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Hi, Everyone…

I don’t care what you’re selling, if you’re an affiliate then you have a whole boatload of competition. There may be dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other affiliates all selling the exact same thing as you.

There are some great affiliate marketing programs out there and even with the competition, you can earn some good cash on a regular basis if you tap into the right ones.

This post is intended to help you select which of the affiliate marketing programs may be worth your attention and which to leave to others to fight over.

The tips I include are based on 5 years of my own experience in promoting website affiliate programs through this blog and also using the social and video platforms to get the word out about them.

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First, “The Elephant In The Room” To Think About


If you do not have a plan and are not organized in the approach you use, I have to say that you will likely not have too much success with affiliate marketing. The competition is fierce after all.


Do not think that just hopping around the internet slapping banner ads up everywhere will get you many sales these days. Your ads and posts will simply get lost in the noise. Chances are you will get beat out by any number of other affiliates who do have a plan of action.


But hang on, all is not lost…


Being beaten by the competition is for mediocre affiliates, and you’re anything but mediocre! You ARE here reading this, after all…The key is to learn the same secrets as those “super affiliates” use, then put them into practice so you too can outsell the competition.


So let’s start right now with these three tips and tricks for turning you into a top affiliate…

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Three Key Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success


#1: You Must Engage Your Audience


If you do a little research and see what the top affiliates are doing, you’ll notice that their focus isn’t on driving cold traffic to the vendor’s sale page.


Instead of that and losing forever the traffic that you do manage to send, these super affiliates are driving traffic to their own reviews, their lead pages, which they use to build a list (emails and names)…


Once they start gathering the names and emails, they engage this audience, establishing trust and credibility, and then they drive these now warm leads to their affiliate links.


Sounds easy, right?


That is why you will see a lot of aspiring affiliates try to mimic the process. They set up their lead pages. They give away enticing lead magnets to build their list. They send out gobs of emails to their list. They promote offers like crazy.


And what happens?




Not a darn thing, because the list is about as responsive (and profitable) as a dead weed.


So what went wrong?


In most cases, the problem boils down to this: the affiliate never built a relationship with the list. They never engaged the audience. If there is no engagement, no relationship, there will not be a great response to anything you throw at them.


Think about this: Just because someone joined your list it doesn’t mean that they’re now your best friend. They have no incentive to open and read each and every email you may send them. The only person who’ll do that is your mother (maybe!). For everyone else, you need to gain their trust.


How to Fix This?


What you need to do is send out a well-planned series of emails that are “edutaining” and build on one another to build that trust. The content you send will educate while also be entertaining.


Remember that at the end of the day, your prospects want solutions to their problems, but they don’t want to be bored out of their minds reading a lecture from you.


Here are a few more tips for engaging your audience:


  • Give the readers what they want. Prior to writing your email campaigns, do your market research. Find out what your subscribers want, and then give it to them. It is that simple.


  • Test, test and test some more. See what they respond to the best, and give them more of what they want (and less of what they don’t want).


  • Share your best stuff for free. This seems counterintuitive, but when your subscribers see what sort of amazing secrets you’re sharing for free, their trust will grow by leaps and bounds, which in turn creates sales. This will also trip the reciprocity trigger, which makes your subscribers feel obligated and downright compelled to buy what you’re selling.


  • Email them often. Think about how sales go for brick and mortar operations. You can’t build a relationship and engage people by talking to someone every once in a blue moon. They need to see you again and again to build trust. It is the same goes for your subscribers. Set a target of building a good relationship by providing them your edutaining emails at least once a week.


  • Recommend only the good stuff. Do not try to sell them things just to make money from commissions. If you wouldn’t recommend it to your mother or your best friend, then don’t recommend it to your list.


Next tip…

sell - Affiliate Programs That Work - Follow This Advice and Earn More Commissions

#2: Pre-sell Your Offers


The days of tossing out a link to your audience with very little content, reviews, or comments do not work these days. It is actually one of the quickest ways to the affiliate poorhouse.


Remember that your readers are bombarded daily by ads, banners, links, and offers – they sure don’t need you to shove yet another one in their face.


Your job as an affiliate is to sort through all the different products in your niche, review them, and recommend only the best products to your readers. The ones you know about and can vouch for…


THAT’S exactly what your readers want. They want to hear about the benefits of the product. They want to hear what you think of the product. They want to know why they should buy it.


Let me share with you a little secret…


Your readers want to be led. They don’t really want to sort through all the information themselves to decide if the product is right for them. They want you to tell them.


So what do you need to do?


Pretty simple, really: you need to presell the offer. That means you will send out multiple emails that cover all the benefits of the product and handle your prospects’ most likely objections.


You will warm the audience up to the offer. They’ll have their credit card out and their mouse ready to click the “order” button even before the sales page loads.


And finally, here’s another way to outsell your competition…


sell - Affiliate Programs That Work - Follow This Advice and Earn More Commissions

#3: Add Additional Value to the Offer


Remember, you’re up against a lot of competition, and everyone is pushing the exact same offer. So here’s what you can do to sell more than everyone else: Add value to the offer.


What this means is that you create a product or service and offer it as a bonus to those who purchase the affiliate product through your link. It needs to be something that will enhance the basic offer that you are promoting.


If you offer something desirable, valuable, and tightly related to the original offer, you’re sure to get plenty of people clamoring to buy through your link. They will often get the offer just to gain access to the bonus you have!


For example, if you’re promoting software, then you might create a video that shows customers how to install the software, customize it, and use it for maximum benefit.


Another example: let’s suppose you’re selling a copywriting book. You might put together a huge swipe file and headline templates and then offer this as a bonus to anyone who buys through your link.


One more example: let’s suppose you’re selling a set of bodybuilding videos that cover everything from lifts to nutrition. You might offer meal-planning software to help customers go through their bulking and cutting cycles.


Bottom line is that if your bonus product enhances the use or enjoyment of the main product, then there’s a good chance it will boost conversions and put more money in your pocket.




These three tips you learned above aren’t something you use in isolation. Instead, you need to use them together for maximum effect. That’s because adding value to an offer doesn’t do a whole lot if you’re putting this offer in front of an unresponsive audience.


Pre-selling an offer to a dead list also doesn’t work. And truth is, adding value to an offer doesn’t do a whole lot either if you’re not also pre-selling the offer. So the point is, use these tactics together for maximum benefit.


These are just three simple steps you can take to really boost your conversion rate – and there are plenty more where these came from. To discover the tips and tricks the top affiliates use to build and run their own affiliate businesses, check this out…


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