MJ SpecialReport 400 - Acquiring Motivation for 2019 Using The Power Of Mobile Motivation Apps
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We hear all the time about motivation. Why is it important? Motivation is a crucial key to achieving your resolutions and have success in your business ventures. If you have sufficient amounts of motivation, any task or plan can be completed in less time. There is a problem though – where are you going draw this motivation from?

There are some people who like to have reminders of what has to be done that they are confronted with as the best way to keep their motivation level high. Others need an actual person or someone pat them on the back once or provide moral support when they may be feeling low. Here is a suggestion: Why not combine the two for getting to an ultimate motivator?

These days there are a number of motivational apps that you can install on your phone. They are there to support you and your resolutions whenever you need them. Such apps can keep track of your goals and automatically provide encouragement, reminders, and even reward you when you complete each goal.

This is a new day and world we live in, and there are many tools that we now have access to that can make so many things easier. Because smartphones have now become prevalent and are carried everywhere all day long. Why not tap into that 24-hour convenience and turn them into your own personal motivation system.

Here are seven sensational motivational apps to get you started:



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App 1 – ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations


ThinkUp is an app that touches your motivation on a very personal level. Using ThinkUp, you can create your own affirmations or if you are not so creative you can choose from ones provided. No matter if you have your own or use theirs, you record your own voice repeating the affirmations. Once you have these recordings, you can play and listen to your own voice reminding yourself just why you need to pursue your personal goals and what it will mean for you.

You can also add any preferred music to the recorded affirmations and listen to that as well while you recite the affirmation. You can tell yourself why you need to endure through to the end to achieve your goals. Sociologists do agree that this is a great way to motivate yourself in any situation as the brain trusts its own voice the most.

Essentially with this app, you are helping yourself to achieve your goals, and you can use the app to remind yourself whenever you might need to. It helps you feel better through realizing that you’re the one who is enduring and striving for more, as opposed to someone else telling you.


I like that the app works with you and helps you on a very personal level. You select your own goals, they are directly related to your situation. You hear your own voice and it unconsciously reminds you that there’s no one forcing you to act. It is up to you and is of your own free will. Nobody wants anything that’s not good for themselves normally.

It seems there is a lot of interest in how effective this app may be, as there is a lot of research going on with this project. There have been many social experts who have contributed to making this one of the best apps it can be, so it will be effective for all the people using it.

You also have the choice to select as many affirmations that you may require or be interested in. This is a nice feature since some people like me feel they should be doing more. They have multiple goals and need affirmation for all of them. To keep things fresh you can either your own recorded affirmations or maybe use some of the provided ones within the app.

You can schedule reminders and notifications that will cover you and remind you even if you have a busy schedule. You will be reminded in a quick manner that will keep the affirmation and motivation fresh throughout the day.


Taking the opposite view from what is accepted and postulated in the app and by the sociologists having the app using your voice, it could be that some people may not receive the expected and desired effect when hearing their own voice over and over. It could very well have the opposite effect when the person is not realizing results or feels that nothing has changed though you’ve been trying.

It could very well be that this app will work well for some, but not so well for others, and there may even be some negative effects with some people. There’s simply no assurance that this app and technique is for a person. Also, the app requires a level of initiative on the user’s part to keep updating the goals, record the affirmations, and set it up for scheduled notifications. Lastly, the reward you receive isn’t highly noticeable with this app.

This is a novel approach to motivation, and it will work well for many people, but not all. In fact, some people have stopped using it as they found it to be a nuisance and did not get good results. I think it is as with other apps, in that you get out what you put into it…


If you are an independent person who needs to get a boost of confidence regularly, this is the right app for you.. It really helps establish your daily goals and over time can give the user a steadier, more positive attitude. If you find that listening to your own reassuring, confident, and positive voice helps you achieve the seemingly impossible tasks and help you make dreams reality, this might be the app for you.

This ThinkUp app allows you to make plans that will seem more achievable than what they used to be, as you hear about them and it adds to your resolute action. Also, if you are feeling perhaps sad, or disheartened or even distraught, the app can help push this feeling away and remind you just why you can do great things, and why you need to throw these negative feelings out. I would definitely recommend giving this app a try using your mobile device, ThinkUp is easy to set up and use and many people are giving it rave reviews. this app can help you get through tough times and achieve greatness.


App 2 – Motivate: Daily Motivation

This is an app to provide appropriately enough motivation (Hence the name Motivation). It tries hard to live up to its name as well with all it has to offer. It has readymade videos filled to the brim with confidence giving content and has playlists that will elevate your spirit, and the notifications to prompt you to get a steady diet of these positive reinforcing activities. This is an app that can be used for any modern day business person’s busy life.

The Motivate app has a wide variety of these videos with the focus on keeping you uplifted and positive and can help you be more resolute with your choices. Note that the videos are produced by professionals who know how to use phrases and make you more motivated. There is a wide variety of subjects, so you can find the perfect way to get you mojo kick-started.

There is also an option to select a playlist for the people who’d rather listen than watch a video. These are filled with spirited music and strong, powerful voices that command attention. It will seem like you’re operating with a crowd cheering behind you all the time. You can schedule these audio or video files to show up as you wish in your day, and you will get the notifications automatically. Essentially you are shaping your motivation program to what fits for you.


The extensive number of dedicated videos and audios that you have access to make this an amazing app for daily use. With a little planning, you can get messages all day through the day and each day you can have new content to keep you lifted up.

This app will work for introverts and extroverts alike. Note that extroverts are very comfortable listening to others, as any voice can prove a helpful one for them without them even realizing it. Introverts, on the other hand, tend to not ask for help even if they may truly need it. For these personality types, having access to some professional help while staying in their comfort zone allows them to develop confidence while remaining relaxed and stress-free.

Another way this app can be used is to get reminders at specific times in the day. If you need to get something done, set it up so you tell yourself to do so. Motivate will then remind you that it’s time to do whatever you need to get done. Essentially this app will not forget that you have to get something done, even if you may.


The one thing that really stands out to me is that there are no results you can track. It can provide a terrific push whenever you might need one, but on the other side, it has no way to show you results or progress. This can lead some people who may not be as motivated to feel they aren’t gaining anything using the app.

Although the many motivational speeches may be impressive a truly disheartened person won’t be budged unless they see some results and realize what they’re capable of accomplishing. The Motivate app can get you up and going but will never show you just how much you may have been motivated.

The other thing I see that may be considered as a con for the app is that it is time-consuming to watch videos each time you may be feeling unmotivated. A lot of people will not have the time to shut the busy day out and listen to a video telling them about why and how they should get more done. It may add to the burden of an already overburdened schedule, a definite road to people not using it.


It appears that this is an app that will appeal and be used by someone that is an active optimist. I think most people like to listen to motivational speeches. Inspirational speakers can inspire, no doubt. There is no doubt that passion and ambition are two contagious sentiments and when you hear them from someone who has both, you’ll likely develop them within yourself.

The Motivate app is close to having an impassioned friend who is at your side whenever you feel as though you’ve reached a block in your mind. You can always reach out and consult with the Motivate app to get that push in the right direction you need. For many people getting that daily dose of motivation can make them feel more confident, be happier and ready and exhilarated to face each day.


App 3 – Habitica: Gamify your Tasks

This is an app that is truly a gem for the segment of the population that don’t like to take everything so seriously. For these people turning your life into a game as this app does is a good idea and whoever thought of it is a genius. The Habitica app transforms your daily tasks as well as your long-term goals into a series of achievements and rewards inside of your very own miniature gaming dimension.

In your own game using the app, each task completed provides a reward for you. Of course, on the other hand, anything you DON”T complete becomes a consequence for your avatar. So while you can have a good time and fun, the app motivates you to accomplish the goals you set for the sake of your avatar. Essentially you are motivating yourself to further motivate yourself (avatar, fun, gaming), and this is a sneaky-effective technique if I ever saw one.

The game has become a huge community of like-minded people who are all striving to complete goals throughout the day. The community develops friendships and these friends will help you grow and get things done, and you’ll never be bored as it all revolves around a gaming environment.


What I like is that this is an app that makes getting chores done fun. It is not that common to find, so it is unique and fun. chores fun. One success leads to another, a sense of not letting your avatar down and being a part of the community plays a part as well. It turns angst and inaction into determination and action. The app is applicable for all ages and can turn any lethargic person into a hard worker over time.

Another positive is that this app won’t feel like a burden to the user. Rather than playing catch-up, you will be proactive and get things done ahead of time. In spite of the serious nature it is addressing, it takes what can be a laborious procedure to get you motivated and turns it into a fun, light-hearted game. The only way to move forward in the game is to get accomplished the tasks you needed to get done. Brilliant.

It amounts to work before play, and then more work to get the play done. Habitica helps the user keep their priorities set straight when it comes to using your phone. If you don’t complete your tasks, there’s no game to play. It certainly is an unusual way to push people to get things done.


With the app, you can add in completed tasks even if you did not complete them, Similar to a smoke cessation app I tried, it counts on you, to be honest about your accomplishments. There’s no certainty that every player will act honestly, however. There will be some that will lie about completing tasks or they may game the rules by putting easy tasks in so they get them out of the way. fast

There will always be people that will abuse the game or not follow the rules.

Another concern is that some people will get motivated for what they consider to be the wrong reasons. Complete your work to progress in a game? Seems a little backward to some, I am sure. These people may be wondering how will they know they’ve really accomplished something rather than being obsessed with a game?

For those that can deal with the approach, it’s a great way to get things done that need getting done. It has proven to be a good motivator for most people.


I think that this motivator app which is really a game is great for someone who’s a little disorganized, or perhaps lazy. Games can focus your attention for a very long time if you enjoy them and over time, unknowingly the user becomes the more motivated person who gets things done if nothing more than to play the game.

There is an element of people that respond better to such games over organization journals, to-do lists, and the like, and in these cases, this is the app for them. Habitica helps makes taking responsibility and getting things done fun for everyone, and it can be used for all ages of people. As you create your own tasks and goals in your schedule and get them done to play the game, you are getting much more efficient.

The Habitica app is essentially a time-management tool, and it sticks with you to better control your time and then provides rewards that are tangible (you get to play) and exciting (you enjoy the play), even if you are the only one who gains from them.

The Habitica app makes work seem more approachable, not avoidable, as people do not want to face the consequences of NOT getting the tasks done (no game). Also, Habitica engages you on a very personal level, as once you really get involved with the game you want to maintain running streaks of accomplishments, and not let them go to waste.


App 4 – Forest: Stay Focused

Another clever twist to addressing motivation is an app called Forest. Rather than a way of keeping track of your entire list of tasks and goals, this one keeps you focused on the now, the moment, the right now. Once you open the app, you will plant a seed that’ll eventually grow into a tree. This takes time of course and a lot of time. Unfortunately, if you close the app, the tree you planted will die.

This means that you are prevented from using your phone for anything else, meaning no phone distraction, opening up your focus for a task at hand. You are motivated to let that tree grow into a fully grown tree, so are motivated to use that time NOT on the phone for something else.

This technique moves away from the commonly accepted idea of keeping a detailed log of your tasks, and afterward earning yourself an award for getting them done. You can choose what to do while your tree grows, but you ant that tree develops.


This is an app that is pretty simple in concept and can add to your motivation and allow you more freedom of choices as to activities while the tree grows. Rather sticking to any schedule you may have, you can make a spur of the moment decision. There are people that need to have a disciplined, planned approach to the day, but some people can’t work that way.

Let’s say that you want the tree to grow once today, you could do some brainstorming to come up with ideas of what you might want to do in that time. You can read, study a language or perhaps go for a walk. This is an app for someone that likes to use a different approach to a problem.

The app is very easy to use, there’s no hassle at all, only a little dedication. The more you use it, the more you start getting used to passing some time without your phone in hand. Over time, this becomes easier, and you can stop what you’re doing on the phone and instead make time for yourself.


You will need a lot of dedication to use this app. It is not like the others, where you get notifications to get things done. With this app, you are definitely on your own, and you have to tend to your time and tree.

As the tree starts growing, you will have to make time to allow it to grow more, hence build more time away from the phone doing other activities.

You remind yourself, as opposed to the app reminding you. Some people will find this app does not work for them, as they tend to not get things done. Others may have a hard time finding other things to do, worrying about what they are missing on the phone.

The Forest app will connect more with the patient thinkers who are quick on their feet, and ones that think out of the box. This app may also not work too well with people that are not strongly attached to their phones as so many are these days..


This is an overall extraordinary app for anyone. It motivates you to preferably entertain yourself while waiting for your tree to grow. This proves effective since you receive twice the motivation in this situation. You remain motivated to let your tree grow and also feel motivated to pass the time.

This isn’t how most motivation apps work, but it sure is an intriguing one. Anyone can create a massive forest, each tree representing the time you gave to yourself. Likewise, instead of taking time away from you, Forest gives you the time you overlook every single day.

With Forest by your side, it becomes easier to relax and look to more interesting things in life above your device screen. Having an adjustable time limit allows you enough of a moment to enjoy, focus and motivate yourself into doing more.


App 5 – Wonderful Day

Next, we have an app called Wonderful Day. This app tracks all of your activities and shows you your progress. It’s a simple app that will help record all of your work, and it will show you the days where you have fulfilled all tasks to your satisfaction, and also show you others when things didn’t get done.

Using Wonderful Day, you can set your reminders and goals on a daily basis. You can then specify if the goals are applicable on weekdays or weekends, perhaps every other day or maybe only on a certain day. Wonderful Day will track it all and then record what you’ve accomplished for each task.

You will get a reminder from Wonderful Day for all the tasks needing completing for the day on any given day. If you complete the task, you will receive a green mark for it. If there are things that are left undone, these will get a red mark (to remind you of those unfinished tasks). The theory is that you will strive to get whole green days and over time, this will become a habit and you will have long streaks of all green.


Wonderful Day is a very simple and easy to use app. You can quickly set up your chart for the day and see if you really did enjoy a wonderful day. It has an easy to navigate set of pages and is a quite condensed design. It will not strain users in any way..

The app is also a highly personalized app that will fit each individual’s need. Since your list of things to get done will change daily, the app can follow your schedule easily with its features. You can adjust your list based on what really needs to be done. Each day can be different, and this is a reality for most of us…Wonderful Day can understand that.

Because of the customization available, you can set each day’s goals to fit your schedule with no hassle at all, and no big workload to change it each night; the app can handle it all in one go! The Wonderful Day app makes a lot of sense for a motivational app and is extremely user-friendly.


Of course, there are a few negatives with the Wonderful Day app too. For one, it isn’t a free app. You have to purchase the app if you wish to use it and let’s face it, many people do not want to pay for any app on their phone.

It can also become confusing for users when they have to exact dates for each and every task to the app, plus the time it should be completed. There are times when you will want to accomplish something during a week’s time, but you don’t know or care what day of the week you’ll get the job done. These kinds of tasks can’t be performed on the app since everything needs an exact date or you must add them in at the end of the week’s period so then you can see if they all got done as you wished…

The app also provides notifications are also limited to only one a day for the overall schedule rather than getting multiple scheduled notifications by each task for the day. It can be easy to forget one or the other task, as you may not remember each and every task throughout the day.


It seems that this app is great for someone who has a very organized routine lifestyle. This would include people who have a fixed routine to follow and perhaps want to add in new habits to their already organized day. If this is the case, then this is an app that will help you. You can use it to look for space in the daily schedule where you can try new activities or hobbies.

Another good use for the app is if you are working to turn your passions into occupations. This app can make the time and space you need available to you. It is also nice to have a record of your progress, as it can remind you of what you’re working for and show you visibly how much closer you’re getting.

You also have results and rewards that are key factors that play into the effectiveness of this app. This helps make it a successful and enjoyable application for the user’s daily use. As you get started, you will receive medallions for achieving your goals for longer than a week, more for two weeks and etc.. With these steady pats on the back, the app can help you break bad habits and open the road for better ones.


App 6 – Way of Life!

This app called Way of Life is an active recorder of all your habits. Using a daily minute check up on your app, you can help yourself and the Way of Life app monitor all of your daily activities. The list of objectives that Way of Life can observe and track are seemingly endless, as long as you know how you want to track them.

There are bar graphs to reminders, and Way of Life covers and aids you in drilling down and discovering just where you may have gone wrong or perhaps faltered in your progress. You have solid evidence to show that you’re either improving or where something went wrong and when along the way.

Using the app is easy, and entering your information isn’t hard, and it does not take long at all. Then, once you’ve inserted all the data you need, the Way of Life app will do the rest for you. You will see how you actually perform in your way of life.


Because it is an easy-to-understand and easy to use app and it can track any schedule it is a good one. It will not alter anything in your daily lifestyle and instead helps you keep track of it with minimal interruption. Having the proof right in front of you helps you make educated choices for what actions you may want to take next.

Another thing I like about Way of Life is that it can even give you an extra push you may need to help get things done. Especially if you’re forgetful or apathetic, Way of Life can help by delivering the scheduled notifications courtesy of your own more motivated self.

Note that the Way of Life app helps keep an eye on your living status, but does not try to control it. This is okay, as you can’t expect nor do you want an app to grab ahold of the control of you and force you to a better path. This is something better done internally on your own. The app is there to help you in that quest.


The main issue hat some people with this app is that they don’t find the time to add all of their progress every day, meaning that the results that they can show aren’t accurate. It could also be that you forget to add something you did during the day and then it will not be included in your results…

To make the app work best for you, you will have to give a certain amount of dedication to fulfilling the tasks to make it work for you. If you do it can change your life, but many people do not have the discipline to make this happen. Remember that if you can’t update the app once a day, there is no point in the app since the data results won’t be accurate.

The last issue that will apply to some people could be that some people won’t understand what the graphs or notes are indicating. If you don’t understand these, you can’t make sense of what they are really saying, and of course, your decisions may not help. So there are some people that may find that the app isn’t that easy to use.


What I like is that the Way of Life app prevents you from denying to yourself those bad habits you may have. They are there to see. This, in turn, can help you correct these and build new positive habits. For the person who needs results, this app will provide hard cold facts.

The Way of Life app helps to look at your life from a statistical point of view. You can turn aro