Affiliate Programs That Work – Follow This Advice and Earn More Commissions

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Hi, Everyone… I don’t care what you’re selling, if you’re an affiliate then you have a whole boatload of competition. There may be dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other affiliates all selling the exact same thing as you. There are some great affiliate marketing programs out there and even with the competition, you can earn some good cash on a regular basis if you tap into the right ones. This post is intended to help you select which of the affiliate marketing programs may be worth your attention and which to leave to others to fight over. The tips […]

Writing Your First EBook

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Introduction Writing ebooks has become quite common, but how to write an ebook isn’t so straightforward. Ebooks can be life-changing. If you want a steady stream of side income, or if you want to take the first big step in your career as a writer, writing an ebook is a great place to begin. Lots of writers (and would-be writers) recognize that but have yet to get started on their own ebook. Perhaps you’re one of them: you’re not sure where to begin, or you’re worried about how you’ll find the time.   How do you write Your First eBook? […]

PayPal Alternatives and Why You Should Secure One Now!

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Hi, Everyone… Today I want to talk about options to the payment gateway PayPal, ones you can use in lieu of or in addition to PayPal, and why you need to think about all this now. This is an issue that has come up recently when some of the big-time marketers have had their PayPal accounts shut down for apparently no reason. Many people in the online business may not be selling online, perhaps they are doing affiliate marketing. For even these people I would recommend reading through this post, as you need to be aware of what is going on. […]