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This is a guest infographic provided by a young entrepreneur who asked that I share this with my readers. After reviewing his infographic, I readily agreed…

The creator of this useful infographic is Scott Davis. He has been blogging and managing websites for several years has developed strategies and methods that allow him to do more in less time, freeing him up to travel around Central and South America.

Does that sound nice or what?


Here it is!

how to create headlines increase clicks conversions - 7 Steps To Creating Effective Headlines That Increase Conversions


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Scott brings up 7 important points that we need to consider when we create our headlines for blog posts, sales letters, emails, and even our social posts…

They collectively will help you as a writer and creator of content that better sucks in the viewers so they want to read more about what it is you are offering in that oh-so-important headline.

Copywriting is such an important part of what online marketers do on a daily basis as they create content and get it in front of their audiences.

Much of that starts with the headlines we use. If you do NOT capture the attention of your reader almost immediately, compelling them to read more, you lose them.


As an addition to Scott’s infographic and advice, here are a few more that I think you can also look at to improve your headline creating skills.

These come from the award winning blog by author Alice Elliot (found at…

Headline Pointers Infographic - 7 Steps To Creating Effective Headlines That Increase Conversions


The infographics presented are quite useful and I am glad to share them with you today. I also wanted to add in my own thoughts below so you can understand my take on headlines…

So one by one, here we go…

1. Attract attention

Remember that the headline is the first thing the reader will see on your page. Generally, the font is bigger than the rest of the content and it must be written in a way that immediately draws their attention. You need to make sure that what they read compels them to read the remainder your content.

2. Select an audience

When you create a headline, design the phrase in a way you know the target audience will pay attention. If it does not clearly address what they are looking for, you will lose them immediately.

3. Deliver a promise

When you write that headline, make sure that the content matches the headline. If not, not only will you lose them for that blog or post, you may very well lose them for good.

4. Communicate a benefit

Let the reader know what’s in it for them. These days there are simply too many options for the reader. If you are not giving them something they want or need, they will look elsewhere.

5. Make it simple and understandable

Headlines can break some rules when it comes to grammar and syntax, etc. Your main concern is to get your point across in a simple manner using a few words. The art of headline writing is in keeping it simple, easy to understand, and forceful.

6. Don’t get too clever

Write that headline on a level that everyone in the intended audience can easily understand. If you try to be too clever, you will find that you will have fewer people sticking around. You are not trying to show how smart or witty you are, rather communicating a single and forceful message to them.

7. Don’t undermine the reader

Keeping it simple does NOT mean talking down to your audience. Placating or writing in a condescending manner will immediately cause you clicks away from your page and content. Respect the reader’s and their intelligence, and they will respect you.

8. Provoke the reader’s senses or emotions

Get past the what and how to appeal to the why. What do I mean by this? Simply put, you are trying to appeal to the reader on an emotional level, feelings that emanate of and on their own as they read your content.

9. Spark some curiosity

You are trying to emotionally arouse them and pique their interest in your subject. Try to incorporate words that will give them a sense of anticipation. as it incentivizes them to read the rest of your content to find out more.

10. Focus on the end result

Before you start to write a headline, plan out the entire content from top to bottom. This will help you capture effectively the “why” of your headline. It also will help the flow of the content so you include all the essential elements and it works for your readers.

11. Use numbers

Popping numbers into a headline is always good, especially if they provide quality as well as quantity. It is very easy to curate a list post (like this one!), and somehow the higher the number presented in the headline, the more value it seems to portray. People are always looking for solutions to a problem, so a quick list to deliver this is just the job!

12. Use your expertise

By revealing your expertise in your headline, your credibility is immediately enhanced. Use this to your advantage by highlighting a problem your readers may have with the promise of the solution in the post, especially if presented in a way your audience can immediately relate to.

13. Reveal a secret

How many times have you seen the word “secret” used in copy? Likely too many times (I have). Nonetheless, the word remains an effective tactic that will attract people to your content. People like to read about secrets and it makes them feel like they are getting something special others do not have.

14. Empathise with your readers

One good way to connect with readers is to show them that you are one of them. You have to find a way of writing that headline so it conveys this to the readers. Show them you have been where they are, that you genuinely care, and in that light you have something they can use to not suffer as you have. generic viagra

15. Write a provocative statement or question

I get emails all the time from IM folks, and each has their own style. One I am thinking of now, in particular, whose name is Michael Cheney, uses very provacative headlines often. They border on the outrageous as a matter of fact. can i buy viagra over the counter in turkey

Why does Michael do this? It is because an outrageous statement in a headline draws attention to his content! His emails get opened and people take action. It works.

16. Announce some exciting news!

Most people like to hear about good news, so use this to your advantage. Announce it in your headline and make them want to read more about what the news entails in your content.


Creating headlines that get the job done (captures and keeps your audience on your page or content) is not an easy task. There are many considerations and ways to put together the headline.

Your job is to consider the overall intent of your content, the targeted audience, and decide on the best the angle to use when writing that headline.

The two excellent infographics and hopefully my added thoughts will help you in this process! Book mark this page so you can come back to read through it when you get stuck.


arrow red 2 - 7 Steps To Creating Effective Headlines That Increase Conversions


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