2019 01 23 1534 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

Hi Everyone…

I am reviewing Traffic Ivy today. I know the creator, Cindy Donovan, and she at times comes up with ideas and products that really help all of us online marketers. This latest one is a tool that I am adding to my arsenal of tools, and I urge you to check out the videos and see if it might not work for you too!

First, a demo of the product…

Sometimes I like to break the routine of my reviews of products and this is a case of that!


Here is a second demo that will help you decide if this tool is for you:


Next, I have one more demo for you to look at…

Now you have a pretty good idea of just what this tool can do for getting you traffic that is targeted and ready to buy what you are promoting…

If you are ready to have a look at the sales page, click here: TRAFFIC IVY TOOL

Now, let’s get into this quick review…

2019 01 23 1534 300x65 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

Product Overview

Vendor: Author: Cindy Donovan
Product: Traffic Ivy 
Launch Date: 23 January through 29 January 2019
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Skill: All Levels
Pricing: $9.97/$29.97/$49.97 Front End, Upsells Details Below 
Niche: General Online Marketing – Lead Magnets for IM Niche 
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Guarantee: 30-day money back guarantee 


2019 01 23 1534 300x65 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses


Who Is Cindy Donovan?

I have known Cindy for a few years now, and she is a top creator of online tools for marketers. I have purchased more than a few of her products and had success with them. This latest one is another one that I am investing in and although I have not tried it yet, I am sure it will perform as advertised.

Cindy has always provided excellent customer support and I expect that it will not be any different for Traffic Ivy. Below I go into more details about exactly what you get when you purchase this tool. Go through and see for yourself if it may be for you!


What You Get With Traffic Ivy…

This is a barter system that revolves on a point system. Using it you will get real, actual, trackable clicks. Members simply log in to their (SaaS) dashboard, create and publish ads in multiple media formats, and their campaigns are live for others to share and view.

Users have their choice of the following actions:

  • They can display their articles and reviews on a network of targeted blogs.
  • They can add Facebook posts of FB pages/groups and walls.
  • They can add Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit posts for REAL accounts
  • They can have their videos uploaded to a wide variety of real YouTube accounts

Members then choose a point price they’re willing to pay, while other members choose what they’re willing to share and publish ads for! 

In your stats after the traffic has been delivered, you’ll get a complete breakdown for every click sent, with a direct link to that share/post – and the opportunity to rank/rate and review the quality of traffic… to keep the integrity of the network SUPER strong!

You can earn points by sharing other’s content. These points then can be used to get more traffic to your content or offers. It is a true barter system. You determine what you are willing to ‘pay’ in points for others who share your stuff, and they do the same.

Since you get points for sharing others content, you really can build up a lot of points the more active you are on the platform. This is why I chose a mid-range plan over a more expensive front end offer, as I do the same with other platforms I use now (i.e. Link Collider).

The difference with this platform from others is that the traffic is more targeted. You choose what to pay and who to target regarding others who will share your content. It is a much better system than what I am using at the moment.

The advantage to purchasing the monthly membership and points either at the gold or platinum levels (upgrade 1) is that you can add in more sites of yours that you can use the points for. In my experience with other platforms, the free or share for points at no cost levels limit you.

With the front end, you can add in 10 locations you own. With the gold, you can add up to 50 sites. With the platinum, you can add in unlimited sites. Of course, that upgrade will cost you monthly, so I recommend trying the platform out and seeing what is right for your needs unless you are sure.

In my case, I have close to 10 MMO (making money online) sites and another 10 social accounts associated with these sites. I also have 20 stores and associated social accounts. So in total, I have well over 50 links I would like to promote.

Since I like to spread my streams of traffic, I likely would not get the platinum (too expensive at the moment), but will consider the gold upgrade. Then I will rotate the sites in and out and build one set, then another over time with the Traffic Ivy tool.

When I run a campaign for a new product launch or want to push the affiliate program for SMART IM Tools, I will focus lots of points and get the traffic to that offer, leaving some of the other sites off the platform while that is ongoing.

Another feature of this platform that I really think is going to help it maintain a high-quality standard is the rating system. You will be able to rate one another and provide feedback. This means that people will be trying to maintain a good rating so will work to do so. That is to your advantage!

Of course vice-versa it is the same. You will want to maintain a high-rating from other members of the platform as this will directly affect the amount of points you can ask for when sharing others content or posts. So it pays for all members to do well and work hard to help wach other out. I like that!

So many ways to leverage this tool. I will update everyone here as I get started, I have purchased my front end now and will see how it works for my own use. Stay tuned!


Who Can Use Traffic Ivy?

There are a ton of people that can use this tool. If you are an online marketer or even if you have an offline business, this can be useful to pull in targeted traffic that is interested in what you are promoting. I have added just a few marketing segments to give you ideas…

(1) Newbie Marketers: This system is great for new online marketers that may be just getting started and are looking for real traffic to their promotions and content.


(2) Video Marketers: You will have access to lots of YouTube accounts where you can upload YOUR videos directly to and post whatever you’d like in the description! Use keywords to capture people searching for what you are offering. It is an additional stream of traffic for your marketing program.


(3) SEO Marketing: We all know that the search engines like relevant and targeted backlinks that occur naturally. You will be able to get this from the high-value blogs that share your content with Traffic Ivy. Literally, your content can be seen on 100’s of blogs.


(4) Local Business Marketers: This tool will work for any niche or interest. The Traffic Ivy members can choose to share your ads for any business, including local business and get points for doing so. It’s far better (and delivers better results) than distributing pamphlets that no one even reads.


(5) Website Owners: This is perfect for owners of websites where they need to get more traffic. It does no good to have a bunch of good content if no one is looking at it! The Traffic Ivy tool will help you get the ball rolling with people seeing your works of art and creations. You can also display banners from other blogs or ads and get pointsthat you then can use to get more traffic for yourself.


(6) Bloggers: With Traffic Ivy you get a WordPress plugin where you can automate content creation and turn your blog into a viral traffic generation machine by also automating the publishing of your new posts for more shares. My recommendation would be to create your own content using standard methods (i.e. keywords and SEO) but this is an option as well.


(7) Social Media Marketers: You can use the Traffic Ivy platform to speed up the process of having content you share go viral. With the tool and community, there are hundreds of people that will help get this cycling and driving free traffic to your pages.


(8) Product Creators: One of the big sells of Traffic Ivy for me was having the chance to create another traffic stream for my own branded online marketing tools, the SMART IM Tools program. I will be able to get the word out to many people that can use the varied tools that have been designed for online marketers.


(9) Trainers and Training: Whether you are selling training or coaching, the Traffic Ivy platform will help you get the word out to other interested people that are looking for what you offer. It helps that you choose how and with who to share. You know that the right people are getting the word out about your fantastic offers.


(10) Affiliate Marketers: You are creating content and looking for interested people to take action on your recommendations. With Traffic Ivy, you can post your offers anywhere you like and add in a call to action and link and send your affiliate link onto 10’s, 100’s or 1,000’s of sites with a single click.  This is powerful.


(11) E-commerce Sellers: I have 20 online stores where I sell a wide variety of niche products. You can bet that I am going to tap into the power that Traffic Ivy offers to get more looks at what I am selling, and do it at a much lower cost than paying Facebook or Google! This tool is great for shop owners.


(12) Offline Businesses: Somewhat covered by the local marketing item above, this is further drill-down on the ways that Traffic Ivy can be used for bricks and mortar businesses. Either they can use the platform themselves to get more leads and business, or they can use social media marketing agencies to get the traffic through Traffic Ivy.

There are likely a hundred more examples I could list, but I think you get the idea! This is a very versatile platform that is powerful in a lot of ways!



2019 01 23 1536 300x177 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

What Is Traffic Ivy Going To Cost Me?

Here is a breakdown of the Traffic Bundle Options On Frontend Offer:

Option 1: $9.97 for 2,000 points to use on your choice of traffic

Option 2: $29.97 for 5,000 points to use on your choice of traffic

Option 3: $49.97 for 10,000 points to use on your choice of traffic


Are There Upsells?

Yes, there are upsells. I have detailed these below for you…

2019 01 24 0023 295x300 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

OTO1: Traffic Ivy Pro Subscription ($27/m-$47/m)

What You Get…

  • Regular monthly traffic points (Gold: 5,000/m, Platinum: 10,000/m)
  • Earn more points per share (twice as many as regular members)
  • Points received faster (for overall/network security/integrity of the system when points are spent they go into an escrow type holding place.  Regular members need to wait up to 7 days to receive points, based on their community/star rating. Pro get theirs in 24hrs)
  • Ability to add more assets.
    (Regular = 10, Gold = 50, Platinum = unlimited)
  • Premium support via skype

So You Have Two Options for this Upsell:

2019 01 24 0028 001 300x176 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

Option 1: Gold level $27/m


2019 01 24 0028 300x167 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

Option 2: Platinum level $47/m

Next, there is the second upsell…


OTO2: Traffic Ivy Kickstart Bundle ($97)

With this upsell you get a fully hosted WordPress blog with built-in monetization, includes 5 done for you fully managed landing page systems.

Part of the core Traffic Ivy product (everybody receives as part of the frontend) is access to our WordPress plugin that allows you to connect to your blog and automate traffic and content in two powerful ways:

Automation 1: Publish your newly posted articles from onto the Traffic Ivy marketplace, so you’ll be able to automatically have people posting/sharing your articles on multiple targeted niche blogs.

Automation 2: Publish niche targeted content from the Traffic Ivy marketplace onto your blog, so you get fresh content and whenever you do you also earn traffic points to power your own shares!

This ‘Traffic Ivy Kickstart Bundle’ gives you the ability to create their own fully hosted WordPress blog and it comes with built-in lead generation forms that are automatically connected to managed affiliate marketing lists (so you earn commissions).   

There are no ongoing fees for hosting etc, just pay once and get access to a complete and ready to go blog.

Next, we have Upsell 3…


OTO3: Traffic Ivy Agency ($197)

With this upgrade, you can create unlimited sub-user/client accounts and have the ability to distribute your own traffic points to any of those sub-user accounts. 

This means you can charge clients for this service on a recurring basis and run their campaigns for them. It saves them work and they are happy to get targeted real traffic to their websites.

Lastly, there is the 4th upsell…


OTO4: Traffic Ivy Reseller ($297)

With this upgrade, you can sell an unlimited number of Traffic Ivy accounts and earn 100% of future funnel sales (50% on monthly recurring sales of points/membership).



2019 01 23 1551 300x100 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses


Pros and Cons of Traffic Ivy


The platform is easy to use, very flexible in regards to where you can use it (i.e. blogs, social accounts, etc.), and it can be inexpensive to get traffic compared to paid traffic that will cost you more in all likelihood. I am starting with the mid-range package for the front end and will test it over the next week. My results I will add here as I get them to update you all as well.

I have used similar tools in the past that do provide traffic, but the traffic is not targeted, i.e. you get numbers but no sales. Link Collider is one such tool, and I have my VAs share and like others’ posts and articles, and in return I do get traffic, but again, I have not seen an uptick in sales…


The platform is fairly new, and it will take some time to get a large enough base of users to have the platform reach its full potential. This means that initially, you may not get all the results that you hope for, but over time, likely you will.

Here again is a list right off the sales page of the key benefits of the tool:

2019 01 23 1552 283x300 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses


My Final Verdict?

I think the low entry cost is worth a shot and that is why I am buying this for my own use. I have a number of websites, Facebook pages, and Facebook groups that can benefit from this tool. I will likely go with the mid-range front end initially, as that is not a lot of money, and then decide which of the upgrades I may want to add.


Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses


Bottom Line…

Cindy is a solid product developer and she has launched numerous products successfully in the past. I have used some of them and been very happy with the results. This latest tool, Traffic Ivy, seems to be another one that can help a lot of people.

I recommend this to readers and would say you should try the front end minimally, as I am doing. There are three price points, so you can get started for under $10! This is very little risk and you can always upgrade after you have seen it in action.

Also, I have some bonuses for you below that will help your online program. These are training membership sites that normally sell for $27 each but you are getting access for free today whether or not you buy Traffic Ivy! Have a look and see what you think.

I am interested in helping as many marketers as possible with the content and resources I add here on the website, so decided that just for stopping by, I want to give you access to the training below.

These are high-quality training sites with content that will make a difference in your outcome for all your work to get your online business making money…Enjoy!

Best of luck!

Dave : )


Link Button to Sales Page:

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

Check The Bonuses Below Too!



2019 01 23 1534 300x65 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses


Note that these courses will help you learn more about online marketing and complement the Traffic Ivy tool…Give them a try (no purchase necessary BUT I do need a name and email address to add you to the membership sites)!


  • Affiliate Profits Club 

2019 01 08 2027 300x128 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

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Synopsis: Good insight on getting a viable affiliate marketing business off the ground. Normal price $27.


  • Membership Marketers Club

2019 01 10 1050 300x109 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

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Synopsis: Great course on all things membership. You will have a clear idea on how to proceed! Normal price $27.


  • Product Profits Club

2019 01 10 1051 001 300x127 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

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Synopsis: Great course on how you can create and sell your own products quickly. Normal price $27.


  • eMarketers Club

2019 01 10 1052 300x133 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

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Synopsis: This will provide you new insights into marketing online. Lots of ideas and tips. Normal cost $27.


  • Power Copy Club

2019 01 10 1053 300x139 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

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Synopsis: Learn how to write good copy. This is a skill that can be learned, but many are reluctant to get started. This course will help to teach the important points. Normal cost $27.


  • Success Upgrade Training

2019 01 10 1053 001 300x132 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

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Synopsis: Learn how you can generate success faster. There is a mindset that will help you cut to the chase and avoid pitfalls that others must deal with. Normal cost $27.


  • Traffic Generation Club

2019 01 10 1053 002 300x151 - The New Traffic Ivy Tool - A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

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Synopsis. A great course chock full of tips, tools, and training on how to generate more traffic to your pages, offers, and blogs or posts. Normal cost $27.


32 thoughts on “The New Traffic Ivy Tool – A Review and Demo of Front End, Upsells, and Bonuses

  1. Hi Dave, Thaks for the review of traffic ivy.The concept sounds very interesting, trading shares.one thing that is concerning is that the middle pricing the $29.97 for 5000 points is not as good a deal as the $9.97 for 2000 points ( 3X2000 = 6000) the $49.97 for 10000 is the same as the $9.97 offer – so there is no extra points for paying more. a little confusing, but i am sure it is a little glitch that will be adjusted as time goes on.I am tempted, but i am in a niche that probably is not covered by other members yet.Do you know if there is going to be a price increase after the initial launch?If so do you know how much it will be?many thanks in advance

    1. Hello, Phil…

      No issue on adding the review, I like finding tools that will work for online marketers and adding the info here on the site. That is what we are all about! I am glad you stopped by today! I am having my morning coffee (it is 0600 AM here in Dubai)…

      Yes, I see your point on the mid-priced front end offer. I will ask Cindy about that. She can adjust if she thinks we are right (it should be maybe 7000 points and the 49.97 should be even more (like 15,000). There should be some kind of higher benefit for shelling out more money on the front end as an incentive.

      Not sure on the price increase yet. I would imagine that there may be some, but not too much. There is competition out there, i.e. Link Collider, but their program is not as good as this one. I still use the Link Collider, but it takes up about an hour of my VA’s day 5 days a week.

      This is about the same I think. I can either pay for the points and have the VA do something else, or I can have them do it at their hourly rate (I do the math at times to see what is more economical depending on what we have going on).

      I will test this to see just how the targeted traffic works and report back. Hands-on with my own account will tell us more! Stop by again to get the update!


      Dave : )   

  2. Hi; the Traffic Ivy tools seems to be something good for online affiliate marketers. Traffic is most necessary to an Affiliate Marketer’s business. 

    However, I am not clear on the pricing methods. I can understand $$$ per month or Click, but I have a problem understanding the points.

     I will be looking into how I can use the Traffic Ivy Tool in the future


    1. Hi, Dorcas…

      Let’s see if I can’t clarify for you how the point system works and how you use them. Traffic Ivy is set up in a similar manner to other traffic sharing platforms I use like Link Collider. You buy an initial amount of points, i.e. 2000 points for $9.97.

      You also get access to the platform and can assign up to 10 assets (sites, social accounts, or sales or lead pages) and then can offer so many points for those members that will post about your asset on their assets. You have the initial 2000 points and barter to get the shares.

      In return, you also share the same from other members on your assets and get points from them when you share. There is tracking so you can see where you are getting your traffic from, and then you can rate the member that shared based on the quality of traffic you received. 

      The two big differences and advantages that I can see with Traffic Ivy over other platforms are that you have a user rating system and you have targeted traffic versus generic traffic that gets you clicks, leads, or follows but not really targeted.

      This is why I am willing to give the platform a try. It is a self-checking system in that you may not agree to pay someone for sharing your content if they have a low rating and on the other hand you may be willing to pay more points for someone who has a high rating.

      You can share and earn points and not have to spend any more money on points to use the platform whatsoever unless you want to. It does mean that you will spend time sharing others’ posts and content to get additional points and you will not have access to as many asset points (you are limited to 10 with the front end program).

      To compare, Link Collider offers three assets you can add for no cost. you can ‘earn’ up to 2000 points a day sharing others content, and you do not have to wait 24 hours to get credited these points. But you are also limited to spending the 2000 points per day.

      If you share regularly, you will have enough points to get shares for your content regularly, but perhaps not as many as you would like. For those people not wanting to wait, the upgrades cover this plus offer more assets that you can connect.

      If you have more questions, let me know here and I will try to answer them as best I can or get with Cindy to get the answer for you!


      Dave : )  

  3. Hello Dave

    Great review about the traffic ivy. Sounds like a software any internet marketer will want to use. In information marketing it really is a game of numbers. More traffic equals more potent sales.

    ts assuring to know that you personally know the owner of traffic ivy. Sounds like a package that is for a newbie like myself. what package do you recommend I pay for?

    1. Hello, Louis…

      Thanks for popping through, first of all, I do appreciate it and also that you took the time to drop a comment here. Moving on to Traffic Ivy and a recommendation, I would say depending on where you are in your start (i.e. how much content do you have published, lots or not so much), I would go with the front end only to give it a try.

      If you started with a $9.97 package, that would be enough to get a good bit of traffic and a start on growing your business. That targeted traffic may just help move you ahead faster. It will depend on a lot of factors, but that is what I would do…

      Let me know how it goes!


      Dave : )

  4. Well I don’t know Cindy Donovan but this new traffic Ivy tool seems legit with this review, I’m just starting something on my website and I’ll really need this tool.i don’t think I’ll be able to get the upgrades but I should be able to get the firat one of about 10 dollars. Thanks for this. I appreciate. 

    1. Hi, Dhayours…

      That sounds about right, as I think a test with that kind of investment is not too much, yet it can provide a lot of low-cost and almost free traffic over time that would otherwise cost you much more via PPC (i,e, Facebook or Google).

      That is pretty much where I am at as well. I am living now with Link Collider that helps get me shares, likes, and subscribers, but I am not getting many sales from the work. The social proof helps though but I would like to get sales as well…

      I am going to be able to add 10 accounts with that front end purchase, and this is more than I have now with Link Collider. We will see, as I am testing and will add the results here over the launch period. I will add several updates too as time goes on…

      Best of luck and let me know how you come out!


      Dave : ) 

  5. This is a huge opportunity to promote our business with sure success. Getting traffic has always been big issues of online affiliate marketers. But with this traffic tool and if followed or used appropriately one will get overwhelming result. Have just started affiliate business. My training at wealthy affiliate is going on well and I’m going to add and use this tool to establish a a goof result. Did you also say this tool can be used to promote our YouTube channel? I will bookmark this site so that I can be making good reference to it.

    1. Good Day, T…

      This is a good program to add to whatever other methods you may be using. I would still continue to use keywords that are competitive and sought after and write value-laden posts with them that people are looking for in your niche, and then leverage the power of the platform to get a start of traffic

      In regards to the assets, you can connect up to 10 sites or accounts with the front end, and more if you subscribe to the monthly programs. They can be YouTube, websites, social accounts, sales pages, or lead pages. Almost anything you want to push.

      What I do is remove assets and add ones that I want to put a focus on or ones that I want to build over time. This is a tool that will require a bit of time but that will pay off with the traffic increase you will see, and hopefully increased leads and sales too.

      It will not replace the need for quality content, it is not a tool that magically spits out traffic. When you share quality content, it just helps get you traffic faster and traffic that is targeted and is more likely to be interested in what you are publishing or offering.

      Best of luck, let us know how you come out!


      Dave : ) 

  6. I’ve never seen anything as comprehensive as Traffic Ivy for a similar price.  It sounds like it will be a good tool for marketers to drive traffic to their web or social media sites.  It appears to be very flexible.

    My biggest concern is over the newness of the platform.  What kind of bugs that might be out there that could really hamper a marketer.  

    Still it looks like a good way for a new marketer to drive targeted traffic to their site so it bears further investigation.

    Thanks, Ellen

    1. Hi, Ellen…

      Yes, that newness of Traffic Ivy you speak of is one factor that I also see as a potential area of concern. That will likely work its way out within a short period of time. I have used other platforms that are not as good (they do not have the features this one has), and they have grown by leaps and bounds within a short period of time.

      It is due to the additional features that it caught my eye. I thought that ok, another Link Collider copy (I use that platform for shares, likes, and subscribers, but get few sales and cannot track nor rate the shares I get), but it is much more.

      All the gripes I have with other tools that are supposed to help in a similar manner have been addressed with Cindy’s Traffic Ivy platform. Of course, it remains to be seen how it will develop, but I believe it will be a huge success.

      Thanks for your feedback and best of luck to you!


      Dave : ) 

  7. I have never heard of traffic ivy before. I will have to investigate it for future product lines. Your review was excellent and explained all the aspects of the program. 

    I can see where this would be helpful for getting traffic to your site and does share a lot of information for us to go through.

    Good use of videos, they gave a good understanding and guided us to make a decision of whether to go now or maybe later.

    I’m not sure that I am ready for it just but it is a possibility in the near future.

    Thank you for sharing this.


    1. Hey, Winslow…

      Thanks for adding your thoughts, they are valuable to us all. The more feedback we get for reviews the better we all know what the general populace is thinking! This is a tool that can be used by any level of a marketer, but it is not a replacement for the basics of creating good content.

      Rather, it is helpful to leverage the power of the social sharing aspects that it offers you. You have other interested marketers whose reach is different from your own, and when they add your content to share, those people see your offering. 

      I do understand that it will not be for everyone. Sometimes it is better to take a cautious approach (I do it all the time) so please do stop back again and see how others and myself get along with the tool. It will be there if you want to give it a whirl, Cindy does not do the 6-month and desert product launches!

      Best of luck for you in the new year!


      Dave : ) 

  8. Thanks for sharing this new traffic tool this is actually the first time I’m hearing or reading about such an improved system as this , it is user friendly for beginners and they help generates real traffic. In my case this is going to help me out in getting traffic to my website 

    1. Hi, Seun…

      Yes, this is a brand new tool that is essentially an upgrade from some of the other similar tools that I myself use for my online business. Because of the limitations, I really was able to get shares, likes, and subscribers with these other tools, but not much in the way of sales… 

      The way this tool is set up, you can do all that but also track the shares and actions people take, see where you are getting traffic from (good or bad) plus you can leave feedback for those sharing your content. This is a step up from these other programs.

      This is the main reason I decided to give the tool a try. Traffic Ivy is simple enough to use, and the concept will work if there are enough people that are members. Also, the quality of members will make a difference. I will report back on my results for all to see…

      You will be able to get additional traffic to your website with this tool most definitely. Best of luck!


      Dave : )

  9. The new Traffic Ivy tool! Sounds great, but is it really getting you targeted traffic that converts?  In my experience with online tools, there is still nothing that beats time and quality of content.

    Everything takes time, we are all too impatient, we think that buying a couple of tools will get us going fast and everything will just work out! But I think you can easily buy any of these tools and get heaps of traffic or followers but are they the right followers that will become raving fans.  This is the part that takes time to build relationships, get a name for yourself and add value to your community.

    Traffic Ivy seems to have all the right tools for success, but is it solid in building a proper brand and community of people that generally love what you do?  It is still new, I still wouldn’t trust it, nothing beats good old fashioned work.

    1. Hello, Kris…

      Many of the things you mention (hard work, building a community, and quality of content) are not things this tool is intended to do. Much like a lead magnet alone will not get you a successful online business in place. It is a combination of actions that make that possible.

      One thing that will help is AFTER you have created quality content that is properly addressing SEO, keywords, a subject that has interest and gets traffic, is getting it in front of people that are interested and will value that content. 

      This is where the Traffic Ivy comes in. Should you count on this for the entire traffic you are seeking? No, definitely not. I regularly work many sources of traffic for my sites. Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, paid traffic, etc. are all means for me to get the word out.

      This is an additional tool that you can tap into and from my own experience with other similar tools, they will get you additional shares and likes, plus some subscribers. The area I have not had much success with is getting additional sales.

      Also, there was no way to track where the additional traffic was coming from. This tool addresses these concerns and also has a feedback mechanism where you can rate the quality of the shares that you get. This is an additional feature that over time will make it easier to determine where you should spend your points.

      I do appreciate your passion for addressing the basics when it comes to online marketing. Whether it is affiliate marketing, video marketing, social marketing, or other, these will not become obsolete. But just as you build social accounts, and build a presence on a forum for trust and authority, this is an additional tool for your arsenal.


      Dave : )  

  10. Hello David, 

    Everything that is traffic for our websites will be welcome for me. Without traffic, we will not be able to generate money. 

    The author that you recommend as a very positive rating, although it is a new product. 

    I think that having previous experience with her gave you a lot of confidence in your products. 

    I’ll leave my information to get more information from you. 

    Thank you! Claudio

    1. Hey, Claudio!

      Thanks for popping through and taking the time to add your thoughts here in the comment section. This Traffic Ivy is something that came up last minute for me, Cindy had sent me a message asking why I am not on board. Truthfully I am pretty busy with my own products launchings and the new LLC opening etc.

      But when I had a look at what she has put together with Traffic Ivy, I decided that this is something that my subscribers and website visitors needed to know about. It is that powerful a tool or it has the potential to be anyway. 

      Please let me know how you come out with Traffic Ivy, I would like to hear from others what they think. I will do the same here so we can all get smarter!


      Dave : ) 

  11. The product, Traffic Ivy tool from your review looks promising. It is a good thing to know that you are familiar with the creator, Cindy Donovan and recommending the traffic tool. There are some traffic tools that ends up not yielding the maximum result there creators promised.  I will consider starting with that of $10 option which is for 2000 points. I particularly have interest in displaying articles and reviews on a network of targeted blogs as well as adding LinkedIn and Reddit posts for real accounts. I hope I can benefit as well from this traffic tool that looks much more promising.

    1. Hi, Gracen…

      Yes, Cindy is a good person and marketer too. She supports her products really well, I have never had an issue in that regard. Also, the products do what they say on the sales page. That is how I got to know her, as I was impressed and let her know. That led to a friend addition on Facebook, etc.

      I am like you on the testing portion for these type platforms. Often the traffic you get means nothing. They are just trying to collect points. That is where the rating system that is part of the tool will come in handy I think. Much like the comment tool on Wealthy Affiliate, another platform to help with SEO and traffic indirectly, it can help if you can provide feedback.

      Let me know how you come out with Traffic Ivy. I am testing also this week and will report in the review how I get along. 


      Dave : )

  12. When I first started reading this I was not exactly impressed, as it sounded and looked like a traffic system I signed up for about 3 years ago…which worked at first…then went downhill fast.

    But I really am taken by the way that this is based on real accounts linked to a barter system – very impressive idea really and one that will keep the included accounts fresh and active. 

    I’m also impressed by how inexpensive it all is, leading to more happy AND active members!

    1. Hi, Chris…

      Yes, I was a bit skeptical initially as well. As mentioned, I have Link Collider, and although it does get traffic, likes, subscribers, etc. for some of my Pinterest, Facebook business pages and groups, Instagram, and websites it does not really result in more sales that I have noted.

      This could be more successful if the traffic you get is targeted as it seems it will be. I am going to try at the $29.97 level and after a 1-week report on results (I will likely also add in a video I record of my own dashboard so people can see interim results too).

      Let’s see if Cindy has done it again. She seems very confident when I talked to her today. She says that they have enough beta testing behind them to know it works as advertised. Let’s hope her servers are ready for a massive influx of new customers!

      Thanks for stopping by, and all the best for the week (already Wednesday? Where does the time go?).


      Dave : ) 

  13. Thanks for this review. I think this will be a very useful site to promote your projects. I am already using a website like this, as an advertiser. The design of this site looks better and I am sure that this will grow fast. 

    This is important to appear more and more places with your website and this kind of site helps to reach your goals.

    1. Hello, Gno…

      Thanks for popping through! Yes, there are other similar sites out there, I use one myself. I am not really happy with the results as I am looking for more than traffic. I would also like to get targeted traffic where I can hopefully get them to subscribe.

      This way, I can build up a relationship and prove I can be trusted and eventually be able to promote good products and tools to them. How is the site working for you that you are using? Are you seeing increased levels of sales and leads?

      Traffic Ivy is a tool that can be really effective if it will do what Cindy says it has been designed for, I will get in there so I see how this bartering thing works, it could very well be that if you are active enough and share a lot, you will not need to buy more points.

      Cheers and all the best for you!

      Dave : )

  14. the review is great but i can not see the images on my side you need to check what happened to images you uploaded other wise the traffic ivy is worth try and i know it will work well but i have question why to do i need the upsell and downsell and i just want to improve on my traffic

    1. Hi, Charles…

      Not sure what the issue is, I had a couple of people check the page out. It could be that it is taking a bit longer for the images to load (I do use lazy load, so some lower down on the page will not load until you scroll to that point). In regards to Traffic Ivy, yes I think a $10 bill is well worth the investment to see what this is and how it will work.

      It is one thing to read about a tool, but often even when watching a video, that is not the experience you have when you are on the inside. Cindy has assured me that this is really user-friendly and all their beta testers love the tool. Traffic Ivy is not a totally new concept, just an amped-up version that is more effective than some of the older such tools out there. 

      In regards to the upsells, you do not need any of them to have all the basic features work for you. These upsell offers just add additional versatility to what you can do with the tool. If you do not need these, I would not buy them. I would not use the blog upsell, for instance, I already have a bunch. 

      I hope this answers your questions regarding Traffic Ivy. If not, just drop me a line and I will get back with you. 


      Dave : )

  15. Hi, I know it might sound like a silly question. I have a site and my main problem  is to get the traffic to it, This program seems ideal for what I am trying to do, could you tell me if it is easy to use, sometimes when people do videos everything seems easy but when you buy it then all the intricacies of it come out and you get lost in the explanation. Is it user-friendly and even a full-time beginner like me would be able to use it with no problem?Thank you.

    1. Hi, Barbara…

      Yes, this seems like a tool that would help you get traffic to your site and also your social platform accounts. The traffic will be targeted, meaning they are interested in what you are writing about or promoting. I am not in yet, but from what Cindy tells me this is super easy to use.

      There are also tutorials that can be viewed if needed as you get started. I would recommend going with a basic front end purchase and see how it works for you. If it absolutely does not work, get a refund. If it does work, see what level of points you may want to purchase prior to the end of the launch week (not sure if prices will go up).

      It could also be that just through the process of sharing other’s content that you would not need to buy anything else. You get points faster if you do the monthly membership plan, but that is not necessary if you plan carefully. After a week, your points will start to be credited, and if you are sharing daily, you will soon have more than enough for your needs.

      I use a similar tool called Link Collider. It can get you likes, follows, subscribers, and traffic. I do not pay any money, rather earn points by having my VAs do sharing, etc. so we get points for free that we spend on getting the same to the sites we have selected.

      It does work. The problem is that they are not targeted traffic, so although it looks good for outer appearances, it does not get me additional sales (or not many anyway). This system may be better, time will tell. So if you have the time to do some sharing, likely you will have enough points to make the tool work for you.

      The way this tool is designed, yes I think a beginner will be able to use it. The concept is not a new one, just the technology is state of the art compared to some of the older more established sites that are out there. I am going to give it a try (just the front end at the mid-price range) and see how it works – I will report back within the review how I get on!


      Dave : ) 

  16. Dave,

    I enjoyed the review of Traffic Ivy.  The concept of points/bartering to promote content is intriguing and the fact that you know Cindy Donovan is helpful and offers credibility.

    I am new to online marketing and just learning the ropes, what fascinates me are the unlimited variations and options one has to expand their business and Traffic Ivy certainly offers a unique approach.

    I will review the videos again (thanks, helpful) and use this as an opportunity to learn and consider other ways to expand my online presence.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hello, Pete…

      Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my Traffic Ivy review. It is a powerful program from what I have seen so far, and much more effective at getting traffic to your sites that is targeted over just click traffic. That was my big gripe with some of the other tools that are similar to this was and is.

      It does no good just to get traffic that is trying to build up their own points and have no interest whatsoever in what you are promoting, whether a blog post, video, training, etc. Much more effective is this platform, or it holds out the promise of this anyway.

      If you have any questions after looking through the videos, drop me a line here, I will get back to you!


      Dave : )

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