wa super affiliate power 300x250 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi Everyone,

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 4 years now, and I have not reviewed it since an earlier post long ago. There have been many changes and additions to the platform, so I thought it was time to give you all my impressions of the tool today.

Obviously, if you think that I have been a paying member for so long, I must see the value in remaining a member. This is true. In this post, I want to lay out all the features and benefits (there are many). It is going to be a long post, so bear with me or skim it to the parts where you may have an interest or a concern with.

Additionally, I have added some VERY unique bonuses that may be of interest to you. These are ones that I believe will help you in getting your journey started with online marketing and help you leverage the platform to do so faster and with fewer problems.

So, without further ado, let’s get started! First, we’ll cover a tour of the site in the below video…


wa build business 645x60 300x28 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform


wa build business 645x60 300x28 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Next – My Bonuses

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Wealthy Affiliate, let me tell you what you will get for taking a free 7-day spin of Wealthy Affiliate (you must set up an account using my links here and add in at least one post to qualify).

(1) Smart IM Checklists…

I sell SMART IM Checklists that lay down the exact steps you need to take for a number of areas of online marketing.

These SMART IM Checklists cost anywhere from $17 to $22 for each volume, and there are between 18 to 34 separate checklists in each volume.

They are resources that you will use again and again as long as you are in the online marketing business. I am going to give you one volume of your choice for FREE just for trying the platform out for 7 days (at NO cost to you).


(2) Here is how much I believe in the value that Wealthy Affiliate will bring you:

  • If you set up your free account through my link and make one post, I will send you one volume of your choice. You can look at the options in my review of the checklists here: SMART IM Checklists Review …


  • If you subscribe to the 1st-month Wealthy Affiliate premium membership at $19 (normal price is $49) at the end of the 7-day trial, I will give you an additional two checklist volumes of your choice.


  • If you remain as a member and select either the monthly, 6 or 12-month option (and save massive amounts of money), I will give you the entire 12 volume set of checklists (this is as much as a $264 retail value bonus!).


Additionally, I will provide several other bonuses that will help you get a solid start with Wealthy Affiliate and your own online marketing business:


  • A journaling system to help you get organized and stay on task. Normal price for this is $19.95. SMART IM Tools Academy members get this as a part of their membership but you get it for free! I will also include a second handy set of tools for free (normally an upsell).


  • Access as long as you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate to a video creation tool called SMART IM Stories that will allow you to make videos for use in your marketing programs on Instagram or on Facebook. This tool I sell for a $39.95 one-time cost or $10.95 a month and with the monthly 10 new templates upgrade, the upcharge is $10.95 per month. You get the upgrade access so your value can be $49.90 per month as long as you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. Potentially many hundreds of dollars in real value is what you are getting!


  • Access to three other social tools for content sharing, meme creation, and video creation. These are all premium programs that I sell at a minimum of $$39.95 one time cost or for 10.95 a month for each tool. This is for the basic level access too unless users are members of my SMART IM Tools Academy website (they get the premium level access as part of their membership). The total value you could potentially get is $153 a month if you were buying these additional tools at their retail price



Bottom Line:

I believe in the value that Wealthy Affiliate brings SO much that I am willing to invest with you in your future. There is no doubt in my mind that with the tools you will get from me as well as with the ones that you have access to with Wealthy Affiliate you can succeed. Altogether you can get well over $500 in real value (what I would charge) just for getting started with Wealthy Affiliate!

So now let’s see exactly why I am so positive and upbeat about this Wealthy Affiliate platform…

Super Affiliate’s Experiences

Here’s a super affiliate’s experience while attending the Wealthy Affiliate annual conference (exclusively available for members who have signed up 300 members to the Wealthy Affiliate platform)…

Pretty grand, or? The Wealthy Affiliate platform helps LOTS of people, and it can help you too! Ready to get started?




wa build business 645x60 300x28 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform


wa build business 645x60 300x28 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform



Now we’ll give you an overview of the Wealthy Affiliate platform…


Wealthy Affiliate Training and Support Platform

wa learn to make 728x901 300x37 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform


Vendor: Kyle and Carson
Product: Wealthy Affiliate Training and Support Platform
Launch Date: Ongoing (14 years in business)
Launch Time: Ongoing
Skill: All Levels
Front-End Price: Free 7-day Trial, $19 (1 Month Trial) $49 (Monthly)  * Also 6 and 12-month options are available offering considerable savings
Niche: Affiliate Marketing Training and Support Tools
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Guarantee: Free Trial No Credit Card Needed


wa learn to make 728x901 300x37 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

What Is Wealthy Affiliate and How Can It Help You Get Started With Your Own Online Business From Home?

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for almost 14 years now, which is a lifetime in the internet world. There have been hundreds of products that have claimed to be providing what Wealthy Affiliate offers that have all gone broke.

The two owners and creators of this platform are named Kyle and Carson. They initially put the site together to sell keyword lists to other marketers way back in 2005. Over time they added many features and tools to the site to include training.

There is much more than just training, however. This is why this post is going to be so long – I want to go over each feature and show how it will help you in planning for and starting your very own website and niche blog to be ready to start earning commissions from affiliate marketing.

When you sign up, you will gain access to the essentials such as training and hosting service to get a website up and running within a very short period of time. I am talking in like 5 minutes after you have a profile set up you can have a website live!

Then the training will teach you all the ins and outs of how to create content that will get you traffic and leads, subscribers that are interested in things that you can promote and make a commission on.

 My Thoughts: Sound good so far? Good platform, free trial, great bonuses, my help getting started…


If you want to get started immediately, here is the link:


wa learn to make 728x901 300x37 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform



What Kind Of Training Courses Are Included?

There are two focuses of extensive training you will find once you are inside the member’s area. First, there is the online entrepreneur certification course, which is the main focus for the platform, and therein you will learn from basic setup to advanced techniques you can use for any niche you want to work in.

Basically, it includes all the training to get a blog set up properly on a website that you are taught how to set up, and it includes everything from content creation to SEO (search engine optimization). It is broken up into segments and individual sessions so it is easy to absorb, and it takes you step-by-step.

The second type of training course you will have access to is called Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. This training concentrates on the “How To Make Money Online” niche and it will help you promote products in that niche to include Wealthy Affiliate.

Depending on your interests, you can take one or the other, or both. It is entirely up to you. I will detail each in this review so you have a good idea of what you are getting.

2019 02 06 1928 300x184 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

Main Training Course #1: The Online Certification Course

This is a comprehensive stepped training program that takes a person who may never have been involved with using websites and content creation tools and teaches and shows them in simple terms how to get started. It then takes you through all the rest of the process to end up with a viable site that is ready to make you money.

The nice thing is that because you also will be able to actually build your first website as you learn (the hosting and sites are all connected to the platform and work in unison with one another) you can see it working and get help if you need it immediately.

I started with this training even though I had dabbled some in building websites, so I was familiar with the terms and tasks. That helped me move through the training faster. But I could have had no knowledge and still would have had what I needed.

There are 5 phases that include 50 courses of training and each contains a number of lessons…Here they are…

Phase 1 – Getting Started

2019 02 06 1932 001 300x85 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 1934 300x196 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)


There are 10 courses included and they will get the very basics in place for you. Even if you have never dealt with websites, WordPress, or anything having to do with online marketing, you will get good guidance and be up and running. There is also help available for any problems you may experience.


Phase 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

2019 02 06 1934 001 300x85 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 1935 300x196 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)


Getting traffic is key for all online business, no matter what segment you are entering. This phase will teach you how to effectively get traffic coming to your website, so you can start realizing extraordinary success. This 10 lesson training phase walks you through no-cost relevant traffic generation techniques that can be applied to any niche.

Phase 3 – Making Money

2019 02 06 1936 300x85 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 1937 300x194 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)


From the first two phases of the training, you now have a website, you have some content published, and you now know how to get some relevant traffic…What is next? Time to start making MONEY. Because once you understand how to get traffic for your content and it starts, you now have many options to earn revenue. This course walks you through a number of ways you can earn money through your site. We are starting to get to the meat of affiliate marketing in this phase of the training.

Phase 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

2019 02 06 1938 300x86 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 1939 300x196 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)


This course covers all aspects of the social platforms and how they can be incorporated into your affiliate marketing business. It goes over the different social media platforms, how to do social marketing, and how best to use these social networks. Essentially engagement is the key, and these courses will teach you to have success within the social world.

Phase 5 – The Business of Content

2019 02 06 1940 001 300x93 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 1940 300x194 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)


This is a wrap final course with 10 lessons. Once you have completed this phase you will have a very sound foundation for building your successful online marketing business. This phase is focusing on content and show you it can lead to success. This final phase will extend your skills and knowledge in the initial research process, the content layout/architecture/structuring of your content, teach you to create high engagement through your content, provide some effective techniques to boost conversions, and finally, scaling your content through proper goal setting and outsourcing as desired. You will learn to scale your business in the most effective and efficient way.

My Thoughts: Pretty in-depth, right? Remember, you also will be learning by doing. I mean that you will be actually implementing the training on your very own website! You are building your business as you are learning! Sweet, huh…

Now let’s move on to the Main Course #2, the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp…

2019 02 06 1931 300x190 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

Main Course #2: Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

For Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp the focusing is on making money online (MMO). The lessons can be applied to any MMO product or service, and this program is just as extensive as the other main course. This one actually has even more courses included. I have gone through both of these courses completely when I started, but they have changed a lot (more training has been added).

My recommendation is to take this course either after the above course, or before. Do not try to do both at once, there is simply too much to take in all at once (110 courses in all!). If you add in all the other training that can be found on the site, you will see that you are well-equipped to take advantage of the tools that are also found on the platform to get your program off the ground and making money.

Here is what the 7-phase and 60-course layout include for you:


Phase 1 – Getting Your Business Rolling

2019 02 06 2022 300x85 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 2022 001 300x196 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

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Within this first phase of the training, you learn to build your business on a solid foundation. The focus and examples use Wealthy Affiliate as a case study, but you can apply this training to any MMO product or service that you want to promote. The training is easily adapted as you may need.


Phase 2 – Content, Keywords, and Conversions

2019 02 06 2038 300x86 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 2025 300x206 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

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In phase 2 of the WA Affiliate Bootcamp, the main focus is on content. This includes the actual creation of content on your site, how to make it presentable and readable, how to leverage “keywords” to create content that ranks, and how to make your content convert. There is a big difference between just creating content and creating quality content that carries a substantial benefit. Upon completing this course, you are going to be prepared for a world of success with your content.


Phase 3 – Giving Your Site Social Value

2019 02 06 2026 300x87 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 2026 001 300x195 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

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This phase covers the many social platforms available and how to incorporate them into your overall online affiliate marketing business. You will learn some good tips and means to leverage the power these social platforms offer using organic means.

Phase 4 – Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get A Brand Through Media

2019 02 06 2027 300x86 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 2028 300x195 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)


In this training, you will learn the art of design throughout your funnels and content. This is important. Remember that appearance, design,  and media matter. You also are going to learn to ‘spruce up’ your website to make it a better experience for your visitors. Imagery, videos, and how to incorporate the best of these into your day to day marketing activities.

Phase 5 –  Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals

2019 02 06 2028 001 300x85 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 2029 300x195 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)


In this phase, a variety of topics are covered, but the main focus is leading you gaining a better understanding of your target audiences plus improving your skills in respect to converting a visitor on your website into accepting an invite and getting a referral.


Phase 6 – Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC

2019 02 06 2030 300x87 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 2031 300x194 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)


Most people focus their marketing efforts on Google search engine, they forget that Yahoo/Bing still own 30% of the search engine market share. Note that this is a LOT of potential traffic, and this applies to all niches. In this phase, you will learn how you can leverage the “other” search engines which can lead to a huge and incredible amount of additional traffic for your business.


Phase 7 – How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

2019 02 06 2031 001 300x86 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

2019 02 06 2032 300x194 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)


You will learn how to have success within the PPC world and once you figure it out, how to scale up the campaigns. The lessons are going through the process of scaling your PPC campaigns in a way that can lead to increased income and profitability,  and thereby long term success.


Training Layout Wrap Up

OK, now that you know about the extensive training offered in both tracks of the main training you have available to you as a member, so now let’s go over the tools and other features you also get within the platform (there are many)…

You are likely wondering why anyone would stay past completing the training found on the platform? Can’t you just learn what there is to know and then move on your own without paying the monthly subscription for Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, you could and there are some that do it. I do not have the numbers, but my guess is that there is a good portion of members who do just that. They may stay for a few months and then once they understand what all is entailed with setting up an online business, they leave.

The reason that I personally have stuck around involves much more than the training, The training I completed 4 years ago has changed a lot to keep up with the current market conditions. If you noticed or not, many of the new lessons and courses I have not completed. I can do this anytime.

Not only that, the additional training that is provided outside the two main courses is constantly being added to. You more than likely can get answers to any question you may have regarding online marketing (this training covers more than affiliate marketing).

So that explains the training side of why I have stayed. There is more too that has kept me around as a member, much more.  I want to dive down to provide you with some quick explanations of other tools, resources, and services you get that have kept me there…

There are a wide variety of additional tools and features that you get as well as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. These, combined with the training, allow people promoting the site to say ethically that you literally have everything you need to get a strong viable online business in place and at a super reasonable price (overall, this is one of the lowest prices but having the highest value training platforms I have invested in)…

Let’s move on…

wa learn to make 728x901 300x37 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform


Essential Marketing Tools You Get With Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s start with the tools that you need to get a niche website started. Within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you have everything you need to get a solid website and program in place. There are some external tools that you will want to add later on once you have a website up and running, but until you are at that point, you have what you need…

We will mention the essential tools and resources that you will immediately start using as you go through the training and then mention the other tools that will allow you to take your online business to the next level… 

Let’s get started…

2019 02 06 2219 300x131 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

(1) WordPress Themes and Secure, Fast Hosting. If you are going to establish a presence online, you will likely want to create a website that focuses on the niche you have selected. Premium hosting can cost as much as $39.95 a month (this is what I pay each for 2 external hosting services I use for e-commerce) and extra for SSL (security) and perhaps extra for fast hosting that comes standard with Wealthy Affiliate. As a premium member, you can add 25 private domain sites and 25 subdomain SiteRubix websites. Is that enough space? I think so!

2019 02 06 2253 300x210 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

(2) Premium Keyword Research Tool. Jaaxy is a well-known and regarded keyword research tool that you will get access to as a premium member. This is the basic level of access, but that is more than sufficient to suit the needs you will have starting out. I use it a lot to create lists of keywords that I can rank for (less competitive and maybe long-tail keywords), and then plan my blog posts from the lists.

2019 02 06 2217 300x169 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

(3) Content Creator and Checker. This is a handy tool that you can use to write your content with (it is like a WORD WYSIWYG document tool) and even pull in images for. After you are done, you can check to make sure it is unique, then post it directly to any website that you are hosting through the SiteRubix hosting that is connected with the platform. This tool saves a lot of time.

2019 02 06 2216 300x136 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

(4) Domain Purchases. This is a handy feature. you can check to see if a domain is available, purchase it using PayPal or other means such as site credits, and then set up your website directly from the domain dashboard. It saves a lot of time. you also get some extra services for the low price that other domain selling site charge extra for, such as privacy. Since this service has been added, I have started buying ALL my domains through Wealtht Affiliate!

2019 02 06 2220 001 300x136 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

(5) Comment Sharing Tool. I love this tool, as you can offer comments for others and get comments in return. It works only for websites that are hosted by SiteRubix, but I have a free Website Comment Exchange that does the same thing (1-1 basis) on Facebook. If you are interested in that, drop me a line. You also can earn money by offering comments if you add them using this tool (not with my free 1-1 site though!). You will get paid $.50 for every 2 comments made once you are certified (you are certified once you have made over 50 approved comments).

2019 02 06 2220 300x136 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

(6) Website Feedback Tool.  You can use credits that you earn through comments or from referrals to request a review of your website. This can be especially helpful for new members as they get started building their websites. This tool works only for websites that you have hosted with Wealthy Affiliate (as a premium member you get 25 premium sites included and 25 SiteRubix sites included, MORE than enough).

  2019 02 06 2256 300x197 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

(7) Weekly Live Training Seminar. This is additional live training that a seasoned online marketing veteran hosts and you have a live chat box to ask questions. These take place on Fridays, but they are recorded and added to the voluminous library of training for you viewing when you like.

(8) Access to the owners. The owners are very active on the site and they will chime in on any number of subjects and help the members as much as possible. They are responsive also to private emails, although depending on what is going on, that may take a bit longer. It is very apparent that they truly care about members.

(9) Active and Helpful Community. The members are VERY active and daily there is a flurry of activity between posts, comments, people helping people, and just a great atmosphere, like facebook, except better!

2019 02 06 2255 300x158 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

(10) Member Training and Tutorials. Members also will post training on narrow subjects that come up from time to time and these will help all members for a particular problem. The posters of such training also get paid based on community reactions to the training. The better the training, the more you get paid.

(11) Live Chat. There is a live chat feed that is never silent. In all the times I have been on the site someone is posting there. That is because members come from all parts of the world, so they are awake and posting at all hours.

(12) On-site Blog. You get your own account page where you can leave profile information and also add posts to. This means you can add timely content that also can get ranked in Google and it can provide an additional source of traffic for you.

(13) Private Messaging. This is an internal private email system where you can directly send a message to a fellow member, to support, or to the owners. It is very useful and I have found myself using this more than the other means of communicating that is available.

2019 02 06 2221 300x136 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(Click For Full Screen View)

(14) 24/7 Support. This is a system that works very well. They have someone on duty at all hours. No matter when I have put in a support ticket, they have responded and taken care of the problem quickly. This is one of the best features of the platform. Until your website is down in the middle of a sale you may not appreciate this support, but go through it once, and you will!

Cloud Light Bulb with dollar sign 300x242 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(15) A Generous Affiliate Program. I do not want to go too deeply into this here, but you will have the chance to promote Wealthy Affiliate as a member. They have a robust set of marketing and training materials, and the commissions are top of the range. This alone can easily pay for your membership cost.

b912667fa305162daf69a5c30adee969 1449431178 cropped - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

(16) Coaching & Mentoring Support. This is available, but more on an informal basis. Especially when starting out, Kyle and Carson try to be helpful. At any time they will answer questions although it may take awhile. Remember with the thousands of members, it can be hard to do one on one coaching. More often you can tap into whoever you signed up with to get some additional coaching.

My Wrap Up: This is quite a collection of tools and resources, I think you would agree? I have not seen any other platform that can match what you get with Wealthy Affiliate!


Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

There are many pros for the platform, the price is cheap for what you get, the tools are the exact ones you need to get a solid start with online marketing, the training will also set you up for additional marketing segments such as drop shipping or training, and the community os strong and helpful.

If I could mention any cons it may be that the cost may seem high to the new online marketer (but it isn’t). This may set some people off, but my attitude is that if you get one to two people that sign up under you, your costs are covered. For any real business, you will need to invest. Money, time, effort, and this consistently over time.

wa learn to make 728x901 300x37 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform


Success Stories

There have been so many over the years, I will post just a few here for you to have a look at (note: This is a partial list that has been gathered by a fellow WA member. Moon and others have been kind enough to gather these for us all – the list is pretty exhaustive!).

Do you want to read about some success stories from members themselves? Here are some REAL members that have had REAL success! Just pick a few and see for yourself!


Year: 2010


Year: 2011


Year: 2012 


Year: 2013 

  1. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jtstretch/blog/first-100-day
  2. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/mschneeder/blog/my-first-1-100-dollar-day
  3. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/traykor/blog/first-1000-month-woot
  4. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/traykor/blog/success-700-milestone-reached

Year: 2014

  1. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/abigail11/blog/wow-more-success
  2. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/alexsol/blog/first-400-day-3-month-at-wa
  3. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/trialynn/blog/one-year-today-and-as-a-present-1-250-dollars

Year: 2015 

  1. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/dougbeney/blog/i-made-2000-last-month
  2. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/edyischandra/blog/month-8-progress-report-road-to-4-figures-a-month
  3. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jeffl61/blog/a-very-pleasant-surprise
  4. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/judym/blog/sold-a-domain-name-for-2-000-00-usd
  5. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/kevinmj/blog/wa-success-going-to-ibiza
  6. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/kingshopper/blog/3-1k-in-sales-60-days-on-wa
  7. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/kudaonline/blog/4-figure-earner-made-possible-by-wa
  8. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/saco/blog/10-months-progress-report
  9. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/scottdogg187/blog/how-i-made-almost-2-000-over-black-friday-weekend

Lots of successes in 2016

  1. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/alexsol/blog/1-400-commission-on-1-wa-sale
  2. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/alexsol/blog/70-commission-no-website-no-list-only-5-minutes-of-work
  3. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/ann2016/blog/new-commission-from-wealthy-affiliate
  4. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/boyka/blog/success-2-000-goal-hit
  5. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/brokwebb/blog/september-income-4-116-62
  6. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/bthiel/blog/cyber-monday-559-ordered-items
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My Thoughts: OK, you know it works for a LOT of people who not only start, they STAY! Finally, you want to know if YOU should sign up for a trial, right?


My Final and Best Recommendation:

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a definite 100% yes from me – you should sign up IMMEDIATELY and get started! Note it has been a yes for myself too for the last almost 4 years. You will not go wrong if you want to learn the proper method that works to get an online business up and running. This is no instant cash offer, this is a long term sustainable program that will help you be able to make a full-time living online.

Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

wa learn to make 728x901 300x37 - My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform


Wrapping Up…

This could have been a LOT longer, but to save your eyes, I suggest you just give Wealthy Affiliate a try using the 7-day free trial (no credit card required) and see for yourself. Remember, if you sign up through me, I will also add in the bonuses I mentioned at the start of this review.

I really want to see as many people as possible get started with online marketing using a tried and tested platform that has worked for me and thousands of others. I am so convinced that it is the right move for you that I am offering up to$500 and more of tools for you free.

If you have questions, please ask away below. I am here to help and will get answers if I do not have them already. After 4 years with Wealthy Affiliate, there are not too many that I have not been asked at one time or another!


Dave : )

P.S. Don’t forget the bonuses I listed at the beginning of this post! They can be worth well over $500 that others pay to you depending on what you do after you sign up for your free trial! See you on the inside, let’s kick it for 2019 and beyond with online marketing!


98 thoughts on “My Updated 2019 No BS Review and Bonuses for the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

  1. Hi , 

    I have been doing work in the wealthy affiliate for a couple of months . But I didn’t know how it was before the update . After reading the article I have got to know how it was before the update . Now I can differentiate how well developed the wealthy affiliate have become . Now , I have more inspiration regarding the works on it . 

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article . 

    1. Good Day, Md!

      Glad to read that you also are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it sounds like you are well on your way. I remember clearly how it was starting out. It seemed like drinking water from a fire hose. So much so fast, it was a bit overwhelming.

      Over time, it does tend to slow down, as you gain competency and see how things are coming together with your business. There is no doubt that it is not a push-button solution, but then again, that is not reality. If you want to build a solid business, you have to work at it regularly, over time.


      Dave : )

  2. I before I joined Wealthy Affiliate I could have benefited from your review.  Your review is like reading the label on the box- tells you what is inside and why you need what is inside the W.A. Box

    Some things I appreciate about Wealthy Affiliate : the training is updated and ongoing, the tone of training is low key, they don’t try to sell you something or upgrade you all the time,the weekly webinars are recorded, there is usually someone in the community has the answer to a problem that may pop up.

    Not to criticize but as a FYI- the pop-ups all in the beginning made me want to X out and move on to the next site. Glad I didn’t.

    1. Hello, Les…

      Yes, I understand that three are some people that get irritated with the popups that you find on websites such as mine. In this case, when you minimize the chatbot, it will stay that way unless you show intent to exit the page. It is likely that you inadvertently scrolled with your mouse off the page.

      Believe it or not, this does work to keep people on the page longer generally. Statistically, more will stay then click away. The idea is to then use that extra time they stay to present your case for whatever it is you are promoting.  Right now there is a launch of chatbots that we are promoting.

      Getting back to Wealthy Affiliate, I am glad that you are enjoying being a member and hope that the training and features are enabling you to move forward with your online business. I really believe the platform is the best and most complete available.

      There are also many ways to make the site pay for itself, such as creating niche websites and promoting products, selling your own products, or even earning money from within the platform. With one or two other members who sign up under your affiliate link, the cost is negligible.

      Best of luck with your online business, and good to have your own experience and perspective posted about just how good the Wealthy Affiliate platform is. In 2019 and beyond, I believe it will remain at the forefront of learning how to make money online market segment.


      Dave : )


  3. Hi David,

    I am pleased to come across your review about the wealthy affiliate training program.

    I am currently searching for an appropriate program to study affiliate marketing, and wealthy affiliate is one of the programs I was considering. In your article, you have described the syllabus of wealthy affiliate well, and it seems it is an excellent program. I just have to convince my partner now, and if we come across any questions require answering before the enrollment, I will let you know.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hello, Skamalka…

      Thanks for stopping by, first of all, and I am glad to hear that you see the value that Wealthy Affiliate offers newbies and even experienced online marketers. The many features that you get as part of membership mean that you will have a jump on many others that are trying to gain a foothold in the online marketing segment.

      The investment is in yourself and your business, and as any experienced entrepreneur will tell you, the best investment that you can make is in yourself. Wealthy Affiliate is just that and much more. In addition to the training that will get you ready for the online marketing world, you also have tools and features that cost much more elsewhere.

      Do talk to your spouse and have him take a look, maybe even sign up a for a free account for 7-days to see how he feels about it. I am sure that he will be convinced it is the real deal for 2019 and beyond. I know that I will not go anywhere else.


      Dave : )

  4. I really want to commend you for a great post, the post contain almost every thing one needs to know about wealthy affiliate. I am not done with my training but with your write up, i have an idea of what the other courses deal on , I can’t wait to really experience all what you have discussed. The few time have spent on wealthy affiliate has been worth it. Your post is making me love this program more.

    1. Hi, Labulo…

      Thanks for popping through and reading through my latest review of Wealthy Affiliate for 2019! It has changed over the 4 years I have been a member and changed for the better. It has always been good and it just keeps on getting better.

      Everyone starts at zero with online marketing, and over time, you gain more knowledge and experience. It is just a process that everyone must go through. What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that you will not waste time doing things that do not help nor spend money that you do not need to spend as you get your business off the ground.

      I wish you the best of luck and never give up. Just when things are about to break, many people do, and that’s too bad because I want all to have success with this online marketing business. Most certainly there is room for more such business on the internet, the market is still growing, and will do so for some time.


      Dave : )

  5. You are right that Wealthy Affiliate is great value for money. I haven’t found a better platform yet, and I have been a member for almost four years now. This is one membership I won’t give up easily.

    I enjoyed watching Little Mama’s video of her Vegas experience – very inspirational!

    For anyone wanting to learn how to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, if you are prepared to work for what you want.

    1. Hi, Michel…

      Yes indeed, there is no doubt that the Wealthy Affiliate platform is an effective, proven means to get a viable online business off the ground. I have seen quite a few wannabes out there, but they invariably are missing something. Most do not have the depth of training, the features, nor the active community that Wealthy Affiliate has.

      Cheers and thanks for your input. It is good to know that there are many other members that feel the same way as I do about the Wealthy Affiliate platform!


      Dave : )

  6. Thanks for sharing this nice review on wealthy affiliate platform, I don’t really know much about affiliate marketing but I found this review informative and educative on how to be a successful affiliate marketer online. Thanks for sharing this nice review. I appreciate you taking time and breaking it all down for us. I would like to revisit for more reviews like this.

    1. Hi, Musbau…

      No issue on the sharing of this information, I do it willfully and happily, as I want to have as many people benefit from the platform as humanly possible. They just have so many features and the training is just so spot on, and the community so supportive, that it is the right way to go when it comes to learning about online marketing.


      Dave : )

  7. I really enjoy spending time on this wealthy Affiliate.

    Since I join this wealthy Affiliate I learn so many things , I had about this site but I didn’t join that time but when I decide to register and start seen that it has a lot of idea, ways of making money , getting training on many site.

    Thank you for sharing this important article.

    1. Hi, Mustapha…

      Yes, the platform really over delivers for the price. I have been there for about 4 years now, and would never consider leaving. It just offers too much for that to happen. I compare it to the many other products that claim to offer what Wealthy Affiliate does, but they don’t.

      Any newbie or seasoned marketer will benefit from being a member and they will get the proper training too. I just can’t say enough about the owners and what they have built for everyone. They keep making it better too, as in the 4 years I’ve been with them, many changes and new features have been introduced.


      Dave : )

  8. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.wealthy affiliate is a good platform that helps make money online. It helps you learn to become a content creator.wealthy affiliate offer different courses thaybhelps and guide your in making online money as a affiliate marketer. I enjoy working with wealthy affiliate. Thanks for the insight 

    1. Good Day, Adam…

      You and I are on the same page when it comes to the value that the  Wealthy Affiliate platform brings to the online marketing niche and in particular, to affiliate marketing. I have used the knowledge gained over the past four years as a member of that platform to branch out into various marketing segments online with success.

      To this day, I use many of the features and tools that are found within the platform for my business tasks. This includes the content creation tool, the keyword research tool, the comment tool, the training section, the domain purchase and management section, and so much more.

      This is why I can say with full confidence and conviction that the platform is well worth the investment in your business and yourself. It has worked for me and for thousands of other people. I have invested a fraction of what I spent to get 4 college degrees, but have been able to leverage the knowledge to build a successful online business.


      Dave : ) 

  9. Although I am just few days old on the wealthy affiliate platform but I can beat my hand on my chest and say that I am getting the worth of every penny I spent. Yes, they offer a lot on their platform and since I started going through the trainings, my eyes has been opened to things I don’t know. I would like to take you on the offer of your bonuses but unfortunately, I have registered and upgraded to premium but thanks for this great article.

    1. Hello, Linus…

      Congratulations on joining the Wealthy Affiliate family and platform. I am sure that you will be able to get a viable online marketing business up and running quickly. It will take time to build a large following and to start making money,  but I urge you not to give up.

      Everything you do as you build your website and add content is cumulative. It will bring you traffic, credibility, trust, and authority over time. Then you can offer ethical products, services, and tools to your subscribers. I mean that you can sell them stuff they really need and can use.

      Best of luck going forward, and I am glad that you stopped by today. Please come again and see some of the exciting things that we are covering on the site, online marketing is not dead and it is bigger than ever for people like us!


      Dave : )

  10. I’m so glad I found your website! I have been looking into affiliate programs, however many of them seem to be a scam or something along the lines. Thank you so much for this detailed and informative post. I see the perks of being a Wealthy Affiliate member. The layout you’ve posted seems to work for your every day Joe. I think this this program is exactly what I have been looking for. I am so thankful I did not sign up for any of the other programs. 

    1. HI, Nia…

      Yes, indeed, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the best that I have found that anyone can tap into to create a 4,5, or even 6 figure online marketing business. It has been around for 14 years, a lifetime in the internet world. They have been active to the entire time making the platform better and better to the point where it now is.

      The owners Kyle and Carson continue to innovate and offer more tools and features that online marketers really need and use. There are a couple of things you will have to go outside the platform for at some point (i..e. an autoresponder service, a page builder that is not WordPress based, etc.) but to start out, you have it all.

      Best of luck and we will see you on the inside. That is an overused cliche, but I like it so I still use it! have a great day!


      Dave : ) 

  11. Wealthy Affiliate offers the best route to financial freedom online. As a premium member, I must admit that I have been over impressed with the Wealthy Affiliate program as a whole.

    With access to quality and updated lessons, members can easily learn about affiliate marketing. You also get to use the jaaxy software to handle your keyword research as a Wealthy Affiliate member. With site feedback, site health, site comments, there are absolutely awesome tools programmed to ensure you succeed online.

    I really would have loved to sign up using your link, to take advantage of your awesome bonuses. Too bad, I hope who ever stumbles on this post is smart enough to see the value of Wealthy Affiliate and your free bonuses.

    1. Hello, Louis…

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate really works in 2019, as it has over the past 14 years. It has gotten stronger and more feature-rich over that time, and at the moment I consider it to be a cutting edge platform for affiliate marketers. The nice thing also is that it can serve well for other marketing segments as well, not just affiliate marketing.

      I appreciate that you took the time to let readers know about your own experiences with the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and people who are doing their due diligence before signing up will pay attention to your own experience to now as they make their decision. Signing up and getting started makes a lot of sense.


      Dave : )

  12. Hi Dave, I’m a real newbie in making money online and online marketing. I’ve heard about Wealthy Affiliate from a friend and really surprised by how much they offer. You checklist bonus seems very a good as guidance to me. But, my question is there any guarantee that I am able to make money online with this platform? I read some of the success stories and it seems really varied among members. Any average for how long can we expect to start earning money? Thank you.

    1. Hi, Alblue…

      If you are just starting with online marketing and decided that Affiliate Marketing is the segment you would like to pursue (it is one of the cheapest ways to get started with your own online business) I strongly feel that you cannot go any better than signing up with the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      There are some other training programs that are viable and provide solid training (i.e. check out my review on The Traffic Oracle) but if you are looking for all the tools and resources you need in one place to get started, this Wealthy Affiliate platform is it.

      Now on to the question as to how long will it take to make money with the training and business you set up using the Wealthy Affiliate training and tools. That is a harder one to answer because it really depends on a number of factors external to what you have available on Wealthy Affiliate. 

      I have seen cases where people have started off making some money within a couple of months, while others have worked for over a year to start earning any significant money. It depends on how you apply the training and the features available.

      I will say that those that have done the things that have been recommended in a timely manner have succeeded much quicker than those that treat the business like a hobby. More than the training, the mindset and work ethic plays a big part in how soon and how much money you make.


      Dave : )

  13. Hi Dave,

    Your video really helped explain things. I have seen a lot of junk on the web but Wealthy Affiliate looks like it is the real deal. I have never seen a programme that offers so much training.

    That conference looks super amazing.

    Would the training be suitable for a total novice like me? I feel like I want to take part in the programme but I need to learn so much but if I can follow the training I think I will give it a shot?

    Many thanks again for your review Dave.

    All the best.


    1. Hello, Mark…

      It is nice to have you stop through and drop some feedback, please feel free to come by anytime, we appreciate and do read the comments! This Wealthy Affiliate platform is one of two centerpieces of our entire business. It has so many features and the training is so complete, from novice to advanced, that I simply could not imagine using any other platform for my affiliate marketing business.

      It will work for anyone. A person could have absolutely zero knowledge about websites or content creation or SEO and the like and learn and implement it all in one place. That is the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate. It is literally a one-stop shop for your business.

      Quite naturally, as time goes on and you start to scale up the business and grow horizontally perhaps into other online marketing segments, you may want to add in additional tools and services to help you grow that end of your business.

      Nonetheless, what you have with Wealthy Affiliate will continue to be relevant and useful for your business. It has been the case for me over the past 4 years and I think for many others as well. When I look at the people that have remained members for 6, 8, or even over 10 years, that tells you something!

      Give this a free trial and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed!


      Dave : )  

  14. What a wonderful and interesting review! Wealthy Affiliate gives you the foundation, skills and knowledge to succeed in the marketing world. This is a great platform for persons who want to be financially free, spend time with their family and friends while still building an online business. Anybody who gains access will be very fortunate. Great article. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello, Carmeta…

      The Wealthy Affiliate platform is one of the best discoveries I have made online. It really has worked for me and thousands of others like me. Whether you have no experience, some experience, or perhaps a lot of experience, the training works.

      The free access for 7-days means that there is no risk at all. That is also a testament to the owner’s belief in the value that they are bringing to the market for marketers! I know that if I were just getting started, this is the platform I would go with!


      Dave : ) 

  15. Hi there, thanks for dropping this your review about wealth affiliate, u have added more know to what I knew about wealthy affiliate. Although I have just joined earlier this year, I have paid and upgraded to premium membership and working on developing my own website. How I wish I have seen your post before now, I would have joined using your links so as to earn from your bonuses 

    1. Hi, Yormith…

      Great to have you stop by and add your input to the post. It seems that you have also seen the value Wealthy Affiliate offers, having upgraded to premium. Every day I am happy to see more and more people join and get a proper start with their online business.

      Do check back again, because you will be able to get these bonuses likely in some other offer I have posted, I have some SMART IM Tools products that are launching and you will be able to tap into both the free bonuses and also the tools themselves at a very decent and fair price.

      I wish you the best of luck with your online business, you most certainly are in good hands with Wealthy Affiliate. They have helped me for almost 4 years now, and I cannot say enough good things about them. It is easy to promote good products!


      Dave : ) 

  16. This an amazing review about wealthy affiliate, I joined here last month and I am working, after reading your article about wealthy affiliate I found here lots of information about it, it’s true that wealthy affiliate is one of the great platforms where we can learn and earn. I’m very happy to know it that a 4 years old member giving positive reviews about this. I’m very proud to join wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi, Paul…

      It is good to hear that you are getting some good results already with Wealthy Affiliate. That is a solid platform, and so many people have been helped over the 15 years they have been existence. Just the fact that they have been around that long is notable.

      You will see as time goes on just how much it will help your results with your online activities. It is a solid and proven program, and I am a big fan, as you can see. There may be other tools that you will need, but essentially starting out it is all there.

      All the best for your online business in 2019, and be sure to stop by here again, as I add content all the time and also have products and services that will help your business too. We have a lot of marketers adding their input here as well, so there are lessons and tips that will help you.


      Dave : ) 

  17. I am very happy that I get this post and read it. Your every post is so informative and described very well. You have written a great review about wealthy affiliate. This post clarified me about wealthy affiliate. Really wealthy affiliate is a great affiliate marketing platform. It offers many features and full online training which is important for starting an online business. I am so much interested and highly recommended. Thanks for the informative article.

    1. Hi Again, Jafor…

      Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate platform just keeps on getting better and better. I have been there for 4 years and seen so many improvements and new features. I consider it a must-have for my online business, and this is why I can recommend it highly.

      The many features and tools on top of the training make it the leading platform to learn about affiliate marketing, and you can take the lessons and tools to build other streams of income through selling training, e-commerce, or even selling products and services.

      It has been an eye-opening experience for me, and I feel sure it will be the same for any prospective online marketer who is looking for a solid place to get started with their own online business. This is also why I have added some good bonuses too. I want people to give the platform a chance!


      Dave : ) 

  18. Hi Dave

    Is this Wealthy Affiliate really as good as you say? You are right the cost is a bit much but, I think with everything that you have said and all the proof that you have given me, I should at least give the 7 day free trial a shot. Right. Thank you for all of your help with this decision.  

    1. Hello, Kari…

      Wealthy Affiliate is better than what I am saying, hehe! Really so many people have built an entire business around the platform and continue to remain, members, year after year, even if you would think they don’t need the platform anymore. I know how that is, as I too have chosen to remain.

      Give the free 7-day trial a try. See for yourself, no credit card needed even. Also, have a look at my recommendation found in another post on starting a business in 2019 if you like HERE …There I talk about another platform…It is called Builderall and it too is a top-notch website full of tools and features that complement Wealthy Affiliate (and also has a 7-day free trial)…


      Dave : )  

  19. Hi Dave,

    I’ve been a member of WA not quite as long as you but have passed my 3 year mark. I can also attest to what a great platform WA is for newbies and seasoned affiliates alike.

    When I first joined I wasn’t sure what to expect but liked the fact that they offer a few 7-day trial. This seems to be unusual with other affiliate marketing programs so I was a little skeptical but had nothing to lose since it wasn’t costing me anything. Like many other members I very quickly signed up for the annual membership since it’s such a great value.

    The Smart IM Stories sounds like something I might be interested in. Would I need to sign up for Smart IM Tools Academy or can this be purchased a la carte? Also, is there an option to try it for a month or would Have to purchase an annual membership?


    1. Hello, Lynne!

      I am always honored to have some seasoned Wealthy Affiliate members stop by and add their insights to the threads from my posts, so thanks for yours! Great to hear that you have had success with the platform, as so many have.

      It was the same for me in regards to upgrading to premium so long ago. At that time, I thought it was a major investment (it was not) and I just was not sure it would work long-term. I did the lower cost one month trial at $19. Then I stayed another month, and another, etc.

      When the annual Black Friday sale came along I jumped to save more (as many do) and I have not looked back since. I do not think I will ever abandon the platform, even if my role there has evolved over the years. I was an Ambassador for an extended period of time at one point.

      Due to some personal misfortunes, I had to step away from an active role in the community while I sorted out the problems, but even then I was following closely the training and tapping into the features and tools on Wealthy Affiliate.

      Now all these years later, the business has expanded and I find myself using a few other platforms that are solid but having a somewhat different focus. All of them work in tandem to support the business. As opposed to just affiliate marketing, I also have entered the worlds of offering training, selling physical products, selling digital products, and tools, services, etc.

      My roots are and will remain with affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate, however. 

      Moving on to the SMART IM Tools…These are a series of tools and products that I have developed or have rights to sell (i.e. White Label or Reseller Rights) that complement the tools that you have access to on Wealthy Affiliate or Builderall or similar platforms.

      They are not intended to replace these, rather they will help you automate and get more sales or attention to your brand or products. In the case of SMART IM Stories, it creates videos that can be posted on your Instagram account.

      The beauty of this is that you have a good variety of templates that make the process of creating these story videos fast, easy, and professional. Depending on the plan, there are monthly new templates added to your account so you have fresh designs and videos for your social account(s).

      There is a one-off annual cost and if you wanted to have the additional monthly templates that would be an upcharge, but since we are rolling out the tool, likely there will be a launch special deal offered. Please stop by and see when this is launched to catch it.

      The other way is to get in on the membership of SMART IM Tools Academy. We are finally going to be able to open our doors for business, it has taken some time to get the bank and payment gateways in place due to winter conditions where the business is located.

      We have a new office in the far north of Minnesota, and my partner is located in Northern Canada. Traveling back and forth has been a challenge this year due to the harsh winter. But in any case, we are ready now, I am adding in the payment gateways this weekend.

      I will be posting again an announcement so hopefully you will catch this! Let’s talk about how we can get you up and running using SMART IM Stories fast and easy. I could use some Beta testers in exchange for a real testimonial too, perhaps we can explore this as well?


      Dave : )  

  20. If someone wants to learn internet marketing at a cost-effective rate, Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to go. The price is outstanding, and the training, keyword research tool, site content, community, everything involved is one that I can’t put a price tag on. Within four months I went from being a wannabe blogger to someone who at least has some direction when it comes to my blogs. I never knew how to monetize anything before WA and it’s been more than a huge help for me. 

    1. Hi, Todd…

      Your experience is exactly what I am talking about in this post. The Wealthy Affiliate system works and has been around for 15 years, getting better and better as times goes on. They have kept up with the changes in the market and have added more new features.

      I wish you the best and keep at it. It starts slow and builds over time. If you look at the many success stories you will note that most of them had to keep at it for a period of time before having a lot of success. It was the same for me. I truly believe that Wealthy Affiliate offers the best path to success.


      Dave : )

  21. Hi Dave, oh my God, I am so amazed by your knowledge in affiliate marketing and online marketing in general! I am a newbie in this business but I’m happy that my vision turned toward it. So glad that I stumbled onto your post, full of knowledge and motivation. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best platform for everyone who is looking for success online. Thank you for sharing and helping people like myself. I wish you all the best in your entrepreneurship!

    1. Hello, Jami…

      It sounds like you are getting on quite well if you are working within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. you most definitely can take your online business to any level you feel motivated to grow it using the lessons and resources that you have within that platform.

      If you have a look around this site, you will see that we offer complementary tools and resources that are intended to add to the rich set of tools and features that Wealthy Affiliate has. When we started the SMART IM Tools brand, our thoughts were that we wanted to support such sites as Wealthy Affiliate.

      We also have several other platforms that we use regularly for other purposes and the tools also are intended to help the people using such platforms (i.e. Builderall). Taken together, a person with the drive and the time can scale up their business faster.

      I do wish you the best with your online business and be sure to stop in from time to time, we are adding new tools and features that may be able to help you when you are ready. We also like to hear from active marketers to learn what their issues may be so we can help.

      Thanks for popping through and all the best for 2019 with your online affiliate marketing business. With Wealthy Affiliate, you are definitely in the right place. It truly was one of the best decisions I have made when I gave the platform a try!


      Dave : )

  22. Hi David,

    This the best review of Wealthy Affiliate l have ever read. I endorsed everything you say about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the very best online and Affiliate Marketing training that you’ll ever come across, and the state-of-art technology you’ll ever need to succeed in your online business. Wealthy Affiliate has produced so many successful entrepreneurs who all have benefited so much form the training. and have put it to such good use. And there really is no reasons why anyone who is reading this review cannot do exactly the same.One thing out of the many that really put Wealthy Affiliate in a class of its own is the amazing Community which you will find there. So many members who have already found their own success will nonetheless find the time to contribute to the Community, whether it is by creating additional training, writing about ways to succeed, or by being there to answer questions put to the Community by those who are still on the way to success. They give of their valuable time as one way to “pay back” for the training which has given them their success.So if you really would like to become a successful Online marketer, then you can consider this your lucky day – you have just found the key to doing just that, so grab it with both hands!!Thank you for this brilliant review.

    Shui Hyen

    1. Good Day Shui!

      Thanks much for stopping by and having a look at this review. Your positive comments and endorsement of the Wealthy Affiliate platform are appreciated. It is heartwarming to hear from others who have had the same good experience I have had.

      I also agree that the community is a very strong feature of the platform that cannot be underestimated. There you can get help quickly from experienced members who help one another with no qualms whatsoever. This is one area that I personally have not tapped into much over the past year.

      The thing is, whether you use it regularly or not, that community is there to help. If you need it, even as a newbie you will get answers that you may not be able to find within the site (help to get to that information). The size of the training and hints found has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 15 years.

      I hear negative grumblings every once in a while from other online marketers about the Wealthy Affiliate platform, but most often there are no facts, only innuendos. I have had to defend the owners and the platform from ad hominem attacks and refute false claims.

      It is easy to do, but I do believe that most undertake these because they cannot argue with success in a normal manner. I just want to clear the air so a balanced story is presented, and this works. They may not like it, but the Wealthy Affiliate platform is pretty much a one-stop solution that saves marketers massive amounts of money.


      Dave : )  

  23. This is really a well detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate, I was smiling all through watching the video of your experience at the conference , this is so admirable, I wish I could get to that point where I will be able to attend the conference too. I joined recently and I must say WA is one of the best affiliate program I have ever come across, I make use of the site comment as a beginner though sometimes I get discouraged whenever a publisher disapproves my comment with a very nasty reason but still I can’t quit because of the numerous benefits of the program. I just can’t wait to become a trainer so I can be earning from the blog post rather than the site comment

    1. Hi, Favour…

      Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts and ideas to this review of Wealthy Affiliate in 2019…It most certainly has changed over the years and for the better, so you are getting the best it ever was right now. It has always been good, but they keep on improving the platform, that is the great thing…

      I need to make one correction, that is this: I am not the person at the Super Affiliate meeting in Las Vegas, that is a friend of mine. She has worked very hard, is a stay-at-home Mom, and is very deserving of the trip. Her efforts also have made her a lot of affiliate income over the past year and continue to do so now. 

      In my case, I make money from affiliate marketing, but also from e-commerce sales (drop-shipping and selling my own products) plus from training and membership sites. There are so many ways to earn online. Learning the basics to advanced skills within Wealthy Affiliate and using their tools will allow you to fo the very same thing!

      It takes time and practice, and effort over an extended period of time, but you will see that it gets easier and your work will start to pay off in income coming in regularly. There are cases where people start making an income within a short period of time, but more often it takes a bit longer.

      The key is to keep at it, get help when you need it, and have someone review where you are and offer some advice as to the direction or directions you may want to go with your online business. Come back here anytime and ask whatever you want, we are here to help!


      Dave : ) 

  24. Hi Dave,

    I am quite new to affiliate marketing but your article was very enlightening and put me at ease for joining the platform. I will certainly follow you to check out more tips, it is nice to read from someone with a lot of experience that has been through the whole process themselves. 

    I was hoping that I can find additional training out there, and it seems like you could be the guy for that! I even saw that you are offering your own products. 

    How much training additional to the wealthy affiliate basic course do you think someone might need to become successful?

    1. Hi There, Erika!

      Welcome to the online marketing community! There is plenty of room for more people wanting to get into this business, it is more a case of finding training and a platform where you will get the proper training and resources to have success in the market segment.

      Most definitely there is additional training that you can tap into here and a lot of it at no cost. I have 10 membership training sites covering a variety of subjects that you can join for free! If you have a look at the following page you can read more and sign up in the bonus section at the bottom!

      Here is the link: https://davesweney.com/the-new

      I think most of the training you need can be found on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. If you are like me, sometimes it can help to also look at some additional training, almost like taking additional courses in college to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the niche.

      Please give the free training I have there a try, the cost is only a quick adding of your name and email so I can add you to the membership. There are 10 sites available and you can sign up through the link I have above for all the ones that may interest you! If you sign up for all 10, you save $270, the normal retail price I charge! 


      Dave : )

  25. Thanks for all your explain in the post. I find them very useful in my progress in wealth affiliate 

    it a step by step journey so far and it has been great and the book you want to give out is a good thing

    It  an encouragement for someone that want to start online affiliate marketing.

    1. Hey There, Ajibola…

      Great that you found the review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform useful. It sometimes is hard to see the woods for the trees, so it helps when entrepreneurs like yourself pop through and provide some feedback. I do believe in the veracity of the platform and as you saw in the review, there is a reason for this: There have been so many success stories!

      Please do stop by again as you travel down the online marketing business road, we are always adding fresh content and plus when you are ready and need some additional tools to scale up your business, we have tools that will help.


      Dave : ),   

  26. I am so happy that i found a wealthy affliate review from someone that has been on the platform for over 4 years, this shows that wealthy affiliates is reliable and resourceful. I recently joined wealthy affiliates myself and i have truely enjoy the experience. i just wish i found about them through you so i could have collected your bonuses too. Can i stil get a discount on your smart Im products?

    1. Hi, Aweda…

      Great to have you pop through and leave your comment, and let’s see how I can work something up to have you enjoy some of the bonuses that I have available on my website…I have 10 websites that offer focused training that i can offer you.

      None of these will cost you a penny, but I normally charge $27 for them (basic level)…Read through some of them using the link (they are at the bottom in the bonus section – just sign up and get started!)…https: //davesweney.com/the-new… I am sure these can help!


      Dave : )

  27. Am a member if wealthy affiliate for a month now.

    And so far I have 3 websites hosted on their site which am using to sale my products and I never believed I could own such a well developed site.

    Thanks to the training on their sites I was able to know to know write down a well constructed post and also create a website.

    I am so happy to have found out about wealthy affiliate.

    Thanks for this post hopefully those reading would join the program and benefits from it too.

    1. Good Day, Nsikakabasi…

      Congratulations on joining and being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. That is a top-notch platform I think, as you may be able to tell from my no BS review. It sounds like you have been busy, with 3 websites up in a month. I remember starting 4 years ago, and I did not get this done in the first month.

      You are a classic example of just how useful the training and resources are that you find within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I use them every day for my business, and I am sure that there are a number of other marketers that do the same.

      Best of luck to you with your online business!


      Dave : )

  28. Hey Dave, you sure have been a member of the wealthyaffiliate platform for quite some time and I am pretty sure you must have seen a great deal of success. I have been a member for just a few months and I have benefited from the platform a lot. The solution you suggested about those having difficulty in making payments is a brilliant one. All they need is to just sign up two persons that can become regular subscribers. That is all they need and with this, the monthly payment is taken care of.

    I wish someone had told me this when I started. It might have been much easier for me to make my monthly payments. The lessons in wealthyaffiliate are spot on and a lot of people have benefited from it. The guidance and the help from the community would definitely be of importance to anyone trying to make money online.

    1. Hi, Jay…

      It seems like yesterday when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, but yes indeed, it has been almost 4 years already. Time flies when you are staying busy. The training has allowed me to focus on the many market segments and tap into the features and tools while essentially paying nothing for them (via commissions).

      I have not really promoted the Wealthy Affiliate program hard like some of the super affiliates do, but I have done enough to get the free access. This is kind of by design on my part, as there is a lot of competition in this particular product for referring new members.

      The new people coming in are a bit concerned with the monthly costs, but in reality, they are not much compared to a lot of services that online marketers use regularly. As some examples, I pay more for hosting of one service for some of my e-commerce store, and more for another platform called Builderall.

      All the best and keep at it, I am sure that 2019 will be a good year for you if you stick with affliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate! 


      Dave : )

  29. First, a disclaimer – I have also been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for several years.  I wanted to get that out upfront – I may have some bias.  But I also want to mention I do not sell WA memberships.  I focus on my own websites which takes all of my time.  With that said, I have to affirm everything in this No BS Review – *Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal.*  I run two websites personally, and three more for other people – all hosted on WA.  Over the past several years, I grew from knowing absolutely NOTHING about web site creation, design and management to running five separate sites, complete with extensive marketing affiliations.  My sites are busy, and frankly, the whole thing has been a blast.  

    I have to say, if I were joining today, I’d take a look at this offer.  Having checklists at the beginning would have reduced my learning time by weeks.  There are a lot of steps to remember, and the training deals with them well, but having them all on a sheet or two would be super-helpful.  And a video-maker tool is a bonus that I paid out of pocket for!  Dang.  Haha.

    I can’t say enough about how helpful my training and support has been at Wealthy Affiliate.  I have never regretted my decision.  

    1. Hi, Don…

      Thanks for the forthright testimonial as to your personal experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. Like you, I do not really push Wealthy Affiliate much. I have not strived to be a super affiliate for the platform, and have instead focused on building other market segments.

      I do write a review like this one every once in a while just to let people know how I am building the business. The Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall platforms are the main two that I use on a regular basis, and I have a lot of resources outside of both I use too.

      Like you, I believe that the Wealthy Affiliate platform is an excellent way to get started with the online business. It has training that is easy to understand, hands-on, and has additional features that make it a place that they will use often, even after a few years, like you and I.

      All the best for your business in 2019!


      Dave : ) 

  30. thank you for your update on the inside of wealthy Affiliate,

    the topic is well put together because at times am lost too and don’t know where to go for answer but you did it thank you,

    at time i would be looking for answers and am thinking how to put my question together but now that i see where i can type all my questions and get my answer this is great

    1. Hello Sophia…

      Yes, you can stop be here anytime and ask questions on anything related to Wealthy Affiliate or any other online marketing question you may have too. I will do my best to get you answers. Once you have a good start with Wealthy Affiliate it is likely that you may want to leverage some of the other tools I highlight and review for your business.

      That is where I can help and advise based on your particular situation what you can do. Generally, there is always a couple or more options that you can select and then be on your way to moving ever onward, ever upwards. This is not a hard business, but it does take regular work over time.

      I wish you all the best for 2019! Let us know how things are going from time to time and see what new posts we have added!


      Dave : )

  31. Its so nice to know that you have been on Wealthy Affiliates for almost four years and you even became a super Affiliate.its funny to know that Wealthy Affiliates according to your post has been around for almost Fourteen years, and yet i didn’t get to know about it until last year .Its also amazing to know that one gain access to to the trainings and hosting service to get a website up and running even as a free member within a short time. Thanks for promoting Wealthy Affiliates, am also proud to be a premium member.I will definitely bookmark your page to re-read over and over again because it contains very detailed information that one needs to know about wealthy Affiliates.

    1. Hi, Dapoach!

      Please do not misunderstand the super affiliate example video for the post. I am not a super affiliate in the terms of Wealthy Affiliate. I actually do not focus much on Wealthy Affiliate for commissions, as I have 25 websites (more coming) that are selling products (my own and drop shipping) and membership sites that offer training, content, and tools.

      I do make a small amount (I am making a slight profit from my Wealthy Affiliate activities, enough to make it a no-cost tool). That is enough for me, although I would love to become a super affiliate! I am making a small portion of my total income from affiliate marketing.

      This is an example of how what you learn on the Wealthy Affiliate platform can be incorporated into other online marketing segments. Using website design skills, SEO skills, content creation skills, comment features, etc. I have been able to get more traffic and sales.

      This is a huge advantage that you have over others that may miss one or more of these points that you can cover using Wealthy Affiliate. This is why I push new or even seasoned marketers to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. It will provide results.

      I am actually glad you brought this up, as it has allowed me to expand more on just how many ways this platform can help your online marketing efforts, no matter what segment or niche you may be working in. It is not just for newbies, it is not just for affiliate marketing, it is for all online marketers.

      Much like Builderall has a unique set of tools that complement Wealthy Affiliate and the tools they offer, you can get started and have a full-fledged online business up and running, making money, and then later add in the Builderall platform for the tools that it offers (I will be doing a full review of that tool as well, as it is one that I use frequently as well).

      This all ties into the SMART IM Tools brand and products that our team is launching and rolling out, one after another. These are tools that also complement the two platforms. They have unique uses that will help online marketers further hone their business and help scale the business up.

      I love online marketing and enjoy helping others get started with their own businesses.


      Dave : )

  32. Dear Dave,

    Thanks for your informative review. I am new to the Wealthy Affiliate community. Your review give me a comprehensive lesson. I can see that you show it from your own personal experience.

    You mentioned super affiliate. I am a free member. Can I join the super affiliate program? I see you are an expert of Smart IM affiliate program. Are there ways for me to get the program free?



    1. Hello, Anthony!

      It is so nice to have you stop by and take the time to add in your thoughts here in the comment section. As a free member, you can still promote the Wealthy Affiliate program and promote the platform. 

      Here is the link to learn more about the super affiliate program: 


      Here is a quote from that post by co-owner Kyle:

      “The Opportunity. 300 Sales in a Calendar Year.

      For those of you that do not know, we run an incentive-based opportunity here with our affiliate program that ANYONE can take part in and that anyone can achieve.

      Here is a breakdown of the Super Affiliate Incentive program. If you can make 300 unique Premium referrals (someone upgrades from Starter => Premium) from January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019 you will get invited to our annual Super Affiliate Conference…” 

      One note on the super affiliate program: It would make sense to take some of your affiliate income from promoting the platform to upgrade to premium if you are not one already. You will make more commissions (higher rate) and your access to all the tools would make it a no brainer. 

      Now on to the second question…The SMART IM Tools that we are launching have a number of ways to gain access. This includes signing up as a member of Wealthy Affiliate or joining the SMART IM Academy membership site, or from time to time through bonuses for products (like this offer for joining Wealthy Affiliate)…

      Any of these methods will save you lots of money. I lose money due to not getting the sale, but I help out people get real tools that serve a real purpose that cost real money for those that pay full price. This is more meaningful to me and at the end of the day, it all will come back in other ways.

      I would love nothing more than to be known as someone that helped as many people as he could while in this business. There will be some beta testers I am adding to the programs. In return for access to the tools, I would be asking for feedback and testimonials (REAL testimonials). If you are interested, let me know. 

      Right now we have checklists, lead magnet kits, deal pages, training courses, video creation tools, social sharing tools, and more coming up. It is a lot of tools that we are developing or getting rights to sell under our label. All are designed to work well for the online marketer if used properly.

      We are not promising a ton of money with no work, and we are not going to offer fake testimonials (we want real ones). There will be no false scarcity, and we will support the tools and products we sell. That is what Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall do, and that is what we will do!

      I really appreciate your questions, I am sure that others may have such questions, and it has given me the opportunity to add more clarification on just how we are doing business, as well as how Wealthy Affiliate does business. Good stuff!


      Dave : )


  33. Thank you for sharing ¨MY UPDATED 2019 NO BS REVIEW AND BONUSES FOR THE WEALTHY AFFILIATE PLATFORM¨. Thanks also for your offered bonuses, but I´ll pass them up, since I have already bought the program. I´m starting phase 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website. But perhaps you can help me out with this problem I have because I continue getting conflicting information within WA community. I´m stuck. It´s regarding keywords for ranking and traffic purposes. According to Wealthy Affiliate when searching for a title article, competition is the first thing you have to look for. ¨Traffic for any given search is meaningless if you cannot get a ranking in the search engines (primarily Google). That´s why the competition is the absolute FIRST thing I look for when analyzing keyword data¨, quoting Kyle in WA training course. Now let me tell you what my situation is. I´m about to publish my first post for my website. My niche is ¨myeatingright¨ so I came up, after much trials and errors in Jaaxy, with the title ¨A Simple Healthy Food Plan¨ having QSR: 1, SEO: 95, AVG: 554. As you can see I have almost zero competition and very robust SEO, approaching the ideal number of 100. When I then check with Google searches I get 570 million hits. Someone in the community suggested I search for the same title name with exclamation marks and this will give me a lower number. I get 53 million searches. Should I look for a different title name or ignore Google data ?

    1. Hi, Enrique…

      Thanks for popping through and for your question. The numbers you mention for the keywords are very good, and I would go with them. Remember these can be used within the content and not just in the title. You can also use them a few times (and related words as they may fit naturally into your post).

      It sounds like you are deeply involved in the training and taking the lessons to heart. I would build a list of keywords and long-tailed keywords that you can rank for and them build a content creation plan where you add all these into your website over time.

      This will build a library of keywords that people are looking for, and one or the other will be ranking higher or lower, but soon you will see increased levels of traffic because overall you will have a lot of people coming by to read what you have posted.

      Secondarily, I would also create a video channel using YouTube and also using a new platform that has been introduced called Cocoscope (new platform, you can monetize your videos in a number of ways), and make sure you do the proper SEO for these as well (the SEO steps are different)…

      The next thing I would do is to create social accounts that are complementary to the website. Connect the two and start getting traffic from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Instagram. There are tons of people looking for the same content on these platforms.

      Lastly (there is much more, but this will be the last point I will bring up here) I would create some good supporting and complementary ads (video and images) and opt-in pages, offering a related valuable lead magnet (something they would be willing to pay for) and grab their contact information.

      The real meat of affiliate marketing and all other forms of online marketing still is email marketing. You will build trust and credibility with the subscribers and eventually will be able to promote things in the niche that will provide you with commissions or sales if you are offering your own products. 

      If this post is starting to sound like a marketing plan, it is because that is the way my mind works. The one question you asked about the use of keywords leads to much more, but the steps I mention all build on the steps prior. This is how you will build a successful business!

      Congratulations on being a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I urge you to stay on the ball and get things done. It can be tedious at times, but if you stick with it and publish regularly using good SEO skills, you will succeed. Best of luck to you!

      If you have more questions, ask away, I am here to help!


      Dave : )

  34. I couldn’t have written any better than you’ve outlined in your review although I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate but I consider myself to be in the learning process of what affiliate marketing is all about. The tons of information you’ve provided here is evident to the number of years you’ve stayed with WA and I’m glad to have read your review. 

    I got to know of Wealthy Affiliate some few months after several scam programs which couldn’t deliver any results than failures and waste of money. Joining WA was a wise decision in starting my online business and I recommend it to people who seek passive income generation leveraging the opportunities on the internet. Thanks for the great information you’ve provided here. 

    1. Hello, DerrAd…

      Congratulations on joining the Wealthy Affiliate family and I am happy that you are feeling right at home with the platform. Believe me, it will be one of the best decisions you make when you look back as I do after almost 4 years. There is a constant stream of valuable tools and features with constant improvement over time to make it even better.

      If you stick with what is taught, and over time expand into other areas as you get more experience, you will be able to grow a wholesome business that operates ethically and will establish a name and brand even. This, in turn, will allow you to leverage your skills gained on the platform into other areas.

      One thing I love about online marketing is that there are so many ways to make income. It really is limited only by your imagination, your work ethic, and the time you want to invest. You can build an empire, or build a tidy regular income that leaves you time for family, vacations, etc.

      In any case, I appreciate your feedback on this review, and if you have any questions, ask away. I am here to help as many people as I can reach to achieve their own success online, using Wealthy Affiliate and other valuable tools that overdeliver!


      Dave : ) 

  35. I am a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have been a member for about a year now.

    Initially I started as a free member and I just wanted the training.

    I soon became aware of many of the benefits of being a paid member and after about 6 months took the leap.

    I have now hosted 2 of my website on WA and have gotten great results.

    In fact, Wealthy Affiliate is the only host that has ever paid me!

    I can earn more on a monthly basis that I pay, so it’s really a no brainer.

    As a very happy member I recommend being part of the team.

    Not only is Wealthy Affiliate great but the community is excellent and a number of members have become personal friends.



    1. G’day, Tim…

      Congratulations on being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a year already! Time flies, and I know it seems like just yesterday that I was starting. As with you, I came for the training and stayed for all the rest of the features and the tools you have access to.

      In my case, I love to do e-commerce, so have set up 20 stores selling products using the drop shipping model. I use hosting outside of Wealthy Affiliate for these because I need a platform with special features, and the sheer volume of traffic is such that SiteRubix would not work as well. 

      I do have membership websites and of course MMO websites, plus other similar sites hosted with Wealthy Affiliate. They are top notch for hosting as you say. I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a reply (at least an initial reply) to my support issue.

      To compare just the hosting benefit, I have two Go Geek accounts with SiteGround and they cost me $39.95 each per month!) That is ONLY hosting with SSL, high-speed access, lots of bandwidth, and a CDN service. I need this top end stuff for the stores.

      Passively promoting Wealthy Affiliate is working for me. I am not a Super Affiliate in terms of Wealthy Affiliate, but I am making a profit (a small one) from my activity and getting the services for no cost to me. I make most of my money drop shipping.

      You are so right about the community. I was an Ambassador for quite a while over a year ago when some personal issues came up and I had to step back to reconfigure the business and get things stood back up. I miss the time I used to spend on Wealthy Affiliate.

      Circumstances forced me to make some hard decisions and turning my focus to other things has been a good thing in many ways. I will be contributing more as time allows, I need more hours in the day, even with a team of people around me!

      Best of luck for you in 2019 with your online marketing business and I will see on the platform!


      Dave : ) 

  36. about a month ago I found Wealthy Affiliate during my search about how to make money at home I found many websites that claim to be paying you money for simple tasks and most of them they don’t really offer you a great service and course or training but WA was really different from all of them. you can actually sign up for free and take 7days free course and some more WA courses are unique and will not cost you much besides many features and help you will get when you go to premium in short WA is the best of best  

    1. Hi, Abdft17 (like that name, it is so mysterious!)…

      It sounds like you are very happy to have found Wealthy Affiliate and I am glad for you. There is no better way to learn the proper method of getting a solid affiliate marketing business up and running. The tools that you need are there, the training is there, and the help is there.

      It is the complete package. Later, as you start to scale up your business, you will likely want to add to the tools and services you use for your online business, but you do not have to add a lot. It depends on the direction you want to take your business.

      I wish you all the best for 2019 and please do stop by again. Ask any questions you may have regarding Wealthy Affiliate or any other subjects involving online marketing. Also, have a look at some of the SMART IM Tools that we are rolling out.

      These are all designed to complement the features and tools that are found within Wealthy Affiliate and they will help you automate and scale the business over time. When the time is right, you will know, and we will be there to help!


      Dave : ) 

  37. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since last August and I have to say that the platform is perfect for me. I find online marketing (affiliate marketing) to be too intimidating. First I am not used to the online platform, Second, I am a low tech person. Thanks to WA, all the training is in the video form so I can just keep going back and learn through he lessons at my own pace. The best part is that when I do not understand something, I can always writhe a post about my question, people in the community will stop by and answer that for me. Works for me, love it!

    New people you can try the free trail, they do not ask for your cc information!


    1. Hey There, Nuttanee!

      So glad to hear of your positive experiences with the Wealthy Affiliate platform since you signed up in August last year! People try to sell their products by saying how easy and fast it is to get into affiliate marketing, but you soon see that this is not the case.

      Many people want to sell you one piece of the pie when it comes to marketing online. This is good for them because then they can sell you another piece (normally at a higher price), and then again, and again. At the end, you realize that they were really just interested in getting into your wallet, not in teaching you what you need to have success.

      When that happens, people get disgusted with the whole online marketing concept and will tell anyone who will listen that it is all just a scam, and then relate their own bad experiences to back up that claim. Unfortunately, there are still bad people out there scamming people. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is different. You pay one price and get access to the entire buffet of tools, training, and resources. What you get is enough to not only start but also sustain and build a viable online business. The features and tools are ones that you can continue to use whether you are a beginner, a seasoned marketer, or a super affiliate.

      The community is also a big plus, as you say. There are a lot of people that want to help and will get you answers fast. Not only that, the community helps keep you up on the latest changes and issues that otherwise you may never hear about until they affect your business directly.

      The daily exchanges of posts, comments, ideas, and solutions is like Facebook, but a lot better. It is focused (not all, but most) information that people share. You get the scoop on what is going on in the online marketing world. I have only seen this with Builderall and one or two other platforms.

      As you say, it could not be easier to get started. It literally takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and set up a profile account. After that, you can set up a website quickly, let’s say that is another 5 minutes (it can go faster). Then as you go through the lessons, you start fleshing out that website.

      In reality, though, it would be better to do some planning prior to setting up the website, as in determining the niche and the approach and etc. This is all the stuff you learn through the phases of training. That is what I did, and I am glad I followed their guidance.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding in your thoughts. I definitely agree that people should sign up and get started today…Right now!


      Dave : ) 


  38. Thanks for reviewing such an amazing website,  I too I’m a member of wealthy affiliate I joined this incredible platform early this year and it has been awesome and wished I had known this site earlier, it’s amazing to know such a platform exist. I have learnt how to create my own website for free which is totally cool. Highly recommendable. 

    1. Hello, Seun…

      Glad to hear that you have joined Wealthy Affiliate, and it looks like you have already seen the value in what all it offers. I am so high and positive about the platform because I have seen it work for thousands of people, as evidenced by the testimonials I added.

      This is not a tool that will disappoint. In fact, the more you dig into what all they offer, you see just how much you have at your fingertips. There are only a few platforms that I can say this about (and promote). Most promise more and deliver less.

      All the best for 2019 and let is know how things are going! Also, please stop by again, because I am adding new reviews of solid programs and tools, and also sell some of my own brand products (SMART IM Tools). These complement what you learn and do through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.


      Dave : )

  39. Thank you David for the updates!

    It’s interesting to note that the community is ever growing, advancing and developing.

    I just recently when a friend introduced me to this awesome opportunity and community, the help i’ve received by community members has been massive.

    I will say a thousand yes again and again.

    For me, It’s been a great ride, and for you, I wish you more success Dave

    1. Hi, Festus…

      Thanks for popping through and taking the time to add a comment on this Wealthy Affiliate review for 2019! It sounds like you realize just how valuable the platform can be, and I am glad that you found your way there. If there is anything I can do, let me know!


      Dave : )

  40. wealthy affiliate is the best place for now that i know that will give you loads of training for so little amount, still on that amount your site will be hosted and whole lots of things which i can not say in just few words.

    if you confused on anything there is no need to worry just ask the community is ready to help you out 

    1. Hi, Oluwakay…

      You are getting the same vibes that I got when I first started with Wealthy Affiliate. I immediately saw that value and was ready to upgrade. Instead of doing so right away, I waited until day 7 to make the move, and essentially got a total of 37 days of access for $19…

      I did not look back and really started in earnest to get the online marketing business in place. I did upgrade to an annual membership during the annual Black Friday sale they put on and brought my monthly cost way down for the platform.   

      Literally, I am paying nothing at the moment, as I have a subscriber that signed up through me and I also earn through adding training and making comments on people’s posts. Every person who tries the platform out can do the same.

      I wish you the best with your online business in 2019 and beyond, let us know how things are going here or on one of the other posts I make regularly on the blog.


      Dave : ) 

  41. Hi david,

    U gave me a whole lot of information. It needs time to digest the information. I am looking some time for a online business anf this website only asks a fraction campared to other website’s. They ask thousands and on top of that they ask additional money for all other things and they u pay thousands more.

    wealthy affiliate asks little money but give’s a whole lot of training, information and help for 1 price that is incredible i have definetly have to try it out. And i think all my friends need to hear this as wel. I am going to share this information with them.

    I just have one question. When wil i be making money ? Is that going to be within a week, on month or is it going to take more time and then, how much money wil i be making ? I really want to know.

    I am happy i found something that sounds legit and is not a scam. Others promise u to make thousands in a week but when u enter, u never hear from them again.

    Thank u very much for sharing this website with us.

    Much Love,


    1. G’day Dahay!

      Thanks for stopping by, first of all! I do appreciate the outpouring of responses to this latest review post on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I knew there was a lot of interest (rightfully so) in this great tool for online marketers, but I had no idea that I would get this!

      Yes, indeed, you get everything I mentioned in this review and the free trial will provide access to the training and most of the services I mention. I am not sure the exact ones that are NOT included with the free trial, but essentially you will have what you need to get a website up and content added in that first 7 days.

      You are also right that most platforms ask for 1-10 upsells within the site, and often you must pay to promote the platform and the tools, and this can be really expensive. Why would I pay to promote your product? It is an MLM touch that these platforms add to pad their pockets, IMO.

      The question you have asked is one that most people ask. When will I start making money is something that involves so many factors it is hard to give you an exact date or time to get to that point. It really depends on the effort you put in.

      There is no program that can promise you ethically a certain income or a time-frame if they do so they are not being truthful. There are some people that are action-takers. They will get all the things done quickly and take the advice to heart and move forward quickly.  

      These are the ones that start making money pretty fast. Others, like me, take a bit longer. It really depends on how you put the lessons and your work effort into play. I can tell you that there have been some members that start making a significant income after a few months, others it may take as long as a year.

      It all depends on you and the work you put in. Do a lot, make that work a planned time over just spending time on the platform chatting and socializing, and get approved for promoting products, and you can start making money fast. 

      How much can you earn? Again, this all depends on you. I will tell you that there are a lot of members that are working online full-time, they do not have a regular job anymore. They don’t have to have one! Anything is possible. I have seen many people who also have outsourced a lot of their work and now have more free time than they ever dreamed of. Everything is possible with work and a solid plan.

      I hope this answers your question!

      All the best for 2019 and I look forward to seeing you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate!


      Dave : )


  42. Hi David,

    I’m a new member in Wealthy Affiliate and i really appreciate the review you made about the site.

    I have been to other sites and various platforms that are known for their fake and unrealistic rewards before making it to Wealthy Affiliate, where my experience so far as been nothing but amazing. Now i can imagine how it is for you being there for 4 years.

    This is such an helpful review, thanks for sharing with the world.

    1. Hello, Ayodeji!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to add a comment plus talking about your personal experiences with Wealthy Affiliate. You are definitely at the right place to learn how to properly get a start with affiliate marketing! I congratulate you…

      Note that over time, you will be also able to enter other areas of online marketing such as e-commerce, offering training to others, and selling physical products. This is in addition to coaching or mentoring activities, and so many other means to earn income online.

      You have the training available for use, and a supportive community to help you on your way. Keep us posted on how things are going, and if there is any way I can help you out, let me know!


      Dave : )

  43. Thank you so much for this nice update. Wealthy affiliate is a good platform that have great help me in my online marketing business journey.

    Though I just joined recently, but I must admit that I have greatly benefited immensely so far. At times I wonder why I haven’t joined all this while. The packages you introduced are worth considering and the bonuses are mouth watery. I am in already! 

    1. G’day Abiodun…

      Yes, it was time to provide an update to readers and my subscribers, as the Wealthy Affiliate platform has changed so much over the time I have been a member. Many features were not available when I started, although it has always been a great platform. It just keeps getting better!

      The bonuses I have added will help would-be online marketers as they start developing their programs. A video is the king of content these days, and there are no video tools within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Of course, starting out, many will not need this, but over time they will.

      The other social tools will also help, as so much traffic today comes from the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and etc. The tools help create and post content to these platforms and even get subscribers and sales. I know they work, as I use them myself!


      Dave : )

  44. Hi ,

    This is an excellent article . Firstly I said , Wealthy Affiliate is a platform made to train people how to make money online . i really said in my own experience affiliate marketing works wonderfully well  . If I have been struggling to build a website , create content ,choose niches and earn money on the internet . Wealthy Affiliate is the place for me to turn all that around and start being successful .


    1. Yes Indeed, Arnaiem…

      The Wealthy Affiliate platform is one of the few big platforms that I use myself and recommend to others. It really is such a unique product in that it has so many features that you normally will pay extra for on other platforms if they are available at all.

      Some like the comment exchange tool I have not seen on any other platform.and being able to have your website and many of the features connected through the platform is a time-saver. You can instantly post articles after completing them, request comments, and etc.

      You will be able to make money, how much and how fast will depend on the niche you select, the quality and quantity of the work you do, and also the marketing plan you use. So you have the tools and the people that will help, it is still up to you.

      If you follow the outline provided, you will have success as so many others have had over the years. I have added in many cases that all can check out. This is not a platform that is going anywhere, so you can take advantage of it as long as you want to.

      Thanks for stopping by, and best of luck with your online marketing business in 2019!


      Dave : )  

  45. Great post and good info.

    Im using Wealthy Affiliate for 2 years now, and all the changes they done is for the best. 

    Really, the new Site comments section is way to good to be true. Earning money by that is awesome, but also other features are getting better and better. 

    If you didn’t join it yet, you really have to do it now! 

    Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Hi, Emmanuel!

      Good to hear some feedback from a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member! I so totally agree on the value that Wealthy Affiliate brings to the table for newbie online marketers and seasoned marketers alike…There are so many great features and tools found there, and the training is top notch!


      Dave : ) 

  46. I really love the way you outlined the advantages of joining wealthyaffilite  I actually read every word to see where your article ends. I have never regretted joining wealthyaffilite . I will definitely re-visit your site because I can see you give such great and accurate information.Thanks for your indepth analysis

    1. Good Day, Abioye!

      Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is much more than an educational center, although it has some of the best training in the market available. The many other tools and features mean it stays relevant for people that are having huge success with their online businesses.

      One of the reasons I added in the many testimonial links to this post os so that people can go sew for themselves. This is not some hyped up fly-by-night product that is here today and gone tomorrow. It has been around for 14 years!

      In the short 4 years that I have been a member, it has made constant improvements by leaps and bounds in many areas of the site and added in a lot of new features, all intended to make the user experience a better and more profitable one for marketers.

      This post just scratches the surface, when people get in with a seven-day free trial, they can prove it to themselves and start on the right track with online marketing! One of the reasons I added in so many valuable bonuses (potentially over$500 or more of REAL COST they would have to pay) is that I want them to try.

      Thanks for popping through and I wish you all the best for 2019!


      Dave : ) 

  47. I started up a fishing blog about 9 months ago but over the last few weeks I realise that I need some sort of training in the subject of blogging due to my lack of traffic. Basically – I don’t know much about SEO and I need some solid pointers with it. 

    Would this Wealthy Affiliate platform be able to help with that. considering my site is already up and running?

    1. Hi, Chris…

      Yes indeed, there is so much that you can pick up on SEO within the platform between the main courses and the specialized focused training you will find there. I have added a few links for you to see for yourself (enlarge the image I have attached)…

      Even for the established blogger, Wealthy Affiliate offers tools that will make it easier to add new and unique content, get comments for posts, do keyword research for the right words to use when planning posts, and even will allow them to get feedback from experts on their sites…

      This is one of the reasons that people like myself stick around. The world of online marketing is constantly changing, and this platform will help keep you up on these so you can take appropriate action for your business. There have been many occasions when I have used the advice for my established blogs…

      Please excuse the rough draft look of this post, by the way. I wanted to get this updated review of Wealthy Affiliate out so went live with the post at 90% completion. There will be some refinements going forward to get the look I am seeking. The content is the most important thing, and it is legit!


      Dave : ) 

  48. Thank you for this great and amazing post. I find it really helpful and nice. I always like posts that talks about making money online and you have really provided great insights into the wealthy affiliate platform. I think I can’t agree less with your review. The trainings are powerful and there so many on the platform who are ready to walk with you step by step to achieve affiliate success. Thank you 

    1. Hello, Clement…

      You are more than welcome regarding the review and I am glad you found it useful. If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, just let me know. I have helped so many people and love to get them on the right path to online success. Best of luck with your online marketing business in 2019 and beyond!


      Dave : )

  49. This is a great review of a fantastic product. I was at first skeptical of WA as there are so many scammers out there trying to take our money without giving us what we really wanted.

    For the me the deal maker was that WA allowed me to sample the product before I committed any money to the program. This convinced me of what I was buying and how it would benefit me. Anyone looking to learn about this business, I would encourage to try is out and see for yourself.


    1. Hi, Rich…

      Thanks for stopping by and having a look at this Wealthy Affiliate review 2019 edition! As you say, the 7-day free trial itself is a testament as to the confidence the owners have in their training and support platform. The additional features, tools, and resources make it easy to stay once you have the training down and your own niche website up and running.

      Also, appreciate the kind words about the content I added about Wealthy Affiliate, it is easier to promote something that you can have confidence in and know it will help whoever is willing to take that leap of faith and try it out (for free). 

      Note that this is still in the draft/early publishing stage, as in there will be some refinements to the images and even the spelling errors that you may see as you go through the post. I felt it was important to get it on the internet and start having people be able to find it, the rest can come later. The important thing is that Wealthy Affiliate is a place to learn how to get a proper start at a reasonable cost! 


      Dave : ) 

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