup

Checklist 11 – Messenger Chat Setup

Checklist 12 – Affiliate Network Setup

Checklist 13 – Video Hosting Setup

Checklist 14 – Content Creation Setup

Checklist 15 – Advertising Accounts Setup

Checklist 16 – Marketing Plan Setup

Checklist 17 – 31-Day Planner Worksheet

Checklist 18 – 90-Day Guaranteed Success Plan


SMART IM Checklist Volume 8 – Messenger Bot Marketing

Checklist 1 – Creating Your ManyChat Account & Connecting Your Fan Page

Checklist 2 – Creating Your Marketing Plan

Checklist 3 – ManyChat Bot Settings

Checklist 4 – Automation With Flows

Checklist 5 – Automation Sequences and Tags

Checklist 6 – Automation Rules

Checklist 7 – Main Menu & Default Reply

Checklist 8 – Welcome Message

Checklist 9 – Growth Tools Widget – Top Bar

Checklist 10 – Growth Tools – Slide In Widget

Checklist 11 – Growth Tools – Widgets Modal & Page Takeover

Checklist 12 – Growth Tools – Widget Buttons

Checklist 13 – Growth Tools – Widget Box

Checklist 14 – ManyChat Growth Tools – Landing Page

Checklist 15 – Growth Tools – Messenger Ref URL

Checklist 16 – Growth Tools – Customer Chat

Checklist 17 – Growth Tools – Facebook Comments

Checklist 18 – Facebook Messenger Code 

Checklist 19 – Growth Tools – Facebook Ad JSON

Checklist 20 – Broadcasting To Your ManyChat List

Checklist 21 – Adding Email Addresses To Your Autoresponder


SMART IM Checklist Volume 9 – Outsourcing

Checklist 1 – Needs Assessment

Checklist 2 – Hiring Outsources

Checklist 3 – How To Find The Right Person For Your Team

Checklist 4 – Outsourcing on Freelancer

Checklist 5 – Outsourcing on UpWorks

Checklist 6 – Outsourcing on OnlineJobs.php

Checklist 7 – Staff Time Control

Checklist 8 – Paying Your Staff

Checklist 9 – Managing Access & Passwords

Checklist 10 – Team Manager Tasks

Checklist 11 – Team Training

Checklist 12 – Contracts and NDAs

Checklist 13 – How To Outsource A Digital Product From Start To Finish

Checklist 14 – Negotiations for Price and Work Turnaround

Checklist 15 – Testing A Potential Outsourcer

Checklist 16 – How To Outsource Your Support Desk

Checklist 17 – How To Outsource A Software From Start To Finish

Checklist 18 – Things A VA Can Do



SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 – Self Publishing

Checklist 1 – Book Planning Checklist

Checklist 2 – Book Writing Checklist

Checklist 3 – Book Cover Checklist

Checklist 4 – Book Publishing Checklist

Checklist 5 – Book Marketing Checklist

Checklist 6 – Createspace Upload Checklist

Checklist 7 – Lulu Upload Checklist

Checklist 8 – Nook Upload Checklist

Checklist 9 – Kindle Upload Checklist

Checklist 10 – Amazon Advertising Checklist

Checklist 11 – Book Online Advertising Checklist

Checklist 12 – Giveaway Model Book Funnel

Checklist 13 – Free Plus Shipping Model Book

Checklist 14 – Traditional Book Selling Model

Checklist 15 – Local Book Launch Checklist

Checklist 16 – Online Book Launch Checklist

Checklist 17 – Book Lead Generation / Sales

Checklist 18 – Book Backend Checklist

Checklist 19 – Book Speaking Gigs Checklist

Checklist 20 – Book Translation Checklist



SMART IM Checklist Volume 11 – Building A Business Using WordPress

Checklist 1 – Things To Know Before Making A Website On WordPress

Checklist 2 – Install WordPress From The Start

Checklist 3 – Installing and Configuring A Theme On WordPress

Checklist 4 – Installing and Configuring Plugins On WordPress

Checklist 5 – Styling On WordPress

Checklist 6 – Widgets and Menus

Checklist 7 – Tracking and Analytics

Checklist 8 – Create Your First Blog Post

Checklist 9 – Creating A WordPress Page and Your Home Page

Checklist 10 – WordPress SEO

Checklist 11 – WordPress Comments

Checklist 12 – Getting Traffic To Your Blog

Checklist 13 – Guest Posting 

Checklist 14 – WordPress and Security

Checklist 15 – Sending Email Through WordPress

Checklist 16 – Integrating Social Media Into WordPress

Checklist 17 – WordPress Final Checks

Checklist 18 – Making Money From Your WordPress Blog



SMART IM Checklist Volume 12 – Offline Business Startup

Checklist 1 – How To Advertise Your Startup Effectively

Checklist 2 – How To Create A Business Plan

Checklist 3 – How To Manage A Startup

Checklist 4 – How To Fund Your Business

Checklist 5 – How To Carry Out Market Research

Checklist 6 – Basics About Using Kickstarter

Checklist 7 – How To Calculate Company’s Financial Needs

Checklist 8 – How To Register A New Business

Checklist 9 – How To Hire The Right People

Checklist 10 – Create A Kickstarter Account

Checklist 11 – How To Reduce Costs

Checklist 12 – How To Carry Out Crowdfunding

Checklist 13 – How To Use Social Media 

Checklist 14 – How To Avoid Common Mistakes

Checklist 15 – How To Manage Startup Stress

Checklist 16 – How To Calculate Profits

Checklist 17 – How To Choose Suppliers

Checklist 18 – Early Signs Of Startup Success

A very extensive list of every checklist that you will get! I know that this review may seem REALLY long by now, but believe me, you will be glad that so much work has gone into the preparation of these checklists, as you are getting an extreme amount of value!

So, what’s next?

Pros and Cons of the SMART IM Checklists

As you might gather by now, I am sold on these checklist volumes. I authored them and put them in the formats mentioned to give the users maximum flexibility so they will actually use them (not have them sitting in their hard drive somewhere like so much useless stuff does). These checklists will help you a lot. I am convinced and will work with buyers on an ongoing basis through our group and business pages to help as possible.

There are no cons to this product in my mind, as I have tried to eliminate any that I came up with PRIOR to doing this soft launch! So you are getting the best I can provide today, and as further issues come up (i.e. changes to the steps, etc.) I will be updating the checklists and will let all the owners know I have done so (this way they can download the newer versions).


My Final Recommendation For The SMART IM Checklists Volumes 1 – 12…

I rate this as a strong buy with no hesitation, and also I recommend the lifetime access 12-volume complete package if you need it and can afford it. You will save literally hundreds of dollars and have access to two additional volumes of checklists at no cost ($44 savings off regular price) as they get introduced to the market. over the coming months!


How To Get Access to the SMART IM Checklists Volumes 1 – 12?

Simply click on the button below and you will be taken to the overall product pages for each of the 12 we have available in this soft launch. Note to take advantage of the package prices, you will be able to use the coupons I am listing here to get the special prices.

Note these soft launch prices will not last, only for one week, and then prices will ho back to normal or once in a while we will run a sale, but right now you can get in at the lowest price it will ever be, so take action and get started!


2018 12 19 1239 213x300 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists

If you have seen enough to make a move to secure this for you now, just click on the link below:

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists

NOTE: Please be sure to check out my bonuses below that you will get from me!


2018 12 19 1243 212x300 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists


(1) List Building Made Simple…

2018 07 27 2303 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists

(2) The Secret To Bridge Pages

2018 07 27 2304 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists

(3) The Top Ten List Building Fails

2018 07 27 2305 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists


(4) Segmenting! Divide ‘N Prosper

2018 07 27 2306 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists


(5) The Sales Page Intensifier

2018 07 27 2307 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists


(6) The Action List Building Plan

2018 07 27 2308 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists


(7) The Chat Bot Revolution

2018 07 27 2311 001 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists



(8) Surefire Wealth Silver Level Pass – Hundreds of Products to Download 2018 07 27 2310 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists


(9) Pin Campaigner – A Complete Automation Traffic Generation Tool for Pinterest

2018 07 27 2311 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists

122 thoughts on “Review Of SMART IM Checklists

  1. Hi David,

    Looks like “smart IM checklist” contains a sheer volume of content.

    To be honest I am really overwhelmed by the amount of information
    in this course.

    I am sure that information overload is a recipe for failure.

    I am really interested in affiliate marketing and email marketing.

    Is your affiliate marketing section is standalone?

    I mean if I like to build an affiliate site and earn revenue from it,
    can I achieve that my going through affiliate marketing section
    or do I have to go through “social media” to learn social media
    for affiliate marketing?

    Regarding email marketing section, does it specifically teaches
    how to use email marketing for affiliate sales?

    I have seen that you have covered so many autoresponders.
    Out of them, I guess only “Aweber” is affiliate marketing friendly.

    1. Hello, Midhun…

      Thanks for stopping by and asking these questions. They are helpful for others to see what my answers are and also show that we are open to discuss anything on this website (within reason, we do keep it clean and related to online marketing).

      These checklists are not courses, although there is one associated with each checklist. They are intended to be used when you working in a particular area of online marketing. One day it might be social marketing, another day it might be video marketing, and yet another it could be chatbots.

      When you do work on one or more areas, it can be helpful to have such a set of checklists, and they can be used in many ways to further your online business. What checklists you need and use depends entirely on what you are doing and the focus you have chosen.

      Most definitely I would not recommend trying to do everything at once, you will fail, as you say. But as you develop your business, it’s likely that you will start reaching out into other areas of marketing that are available to you. When that point arrives, that is when these checklists and the training come into play.

      You will notice that you can buy these as a single volume, a set of a few, or the complete set. This was set up this way so each online marketer can build a package that they need and will use. I do not like to see more digital products just sitting on someone’s hard drive.

      If they do not need a particular set of checklists and the training, I would recommend not buying it, That money can be better used elsewhere for their business. So you see, it is up to you. You need to be aware of what use the SMART IM Checklists offer, what you are doing, and then get the ones that will help.

      On the email marketing checklists, yes it will be useful for any kind of marketing that you are doing, whether for affiliate products or for your own products or training courses. It is somewhat generic, but specific enough that you will be able to use them as guides and checks on your program.


      Dave : )

  2. Hio! This one seems very interesting, it is a real checklist of learning about online money making, but I have a question though – what makes it different than any other mmo platforms? Does it have any other preference that makes it top notch platform? Thank you for your answer.

    1. Hello, Primoz…

      These SMART IM Checklists will help you make sure that in each of the areas that they cover, you have ‘checked all the blocks’ that are required to complete that particular set of tasks. They will not make money for you as they are, they will make money for you because they will make sure you have thought of and covered everything to have success.

      Unfortunately, there is no instant cash machine out there. It takes work and effort, and time. These checklists can be used in a number of ways (at the start, final checks, progress over time, etc.) to make better use of your time spent doing the tasks they cover.

      I personally use diaries and such checklists dally and have done so since I was a young 20s dude. It helps keep you organized, focused, and stops you from doing a lot of extra work that may not be required (unless you choose to do this).

      Hopefully, this answers your question, if not drop a note below this and we will get you more…


      Dave : ) 

  3. Even though I have not heard about this before, I can see that you are offering tons of value compared to the price. To this is a good deal. All the courses you mentioned, all are highly valuable in online business.

    I may give this a try as I can see there are key vital resources within the SMART IM CHECKLIST that can benefit my new business direction online.

    The live chat box thing is also a kudos as you can interact with the site owner too. 

    Thanks for sharing this. I will surely recommend.

    1. Good Day, Richard…

      Yes, we have had a lot of interest in these SMART Checklists, and their intent is to complement some simple training videos we have as the main focus of what we are selling. This has been a shift somewhat from what we originally started with, only the checklists.

      Additionally, there will be a forum area by checklist volume that buyers can access for ongoing discussion about how the training and checklists can be used and improved upon. These are living documents, as in when we need to do some changes based on industry changes we can and will.

      So the buyers are getting not only these checklists, rather they are getting a support platform that includes the training these checklists support plus a place where buyers and users of the checklists can discuss, improve, show examples of how they may be using them, etc.

      We are also going to open the affiliate program for this SMART IM Tool. The training and checklists will become one of many such products that affiliate marketers can make good commissions on, and many will help more than online marketers.

      Please do check in again, lots of activities are happening in the Soaring Eagle LLC world right now, and we are excited and anxious to get as many people involved as possible to grow their business with ours!


      Dve : )

  4. Hi David Sweeney, Since you are reviewing your product, it is useless to ask you if you have tried them all? The various checklist looks like a form of training to me. Am I right?

    Do these checklists work on all types of online businesses?

    My overall opinion about the topic is that since it is in the beta mode, the price should not be so high. You would get far more support during the beta mode at a lower cost. On the other hand, you are reviewing your own work


    1. Hello, Dorcas…

      Yes, these are my own product so I am intimately familiar with them. That does not change the process for review, however. I evaluated these using an objective set of measures that I use when evaluating every product. If you read through the review, you would have seen that they are checklists, which are in a form format. 

      They are typical forms that you see out there every day. What makes them useful is they target by subject area and task all the various required actions for a particular subject. Whether we are talking chatbots or website set up using WordPress, there are a set of tasks that have to be completed.

      These are not in the Beta mode as of this time, and the price is a fair one we think. We have looked in the market for other similar checklists and guides, and we are in the middle range on pricing. Most certainly there will be a launch price special, but the prices are what they are.

      Any business owner should expect to have to invest in their business. These checklists are proven tools that help them get everything done without missing steps and without taking unnecessary steps. They also come in various formats so can be used in different ways by the business owner, i.e. to establish the process, final checks in processes, and as a written record of what has been done in the past.

      Really the users are only limited by their imagination on how they can leverage these checklists. They can be used to create training videos for their subscribers, for preparing blog posts, etc.  Perhaps you are looking at this from a rather cynical viewpoint since it is my own product, but I stand by what we have here.

      We have had a lot of positive feedback from users already and are confident about what people are getting when they decide to invest in their business by purchasing the SMART IM Checklist Volumes. 


      Dave : )

      BTW, It is ‘Sweney’ not ‘Sweeney’  Have a great day! : )

  5. Wow, on the surface this seems like a really good deal. I’m the sort of person that likes to follow checklists, as I’m fairly forgetful. I was wondering if you have some kind of example that can be downloaded so I can see the format it’s delivered in. Just a thought. Cheers

    1. Hi, Nigel…

      That is a great idea, and what I may do is offer one of the checklists from one volume as a free download so people can see what they are going to be getting. I most definitely will consider adding this to the review post so people can see for themselves.

      The SMART IM Checklists have been very helpful for our business, and I am like you, I work better with lists, and create a ‘to-do’ list every morning as part of my workday. It just keeps me on track. I believe that such lists help you stay focused and help fight against procrastination.

      It can be hard to keep the pace up working from home and often alone. Checking things off or crossing them off your list just adds a tactile confirmation that you are getting things done, which is a positive. Build in some rewards and you have the recipe for success!


      Dave : )  

  6. Your review of smart IM checklist is very educative. I think its fair enough paying a one-time fee of $97 for lifetime access of the twelve volumes of subject by list. The six bulleted points of What we Can do with these Checklists are phenomenal and i think its worth it getting your material for a start. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity you have made available.

    1. Good Day, Dapoach!

      Thanks for providing some feedback on these SMART IM Checklist Volumes we are offering other online marketers. They most certainly have been effective for our own operations and for the people that have purchased them.

      Of course, they are not making money automatically kind of product. Their purpose is to help the users get more things done faster without missing steps or spending time on steps that are not required. We have used them for final checks, for learning what works and what not, and have over time created checklists that specifically address our unique needs as a business.

      That is the value they bring to the table. Imagine the wasted time that will melt away, and what additional tasks you can focus on using these checklists, and you will see that the asking price is not much. Thanks for stopping by and all the best! 


      Dave : )

  7. Thank you for the review of Smart IM Checklists. Seems like you have done a lot of work to put these lists together. I am wondering if these are like step by step guides that tell you how to do each one. Or do they Just say don’t forget to do this? Also for the 97$ price tag is there any guaranty you will make money if you follow this method? Thank you for the review

    1. Good Day, Geoffrey…

      These are detailed steps for sub-tasks in a subject area that start with the basics and go into detail on each of the steps required to get that task done properly. They will help you not to forget things or add steps that you really do not need to worry about.

      The selling price is reasonable when compared to the depth of experience that is behind creating them, and also the work to put them together into an organized system as what we have done. Think about an hourly wage at a normal 9-5 job. This price represents only a few hours of work, maximum10. It took many hundreds of hours to put these SMART IM Checklists together.

      Regarding guarantee, it is highly unfair to expect that people will delete the product from their hard drive if they ask for a refund. This simply is something you as a seller have no control over. Better to go about this in another manner I think.

      I am planning on giving away access to a couple of the most popular (to now) checklists (not the entire volume, but one to two lists from the volume) for people so they can see what they are getting and even can incorporate them into their business tasks.

      Not only that, they will get free trial access to the support forum that comes with the checklists so they can interact with other SMART IM Checklist users and our team. This is a show before you go type of sales tactic. We have confidence in this product.

      Will you make money with the product? You can if you apply the lists to your daily and sales activities. How much will you make? That depends on too many factors. I would never guarantee that someone will make money with any product because we just can’t know. But your chance of making more money using these SMART IM Checklists is higher than without them if you use them. I hope that helps!


      Dave : )


  8. Nice job Dave,

    Thus is a fantastic program you have put together. I see the IM checklist as an action guide for internet marketers to follow to generate income online. From the contents you’ve listed here, it seems you’ve really covered every angle of Internet marketing in your checklist program. 

    For the price, this really seems like a giveaway. However, for a little skepticism, I wish you have set up a free trial period, so we can use the product and experience the value. It is really impressive, all the lesson you’ve loaded into this checklist, I’m certain no one will fail online, if the checklist can be implemented judiciously.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hello, Louis!

      Thanks for the kind words…These SMART IM Checklists are definitely designed to be used as action plans for all the different subject areas they cover. Sometimes it helps to have these at your side as you go about your business. I have used such lists for most of my working life (and there has been a LOT of life hehe)…

      The free trial you mention is a bit impractical, as once the buyer has the checklists, they can easily ask for a refund and keep the product. I know that 99% of people will not do that, but to keep it fair to the team that has worked so hard putting these together (I have to pay them every month!), I cannot do that.

      What I am considering is a free download of a couple of the most popular checklists found within one or two of the volumes at no cost. These can be used as a sort of lead magnet, and people will see just how much value they offer.

      We also have a supporting forum page for each of the volumes, so I may give access to that page for a limited period of time too. I know that is not as good as a free trial for the whole set of volumes, but it is giving a lot of value up front for absolutely no risk

      What do you think? Am I on the right track with this line of thought? Let me know so we can get to a solution that works for all! Thanks…


      Dave : )


  9. These Smart IM Checklists look to cover everything for someone who is just trying to start an online business. There is just so much content that one would be able to look through them to get exactly what they are looking for. I recently started a blog and many people have told me that I could make money from my blog. However, my blog is mainly about my passion. However, I see how the Smart IM Checklist could help me work through this new online business concept. Thank you so much for offering this at a reduced price for the week. 

    1. Hello, Nia…

      You most certainly can monetize most niches in one way or another, but you may have to think outside the box to do it in some cases. It could be that the niche just does not have the size or the products that audiences in the niche need or want, but that is seldom.

      If that is the case, all is not lost. You could very easily add in an additional niche to your online efforts and still work the one that concerns your passion as opposed to making money. This means that you could still take joy in the whole online marketing business as opposed to perhaps feeling ever-increasing levels of stress.

      In any case, the SMART IM Checklists will help you track the steps needed and your progress as you go through them to accomplish the area in the shortest time possible. By eliminating the distractions, you save time and get more done. 

      That extra time can be used to build that second niche that perhaps is more easily monetized, and you also will get faster with doing the tasks over time. This means you have yet more time on your hands. Perhaps splitting that between rewarding yourself and adding in additional work effort might help keep you motivated…

      All this is hard to state unequivocally since I do not know all the details of your situation. Sometimes it can help just to listen to some other people in the business to get some fresh ideas. If you are interested, I would be willing to serve in that role…

      This is all a stretch from the subject of the article/review, but nonetheless, that is what the comment section is for! I enjoy helping people get their business ramped up, and the tools we are launching under the SMART IM Tools brand are intended to aid in that.


      Dave : )

  10. Hello Dave;

    This is a well detailed review of Smart IM checklists, This is informative and quite insightful . It will be very helpful in maintaining online business.

    You really have a good line of digital products. Internet marketing is changing everyday and we need coaches like you to help keep us up to date. Infact I am eager to do my purchase anytime soon.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Good Afternoon, Wealthfather!

      Glad to have you stop by and we will be standing by to support your requirements with any of the SMART IM Tools to include the SMART IM Checklists. We are excited to get these checklists out to people across the globe so we can start making a difference in their online businesses.


      Dave : )  

  11. This a great article.i love your exipository skill on this review of IM checklist. I’m very new in this business so I’m learning with high speed. Its good to have met an experienced person like you who can guide one to success very fast when I finally buy the product and use it to boost my sales. Marketing and promotion is the secret of every business either big or small, online or offline business. Buying into this will be a boost to my success in this my new found world.

    I love the fact that you didn’t review this in someone’s name,it shows confidence and efficacy of the product! Thanks for this detail piece

    1. Hi, Jaykay…

      Welcome to the online business world and it is a fun and fast-paced marketing segment to be in for sure. Things change a lot, new technologies come along, and it can be hard to keep up. This is where the SMART IM Tools brand comes in.

      We are looking for only those tools that really make sense for the online marketer. It does no good to buy things and have them taking up space on your hard drive. The tools to include these SMART IM Checklists are intended to be used as an integral part of online marketer’s business tasks,

      Please do stop by and keep up with the new offers we are in development with at the moment. Training, tools, and services are on deck for this year, and there may be some that will complement and dovetail well with some of the other features that you use on sites such as Wealthy Affiliate, Builderall, or ClickFunnels.


      Dave : )

  12. Thank you, Don, for sharing your review Of Smart IM Checklists. You did a great job explaining the different programs and what each of them offers. It looks like you are staring your own affiliate program. Good for you, keep up the good work. With the amount of detail you put into what you are doing, a lot of people could be signing up. Have set a date for launch? ~LeNard

    1. Hey There, Lenard!

      Appreciate you stopping through the website and also taking the time to add your feedback. I appreciate the positive comments and I also have an answer for your SMART IM Checklist questions…

      We FINALLY will be able to open for business, there has been delay after delay due to things beyond our control that are now resolved. 

      I expect to load the payment gateways this weekend and our affiliate program AND products will be open for sales to online marketers.

      Please do stop in again and have a look at what we have built. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!


      Dave : )

  13. So informative and descriptive detail about SMART IM Checklists. Can I take a trial? I have read your post very carefully and it seems this is a fulfil guideline about this product. I am preparing an online business at this time I get this post. Really it will be very helpful for maintaining my online business. IM checklists are the precondition for starting an online business. Your smart IM checklists offer more work and low cost. I am so much interested to buy and highly recommended. Thanks for the product review.

    1. Good Day, Jafor…

      Thanks for the positive words, we really went to the table on these SMART IM Checklists and think we have a winner for so many people that can use them no matter the niche or even if they are doing an offline business with a website to inform customers.

      The many volumes and sub-topic lists that you find within each subject area mean that anyone can follow along with the list and get all the imperatives covered as they do all the online business tasks that are required. They really help.

      Regarding a trial, this is something that we have not thought of adding at this time, but I will have a look at how we might make that happen. When we open the SMART IM Tools Academy for subscribers (happening VERY soon) you may be able to get access this way at a reduced rate.

      All the best for your online business in 2019! Please do stop by again, there is much to be added here over the year and I would like you to be a part of it all! 


      Dave : ) 

  14. I like the idea of checklists, and it seems like you are offering a TON of value for the price.And then you add on a ton of value for free. For all of the time that you’ve invested in putting this together, you might be short changing yourself! Not that I’m complaining, haha!What motivated you to put all of this together, if I may ask?

    1. Hi, Jerimy…

      Thanks for the positive words, they are appreciated! These SMART IM Checklists do represent a considerable amount of time and effort putting them together, but I really want to get them out to as many people as possible, along with training for each volume, and a forum where users can commiserate on how best to use them. 

      To make that happen, I thought it better to keep them at a price where most people can afford them. Plus we have a library of other products that will help in various ways to grow an online marketer’s business, and I would rather offer value and have these happy buyers come back again and again.

      We really want to operate ethically and lead by example too, hence the use of the SMART acronym, which encompasses what we are all about. So for all these reasons, you will see that the prices are all pretty decent when compared to what you get.


      Dave : )

  15. Thank you for this post. I was searching for something similar online but could not seem to find it. I found your post very helpful. When I look at it all of this Internet Marketing lists offer quite a lot. Anyone that wants to do Internet Marketing would find them more then useful. The price is also amazing for the content that is given.

    I will definitely give this product a closer look.

    Thank you for your review.


    1. Hi, Strahinja…

      Thanks for popping through and yes, I do believe that these SMART IM Checklists will help any online marketer, whether a newbie or an experienced marketer. The reason is that it can be easy to miss some important steps when you are busy. 

      This can happen to the experienced marketer and especially it can happen to the person just starting with online marketing. Having these checklists, the person can use them in a number of ways and even keep records and notes of the times they use them.

      Over time, they can serve as a documented history of the times they are used and they can improve outcomes and speed up the process of any of the things they cover. I have had good results using them myself and others have as well. 


      Dave : )

  16. Wow, Smart IM Checklists really looks like a great product for online marketers to learn almost everything about online marketing. You have really make a great product, hats of too you. I feel “Smart IM Checklists” is like a university for anyone who are interested in online marketing. Hats off to you for making such a great quality product.

    1. Hi, Deraj…

      Thanks for stopping by to check out the post, I appreciate your taking the time to provide some feedback. These SMART IM Checklists have a number of uses for the online or offline marketer that has a website to advertise their business online.

      We use them for our business and have had a lot of interest in getting them out for others, hence the SMART IM Checklists came into being. They do help make sure that each task in a subject is covered, and that no time is wasted.

      Do check back as we have several other tools that complement the two platforms that we use and recommend (Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall). These are all intended to help the online marketer do more in the same amount of time. 


      Dave : )

  17. Smart IM Checklists is like a whole online marketing university at your fingertips.  Looking through the titles, I see several that I’ve been needing to either incorporate into my marketing strategy (video and email marketing, as well as diving into more of the social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest).  And looking at this website as it stands, I’m pretty sure you provide a quality product (I wish mine looked this good.)  Very interested, thanks.

    1. Good Day, Don…

      The SMART IM Checklists really are like a road map for marketers in the many areas that need to be addressed as an online marketer. Most people will find one area or another that they could use the checklists for. That is the beauty of having volumes by subject versus a whole course that would cost a lot more.

      It is also the reason we set them up in this manner. The people that need one or two checklists should not have to buy the whole set, as the ones they will not use are sitting around on their hard drives wasting space. With the packages, buyers can select the exact volumes and pay less.

      These SMART IM Checklists are definitely quality and tested. We have used them regularly ourselves for the business, and they have helped in so many ways make us better. This is why I feel so strongly that they will also help other marketers.


      Dave : )

  18. Thanks for sharing your product. It is awesome that you put together a checklist. Sometimes we can end up going all over the place using different tools. You put together an extensive list that can help anyone master an area that they feel they need work on. A great guide like this will keep anyone focused. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Evie…

      No problem on the sharing. We are selling, of course, so for that reason are sharing, but more importantly, we believe that the SMART IM Checklist volumes will actually be used by other marketers and provide a lot of value when they do use them.

      This is based on our own experiences with them, and also is based on the feedback we have received from others about them. There is no doubt that they are something that will add to anyone’s online business in a number of ways.

      I do hope you stop by again and let us know what you think and need. This is where we get ideas from for future products and determine if we can create something that has a market and adds value in line with our own mindset when it comes to selling IM products.


      Dave : )

  19. That’s a very comprehensive and well-written review that has given me a lot to take in. While overwhelmed by the tons of information that the Smart IM Checklists would come with, I’m fascinated by the amount of work you’ve put in this to deliver such helpful content to online marketers who want to take their business to the next. 

    Not only does it speak of the experience you have in this business but how much you care about the success of others who are struggling. After going through the list, I’m considering having a copy myself to see what it can offer me. Thanks so much for such a great job. 

    1. Hello, Derr…

      Thanks for the positive words, they are appreciated! These SMART IM Checklists are almost like roadmaps. They are quite detailed and grouped by subject (volumes) and each contains between 18 – 30 or more separate checklists that go into great detail about every step you must take for that area.

      The reason they are so effective is that they can be kept right at your side as you complete the tasks, and make notes about anything that will affect that area. IN the future, you can refer to that checklist and further refine the notes and etc.

      It means you have a running diary of actions and over time you will be able to get more and more efficient at your work. This saves time and helps you focus only on the important things and cut out distractions that happen too often.

      Please do have a look and know that an added bonus that you will gain access to is a forum for each volume where users can work and discuss with one another how best to leverage the checklists in their business. I am perhaps most excited about this as I think it will prove to be a big help for all. 


      Dave : )

  20. Hi Dave,

    It is pretty amazing that you have created such an expansive product by yourself. It’s also quite interesting to see that a checklist can be an amazing piece of info, or even form of training. Have never thought of that myself.  

    It looks really well written and has a nice overview! Seems like it’s really worth the money. I might give it a try once I have a bit more to spend. 😉

    Great post! 

    All the best,


    1. Good Day, Matteo…

      Thanks for popping through, and I appreciate you leaving some feedback on the post! These checklists are pretty tight, we worked hard gathering the resources and designing them so they work. Actually, we use them for our own business.

      There will be some sales coming up for these SMART IM Checklist volumes, so perhaps you will be able to tap into these when I open them up. We are just in the beginning stages of this SMART IM Tool brand, and of course, we want to get more people using and talking about them.

      Please do stop in from time to time, and have a look at what is new, I have a whole series of products that will be rolling out, plus more volumes of these SMART IM Checklists. There will likely be some things that you can use that will be within your budget (plus we have some free training also available)…


      Dave : )

  21. Hello Dave 🙂 , seems like you have launched another amazing product and even though i do not purchase checklists, you are very well becoming an authority in your niche. 

    I am a beginner in the online marketing world and this might be a too much information for me to digest on my own at once. i would like to know if you would be providing 24/7 support for beginners that buy this checklist . thanks

    1. Hey There, Ghost!

      I have been doing this now for a few years, and in that time I have picked up a thing or two. There is always new things to learn, however, and for this reason, I keep my ear to the ground and try to keep up with the latest tools and products for online marketers.

      Truth be told, it is pretty simple to get started with online marketing, but it can be overwhelming because there is so much out there that advises you to do this, try this, and of course, buy this. The thing is, most of the stuff you do not need,

      There are some elements that you will need though, and the SMART IM Tools and Lead Magnet Kits are ones to look at. To truly grow your business, you need to build a list of followers or subscribers. These days there is a lot of competition, and the more professional you come across the better chance you have of getting that lead.

      Our kits are designed to save you a lot of work for this piece of getting the person stopping by your website to give you their name and email address. Once you have that, you can start building a relationship and eventually recommend and sell products that will help them.

      When you do this on a regular basis, you will want to have fresh material, as it can be that a person stopping by may already have what you are offering, but if you have another lead magnet that is different, you may get the lead with that next visit.

      I look forward to your next visit, and I wish you the best for 2019! It is going to be a banner year for us all!  


      Dave : )

  22. I think this is the third review I’ve read in this site, and I’ve being really impressed so far.

    that’s a bunch of check list, and I will definitely recommend this to any beginner, it’s take u from novice to pro.

    I’m interested in the the video hosting setup part.


    1. Hello, Faftop!

      Glad to have you come back again and again, as often as you would like. We add new content quite often between our own posts and with the guest posts that we allow to be added from time to time, This means you will always have some fresh content to look at!

      The SMART IM Checklists are set up to provide a very detailed set of tasks by subject (volumes) and a variety of subtasks that you will find in each. They vary from 18 separate checklists per volume to over 30. It depends on what you are looking for, but the video checklists are there and useful.

      Thanks for stopping by and I would be interested in what you think of some of the other products that we are rolling out for online marketers. The list of SMART IM Tools is growing and we are always looking for new ones to add. They must meet our criteria, so it takes awhile to find or develop ones that fit.


      Dave : )

  23. Going through your post I believe this product would help my business.

    Am looking for a way to start an importation business and I believe this product could go a long way helping.

    I find it hard reaching out to customers but with your products would learn how to create Facebook ads and manage them in such a way I would end up building a great brand.

    1. Hi Nsikakabasi!

      Yes, I think the checklists will help you as you develop your import business. No matter if you operate on or offline, you will likely have an online presence. This is the expectation these days, and if you do not do it, you are missing out on potential traffic and business.

      This is where the checklists come in. They will help you follow the requisite tasks that may be required by one site or another. I mean that for instance YouTube or Facebook and the like. You will want to have a presence and must follow the procedures to make them work in the best possible manner for you.

      These SMART IM Checklist Volumes are just what you need. Note there is also a support platform for them, where you can ask other users of the platform how best to leverage them for growing your business. Please do stop by again and while here look at some of the other products we offer for your business!


      Dave : )

  24. Hi Dave, Such a detailed review and from the looks of it i think the IM checklists will be perfect for a beginner like me.The checklists seems to offer a long list of resourceful contents which would be very helpful for someone starting out. i just have a question In case of any further questions on the checklist, How do i get to ask?

    1. Good Day, Aweda…

      Thanks on the feedback and comments, we do look at these and incorporate what people are asking for or about into our activities developing products in the SMART IM Tools brand. The checklists are perfect for the beginner and the experienced marketer because they allow you to make sure that all the bases are covered for the subjects covered.

      It can be useful to have some sort of cross-check to make sure that nothing has been missed. I use these all the time for my own business, so I know they are effective. You can make notes and save versions and use these to further refine your output.

      If you are referring to the support that comes with the checklists, there sure is some follow-on support for them. We have a membership site that is called SMART IM Tools Academy and there we have an area where forums are running for each volume.

      All buyers will get access to this, and they will be able to post comments, start threads of conversations, trade tips, and advice on how best to leverage the checklists, etc. This is a very helpful addition to the product and we can even add in updates to the checklists as they evolve based on the changes in the industry. 


      Dave : )

  25. Hi, 

    Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important blog. If I did not read this blog I can not find the details about online income. This blog will be very helpful who want to grow his online income. The most important thing I just learn from here is these checklists represent a tremendous value for the online marketer. I will definitely share this blog with my friends.

    1. Hello, Farhan…

      Thanks for the positive feedback and we are hopeful that many people will be able to tap into the power the SMART IM Checklists afford. The interest has been very high for these checklists and I am sure that your friends who are involved in online marketing can use these.

      We have worked hard to make sure that the many formats they come in will be flexible so users can have a lot of ways to incorporate them into their daily tasks. Using them, you can greatly minimize wasted time yet also be sure that all the important tasks are completed.

      Please stop in again so you can see the other products and tools we are launching over the coming months. We look forward to having you become a member of the SMART IM Tools group that is leveraging these tolls to more rapidly scale up their business.


      Dave : )  

  26. Thank you for sharing a great review on your own amazing product, SMART IM Checklists. According to the introduction, the checklists provide a plan on how to get started and growing up the business step by step. I am very impressed by the checklists and definitely believe that it can be very helpful for the beginners who just start the online business. I’m thinking about the checklist of getting traffic. Thank you again.

    1. Hi, James…

      Yes, these SMART IM Checklists are designed to be user-friendly and actually work with the online marketer for each of the areas that are covered in the different volumes. Over time, as we add more, we will add training and forums where people can discuss the use of them.

      Thanks for the kind words and if there are one or more volumes that may help you in your online business, pick it up and give it a try. These have really helped me stay on focus with the business and saved me countless hours of fixing things that I may have forgotten before I started using them.


      Dave : ) 

  27. HI Dave, 

    Great review, I really enjoyed the reading!

    I am not new at affiliate marketing, but I always feel I want to learn more. The Smart IM Checklist seems to be very interesting, and it’s really affordable. I think I will try the Volume 2 and see how it works. Just a question, please. Is there a possibility to exchange it to another volume in case I don’t find it attractive?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Daniella…

      Thanks for popping through, first of all. and also taking the time to leave a comment and ask a question. That is exactly what i am looking for and it helps me create content and products that more and more people can really use in their online marketing programs.

      To answer your question, yes you can return a SMART IM Checklist Volume and get a replacement if the one you purchased is not working for you. Each covers a different subject in detail, so they will not be related to one another over the common tasks that you may find in each area.

      I would check through what is included in the set of checklists that you get prior to purchasing to make sure they cover what you need. That way you will not be disappointed in what you get after purchase. We do aim to over deliver so this is part of that. We want you to be able to use these checklists.

      I should have the payment gateway open in the next day or so, we have finally gotten the LLC paperwork back and can open our bank accounts and etc. We were delayed due to weather, believe it or not, my partner had to travel 6 hours from Northern Canada to get to the location we have the new office!

      Please stop in and check to see if we are open to selling, it should only be another day or so!


      Dave : ) 

  28. Hi dale. After going through your very resourceful post, I was wondering to what did humanity owe people of great experience like you, You have surely put a lot of energy in compiling these checklists and I will start saving up now to purchase it. Hope this tips aren’t too complicated for a newbie?

    1. Hi, Clement…

      Not sure why humanity is so lucky to have me, but they sure are (joking)! The SMART IM Checklists are valuable for a newbie as well as experienced marketers. They are intended to be a tool that will help you make sure you do all the associated tasks with the subject they cover and will help you not waste time doing things that are not necessary.

      They are relatively inexpensive, evergreen in nature, as in they can be used as long as you are conducting online business, and they can be edited for your own use. This means they can grow with you. As you grow your business, there will be things that you key on for your business. You can make notes and make sure these checklists remain pertinent to your business.


      Dave : )

  29. Hey there Dave,

    this is very detailed review, I have found it to be very helpful and enjoyable to read while also discovering new product! As far as Smart Im Checklists goes, well I have to say it does look like a very interesting and unique product, and I am rather impressed by it for numerous reasons. First of all, the thing which stood out for me the most about Your product Dave is the amount of content that you have to offer with this product. The amount of very useful and informative business plan checklists and trainings which Smart IM Checklist provides is truly spectacular, great job! The second big reason why I’ve found Your product to be very appealing is the fact that You provide an additional support via Your FaceBook channel which further expands the content library by adding detailed coverages & analyses of wide array of subjects, great stuff! Oh, and I’ve also really admire that You provide different packages, therefore everybody would be able to select the one which suits their needs the best. Giving people multiple choices is always a great idea in my opinion.

    Keep up the great work Dave 😉

    1. Hi, Ewald…

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts to our review of SMART IM Checklists…We have attempted to make this as flexible as possible for users since we are using it too. We understand that people need options, depending on their needs and business.

      We have worked overtime to get this online and ready for sales and it looks like finally, we will be able to open it to the public today. I am adding the payment gateway after working here and we should be accepting customers right after. 

      Please stop by again and have a look at some of the other launches coming. There are a bunch! Oh, yes, there is an affiliate program so you can earn commissions if you choose to promote the product! 


      Dave : )

  30. Thanks for this review of IM checklist. Social media marketing has taken over because of the high success recorded recently. I’m very new in this business so I’m learning with high speed. Its good to have met an experienced person like you who can guide one to success very fast when I finally buy the product and use it to boost my sales. Marketing and promotion is the secret of every business either big or small. 

    Thanks for this detail piece. 

    1. Hi There, Tsquare…

      It sounds like you are in the ramping up mode of your online marketing business. This is a perfect time to come aboard or at the least track what is being added to the SMART IM Tools brand in regards to products and services. We aim to help as many online marketers get a successful business in place and then help them scale it up as possible. 


      Dave : )  

  31. This checklist is very long but I think is a must buy for every entrepreneur who wants to do bigger things in any niche of business. I don’t see it as old school stuff. It’s just a thorough work and it will surely contribute to my success when I eventually purchase it.I so much commend you for this, at least the checklist is very detailed and won’t be difficult for anyone using it. I need to buy it as soon as possible.

    1. Hello, Kenechi…

      Yes these SMART IM Checklists are quite long but broken up into tasks so you can pull out whatever you may be working on and use the checklist to make sure you are covering everything and are not doing extra work for no reason.

      They serve as a detailed guide for you, a map of sorts, and because they come in different formats, you can make edits and notes that will help you when you do that task again. Over time, they provide a diary of sorts of what you have done when.

      They are a tool that supplements your other activities and keeps things tight. I believe in working hard but also working SMART. This means you maximize your time spent on the business, grow faster, and then you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by having more free time at the end state. 

      Our whole SMART IM Tools brand and products are designed around this concept. Please do come by again, as we are adding in more products regularly. You will see some reviews for others we are launching within the review pages on the website. Let us know what you thnk!


      Dave : )

  32. Well the lists sound very interesting, especially for someone like me, who is looking to setup an online business, and doesn’t know where to start. 

    I’m wondering how far these lists go into growing your business online, more specifically – do each of the lists offer SEO advice for the particular niche, as I know that type of thing is vital to modern businesses?

    1. Hi, Chris…

      The checklist volumes focus on the subjects they are labeled with, but yes, most definitely that is one area that is covered within the total volumes. If you have a look at them, you will see that many cover SEO type taskings that are recommended…

      As I mentioned in another comment, I think a key direction we are going to be taking these checklist volumes is adding training on how to use them most effectively. As you say, those starting out will find this most useful, and even seasoned marketers will likely glean some useful information.

      Add to that a forum area where discussion and questions can be asked and answered that also comes with the checklist volumes, and you can see that we are shooting for offering a tool that will be used and will help the online marketer grow their business.

      That is the true end state we would like to see for this portion of the SMART IM Tools. If we sell something and do not provide ongoing support and make it work better for buyers, we are not doing our jobs I think. So this program will evolve over time to become even more robust and useful.


      Dave : ) 

  33. Good day,

    Over 1200 pages of contents seems amazing, and the offer of $97 for lifetime is also tempting. I am really glad that I found your article, I am someone that is really interested in online marketing, I will seize the slightest opportunity to checkout your product. I really need a blueprint of how to set up and operate my business.

    Have a nice day

    1. Hello, Salim!

      Yes, there is indeed a LOT of content that you get with these SMART IM Checklist Volumes. We are also working on training for each volume that will turn the focus from the content itself to how to best use that content. Having the checklists are good and useful.

      Unfortunately, what we have seen is that many people buy such tools and then do not add them to their business practices. I want these to be incorporated into the businesses as I am convinced from my own experience that they will help.

      So look for these volumes to evolve into training courses with the checklists added as a part of the materials you get. This is the direction we are moving in, and this will also add a huge amount of value to those online marketers that buy the training and the checklists!


      Dave : )

  34. The article is offering an impressive material content to help and support any reader looking for an online marketing knowledge. The material for sure will increase the productivity working like a shortcut. I’m seriously thinking in order the social media volume by $17, there is an attractive check list there!

    1. Hi, Marcos…

      Thanks for the positive comment and also thanks for taking the time to add a comment after you read the review. I listen to people adding their thoughts to these posts and shape what we are doing based on what the audience (in this case fellow online marketers) wants and needs.

      I am glad to hear that one of the volumes of the SMART IM Checklists may help you in your online business. The social marketing volume is one of the most extensive lists of checklists, as it is such a huge area of online marketing these days..

      It is looking like we will be up and selling shortly now, so do come back as we roll out these SMART IM Checklists and other SMART IM Tools such as the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits, a SMART IM Deals App, Content Management Training, etc.

      I am quite excited to see this all come together! I invite you to come by again and keep up with these roll-outs and see what else may work for your online business program! 


      Dave : )

  35. Wow!! This looks like quite the product.  it doesnt look like you missed anything.  This Im sure will be a great product with all the information any person will ever need.It is obvious that you put a grat amount of work into this program.  i think anyone in the position to purchase it should get all over it as quick as they can.Thanks for what looks to be a great product.dale

    1. Hello, Dale…

      We have several more of the SMART IM Checklist volumes on the calendar and are working to put these together. It seems that there are quite a few subjects to be covered in the online marketing segment, so hopefully, we can come up with at least 6-12 more over the year.

      Please do stop by again, we have a whole litany of products that are rolling out, all intended to help the online marketer do more in the same amount of time spent in their online business, and also allowing them to sell more with the same effort.


      Dave : )

  36. Thank you for your review of Smart IM Checklists. You have gather so much information in the IM checklist.

    It is always good to have a checklist for work to be done. This will increase the productivity and lead to better success.

    All the volumes are full of information. I’ll see which volume is my priority.

    1. Hello, Christine…

      Thanks for the kind words. These SMART IM Checklists will definitely help the newbie out as well as the seasoned marketer. They are designed to be used easily as a part of the daily routine and can keep you focused and on track. 

      You are right on increased productivity and success too. While using them will not guarantee anything, if you implement the tasks mentioned in them, you will increase your chances of success greatly. That is the thing I like about having them around me daily as I go about my work.

      I also have found using them for planning my day, week, and the month of work is helpful. I am limited in hours I want to spend working on the business, and I use VAs to help out, so any other tool that helps make sure I keep everything organized and rolling is appreciated.

      Please do stop in again and see what else is coming up for the SMART IM Tools brand. These checklists are just one of many products, training, and tools we have in store for online marketers. We also will be opening an affiliate program to help people make some commissions while it helps us grow faster.


      Dave : )

  37. Hey David,

    Looks like you have quite a product there ready for launch. It looks like you have put in a lot of work to put these resources together. I don’t usually buy a lot of checklist products. I like that you have given snippets of the product and outlined what to expect. 

    I may look into getting it because I do need help with certain areas of marketing, such as youtube. I planned on investing in a video guru’s online course about it. The problem was that other marketing promotions got my attention and I decided to invest in that as well as dropshipping. 

    I’m finding the ecommerce can be incredibly profitable if you have the startup money to invest in it to go all in. I would like to hear more about the new features that you are working on as I think they could be very useful. It looks like your youtube channel is growing very well. I wish you future success in this new product launch and look forward to the upgrades.

    1. Hi Again, Daniel!

      These are something I initially thought would be of little use to me, but over time, I came to see just how much they could speed up my production when cranking out this or that for the online business. I am all about automating or making things simpler or faster.

      The SMART IM Checklists or similar versions can be found out there on the internet, but once we open the SMART IM Tools Academy up people will save huge sums of money. The reason is that they will get access to a whole slate of tools and training for one low monthly cost.

      The things available are not intended to replace sites like Wealthy Affiliate or Builderall, rather to complement them and help the marketer do more with the platforms. For other online marketing segments, the site will also be useful…

      I am heavily into Drop Shipping. We have 20 niche or general stores and we have a team of VAs that help me keep them all running. They do marketing, content creation (posts and video), and even some of the backend maintenance.

      Great seeing you here again, all the best and have fun. Looking forward to a great 2019 for us all!


      Dave : )

  38. Hi Dave

    Thanks for explaining in details how the SMART IM tool works, not only did u hit the nail on the head while explaining, you also blew me away with the low cost for just $97…. Wow…. to be honest you have done a great job.

    Im looking forward to getting myself all volumes because i know its worth it…..

    Thanks alot keep doing what you do best


    1. Hi There, Seun!

      Glad to hear the SMART IM Checklist Volumes can help you out. I know that they have been very much in my daily use for one thing or another. It helps keep me on track and they serve also as a historical set of documents as I use them. I save the digital versions with any notes/changes or additions I may have made to the lists, and can use them to look at what I have done before.

      Over time it makes things go a lot faster for my work. They are very versatile and can also be used for training posts, or even coaching and mentoring programs. They can be incorporated into training courses, and perhaps into lead magnets, reports, or even an eBook.

      The payment gateway should be cleared today or tomorrow so people can but these, whether they need one volume or all twelve. Please do stop by again and see what else new is coming (lots in the pipeline for users of the SMART IM Tools)…


      Dave : ) 

  39. Wow the benefits of IM checklist are endless.I am pretty sure that i for one have to dig deeper in this topic because i am confident that once i master it, my online business can grow and i can be more organized when it comes to developing my thoughts and ideas . Thanks very much for sharing 

    1. Hey There, Jamiro…

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. These checklists can really help you stay focused and get things done and stay away from doing things that do not have to be done. Bottom line is they will help you work more efficiently.

      Please do stop by again and see what the reviews from buyers are saying, I do believe that there will be a warm reception for the checklist volumes. Also, you may want to check on the affiliate program we will soon open. This is a chance to get in early and make some good commissions.


      Dave : )

  40. I think you just have over-delivered with this one, Dave. I checked on the link and the sales page, and it really overwhelmed me with so much value, the kind of value that’s superseding the price. And these are the exact checklist that I need, to prevent me from going wayward to nowhere with my Internet marketing. Count me in, I just pondering whether to go monthly or annually with the payment. Thanks.

    1. Hello, Gomer…

      Yes, these volumes of checklists and training are quite extensive and growing. I hope to be able to add one volume a month for another year at least, There are really that many tasks that can be covered. 

      If you checked the price, you will see that the price drops considerably for bundles as well. I want to get the products out to others quickly too, so I have added these into our soon-opening affiliate program.

      That will help people make some money for themselves and get the products rolling quickly I think. I do not mind sharing the monetary benefits of creating these tools…

      Please check back soon, I am hoping that we can add the new payment gateway very soon. The weather is holding us up, believe it or not! 


      Dave : )  

  41. This is very informative thanks for the great information dave. Your website is well layed out and i really like the topics you presented thank you for ytaking you time with this great checklist this was a big help to us in our research really appreciate this. Can you tell me which on your review was the one u liked the best? is there any specific reason why you feel like it is the best? thank you dave for your great work looking forward to your next post

    1. Hey There, Advisght (like that name!)…

      Thanks for the kudos regarding the website, we keep trying to make it simpler and more effective, as we all do. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but valuable content that is easy to access. We will continue to work in this direction, as we are with the SMART IM Tools.

      I like many of the checklists, but probably use a few more than others, just for the fact that I am dealing in these subjects more regularly. The ones I use most would be video marketing and email marketing at the moment. I use video for social marketing and for IM explainer videos, and I use email marketing for e-commerce and for IM tools and promotions too.

      The rest of the checklists in the SMART IM Checklist Volumes are perhaps as important if not more important. I ay this because when I do not get involved as much in some of the tasks for my online marketing I tend to forget what all has to be done. That is when the SMART IM Checklists REALLY come in handy!

      Please do stop by again, we are very close now to being able to get these going full bull. I am waiting to get the LLC paperwork/approval (yes we are opening a separate company for the SMART IM Tools brand), and when we do, I will announce it here.


      Dave : ) 

  42. Dave I am so impressed by these checklists. I am such a scatter brain when in comes to being organized in all the things I do. I tend to jump all over the place so these checklists will be absolutely lifesaving for me. I can’t wait to get my copy. I already use JVZOO , Warrior Plus, Commission Gorilla. and Canva .However your checklists will help me to stay more focused and on track as I use them. You have hit on a very big need for many people so I wish you all the best in the ongoing sales. It was a good idea to share it with the Wealthy Affiliate community too. 

    Thank you for all the work you have done in putting this together. 

    1. Hi There, Judy…

      Thanks for the compliment, I do appreciate a stop-by at my site and the comment. I am like you when it comes to getting things done. I have so many interests that I need to have some structure as these lists provide. They can really help in so many situations.

      Like you as well, I use the many platforms out there, but the checklists are part of my regimen as I use them and it keeps me from missing one or more task as I use them. There has been more than one occasion when they have kept me from screwing up badly.

      I think that people with the Wealthy Affiliate community and others doing any kind of online work can use one or more volumes of these checklists. As you say, likely not all of the volumes, but one or more certainly. These days, even bricks and mortar operations have to maintain a presence online, so they can use these checklists.


      Dave : )

  43. Hi Dave

    Totally agree with you here, having a clear set of tasks and a checklist to tick off is very useful.so much time can be saved as not having clear direction can have you jumping from one task to another with getting very little done. Or worse even could leave you with the constant feeling of not knowing where to start.

    I like your offer here and especially like the grandfathered in prices. The content covers so many elements I will be seriously considering your offer. Especially interested in the Canva section.

    1. G’day Dianne…

      Super to hear that you may have an interest in the SMART IM Checklists. I use them all the time for my business and they do help quite a bit. They keep me focused and on task (no pun intended) and I add notes that help for some of the areas as I do not use all those checklists all the time. It is like a running record of what has been happening with the business.

      Please do stop back as we roll out more tools and also get the affiliate program up and running. There is also a whole series of products that you will be able to promote and once you are approved as an affiliate, you can gety paid on all these products. 

      This means that if you send someone to look at the checklists, and they end up buying other products, you will also get a commission on the other products too. Some will be recurring such as the lead magnet kits or the membership site, so lots of opportunities to earn good commissions.


      Dave : )   


  44. Thanks for the article. I use checklists nearly every day to keep myself on track and moving forward until I get done the things I need to. It’s a wonderful way to keep myself organized, otherwise I can get kind of scatterbrained and fall of in my productivity. Organization is key to building a successful anything! This was incredibly thorough and I can tell you are really behind the product 100%! Thanks again.

    1. Hi, Steve!

      Thanks for popping through, first of all, and it is good to read about others that have had the same experiences that I have had over the years. I have been in many market segments and in many organizations, small to huge, and having systems and such checklists were vital in all of them.

      In the online marketing world, I have seen renditions of such checklists, but generally, they focus on a particular line of training or a specific traffic method, etc. I have seen the need for a comprehensive set of checklists broken down by area as these provide for the online marketer.

      Most definitely I and my team are behind this SMART IM Checklist product(s) and all the other tools that we are developing. Adding value to the marketer is what this is all about, and doing it at a reasonable price while doing so is important.

      I have seen training programs and offers out there that come in at high prices, and although I do understand, as a lot of work goes into preparing such courses, these days the market demands that we do more for less and while doing so give tremendous value.

      That is what this SMART IM Tools brand is all about and also what the checklists are about. We will be adding to the volumes over the coming months, and the lucky marketers that choose to become a member of our soon to be opened membership site will have access to them all! More to come…


      Dave : )  

  45. Wow. Dave again. Well David Sweeney has been busy.

    Reviewing the SMART IM  CHECKLISTS, I discovered that it’s not a thing to study in one day.

    The benefits here is so numerous that I would recommend it even before reading to the end. One part that caught my attention was when he talked about how important this is to Affiliate marketers

    Means I’m getting one.

    Thanks David Sweeney.

    1. Hey There, Dhayours…

      It is great that you have taken the time to have a look at all three of the SMART IM Tools related posts. It means a lot to me as it tells me I and the team are on the right track with what we are developing. Over the next few days we will be tidying up some of the open tasks so we can start in earnest getting these SMART IM Checklists as well as the other tools deployed.

      We are doing a soft launch of everything rolled out so far, and that includes these checklists, the lead magnet kits, and the affiliate program for the SMART IM Tool brand and products. It is a lot of moving pieces, and a lot of work. No matter, I know at the end we will have the ability to help a lot of people with their online marketing endeavors.

      These checklists cover some of the main areas of business that people in online marketing must deal with, either regularly or on occasion. Using them in tandem with actually carrying out the tasks will help keep the person on task and help avoid mistakes or missed tasks.

      They also will keep the focus on the tasks at hand. It is so easy to get distracted when working online. Everything from messages to emails gets in the way. Phone calls, family (if working from home as many online marketers do), or the TV all can get in the way.

      Using the checklists will allow you to quickly pick up from where you left off when you do get other things that get in the way. Add to that the fact that you can make notes or add in tasks as you may need for your particular requirements, and you have a resource that will help you again and again.

      This is why I feel these are an investment in a tool that will bring real benefits to your online business program. They are not something that will be downloaded and forgotten, assuming that you are serious about doing the business and are looking for ways to get more done.


      Dave : )  

  46. Checklists are a great way to make sure you are getting everything that you need done.  I can see that you put a lot of work into making these checklists in order to help other marketers and such a great review of your own product.  This sounds like a great deal with a lot of information.   You offer a lot of extras as well, making this a really great deal.  If marketers want to be successful they will be sure to love a deal like this.

    1. Hello, Andy…

      Yes a tremendous amount of work went into getting these published and ready for the market. I do not mind putting such an effort in, as I truly think that the SMART IM Checklists will help many people as they go about their online marketing business.

      Too often there are tools put there that either do not work at all or do not perform to the extent that is promised on the sales pages. These checklists are different. It is up to the user of course, but the basic data is there, and unlike many tools, this is not complicated to use.

      These checklists are intended to be used as a complementary tool to whatever the marketer may be doing. They can be used for checking, following through with a task as you get started for the first time, used to look back at what you have done at earlier stages for a particular area, etc.

      Just as with a journal, there are real advantages to documenting what you are doing, so later you can see what you have done, and when. Using these notes as a base to start from, you can improve further iterations of the task. That will help you do things smarter AND faster.


      Dave : ) 

  47. I don’t know quite where to begin. This is looks like an amazing product and you’ve done a ton of work. In fact, it is overwhelming and I think that is a problem with your post i.e. there’s just too much there to absorb. It appears to be a great way to get people organized because we’re not all naturally neat and organized in our daily work. That is particularly true of people trying to work from home with an internet based business so this will certainly keep you focused. 

    Of course, one problem with these kinds of systems is that they only work if you use them and many of us (myself included) get started with something like this and then the excitement fades away and we get back into our old rut so keeping your customers engaged with something this big could be a challenge.

    My experience with systems like this in the real estate brokerage world where we have various platforms to choose from to track our advertsing, leads, sales, closings, etc and they are very necessary if you’re a busy agent (which I’m not anymore, by choice)

    Having said all of that I think it is a great topic and should generate a lot interest.

    1. Hello, Joe…

      I have been accused of providing too much information in the past hehe. That is the nature of this particular set of products, however, so to give a fair review there is a LOT of information to absorb. You have grasped the main ‘why’ behind the SMART IM Checklists – the idea is to stay organized, focused, do the important things that matter, track your progress, and leave out the superfulous activities that add no value/are not necessary.

      Often due to information overload, people will get confused, overwhelmed, and possibly waste a lot of time getting little done or nothing done at all. These checklists are really an old school idea that taps into the technology and tools we have today to help prevent such paralysis.

      You are right that once the excitement wears off, people may forget about these checklists and just have them sit on their hard drives or somewhere else i.e. in a cloud storage area like PCloud or DropBox. My intention is that they really be used.

      Therefore we are adding in some additional training for them (for free) on the websites and also will be updating the total volumes available as we develop them. Once you get used to using something on a regular basis (like a smartphone) you kind of wonder how you got along wothout that thing.

      We truly believe that will be the case with SMART IM Checklists. They may not be used as often, but definitely they can serve several roles nicely and regularly for the online marketer. Yes I do think these will grow over time as they are evergreen (always applicable for use) and people will see the sense in adding them to their routines…


      Dave : )  

  48. I honestly feel like $97 is such a low price for lifetime access to the checklists and for the next two that you are going to be creating.  I have been doing this business for about 4 months.  I have two websites, so can I use them for as many websites as I have set up? (I’m not looking to add more right now but eventually I will – I just want to focus my energy on these right now).    

    So, can you message me (BabsieRocks) and tell me a little more about these?  I’m wanting to do as much as I can to set up a system.  I have somewhat of a system now, but I would love to learn from a more experienced marketer how to really take this to the next level.  I’m ambitious and I spend several hours daily working on my sites and marketing them.  

    Are these customizable lists?  I mean, can you add tasks, etc. to the existing lists?  Do you actually check off when you have completed the tasks?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hello, Babsie!

      Thanks so much for stopping by…I always appreciate people who find their way to the website, and try to bring anough value to the table here to keep them here a long time plus have them come back, again and again! Hopefully this will be the case with you…

      The price is really not too bad when you consider that these checklists will be valuable throughout your time in the online marketing business. If you are like me, there are times when I will not enter into a particular area of the business often…When I do have to get something done in such an area, I pull out the checklists…

      These then help me focus quickly on the main points of the task, and as I complete each I can check them off, make notes for my personal use, and of course, save these all for the next time. It is like writing your own resource as you use them again and again, refining them for exactly your needs based on your business.

      The best thing I think would befor you to drop me a comment here regarding further questions on the SMART IM Checklists as I do not want to use other platforms for answering such questions without permission. That would violate the polcies in some cases.

      These checklists are very versatile by design. They can be printed, used with Excel or Google Docs, and you can add in any personal notes and extra tasks that you may have based on your particular business. Of course you can save them too, so you will have a good set of historical data that grows as time goes on.

      Best of luck with your online marketing business and for 2019 in general!


      Dave : )   

  49. Hey David, 

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article on “SMART IM” as you’ve provided us with lots of useful information. Affiliate Marketing I’m general is one of the best ways to make passive income online. Smart IM is a wonderful platform where you get access to top quality training resources and you can make money with it if your a hard worker. This platform worked for me and I’m really happy with the progress I’m making with it. 

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this post. Keep up the good work David! 

    1. Good Day, AV…

      Thanks for stopping by and I am glad to hear that you are making good use of the SMART IM Tool platform. It is designed for any online marketer to be able to use and leverage to grow their business faster and using a combination of smarter autmation tools along with some old-fashioned ideas that have worked for years.

      Please do keep checking in as we add more and more new products to the stable of SMART IM Tools, we have a bunch of them lined up to roll out month after month. Together, they will help every member grow faster. Also as we grow in numbers, there will be a chance to interact with other successful marketers.


      Dave : )

  50. Wow this is a very thought out checklists. I have started my online marketing journey and I wish I came across your checklist. Right now I have been jumbling through out what all the gurus told me to do. Basically, I only got a hang of a lot of things but only the surface. Good price for a one time fee. Will consider. 

    1. Hello, Nuttanee…

      Thanks for popping through! There has been some good feedback already, although this is a new line of products for us that is freshly available in the market. These checklists are drill downs of all the various tasks an online marketer has to complete by subject. 

      As such, they can be useful for a single set of tasks within a general subject area, or they can be useful for tracking everything there is to get done within a subject area (i.e. a volume). There will be marketers that do not need all the volumes, only 2-3, or maybe 6.

      This is where we decided to build in the flexibility with the purchase packages we offer. Those that want the entire set will get the best price, while those that need only a few, or even one, will pay a higher price per volume, but less that they would pay for the entire set.

      I can only state that from my own experience, using checklists and a calendar or journal to track whet you are doing or have to do helps you get things done, In my case, as a young lad, I used time-management techniques to get the most done in the least amount of time. This also helped me stay on task.

      These checklists are based on those experiences, and down tthe road you will see other similar tools offered that will do the same in other areas of conducting business, whether online or offline. There SMART IM Checklists are sets of tasks that are similar for both, epwcially these days when so many people are shopping and making choices for places to shop and visit offline through online sources.    

      We also want to help people actually use these checklists, so look for complementary training that will be available for a small add-on fee soon. The idea is to get people to start using a system to get things done in an orderly and progressive manner, i.e. start the business, get things established, experience some successes, then scale up the operation.


      Dave : )

  51. Smart IM checklists is an extremely comprehensive and thorough set of instructions to assist any level of internet marketer.  You did a good job in your review of explaining the contents and the advantages of checklists.

    Also offering this product in a number of different formats is truly a desirable feature.  The option to purchase either one or multiple checklists is attractive to a potential buyer.

    You did a very good job in outlining what a person can expect from their purchase.  The bonuses are also a meaningful addition to this offer.  

    Thanks for explaining this in so much detail.

    All the Best,


    1. Hi, Joseph…

      Thanks for the kudos, they are appreciated. The thought process behind putting these together is how can we best help the online marketer get things done. Too often I see lots of shiny objects offered to marketers that simply will not work or will not work as advertised.

      These SMART IM Checklists are one way that we are fighting back against this phenomenon and trying to provide real value to the online marketer. Note that they will also be useful for offline business owners as the two worlds have somewhat meshed with the use of smartphones, etc.

      Have a great day and stop by again! We have a whole series of exciting products that are being rolled out under the SMART IM Tools brand, and they are all designed, as are the SMART IM Checlists, to make the online marketer’s world a bit easier.


      Dave : )

  52. wow thanks for reviewing SMART IM checklist, with all these information I think I am interested in this product in order to enable me improve my online business.please how will I pay to have access to the checklist volumes?It is really an opportunity to come across this post because I have seen a product that will help me learn how to maximize my sales.

    1. Good Day, Lok…

      No problem on reviewing these SMART IM Checklists, I feel like I know them pretty well by now hehe. They are helpful for the online marketer in a number of situations, and truthfully, I think are a good addition for many. It can be a bit overwhelming when starting out with all that has to be done.

      These checklists make it much easier to step-by-step go through and take care of the essentials in each area, and get a viable online marketing business up and running. Even if you are a member of a trusted site such as Wealthy Affiliate, these can be helpful.

      They complement many such site’s training programs, and can help get you on the right path. I know when I started with online marketing, there were some bad players out there that were more interested in taking my money than helping me. Wealthy Affiliate is not such a site, but they are still around.

      I am introducing a whole series of products that will support marketers wuch as yourself with these typoe of tools, products, training, and services over and above those offered on other sites. The users will be able to get more done with the same amount of time or have more time for other things. It is all about automation wherever possible!

      Please do stop by again, as we are adding to our product library and even have a membership site that is launching soon where you can get tremendous value for the money!


      Dave : )

  53. Hi Dave 

    This is actually a great idea!

    Having a short list that guides you in this business is brilliant 

    The product review is very detailed and to be honest makes you quite scared with the scale of the work to be done.

    I suggest you divide it by levels and steps a bit like WA does in their program.

    On and all it’s something I will look into when i’m a bit more into this game

    Good job

    1. Hey there, Bruno…

      Thanks for the kudos, they are appreciated. Also thanks for stopping by, I always like to see new people coming through! 

      Yes if you notice, the SMART IM Checklists are available as a single volume (covers one subject) or sets of 3, 6, or all 12. There will be some that do not apply to some marketers, or perhaps thay are already adept in oone or more areas, so they have no need for one or more of the volumes.

      The idea is to grow these over time, and provide  fast and ready resource that can be accessed and used in a number if ways for an online marketer’s business. 


      Dave : )

  54. You have come up with a very nice ideas that will go far in helping us to do better in our individual sites  you have put everything in very detailed ways and .it will be easier to be able to start online businesses and be able to follow it at ease know you have nice website where you can go for assistance if the need be

    1. Hello, Charles…

      Thanks much for the positive comment, I do appreciate it. That is the exact point of creating these SMART IM Checklists. They offer an easy point of reference that you can quickly refer to when you run into an area of online marketing that you may not be familiar with. Rather than having to do a lot of research, you have the data you need at your fingertips. 

      Note we are working on more such checklists and the total number of volumes will increase over time to cover every important aspect of online marketing (that will take a good while hehe)…Please do stop by again and look at the new editions plus check out the other SMART IM Tools selections we are adding too.    


      Dave : )

  55. This seems like a pretty sweet deal! I’m currently an affiliate marketer and know someone who might be interested but I don’t have near enough time to teach them, like at all. You have so much content on here, how long did it take you to make all these Smart IM checklists? I’ve used Canva before, I really really recommend it for people needing good graphics for social media, great tool!

    1. Hi, Nate…

      I have been working with other IM folk out there and have managed to pull in resources that I think are necessary for conducting online business in an efficient manner. The whole SMART IM Tools program is described