2018 08 25 0922 - Review of Productivity Leverage Tool 'PixlyPro' Plus OTOs and Bonuses
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The competition today in the affiliate marketing world online is tremendous. There are more and more marketers that are vying for the same customers, so it is the switched on marketers that keep up with the available tools and methods to get more attention and traffic to their offers using many ways versus one or two that are succeeding the most.

Switched on marketers like you!

This tool called Pixly Pro is one of those new and innovative traffic-grabbing methods that will help you get more traffic and sales quickly and easily. You will be able to draw off traffic from popular sites that get thousands of visits daily and send them to your website, your pages, and your offers.

Again, this tool is called PixlyPro…There are 2 front end offers and 3 OTOs. The 1st Pixly Pro OTO is Gold Version, the 2nd is Pixel Modo, the 3rd OTO is Reseller Licenses. This product is by Cindy Donovan, Dan Ashendorf & Sam Kessington. All are seasoned marketers with many thousands of sales over the years. They know the business.

Note there have been other similar tools I have seen out there, but this one takes the concept to the next level.

It basically adds a CTA pop-in or slide-in offer over the top of any page, and a certain percentage of those people who visit that site will click on your button (link) and be sent to whatever page or site you want them to. To this point, this is what other such tools do.

What makes this new, different, and more effective is that in addition to doing what the other similar tools do, you can add in tracking pixels from all the popular platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Therein lies the real power of this tool.

It blends in the power of pulling in the traffic and adds in the ability to retarget that traffic to put your offers in front of them once again, using other platforms that traffic may use as they surf the internet. You are not limited to a one time shot at getting a lead or a conversion.

If you have been in the IM world more than a minute, you will realize the power this represents!

Today I will go over the tool in detail for you and provide you the basic information you need so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not it is a tool that you can use in your business. I will provide the facts and my opinion as well.

This product has launched already, so I advise you to read through this and take action quickly so you do not miss out on this great tool. To get you started, I want to lay out the basics about the offer, then show you a short video, and finally we will get into the weeds on this with you!

Bottom Line: This is a tool that you can quickly configure and put to use. It is easy to understand, easy to use, and you are only limited by your imagination as to ways you can leverage the power it gives you to draw in traffic and get more leads and sales. 

This is worth your time. Let’s get started…


2018 08 27 2210 - Review of Productivity Leverage Tool 'PixlyPro' Plus OTOs and Bonuses


Overview of Pixly Pro

Vendor: Cindy Donovan, Dan Ashendorf, and Sam Kessington
Product: Pixly Pro
Launch Date: 2018-Aug-26
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Skill: All Levels
Front-End Price: $27 (OTOs and Prices Can Be Found Below)
Niche: General
Recommend: Highly recommend
Guarantee: 30 days money back guarantee

2018 08 27 2210 - Review of Productivity Leverage Tool 'PixlyPro' Plus OTOs and Bonuses

Here is a Short Explainer Video On Pixly Pro

2018 08 27 2210 - Review of Productivity Leverage Tool 'PixlyPro' Plus OTOs and Bonuses


Evaluation & Price

My evaluation:

If you are doing any kind of online marketing and are a user of the social platforms, this tool is perfect for your business or niche. I can highly recommend Pixly Pro and I will be using it myself. I always want to add in tools that are reasonable in price, do what they say they do, and help me do more in the same amount of time.

The Pixly Pro tool is packed with power and features that just work, without a lot of work.

One point that I especially like is that Pixly Pro is being offered at a really reasonable price, especially during the first hours of its launch this week. As soon as you read this I recommend you have a look and see for yourself. I have the links above and below for you!

As I have said in other reviews. if you truly want to build a sustainable business some investment in the tools and services to be able to conduct and grow the business is a must. There is no need to buy a lot of shiny objects that you will never use, but this is not one. It will help you get more traffic, retarget that traffic, and do it simply and quickly!


So Just What Is Pixly Pro and How Can I Use It?

Pixly Pro is a tool that helps you add an overlay Call To Action over any website page. It also allows you to add in tracking pixels for the various advertising platforms that people spend time on, meaning you can retarget the traffic you get no matter where they may be spending time (the 6 main social platforms are covered).

Using it is as easy as can be.

It is as simple and 1, 2 and 3 to use Pixly Pro:

2018 08 27 2207 - Review of Productivity Leverage Tool 'PixlyPro' Plus OTOs and Bonuses

Product Features

Here is what you get with Pixly Pro:

[+] Highly Targeted Traffic. When you overlay your calls to action over websites and pages you are getting traffic that you know is interested in what you are offering (assuming you use the tool for related sites).

[+] Easy Setup. Effective Instagram Ads video length should only be a few seconds. Part of this package includes stunning Youtube videos ads that are short but comprehensive and you can use them easily.

[+] Works to retarget traffic using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn and Quora all at once. 

[+] Siphon Traffic. You can retarget traffic from affiliate websites, competitor websites, popular blogs, community sites, or any other links.

[+] No Coding Required. This is a plug-and-play tool, all you need is the website, the tracking pixels, and where you want to send the traffic and you can be live in a couple minutes.

[+] Works for Every Niche. This tool will help every marketer who is selling something online no matter the niche, no matter the tool or service we are promoting…

Who Is This Traffic Grabbing Tool Useful For?

From my own experience and in reviewing what is included in the package, Pixly Pro is a perfect fit for the following marketers:

  • All marketers looking to boost their traffic and conversions using popular or relevant sites through retargeting that traffic to other social platforms they may be using.
  • Marketers needing more traffic in general over whatever method they may be using at the moment.
  • Anyone looking for something easy to use yet effective for growing your business.
  • Anyone that advertises on Social Media, whether Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Online Business Owner
  • Offline Business Owner
  • Any kind of product creator

Are There Any Pros and Cons?

Yes indeed, there sure are! Let’s go over them briefly:

My Pros:

  • You can get set up and running quickly, this is not complicated.
  • The cost is reasonable for this tool.
  • Once set up, you can track results and tweak the actions to improve results easily.
  • You will get more traffic, get more leads, and make more sales using this tool.

My Cons:

  • There are no cons that I can see, it offers value, works, and is reasonably priced.

My User Experience

Leading off, I will tell you I bought this for my own use in my online marketing business. I consider Pixly Pro to be a must-have tool in my arsenal of tools for my online marketing business.

At this moment, I cannot report on results as I have just started with it, but it holds a great deal of promise. I have found it super simple, and now I look forward to getting even more traffic, leads, and sales!


My Recommendation 

Here it is:

If you are doing any kind of online marketing and are a user of the social platforms, this tool will work. I can highly recommend Pixly Pro for you and as stated, I am using it myself.

The Pixly Pro tool is simple to use, it will get more eyes on your offers, and new flows of traffic that you have not been tapping into until this tool came along.

Another point that I have mentioned to is the price. I like tools that are reasonably priced. This one is.

A simple way to build your business that requires no learning curve, and tracking will tell you just how good it is doing for you (so you can adjust non-performing campaigns and scale the successful ones).

Pricing and Offers


Pixly Pro has 1 Front-End Offer and 3 OTOs (one-time-offers):


(1) Front-End (2 Options – Lite and Pro – $22-$26) (See Details)

Here is what you will get:

Lite Version – I do not recommend the Lite version as no pixel tracking is included…

Pro Version– You will get the following:

  • URL Shortener
  • Pixels That Can Be Added
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Quora
    • Google Ads
    • Pinterest
  • Call To Action (CTA) Software


(2) OTO 1 (Gold – $37) 

Here is what you will get:

  • DFY CTA Templates (10)
  • Retargeting Tutorials
  • Analytics
  • Custom URL
  • Team Access
  • Sub-accounts
  • Chrome Extension
  • Own Brand on CTAs

These are all features that will make the tool a lot more useful to you. I would recommend this upgrade along with the Pro version as the FE selection so you have the most versatility with it.


(3) OTO 2 (Pixel Modo – $17/mo)

Here is what you will get:

This is a tool that you may or may not want to use, it is not needed to make use of Pixly Pro and the upgrade…


(4) OTO 3 (Reseller Rights – $97/25 licenses or $197/100 licenses)

Here is what you will get:

If you think you might be able to sell the tool on to others and want to tap into the ready-made sales funnel and support this upgrade might be for you.


OK, now you know what is on offer with this tool!


Bottom Line:

I do hope that this review has helped you understand what you get and why you need the Pixly pro tool and that you can now make the right buying decision for yourself.

If you have been on my website in the past to read my content, you will know that I always like to review good products that do what they say, and this is certainly one that you will use again and again over the months and years.

I do not like to waste your time or your money. Thanks for taking the time to read my review until the end. Most certainly we’ll see you again in my next review…I have a bunch being published today!

If you have missed my other links to the Front End sales page here it is again (be sure to check out the unique bonuses worth over $500 below from me you also get when you buy through my link):





You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:


  • Step 2: You will get my Bonuses BELOW – send an email with a copy (screenshot) of your purchase receipt to support@yourbestchoices.online.  You will get my Bonuses within 12 hours.



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