2018 07 27 0356 - Destiny Chat-Bot and Hands-On Training FE, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and Bonus' Review
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Hi Everyone…

This review is one that I have been looking forward to doing for quite some time. The creator of the training package is a gentleman named JayKay Dowdall and he is a gifted teacher on top of being a seasoned online marketer who likes to develop new and more effective strategies that work to sell more in today’s competitive internet market.

This package he is calling ‘Destiny’ is no exception. He has put together an easy to follow training course that will help you start using chat-bots for free with a service called Many-Chat (there is also a paid version that has more features enabled but you do not need this to get started).

I will not bore you with a lot of extra writing today, I want to get you the facts and show you how to leverage this to grow your business through this complementary lead/opt-in/marketing tool that we now have available thanks to Facebook Messenger.

Know that this is a training program that I have purchased for my own use, as I know the power of building various streams of income for your business. So I can review this from an insider perspective, as someone who can tell you first-hand what you will get when you purchase this training package. It is a lot.

Let’s get started!2018 07 27 0356 - Destiny Chat-Bot and Hands-On Training FE, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and Bonus' Review

Product Overview


JayKay Dowdall

Product Name:


Launch Date:

26 July – 31 July 2018 

Launch Time:

1o:00 AM EDT

Front-End Price:

$ 9.95/$17/$47 (OTO Prices Below)

Final Evaluation:

Highly Recommended


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2018 07 27 0356 - Destiny Chat-Bot and Hands-On Training FE, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and Bonus' Review

Essential Elements of JayKay’s Destiny Training Package

I have purchased JayKay’s other training products to include Facebook training, FB ad training, and knowing how effective a teacher he is, I was looking forward to this one as well. Oh, by the way, the prices have always been more than reasonable too.

Destiny has proven to be no different from his earlier courses. Included are over 30 easy to follow videos, complementary PDFs, Cheat Sheets, Strategies, and truthfully each one could easily be the subject of a mini-course itself, but you get everything in this package.

Destiny is all about learning to use and deploy Chatbots in a practical sense for your online marketing. JayKay has done a fantastic job showing you exactly how you can quickly build a bot that will interact with your customers and sell products or push them to some landing page.

He even includes case studies of his own testing of the Destiny system – at the launch price it’s well worth the 10 bucks if you grab this quickly, but no worries, even if you pick it up for $47, after the launch week, it is still worth every penny.

In a nutshell here is what you get:

❖ 100% Newbie Friendly Video-Based Training
❖ Over 30 Videos, PDFs, Cheatsheets, and MORE
❖ Never Seen Before: Using Chatbots to Sell Affiliate Products, Launches, and Software
❖ Create a Simple But Effective Affiliate Chatbot in 5mins or Less
❖ Completely FREE Traffic Training
❖ Intermediate Paid Traffic Training
❖ Advanced Paid Traffic Training
❖ No List is Required!
❖ Complete White-Hat Training
❖ 3 Case Studies Included
❖ No Secret Expensive Software Required, No Coding
❖ TRUE Zero-Cost Strategy
❖ Beginner Friendly, Expert Potential
❖ Both “newbs” and “vets” can get results. Period.

What I Especially Liked:

❖ Anyone can do this, it is easy to understand and implement

❖ This strategy can be used in any niche and for online or even offline businesses

❖ The Chatbot training will help you grow your subscriber lists or you can promote products from inside Facebook

❖ Amazing traffic training that is worth the price of the product alone

❖ You can also deploy the Chatbots on any external site such as your business page or blog page

❖ It dovetails nicely with other lead or sales strategies you may be using, it does not replace these

What I Didn’t Like

✘ It does really require you to buy access to a chatbot but that starts at just 10 bucks a month (you can get started for free with ManyChat, the platform that Jaykay teaches from).

Next, I have a short explainer video for you…


Destiny Explainer Video

If you have seen enough to make a move to secure this for you now, just click on the link below:

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Destiny Chat-Bot and Hands-On Training FE, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and Bonus' Review

NOTE #1 – Please be sure to check out my bonuses as well that you will get with this tool. There are some I have for the front end offer and more that I will pass on if you decide to get any of the upgrades that are available! 


If you need to read more or learn more, I have you covered! Please keep on reading, I drill down so you know what you are getting with the Front End training as well as all the One Time Offers (OTOs) and Bonuses I have specially created just for this launch/training!


Who Is JayKay Dowdall?

I have known JayKay for a few months, starting when I bought a Facebook training program from him to educate myself on using Facebook for my own online business, which mainly involves e-commerce and some video marketing plus affiliate marketing.

We are friends on Facebook, and I have watched as he did an excellent build-up for this training using some of the methods he taught in the course I had purchased. He built up a good deal of buzz, recorded some videos to pique interest in the course, and used bots, videos, pre-launch pages, etc.

JayKay is like many of us. He had some success early on in his online marketing career, then had a long period where nothing seemed to work. He was ready to give up and go back to a regular job, but thankfully he stuck it out, and all of us are reaping the benefits of his pernicious nature.

He is a natural teacher and has a good grasp of the other supporting elements that are required these days when teaching online. Videos, PDF documents, supporting graphics and live over-the-shoulder training is what you will get with all of his courses, and this latest one is no exception.


2018 07 27 0350 - Destiny Chat-Bot and Hands-On Training FE, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and Bonus' Review

What Is Destiny All About? Drill Down…

The whole point of this training is to get the student up to speed on the capabilities of the Facebook Messenger App and how using Chat Bots you can build an additional and complementary channel of traffic that will cost you nothing or very little, depending on your focus.

There are a series of modules that have subareas of focus that take you through the process of planning and then actually setting up various bot sequences that will help you get more leads, add to your email subscriber list, and sell more product.

The front end is a standalone course, and just purchasing this will get you started properly following its in-depth training and examples. There is an early bird pricing in place, and over the launch week, the price will rise to settle at $47 when the launch is over.

Even at the full price at the end of the launch, it is a bargain. If you look at some of the courses that are out there online, most are double or more for the same quality and quantity you will get. I urge all readers to jump in as soon as possible to save money but know that at the regular price of $47, this is still a great deal.


2018 07 27 0353 001 - Destiny Chat-Bot and Hands-On Training FE, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and Bonus' Review

There are 10 modules as follows within the training:

Module 1 – Welcome

This is an overview of the course and it introduces you to what the power of chat-bots can be for your business…


Module 2 – Getting Started

This module has a number of training videos that walk you through what a chat-bot is, how to get started with a free tool to start creating your chat-bots, and then using them in various areas of your online business, i.e. landing pages, bridge pages, on your Facebook business page, etc.

Specific examples are provided, and you will complete this section of the training having a clear understanding of how to get your own chat-bots started and deployed in areas that can benefit from them. There are also documents that can be downloaded to support the training…

Module 3 – Free Traffic Chat Bots

This area of the training focuses on free traffic, as the title suggests. JayKay goes into detail on the best way to leverage chat-bots to lower your cost per acquisition of new subscribers, and chat-bots can be an integral piece of that strategy.

Module 4 – Solo Traffic Chat Bots

Although Solo Ads have gotten a bad rap over the years (poor quality traffic often, low conversions, etc.) this traffic source can be useful and cheap compared to other PPC methods if you use chat-bots and the strategies that JayKay covers within this training module.

Module 5 – Advanced Facebook Ads Chat Bots

As with the Solo Ads Traffic, Facebook Ads can be an effective means to getting more subscribers, more traffic to your promotions, and more conversions. Using Chat-bots, you can do even more with less. JayKay describes some methods and advice and you will definitely save money following his advice

Module 6 – Scaling Up

We all want to scale up what is working – this is like the holy grail for online marketers. Finding something that is working on a small-scale that works as well once you start piling on the scale of what you are doing to grow your business faster.

JayKay offers some great advice on how to scale both vertically and horizontally using ads and all of your other deployed strategies. He has experience at this and brings that to bear in what you will learn in this module, and the tips you will get just in this section make the course worth the investment in yourself.


2018 07 27 0353 - Destiny Chat-Bot and Hands-On Training FE, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and Bonus' Review

Module 7 – Case Studies

In this module, you will be able to go through 3 case studies that JayKay ran using his Destiny system. Each of them is recent, relevant, and useful. I was very impressed with how up-front Jaykay was in describing the cases to the students in his videos and definitely helpful for all would-be chat-bot marketers.

Module 8 – Loose Ends

This is the module where all the bits and pieces are put out for everyone, and it just ties the whole course together in a neat and nice manner…

Module 9 – Bonuses

Here are the links to download the bonuses that Jaykay has included…These are NOT the ones you get from me (see below)…

Module 10 – Upgrades

The last module is a link to the upgrades (OTOs) that you may have missed out on in the sales funnel. You can access right from the training site to the sales pages and purchase them at the price indicated.

Front End Wrap Up

As you can see, what JayKay is teaching you is not just theory or classroom book knowledge. He is showing you how to implement the chat-bots in your daily marketing effort online, providing detailed guidance on what to do, how to do, when to do, and where to do.

2018 07 27 0355 - Destiny Chat-Bot and Hands-On Training FE, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and Bonus' Review

What About The One Time Offers (OTOs)?

There is indeed one time offers this training offers in the sales funnel. Remember, you do not need to purchase them to get the full value of the training that you will find in the front end training. They do enhance and build on the initial training, however, and will help you deploy your own chat-cot sequences and marketing campaigns much quicker.

(1) Upsell #1 (OTO 1) – 5/10 DFY (Done for You) Chat-Bot Sequences – $37 One Time Cost

You can quickly edit and deploy these sequences for your own online campaigns, They are adaptable to many areas of your business, and can be used for any number of niches with very little effort. During the launch week, you get 10 and after the launch week, you get 5.

Such sequences normally cost 10x as much (I have checked) so you are getting a real bargain with this upsell. If you want to shorten the process of implementing this sales and growth strategy, these will help you start making money a LOT faster.

(2) Upsell #2 (OTO 2) – List Building Training and DFY Sequences – $47 One Time Cost

This is a drill down module of training videos and supporting documents and sequences that will help you quickly get a list-building funnel deployed. Remember the money is in the list, as the saying goes and combining email and chat-bot lists mean that you can more quickly start making money.

(3) Upsell #3 (OTO 3) – Destiny Masters – $197 One Time Cost

This is the penultimate offer in this sales funnel, and with this upgrade, you will gain access to JayKay’s advanced training to learn how to use chat-bots to sell high-end offers, make money selling your newly gained skills s a chat-bot marketer, etc. If you truly intend on building this new marketing strategy into a business, this upsell is for you.


Pros and Cons of this Training Package

If you are interested in learning about and setting up your own chat-bot marketing sequences, a new and better way to interact with your potential and current customers, this training is for you. There are no cons from my perspective, the training provides a tremendous amount of value for the price.


My Final Evaluation of the Destiny Training Package

I rate this as a highly recommended buy for you. I am backing up this with the fact that I too have purchased the training and OTO1, and have seen first-hand just how effective t