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This is the third in an ongoing series you will find here on ways to make quick money online. Making money is what all online marketers are interested in…

These short tutorials are especially useful for the newbie who may be looking for ways to make some quick extra cash. They are intended to teach you how.

Today we are going to take a quick look at Fiverr. Many of you may know about this site that can help you get started with an online income quickly…

If so please read on, because I am going to expand not only on  the basics but provide you some additional training that will be useful for you…

Let’s get started! 


For the uninitiated, Fiverr is a site where you can offer your services to clients that are looking for what you can do for them. There are many different services offered there.

Here you can post a freelance offer for whatever it is that you are good at. Anyone needing that service can contact you through the Fiverr site and negotiate for your services.

Generally, the gigs start at $5 (hence the name of the site), which does not sound like much, but you can easily turn that into $10, $15, or much more, depending on the service you provide.

I personally have used freelancers for gigs I needed that cost me $15, $50, $200, and even $250 (once)! The reason I do not mind paying these amounts is because I have an expert taking care of my problem and normally it is done in a very short period of time…

Fiverr controls how you correspond with these potential clients and has an excellent system to track the communication, agreements, payments, and ongoing opportunities for both sides of the transaction.

Whatever skill you may have, it is likely that someone could use your expertise for what they need. This site is excellent for bringing together sellers and buyers…

Here is a short video that explains this opportunity:

[videoframes src=” ” skin=”8″ controls=”1″ headline_text=”How To Make Money On Fiverr!” headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

This video offers some great tips on how to get started. It really is not hard, but there ARE some things to address as you get started…

The video covers these in a basic manner, and if you would like to learn more, I have added some additional training below that you can secure for yourself!


There are many ways as in offering the different gigs that you may have expertise in, as described above, but there is another way that you may also want to consider…

With the first method, you do all the work as you make proposals and get orders in, then do the work and deliver the gigs…At that point, the people pay you through Fiverr and they get their cut of every gig.

This system is quite OK and will work well to get started…   

Another possibly better way to make money through Fiverr is by brokering gigs. This is where you look for available gigs using Craiglist or a similar site where clients are looking for services, then you use Fiverr to get one of the sellers to do the work for you.

Of course, you are going to charge more for the gig to the buyer than what it costs you from the Fiverr seller, and you will keep the difference!

Doesn’t this sound simple?

It does to me and likely to you as well. You are no longer trading as much time for money in this scenario, and you can use other sellers to get as much business as you can find out there.

Here is a short video on this…

[videoframes src=” ” skin=”36″ controls=”1″ headline_text=”Brokering Gigs For More Money Using Fiverr…” headline_color=”#000000″ headline_size=”22″]

As you can see, this is not a hard process, more so it is taking the time to find the buyers and then looking for sellers that can do the job cheaper than what the buyers are willing to pay…

Rinse and repeat…

Of course, it is not as simple as that, just as with setting up a basic seller gig, because there are tricks, tips, and tools that will make your job easier.

To fill you in on these, I have added two training courses that are offered to you today in a bundle deal for a very reasonable price… 

I have also an additional review for a product that may be of interest if you want to pursue the arbitrage angle of the Fiverr opportunity…

2016 02 25 1239 - How To Make Quick Money Online - Check Out Fiverr

You can find that here:

==> Arbitrage Underdog Course <===

I have added here also two training courses that will help you as a bundle offer for a very reasonable price… 

Since people looking to make some fast money online likely do not have that much spare change, they are priced reasonably and will get you started immediately!

Have a look…

2016 09 01 0733 - How To Make Quick Money Online - Check Out Fiverr


2016 08 31 1631 - How To Make Quick Money Online - Check Out Fiverr

Training # 1 – Fiverr Sales Blueprint

This is a video training course that will walk you through the setup procedure then teach you on how you can maximize your offers, your paychecks for gigs, and in general provide some detailed guidance…

What You Will Learn

There is a lot that is included in this course, and I wanted to touch on some of what you will have access to when you purchase this course package.

Here is a brief excerpt of what you will learn in the basic course…

Step # 1 – Setup

(1) Creating a Fiverr account

(2) Generating traffic to your profile

(3) Optimizing Your Profile

(4) Creating Gigs

(5) Creating Gig Extras

Step # 2 – How To Create Gig Extras
(1) First Level

(a) Attain a 30 day Active Status

(b) Complete Delivery Of At Least 10 orders

(c) Maintain a 4-star Rating or Above

(d) Ensure that you keep a low cancellation rate

(2) Second Level

(a) Complete Delivery of 50 Orders Minimum In 2 Months

(b) Maintain a 4.5 stars rating or above

(c) Cancellation rate stays low

(3) Third Level 

(a) High star rating continues

(b) Recognized for showing exceptional customer care

(c) Keep your low cancellation rate

(d) Show a High Level of Leadership

(e) Volume of sales remains high

Work hard to learn what it is that people who are asking for your gig are willing to pay extra for, i.e. promptness, more of some part of the service, or additional new services that complement the basic gig…

Step # 3 – Generate More Traffic To Your Profile

As with any other online marketing segments, there are lots of ways to get your traffic…Some are white-hat (completely legitimate) and you will hear about other gray or black hat methods.

My recommendation is to stick with the white hat (allowed and ethical) methods…

Let me mention just a few white hat traffic methods you can use:

(1) Social media platforms are very useful to promote your Fiverr gigs…Consider the biggest such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

(2) Look for forums where you can join and participate in…These may be on Facebook or on other niche sites where the gigs you offer relate to. You can learn, contribute, and become an authority…

(3) Do not forget the power of social affirmation – accumulate as many positive reviews as you can get. People use this regularly to determine if they want to work with you or buy from you.

Important: Remember that one bad review can ruin 20 good ones…

(4) Select a target niche for the gigs you will offer on Fiverr. What kind of skills do you have that others would want you to use for their needs? What kind of interests do you have? What one thing or things can you do for others better or faster or easier they would be willing to pay you for your effort?

It may be wise at this point to go through a quick mind mapping exercise – this will help you narrow down the things you will focus on. I have a tutorial for you regarding this that will help you to go through this exercise…

Click on the link below to view it:

===> Mind Mapping <===

(5) Make a part of this exercise planning for a marketing campaign or more campaigns so you can get the word out to the public about your gig offers. You can include Social platforms (organic traffic), or paid traffic (i.e. PPC, Solo Ads, or the like).*

*Note that the high-level marketing techniques is a whole other area of study so my suggestion is that you get some education so you do not lose money…

There are more that you will learn about in the training package, but it does give you an idea on where to start, This is key, by the way…Get Started! 

Step # 4 – Getting “5-Star” Ratings

Some quick ways to get more of the coveted 5-star ratings that will help you in all areas of your Fiverr business…

(1) This may seem like I am stating the obvious, but it is worth mentioning…Never fail to deliver the best-quality product to your clients.

In fact, if it were me, I would do the following…

(2) Over-deliver EVERY time. If they ask for 3 of something, give them 4 or 5!

Bottom line: If you can make the client happy, you will also be happy, because those high ratings will come… 

Step # 5 – Optimizing Your Profile

(1) Make sure that your best seller offer is displayed so potential clients will see this first.

(2) Use a profile picture that presents you or your business in an extremely professional manner…Remember for Fiverr it is the same as with other sales, in that first impressions are lasting impressions.

(3) Work on the copywriting for your offers (consider buying a Fiverr gig if you are not a good writer!). Best is a simple one-line statement that represents you and your services.

Note: This statement needs to be compelling because you have literally a micro-second to capture the attention of your potential client.

(4) Put together a very simple and clear description of who you are in the “about me” section of your profile. Add in only the applicable attributes that will convince viewers that you can perform to a high standard…

(5) On your profile display the most popular gig and describe it in your profile. This will present you to the viewer in the best possible light. Remember there are a LOT of others like you, and you want to differentiate yourself from them.

The excerpt above is a beginning, but within the training, there is more, much more…

The basic level training package goes into a lot more detail and using the lessons found in it, you can definitely fine-tune your Fiverr business into literally a cash machine!

Cost: This basic level training is normally sold at a price of $9.95, which is literally 2 gig sales on Fiverr!

That is a bargain…

But wait, there is more…I have also a second level training you can secure with this…read on…

Here Is Some What You Get in the Intermediate and Advanced Level Training

We will go into unique ways of leveraging your new found source of income so that you can make more money with less effort. Among the techniques discussed are arbitrage, managing other Fiverr sellers, going after high quantity buyers, etc.

There will be mainly high-quality videos that you will have whenever you need that will explain in detail what the methodologies consist of and how you can implement them in your own program.

The whole point of this advanced training is to get you from a lot of day-to-day slogging through clients gigs to putting in place systems that will mean that you can make a lot more just by managing the systems.

Note that if you set things up properly, and have check and balances in place, you can do your management from anywhere in the world. This means that you can earn while you travel, vacation, spend time with your family, etc.

COST: $19.95

Three points:

(1) OK, if you add up the costs for the two levels of training I am offering, you come up with almost $30 USD. But I understand that money is likely tight, and the less you  have to spend to start making money, the better.

(2) I know that this training will show you the path to making the first income or additional income online for you and allow you to grow the income much faster than if you started using trial and error.

(3) It is understood that one of the reasons you found your way here today was because you were likely looking for a quick way to make money online. That is you want to make money, not spend it…

Result: I am going to make you a special offer that takes into consideration all of these factors…Please read on…

2016 09 01 0733 - How To Make Quick Money Online - Check Out Fiverr

Special Pricing For My Fiverr Training Bundle


I am offering the two training packages as a bundle for you today. This means that you save money!

Instead of the normal $9.95 and $19,95 for the basic and advanced training packages, I am going to sell these in a bundle…

Using the link below you can secure the two for $19.95, a 33% discount!

To get immediate access to the bundle, click on the green button below and you will be able to purchase, and after your payment is confirmed, you will be sent to a download page for them…

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - How To Make Quick Money Online - Check Out Fiverr

NOTE: If you have ANY problems, please send an email to support@davesweney.com and I or my team will take care of you ASAP! Thanks for your business and best of luck with Fiverr!

2016 09 01 0733 - How To Make Quick Money Online - Check Out Fiverr


In this ongoing series on making quick money online, today we covered the site Fiverr. This site brings together sellers and buyers of services that there is a market for online.

The kind of service that buyers are looking for covers a wide variety of skills, some of which you likely already have. This is a good way to almost immediately start to make money from your online efforts.

I added a couple of videos that provided some clarification, tips, and advice, and also included some additional training to get you started properly.

The training is designed to be used on an ongoing basis and should allow you to avoid some pitfalls that others just striking out on their own will experience.

These kind of posts are useful to get people started making money online…That first $1 you make and know it is from your own effort is the same dollar that everyone started making…Even the super-affiliates started out by making that first dollar!

Good luck and have fun on your journey!


2016 09 01 0733 - How To Make Quick Money Online - Check Out Fiverr


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