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2017 11 07 1900 - PerkZilla Review - A Tool You Will Use


PerkZilla is a new tool that virtually every online marketer can use for their business. It is no secret that viral campaigns can get you a lot of attention and traffic quickly, and at little to no cost for you. This tool helps you quickly get a number of viral campaigns running, track all of them, and tap into this powerful source of free traffic.

Using the web-based tool you have an easy and practical way to organize and control all your contests and viral campaigns from one central location. It also provides you stats so you can track what is working and what is not working. You can quickly edit any campaigns from one location if they are not performing as expected.


NAME OF PRODUCT:             PerkZilla

DEVELOPER:                          Promote Labs, Inc

COST OF PRODUCT:               3 Options: Starter ($67), Growth ($97), and Unlimited ($197)

MY RATING:                           10/10

SUMMARY OF RATING:        Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - PerkZilla Review - A Tool You Will Use

 2017 11 07 1900 - PerkZilla Review - A Tool You Will Use


PerkZilla is a viral campaign creation and management tool that allows you to effectively create viral campaigns together and get the attention of people wanting and willing to provide their names and emails for your lead lists.

I bought the unlimited version of this tool and tried it myself over the last 2 months. Based on my experience I can say safely tell you that this tool is an extremely cost-effective route to increasing awareness of your brand, increasing your sales, and more leads.


“Having used PerkZilla now for 2 months, I can report that PerkZilla is well worth the cost. We have had excellent results with three campaigns to date and I am sold on this tool!” Dave Sweney, Online Marketer and Entrepreneur, 7 Nov 2017


Here is a short video explaining why you need this tool:



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In case you want to know more….Please read on…

Who Are The Developers?

I have reviewed many products from the developers. They are Promote labs, and they have many useful and practical tools that I use daily for my online marketing business. They always come up with catchy names for their tools (hence PerkZilla).

I like that they offer online marketers practical tools that work and also they always offer lifetime access at a one-time cost during launch periods. That is the best time to get in, but their products offer high value no matter when you buy them.


If you need to find new ways to get more traffic, more leads and more sales, this tool is a no-brainer!


Why Do You Need Such A Tool?

Viral contests are proven winners when it comes to getting free or low-cost traffic to your website, your offers, or to your promotions.

The problem has always been that the entry cost can be quite high. If you run more than a few, you will see that a considerable amount of money is tied up in the services that set them up and run them for you.

This tool is a game-changer in that you pay the cost one time, and you have access to the tool that allows many contests to be set up and running at one time with no additional money.

This new tool helps you tap into the power of viral contests at an extremely low cost over time…Let’s drill down a bit…


Key Features of PerkZilla:

2017 11 07 1822 - PerkZilla Review - A Tool You Will Use

(1) Easy To Use Dashboard. There are training videos that walk you through the setup and use of the tool that is easy to follow and understand. All the basic tools you expect to have with a viral tool such as this

(2) Tracks Actions Of Participants. The tool tracks how the tool is doing for you and you can see what is working or not, and make changes on-the-fly from one location.

(3) Easy to Set Up Supporting Tools. You can connect with the commonly used AutoResponders or add yours easily. Also, it provides templates for messages depending on the contest you are developing

(4) Send Out Follow Up Update Messages. It provides templates for messages depending on the contest you are developing

(5) Can Be Used With Social Platforms for Maximum Exposure. This tool integrates seamlessly with the social platforms to get maximum exposure for your viral campaigns.


I have added a short explainer video to show you how it works live directly below…




PerkZilla does have a high entry cost compared to other offers you may see out there, but it is like buying a car. You need something that is dependable and will just work. Buy cheap and get cheap – you have something that cannot do what it claims (I see this a LOT in the online marketing word).

This is why for me there are no cons for this tool. It offers a great deal of value that will deliver over time. The pros are many and there is no reason not to secure this tool for yourself today. If you are serious about your online business, you need this tool

OK, at this point, your next question likely is this…




Yes, there is one upsells over the three levels of the package you can select from. That is a lead magnet package of 25 fresh magnet packages you can use to giveaway for your viral campaigns you create with PerkZilla. It comes at $97 one time and offers good value if you need these.

Note you do NOT need this upgrade to have a fully functional viral campaign tool. PerkZilla works well just as it is being sold in the front end.



Here are just a few ways you can start using PerkZilla today:


** Create a viral campaign for your  BLOG to drive traffic to your website and get new leads.

**  Run a special PROMO for a sale or a limited-time offer in your e-commerce store.

**  RECOMMEND a new product or service, use PerkZilla to get attention to the offer.

**  Get the word out about you – ANNOUNCE your capabilities and get some buzz going amongst niche members.

**  Hiring? You can run a contest (we did and it works!)  ADVERTISE the vacancy and link to the application form using a contest.

**  Are you running an online STORE?  Viral contests are a great way to get more attention (for free) to your website and increase sales using coupons of one-time savings, or maybe a first-time customer saving offer, or maybe offer free shipping.


The list could go on and on….Literally, the uses of this tool are ENDLESS and you are only limited by your creativity.



PerkZilla is a tool that brings down the cost long term for viral campaigns to a level that has not been possible to now. It is a game-changer for online marketers, who can now tap into the power that viral campaigns have in online marketing.



Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - PerkZilla Review - A Tool You Will Use




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I have created a special bonus page for this offer that I would like you to have a look at if you have any doubts (Click HERE Or On The Image Below)…


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