7 Steps To Creating Effective Headlines That Increase Conversions

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INTRODUCTION This is a guest infographic provided by a young entrepreneur who asked that I share this with my readers. After reviewing his infographic, I readily agreed… The creator of this useful infographic is Scott Davis. He has been blogging and managing websites for several years has developed strategies and methods that allow him to do more in less time, freeing him up to travel around Central and South America. Does that sound nice or what? HOW TO CREATE HEADLINES THAT GET MORE CLICKS AND CONVERSIONS Here it is!   Credit: http://startbloggingonline.com/how-to-create-headlines-increase-clicks-conversions/ cialis 20 price HEADLINES DISCUSSION Scott brings up […]

Use Viral Infographics To Attract More Traffic

INTRODUCTION This is an introduction to the concept of viral infographics and how they can be used to increase traffic to your site. We start out defining what a viral infographic is, how you can create one, and how to market it to get the viral effect and the traffic. I take you through a video showing you how I create one, using one of the software tools I have in my arsenal of online marketing tools, and then we talk about ways you can market and promote your infographic. Lastly, I explain about a video training course that I am […]

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INTRODUCTION This is an interesting and useful infographic I found over on the Social Marketing Writing Site .  Note they have gathered information for the graphic using various sources and have provided cites at the bottom of the graphic. More about the information the infographic contains later (I think there is a huge amount of good tips in this graphic), but first I want to address some of my observations in general about this infographic: Citations Layout Content Implications A short discussion of the above points will be helpful to all of so I hope we can do the best and […]

Content Marketing Strategy 2015

INTRODUCTION I came across an interesting survey this week published by the Content Marketing Institute that I thought had a lot of useful information on the  state of content marketing in the B2B realm. There were plenty of implications for the B2C content marketing segment as well. Below you will see some of the results I have put together in a simple infographic. These have a direct  correlation with how the B2C bloggers should handle their planning, posting schedule, and measurements of their expenses (ROI) as they run their online marketing business. Here is my infographic: