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Welcome to day fifteen of our lighter side posts. These provide a quick lesson on a single subject, expanding on the topic a bit to show how it relates to online marketers.

There are lessons available all around us, we just have to reach out and grab them for ourselves…I try to do this for you with these lighter posts, and of course keep it conversational while doing so…

Today we are covering story-telling, a wonderful way to keep your audience interested, engaged, entertained, and even opening them up to be receptive to learning a thing or two…

Personally, I like this style of communication and find it easier to use in many situations. There are a few times when it is not appropriate, but I feel this communication style can work effectively most of the time…

So let’s have a look at the story-telling phenomenon and break down how and why it works, and how we can use it for our own online marketing business!


The advantage that you gain from keeping it grounded and communicating your message in a story-like manner is that people will stick around to listen longer…

Here is an example of a popular video where the subject was a bit nonsensical yet the story was told in such a charming manner that the viewers are compelled to watch to the end!

[videoframes src=”” skin=”36″ controls=”1″ headline_text=”Say Whaaaaaaaat? : )” headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

In breaking down why this video has had over 3 million views on YouTube we can see that the young man used some techniques that simply work.

Likely he was not even aware that he was using some tried and true techniques that made his video so popular…he used the tools in a natural manner, not contrived nor forced…

The young man’s story was interesting as told, the situation was a bit unusual in that he is getting his mother to verbalize a rap song (huh you are thinking as you watch the video)…

Lots of humor was included, as often is the case when telling a good story, and the young man had a great connection with viewers, his audience of millions…

My point is that often if we can keep the conversation light and use a tone that is one that you would use when telling a story to a friend, you can often capture the audience and keep them with you  more effectively.

Think about some of the teachers that you have had to listen to at one time or another during your formative years or later in university…

The ones that you likely remember to this day are the ones that managed to connect to you through using techniques just as I am advocating…

They told stories, they opened your mind to new possibilities, likely they promoted critical, open, and diverse thinking for you and your fellow students.

Building trust is a difficult thing, especially online, where you do not have the advantage of face to face contact…

Using video certainly helps break through such barriers, but even there the message has to be packaged in a manner that viewers are willing to accept and listen to…


Rather than adding in more of my own thoughts, I want you to hear what others are saying about this technique of communication…

Here are a few examples…

Example # 1 – How Stories Sell – Psychology Of Storytelling

Note: This Blog post can be found on the following site: https://raventools.com/blog/how-stories-sells-psychology-of-storytelling. 

This post addresses the psychology behind the power of the story…

An excerpt is particularly effective in pointing this out…

…Our brain on stories

Science has yielded some fascinating insights into the way our brains respond to stories. Researchers at Washington University in St Louis studied the levels of brain activation while participants read excerpts from a story called “One Boy’s Day,” which chronicled the activities of a youngster named Raymond.

The team found that far from just passively consuming the story, participants were instead living the experiences alongside the young protagonist. Neurons in areas related to movements of the hand and grasping lit up when Raymond picked up an object, and neurons related to vision fired when he surveyed his surroundings.

The researchers suggest that in order to better comprehend a story, we ground the activities we’re hearing about within our own real-world experiences.

This theory is strengthened by the discovery of the so-called ‘neural coupling’ effect – incredibly similar patterns of activation in the brains of the storyteller and the listener found in a study where participants told unrehearsed anecdotes from their own lives. The effect disappeared, however, when the listeners’ attention wandered or they failed to understand the events of the story.

These findings show the incredible influence that storytelling can have. An effective narrative can sweep up the listener and cause them to vicariously live the tale…

Here is a comment to this post…

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    Great post, Alison.The act of storytelling is key to any successful campaign, your bang on the money! The secret is to make what you say resonate with the reader. Evoke and emotion, grab their attention and keep them interested.

    Bland and unemotional material does not trigger neuro-engagement.

    Alliteration can be emotive or onomatopoeia to symbolize sounds that the reader can actually hear and feel, creating a variety of emotions. The emotion felt is as profound as the story used to create it.

    Using this skill to take the reader on the journey to action.

    Nice work!

    My Take:

    Readers find the points of the article to be spot on and they are using the power of telling a story to help them make more sales.

    Note that this post was published 3 years ago, yet it resonates to this day , as the number of shares and comments show, plus the rankings on Google search bears out…

Example # 2 –  Future of Storytelling – Paul Zak

This video starts by the telling of a moving tale, and then the video analyzes why the story was so compelling from an emotional aspect…

This video further corroborates the point of the post above, which is that effective storytelling evokes a connection and emotions in the listener or the viewer, in the case of videos…

Have a look, this is a very interesting and informative look into story telling…

[videoframes src=”” skin=”36″ controls=”1″ headline_text=”The Brain On Stories!!!!” headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

My Take:

This is an interesting and informative look into the actual science and chemical processes that take place when effective stories are listened to by audiences…

This, combined with the psychology involved in tapping into the areas of the brain that people have little to no control over (i.e. emotions) show again the power of the story…

Example # 3 –  The Science of Persuasion

This final example is intended on tying everything together…The video complements the storytelling angle I am expanding on today, and you will better understand why it is so effective…

[videoframes src=”” skin=”36″ controls=”1″ headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

When you know the powerful effects a story can have with audiences, and view it as a door to open the toolbox of ways to incorporate persuasion, it all begins to fit…

The tools of persuasion have been around as long as man has been around…The reason this is the case is that persuasion works!

Here are the most effective ways to persuade your audience:

(1) Reciprocity.

  • This is using a “Give to Get” principle
  • People feel obligated to return a gift for your gift
  •  How and when you present the gift can greatly increase what you get in return

(2) Scarcity.

  • People react to scarcity or limited time offers
  • They want it more intensely and will take action to get it
  • Benefits alone are not always enough to compel someone to buy

(3) Authority.

  • People are looking for credible, knowledgeable, and presentable sellers to work with
  • It is best to have others sell you
  • Use testimonials, recommendations from work colleagues, etc.

(4) Consistency of Message.

  • Small commitments lead to big commitments
  • Get the commitment in writing if possible
  • Follow up on small commitments to secure the bigger ones

(5) Liking.

  • Remember that people like to say yes to people they like
  • Work to establish a rapport with your audience before selling
  • Storytelling is an excellent way to get that relationship started

(6) Consensus.

  • People want to see what others are doing before they make their move
  • People will react positively to what similar people are doing and follow along
  • People may not even realize they are taking an action based on this persuasive tool

My Take:

As you use storytelling you can then add in persuasion techniques to close the sale…Do you see how they fit together naturally, and how you can use them without seeming to be pushy to close that deal?

Whether that is a subscription to your website, selling a product, or closing on a service you offer, storytelling is an easy way to get more done! 


Today we looked at the use of storytelling in your online marketing business. The lighter side of this is that you can use skills that you already have to sell more in a way that is not aggressively selling…

People react emotionally to stories that are presented in a manner that reaches parts of their brains they have no control over. They cannot help but be touched and compelled to stay and listen…

This opens the door to using the tools of persuasion, namely reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency of message, liking, and consensus to close the deal, whatever it may be.

Really it is quite simple, and can be done in an unobtrusive manner that does not repel people from taking the desired actions you provide…

My final bit of advice: Practice your storytelling skills, and blend them in with persuasive tactics mentioned to build your credibility, your authority, and your business faster than ever…


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