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a4 - Can Private Label Rights (PLR) material be useful for your business?


Alright, before digging into depth, let me explain to you what does PLR means. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. So what is it all about? PLR is a license where an author sells his article. Once you purchased it, you can now legally use, edit or modify and publish the article as your own. You can buy them at a really, really low price and there’s wide array to choose from.



In the internet marketing, PLR’s are very useful. It is used widely for digital products like articles, blogs, eBooks, software, graphics, videos etc. There are advantages if you opt to use PLR’s.  You can save money by using it. As I mentioned earlier, its cost is cheap compared to hiring a writer.

You can also save time using it, instead of pouring your intellect into creating your own article which will eat probably some 3 or 4 hours of your time, you can just purchase it as easy as that.

Your content is all ready to be posted and shared after a little editing and polishing to the content freeing you up to put more time to the other important areas of your business. You can even gain a reputation as an “expert” even though you know a little or nothing about a certain brand or topic that you are marketing. Another great thing about PLR is you can resell it.


PLR’s helps a lot with online marketing and could make work easier, especially if you’re just starting out. Although it has many advantages, there is another side of it that maybe can make you think twice whether to purchase or not.

An article, due to it being distributed and used a thousand times or probably million times has taken away its uniqueness and originality. Since it is not your original idea the PLR that you purchase is only your resource, hence, the need of revising it prior to publishing.

Sometimes readers can remember certain articles and they will know that this is not your original idea and that can set them off from your business. You need to be aware of this and make sure you rework and add your own ideas to the PLR content.


There are different levels of licenses and you must read carefully what you are getting when you buy PLR, or you may end up in legal trouble if you misuse the content…

Let’s look at one example license:

Master Resell Rights Terms & Conditions

[YES] Can be used for your personal use
[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be sold
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus with other things you sell
[YES] Can be added to paid or free membership sites
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Can sell with Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell with Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell with Private Label Rights
[NO] Ebook can be modified in any way

If you are passing any kind of rights on to your customers, you must include this license.

Generally, you will get the following kinds of licenses and the terms and conditions will be spelled out for each. They come with personal user rights, simple resell rights (RR), master resell rights (MRR) or a full private label rights (PLR) license.

Each will have your rights laid out clearly for you. Normaly you also will know prior to buying the product what kind of license you are getting.  Some of the PLR you see offers limited rights…You may be able to edit the content but you can’t claim ownership or being the author.

It could be that you are not allowed to change anything, or you may be able to change a few things, or you may be able to use it in any way you want. Ultimately it is up to the original product originator to stipulate these conditions.

In any case, know that when you sell PLR to your customers, even if you have the right to resell your products it means you have an additional competitor that will be selling the same product…This is something to be aware of as you make you purchase decisions and also how you use what you buy.



Here are some of the uses of PLRs to your advantage:

  • You can resell the entire content without editing if the author allows it.
  • You can use it as giveaways, bonuses or rewards to your clients, subscribers or readers.
  • You can put and add links in the content for better search engine rankings.
  • If you bought a package articles, you can divide it and sell them separately. That way you can generate additional profit.
  • Good for creating backlinks to your profile or own website for free viral marketing. ?
  • You can also do an entire business out of it by reselling, rebranding, editing or creating your own and selling it aside from just using it to post on your site.



If you decide to use PLR, there are things that you should be cautious of and what to do about it: 

  • Plagiarism– since it is widely for sale and shared, it is hard to know its real origin, you’re can’t be certain if it is plagiarism-free. In case there is an infringement issue and you put your name in the article, you will be the first one to get the legal threat. But don’t worry as there are site services specializes in detecting plagiarism concern.
  • Poor content – Poor grammar, badly written, and wrong spellings you will see with some PLR. This is why it is advisable that you buy from a reputable and trusted seller. Do a thorough company check before buying one from them.
  • Terms– There is some PLR authors or companies that set limits on reselling or editing the content they offer, so read the license you get with the PLR.


Remember to use your content as a framework and resource only, not a main source, that’s the best advice. For me that is how I operate. You need to get the idea and thoughts from the PLR and revise it. Make sure you have the terms carefully before you do this editing, revising, cut or omit any parts and putting your name on it.

Now for the finale, you might be still wondering whether it is worth to use PLR’s or just unleash your creativeness and make your own. Well, it all depends on you now. If you are the type of person who is risk taker, who thinks that time is gold, has a lot of things to do other than writing, then by all means utilize PLR.

Remember there are many freelancers who are really good at making high quality and unique content for you. If you feel like you might just waste a little money, there are sites that offer a money back guarantee and full payment refund. This is another option over PLR (but is more expensive, may take more time, and unless you have a trusted copywriter, you may get mixed results)…

If you want a content that is unique and you want to make sure that it is free from any plagiarism and copyright issue then you can write your own content. Although it is time and energy consuming, it is the only best way for sure. It then will be exclusive to you and you’ll be sure that it is quality made and no risk of infringement pitfalls etc.


In my opinion, PLR is not bad at all to consider using as a piece of your online business program. As I stated some of its advantages, plus some of the cautions, you know how to fully utilize it correctly and you will profit from it.

For me time is money, you don’t have to sweat a lot on small stuff. If I can purchase an article that is a dollar or less its worth then I don’t mind doing a little revising and have it posted as soon as possible. It is better than waiting and wasting my time and missing out on possible profits that I could be making.

It is a very good option for an industry that demands lots of content production as with internet marketing, and many people use it regularly around the world…


Save your time, money, energy, and hard work by creating new products and make more money from it! Simple tweaking and you have a steady profit from it. Tried and tested by many, I am sure that you will be satisfied with the products offered at the source I use for my PLR…

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There you will have a chance to get exactly what you need for your business at a very reasonable price!


I’d love to hear from you about your own experiences with PLR, good or bad. I notice that many will tend to say bad things about PLR, but use it regularly. I see it often used as lead magnets, bonuses for products, and even training courses as I wander between marketing websites.


Dave : )