2018 12 19 1257 - Writing Your First EBook
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Writing ebooks has become quite common, but how to write an ebook isn’t so straightforward.

Ebooks can be life-changing. If you want a steady stream of side income, or if you want to take the first big step in your career as a writer, writing an ebook is a great place to begin.

Lots of writers (and would-be writers) recognize that but have yet to get started on their own ebook. Perhaps you’re one of them: you’re not sure where to begin, or you’re worried about how you’ll find the time.


How do you write Your First eBook?

The art of self-discipline demands that you get down to tasks as soon as they arise. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. get down to planning and writing your book.

Pick a niche that you are passionate and choose what you want to write about.

Writing an ebook requires a total commitment so if you are not passionate about what you are writing about, chances are, you are most likely going to send the drafts into the dustbin and forget about them altogether.

If you pick a niche that you enjoy and somewhat your expertise then everything will go smoothly and handy when it comes to producing something epic for your readers.

Set SMART goals and stick to them.

Goals keep us on track. Writing an eBook should be taken as one’s dream career sort of, and hence the need to have clearly set objectives for your new venture.

Set realistic and attainable goals with time limits.

Make an action plan. At first, you might feel overwhelmed with the thought of writing your own first ever eBook but when this is broken down to smaller actionable sections, it appears very possible.

For example, you can make a plan on writing one chapter of your book a week. Take some days for your research and other days for your actual writing.

Block out scheduled writing time.

Set aside at least 2 hours a day to work on your book. The tasks could include researching, drafting, and writing. Do not edit your work at this time. Just allow the flow of ideas to go on smoothly without disruptions.

Start with an Outline.

Start writing in an outline form, do not just jump into the hefty task first, without a proper compass that will direct you where you should go next. Where applicable, you can also include subheadings. What are you planning to include in each of the outlined chapters?

Use the right brainstorming and outlining tools.

Use a mind map to get your ideas on paper. Use Pat Flynn’s sticky note method to brainstorm. If you’re more of a linear thinker, use a tool like WorkFlowy to pound out an outline.

Set a total word count.

Make a plan on how many words do you want your eBook to sum up. Depending on the scope of your book, you can have an eBook with as low as 10000 words to as high as 100000 words count. Then set a time goal on how long you would like to be writing your book, e.g. two months, six months etc.

Set Weekly Goals and Meet them and stick to your plans.

Go through your work.

If you stick to your goals, chances are your book will be ready in about two months or less time. Duration largely depends on your commitment and the length of your book. After your book is done, read through it again and again, rewrite where necessary. You may also need to re-organize your thoughts.

Look for an editor.

Do not publish your own work, if it has not undergone through the hands of an editor. Some errors slip through our eyes when we are proofreading our own work, no matter how keen to details we believe we are. Find a third party who is a professional editor to refine your work. You may need to have a budget for this, or you can ask a friend to help out. You can also hire one freelance editor or writer.


Things To Avoid

In order for you to have a high selling cost for your eBook then make one that is high quality, relevant and has valuable content. Remember that an eBook is taken more seriously than a normal blog post, no matter how long it is. And given the fact that it carries your name, you would want to avoid anything that will degrade your authorship brand.  Below is a list of mistakes that you need to avoid to write successfully your first eBook,

  • Being Your Own Proofreader.

Never make yourself as your own proofreader. As a writer, you are the world’s worst proofreader for your own work. Find someone who is experienced enough in proofreading or talk an expert friend to help you out. A third eye will be able to spot mistakes which you couldn’t tell as a writer.

  • Only Thinking as a Writer and not a Publisher.

An independent author’s role is not only about writing your book, but you also need to do everything that a publishing house does. Think and plan how you want your book to perform in the market. Come up with a great team… Cover designer, content editor, managerial editor, copy editor, testimonials in-charge, marketing in-charge, hard-core critique, launch facilitator, etc.

For a writer who wants to write your first eBook, you need to deliver a great and competitive product to the market. Millions of books are already published so you need a great plan, idea, and strategy for you to stand out.

  • Choosing a Topic that you think is profitable but you have no idea and interest in it.

Here’s the key to success: Always go for something you are passionate about. Think about your hobbies, interests or about something where you are expert about

  • Thinking that you are good enough and doesn’t need an editor.

Every writer needs an editor. We can never be perfect when it comes to our grammar and so as with some typographical errors. Editing can sometimes be very expensive but if you have some connections or friends who could help you out in editing at a very low cost.

  • Not Editing and Rewriting your own Work.

Prior to submitting your work to the editor review your book a couple of times first until you’re sure that your book is worth someone’s time. Omit sentences or paragraphs that are meaningless. By reviewing your book several times. The contents will get in your head and the message will be clearer.

  • Being Your Own Book Cover Designer.

You are pretty the worst applicant for this job. Outsource this service from relatively cheap designers on freelancing sites like Freelance, Upwork, Fiverr etc.

Other considerations…

We also can create a design for you if you need such a service. We have a team of people that are working our SMART IM Lead Magnets (see link below to learn more) and they also take on external jobs such as designing covers and even the layout of an entire book.

This is a separate section of our company that is called Soaring Eagle LLC. We are a USA based company that works out of Minnesota. We have teams for different areas of online marketing support and even one team that does nothing but support offline and online business with SMART Chatbots!

If you need some help, just ask in the comment section or through the chatbot on the site. We will get back with you and can prepare a quote based on your needs. We are here to help and like to involve ourselves with new projects and assist other entrepreneurs to succeed,

Getting back to the publishing, here is what we can offer you off the shelf…


A Suggested Framework To Follow

Our SMART IM Tools brand has a product called SMART IM Checklists that can help you as you plan and get started. I have a review of the entire set of checklists that we have for you (a total of 12 are in the set) but one focuses specifically on the publishing of ebooks.

The one that specifically addresses publishing is Volume 10…It has all the important subtasks and the checklist for each of those sub-tasks for you. using the checklists, you will easily be able to see how you are progressing and also make sure that you have not left anything out.

It is the set of checklists that I have used to publish all of our SMART IM Lead Magnet Kit books that we offer for online marketers, and it really helps you stay on task. I would not dream of not using it for each and every book that I write! There have been many checklists, but this one is based on my own experiences.

These also come in different formats so you can use them in a number of ways – choose the one that suits you best and have at it! I use printed out versions, as I am old-school, but I am sure many people would prefer the digital versions as they can be easily marked up and saved online.


Here are some more details about this checklist volume…



2018 12 19 1257 212x300 - Writing Your First EBook

SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 – Self Publishing

A complete guide to getting your ebook from an idea to a product!

Checklist 1 – Book Planning Checklist
Checklist 2 – Book Writing Checklist
Checklist 3 – Book Cover Checklist
Checklist 4 – Book Publishing Checklist
Checklist 5 – Book Marketing Checklist
Checklist 6 – Createspace Upload Checklist
Checklist 7 – Lulu Upload Checklist
Checklist 8 – Nook Upload Checklist
Checklist 9 – Kindle Upload Checklist
Checklist 10 – Amazon Advertising Checklist
Checklist 11 – Book Online Advertising Checklist
Checklist 12 – Giveaway Model Book Funnel
Checklist 13 – Free Plus Shipping Model Book
Checklist 14 – Traditional Book Selling Model
Checklist 15 – Local Book Launch Checklist
Checklist 16 – Online Book Launch Checklist
Checklist 17 – Book Lead Generation / Sales
Checklist 18 – Book Backend Checklist
Checklist 19 – Book Speaking Gigs Checklist
Checklist 20 – Book Translation Checklist


Here are some features:

  • Variety of Formats For Access As You Need To Best Use Them – There are 4 formats you can download. 

It is easy to find one that works for your site, and you can edit them as well. You can hover over any of the templates and see how each page will look.

  • Ongoing Support Via Facebook Business Page and a Membership Site (eventual)

The platform will gently remind members if they don’t have access and asks if they’d like to upgrade – it then will present the exact sales page of the package or offer they’re looking for. If you have purchased the checklist you will get access to that particular forum and support pages.


Here are a couple of example pages of the checklists that you will get when you purchase this volume:


Checklist 1: Book Planning

2019 03 17 1535 300x279 - Writing Your First EBook

(Click to Enlarge)


Checklist 5: Book Marketing

2019 03 17 1537 300x292 - Writing Your First EBook

(Click To Enlarge)


As you can see, this volume of checklists has a huge number of topics it covers, and these are the ones that you really need to consider as you get started writing that ebook! It provides a solid framework for you from start to publishing, plus addresses the marketing after publishing…


If you would like to purchase this volume, here is the product sales page link:


SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 Self Publishing

Bottom Line…

We’ve gone through the basic steps of what it takes to get your first e-book planned for, written, proofed, and published in broad brush-strokes in this article. It can be done as you see, and it is not an insurmountable task. My advice is to get started, that is often the hardest part.

After reading through this, you do have an idea of what you are facing. Use the SMART IM Checklist I mention to make sure that you have covered each step, and use it as a final check before publishing, and especially use it to market that e-book after it is published!

Best of luck and have fun, it is a really good feeling when you have your first best-seller out for the public to purchase and have them enjoy your creation! Let me know below what your experiences have been and of course, we are all here to learn, so if you have tips, add them for everyone! Thanks ahead of time!


Dave : )  

26 thoughts on “Writing Your First EBook

  1. I was toldone of the ways to earn a passive income is to be a content writer which I applied for online and the first work I got is to write an ebook. Although since yesterday when u got that work I have been making some research on how to write ebook and make mine stand out but despite the result I’m getting I’m more satisfied with the one I got from this site. I will follow your guidelines and I know i will  write one of the best ebook.

    1. Hi, Lok…

      The planning for an ebook is a must or it will likely be hard to get a product published that will go anywhere, a in people buying and reading it. Most certainly there are different paths that people take to getting a book out to market, but especially for those that may not have done it before the SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 can really help.

      I have tried cover some of the considerations in this short post, but there are a lot of details that needs to be taken care of. This checklist is one that I also use for our teams of people that create the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits we offer. The list helps make sure we have everything included.

      No matter what path you choose, having a plan and outline will help, so I do wish you well with your ebook contract, and our checklust set in volume 10 is there if you need it!


      Dave : )

  2. Thanks for writing this article on writing your first e-book. I must first commend you for a wonderful well done job in this article,it so full of information and educative point to know when writing e-book. Writing an e-book is not a work in the pack because without the require skill and resources at your disposal is not going to be possible.before know I always think is something I can’t do but after reading this article am having the idea that I can do it

    1. Good Day, Ajibola…

      You can definitely write a book, I think most people have a story to tell. It depends on the subject and the time you may have, plus the purpose behind your book as to how it will be shaped and eventually, published. There are a lot of considerations, as I point out in this short article.

      Writing a book is something that many people dream about, but they have trouble moving the dream into reality, as it is not as simple as you might think. On the other hand, it can be done by anyone, and the steps involved can be accomplished one by one.

      I have met a lot of people that wanted to write a ook. They just did not know how to go about it. The checklist that we have created will help show clearly from start to finish what is involved these days. It is not like before where you had to work with a company, you cando it yourserlf in large part unlike the earlier days.

      Our SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 Self Publishing is a perfect complement to whatever other tools a writer may be using, because it is a checklist that is generic in many ways. It will work for many sorts of content projects. I use it for Lead Magnets, for short reports, and white papers, for instance.  

      Good luck with your ebook and other published content, have some fun with it!


      Dave : )

  3.  One really make a living by writing and Editting posts . The first time in chose to write a poem , it was a free flow of inspiration and inborn wish . The problem i faced was the choice of words and the rhymes . I tool my time to do a lot researches asking questions online and reading widely read books. It was the beginning of my writing and editing. The tips I got from this post is also going to help me further in my quest to writing a good book.

    1. Good Day, Olalekan…

      Glad that the article will help you. most certainly the checklist volume we offer will help too. The SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 is all about self-publishing, and all the many steps involved are covered in the checklists from planning to the marketing after you have published your masterpiece.

      Please do stop back again when you are ready to get started with your ebook, we will be standing by and ready to get you the tools you need to get it done! 


      Dave : )

  4. Great post, I’ve been wanting to write and publish a couple ebooks for awhile now. Even if there just a couple evergreen ebooks that could generate some extra income. Your right when you say coming up with a plan and just getting started is the best way to get started. Thanks for the checklist resource as well, I’m definitely going to use it.

    1. Hi, Nekko…

      The dream of writing a book or an ebook is something that most people have. I have often heard the expressions “You have a book inside you!” or “You could write a book!” or even “When are you going to write a book about this stuff?” bantered about between people in conversations all over the place and in all walks of life.

      There are a lot of great stories out there, and in the days before it was so easy to get a book published, most of them were passed on by word of mouth, as has been done for 1000s of years. Nowadays, this has changed, and it is relatively easy to get a book published.

      The key for me is making sure that what you build is more than just checking the block so you can say you have an ebook published. Getting on the bestseller list, having people talk about your book and ideas, persuading people to make decisions on your content, these are keys that lie behind publishing a book.

      This is where our SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 comes in. Self-publishing is an easy thing, yet to do it effectively so you make an impact is a little more complex of a project that you will have to work your way through. The checklists help so much with that process.

      I wish you the best of luck on getting your book published, and do let us know here how it is coming along. You can make money from publishing books, but having the right mindset and also the right tools means that your brilliant ideas will get out to more people and be listened to! That is where SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 Self Publishing comes in!


      Dave : )

  5. Smart IM checklist is really a good key to a successful and detailed r book writing. I started writing my e book not long ago. Initially, I found it boring because I had no checklist that could be a guide for me. Not long after I got the Smart I M checklist,  everything became easier for me. Smart IM checklist contains exclusive checklists which makes it easier for me in writing my e book. 

    1. Hi, Kenechi…

      Glad that we were able to help you out. We have many happy users of the SMART IM Checklist Volume 10 – Self Publishing now, and we also get some good comments on the supporting forum that we started when we launched the product.

      Writing a book is a dream that many people have. The hard part is getting from that dream to an actual ebook that people can buy, read, and enjoy. That is where we come in. Our checklist is like a road map from start to finish. t makes the process so much easier.

      Please spread the word and do use that set of checklists as you create all your e-books, whether for the business you are in or for personal use too. They work in any niche and for any length of a book. The thing that sets the checklists apart is that they have been tested and proven to be effective.


      Dave : )

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece. I’m grateful to you for producing this lovely write post. I have produced 6-ebooks all on health niche till day, though mine was not because of passion but of necessity as a freelancer that depends on writing for living. I quite agree with all the steps you mentioned. One particular area in your post that struck me is where you said and I quote “Writing an ebook requires a total commitment so if you are not passionate about what you are writing about, chances are, you are most likely going to send the drafts into the dustbin and forget about them altogether.” That is the secret of successful e-book writing. Total commitment to the goal. Thanks

    1. Hi, Tolu…

      You are so right regarding the commitment part of what it takes to actually get a book completed and to market. Most people have no idea just how many steps are involved, nor what it takes to make some decent income and have an audience that is ready to buy what you create.

      These checklists found in the SMART IM Checklists Volume 10 – Self Publishing really do help all writers that are whether the newbie or even the more experienced writer such as yourself. Having 6 books published is quite an accomplishment and not many people have done that!

      Thanks for stopping by and adding in your experience to the comments, there are lessons to be learned every day and from everyone!


      Dave : )

  7. I really appreciate that you talked about blocking out time and making a schedule. That’s a big thing that some beginners don’t think about. You have to put in the time, and you really need to stay consistent. Start a routine and try to stick to it. 

    Thanks so much for this write-up!

    1. Hi, Buck…

      No problem at all, I do hope the article has opened the eyes on how to plan for and get their e-book masterpiece started and published. There are a lot of great thoughts and ideas out there and getting down in a book is one way to get them to others.

      Lots of people state that they want to write a book, but almost never follow through. Taking that first step is often the hardest. One way to make a micro-commitment is to buy the SMART IM Checklist Volume on Self Publishing.

      They will have an excellent guide for all phases of their dream and be able to follow all the steps in order to actually get that book out to the world! I know I use these checklists every month as I write the SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kit content to include the book.


      Dave : )

  8. These are great tips for writing an Ebook. I’ll be writing a few ebooks real soon for my businesses. Although, I won’t be writing anything like a novel or full book, I’ll be focused on short things like checklists (like the ones you have) and information booklets. Just a question, have you had experience publishing and writing a physical book? It’s something I’m looking into as well.

    1. Hey There, Kevin…

      Up to now, I only have published e-books, no hard copy editions. That could change soon because I am looking into what all is involved on that side. These days due to the ebooks, there is a lot more ways to get your content out there, but still, a hardcover and paperback book is something people still use and read.

      I wish you every success with your planned book, and let me know if there is any way I can help you out. Most certainly this is a way to get your name out to the world and pass on your wisdom. Plus it is a challenging project too and I like challenges!


      Dave : )

  9. I spent about an hour researching ebook creation today. I know I’d like to write one, but I am struggling. I don’t know that ebooks are very common in my niche because there are so many sites (including my own) offering all you really need to know for free. But I am not making hardly anything off affiliate marketing because commissions are too small, so I need to do something. Just not sure what to write that people will want to pay for, especially since my niche is filled with frugal people. Do you have any advice or guidance for finding enticing, relevant, and unique ebook ideas?

    1. Hi, Holly…

      I would look for some problem areas in the niche or subjects that are not fully covered by the content already available. This could be done using Google searches, possible problems identified in forums or groups (Facebook), or maybe even some fan pages or accounts on the social platforms…

      If you have some solutions to these problems, you can well serve that target audience by putting together a book. Maybe you will not make a lot of money, but your reputation and authority would build. In regards to people being frugal, if you have something of value, they will likely spend…

      Give me a shout out and we can discuss if you would like, and perhaps we can come up with some more ideas. I am on Skype as well as FB Messenger, so we can get a convo started pretty easily. I would not mind at all, I do like to see people have success with this whole online marketing thing!


      Dave : )

  10. Wonderful writeup and great to know that as the tablet and smart phone market grows, so does the demand for PDF file ebooks. This shows how important this post is and the Admin did a great work in putting this together. It really shed good light on the reason I’ve been missing as an author and why my ebook doesn’t sell like I wanted. 

    1. Hi, Ayodeji…

      I am admin hehe, and the writer of this post on writing your first ebook was me! You are right that people these days expect to be able to read the books and pamphlets on their devices, hence the trend for books to be published using the ebook medium in addition to the paperback and hardcover versions.

      Even audio is becoming more popular as people can listen on the go wherever they may be and they can enjoy. This is why I am looking one step further this book writing and considering more posts on how to create an audiobook and offer that as part of the e-book ‘package.’

      This is likely a whole other checklist that could be expanded into a course. Right now I am recording training videos for each of the checklist volumes in the SMART IM Checklist series, and I likely will expand it a bit for the Self Publishing volume to include audio…


      Dave : )

  11. This is so helpful. I have book marked this post because I am sure at some stage I will be writing an ebook and I actually had no idea how many steps are actually involved here. You really did a great job of breaking it all down and it was a reality check! I imagine most people who sit down to write an ebook do not take into consideration MOST of these points. Thank you for this very informative post.

    1. Hello, Liz…

      I am glad this post on how to write your first book has been helpful. It may seem easy until you start drilling down, and then it seems impossible or too hard to get a book together. The next step is to get some guidance on how to go about the whole process so you actually get it done.

      That is where the SMART IM Checklist on Self-Publishing comes into play. It lays out in the series of checklists everything from start to finish and follow-up that needs to be done. Just like platforms that teach you how to do something (like Wealthy Affiliate or Builderall for instance) these checklists show you the way.


      Dave : )

  12. Thank you for such a detailed post on ebook writing!

    Like many people, I have considered writing an ebook, I have started a couple but never finished one. The tips you share in this article will definitely help me focus more on doing it the write way.

    I will consider getting your SMART IM checklist for book publishing? Are they available individually? I read your review a while ago but can’t remember…

    Once again, thank you for this information!

    1. Hello, Fran…

      No problem on adding this post, glad you enjoyed it! Writing your first e-book does not have to be an insurmountable task at all if you go into it knowing what the plan is and what steps are needed to make it work. Yes, the volumes are available as single checklist volumes, and this one is called SMART IM Checklist Volume 10, Self Publishing. 

      There are a total of 20 individual checklists in that volume, and they cover the entire process from planning to post-publishing actions (i.e. marketing) that need to be completed. The cost is a relative low $17, and they come in various formats.

      Best of luck and please do ask any more questions that you may have…


      Dave : ) 

  13. Hi there Dave

    I have always wanted to write an eBook especially for my opt-in page but I keep thinking “who`d really want to read it” having said that, I know from experience I have opted in to programs that offered ebooks I felt I really needed only to realize it was a waste of my email address so I had to unsubscribe right away because the ebook is so poorly written and lacking.

    But then I must also admit I`m not a great writer, English is not my 1st or second language, I can produce 1000 words at a stretch but getting more to fill an ebook will be a struggle.

    Can relate to the blackout you`re talking about, after the first 500 words for my blog, I do find myself starting to struggle( or as a put it, lose interest). Now you mention not being the publisher and book cover creator, I think this is a brilliant idea, there are brilliant guys in freelancing sites that can do this for quite cheap. We can`t be good at everything.

    After reading your post, I feel motivated to give ebook writing a try, who cares if it`s not the best first time I try? and I don`t have to create 10000 words, it can be a mini ebook just to prove to myself I can do it too. Not trying to say I`ll not give it my best, who knows I may even surprise myself and create something great.

    This is a real motivator, thanks so much for sharing, will sure give it a go.

    1. Hello, Roamy…

      I am glad that you have some inspiration to get started and give it a go in regards to writing a book. Just reading that English is not your first or second languages is enough to pique my curiosity and want me to read whatever it is that you are writing.

      Do give it a shot, and maybe see if there are not some forums or groups on Facebook that can also provide support and guidance. The SMART IM Checklist Volume on self-publishing will also help as you go through the process. Lastly, come here and ask any questions and get some ideas and help from us!

      Have fun and best of luck to you!


      Dave : )  

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