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There are many tools that have been used for marketing such as writing an article, a blog, putting up a website, using social media platforms, making videos etc. But today I want to tackle and emphasize the video portion of marketing in this article.

Whether you knew It or not, using video is one of the best and effective tools for marketing, especially online Marketing. In this era of high technology, business marketing strategies have evolved and using a great deal of creativity is a must.

To get your creative juices flowing, I have added a sample video from one of our channels. This one is kind of funny, it is a branding video for one of our online stores called Memories In A Box (Germany). There you find all kind of products from Germany, mementos and such.

This leads us to the question for the day…

Why Do We Have To Use Videos?

Video marketing use has been rising tremendously over the past few years. If you’re familiar with YouTube, and the popularity it has with all ages of online users. then you have the idea of how making videos relate to marketing can help.

I go to this website if I want to watch something about a product that I want to purchase. The friends lists I have include mostly people that are the same. There are an unlimited number of subjects there and for almost anything, something has been posted.

For instance, one friend loves cosmetics. She watches the YouTuber beauty and makeup gurus doing their video product reviews and demos all the time.  She says it helps her decide which brand or kind of make-ups to buy, and the videos encourage her to buy more!

Let’s admit it. We are visual creatures. We love and appreciate things more by seeing them and sometimes that is how we judge something or someone 😉 …The old adage “A picture says a 1000 words” is true. Video is similar. Many people would rather watch a video about something than read about it.  

That is where video marketing enters. Do you need some more reasons to use video?

Here you go:


  • Boosts your sales and profits – If you add a product video, there is a high chance that you can encourage a client to buy from you.


  • Gives good return on investment – It might cost you more bucks than using another marketing strategy but using good and creative videos can get a lot of interested, targeted, and ready to buy clients.


  • Gives your webpages longer exposure – People watching videos stay on your pages longer.  Thus, this signals search engines that you are a trusted website and have good content. You’re more likely to appear first on Google search results if you have a related video for their search posted on your website.


  • Videos build trust – Digital marketing is based on trust. So in order to gather more clients, subscribers and followers, you have to build a way to create a longterm relationship with them. Let them come to you because you’ve catch their attention and interest by giving them useful information, not just selling your products.


  • Videos On Mobiles and Smartphones – In this fast-paced world more and more people rely and use their smartphones to watch videos because it is handy and always on the go. Google says that smartphone users are twice as likely to watch a video on their smartphone than television viewers.


  • Social Shares – A lot of social media networks are making it easy for users to share video and this happens on a massive scale daily across many of the social platforms.


Kinds of Videos that you can add to your Marketing Content


  • Tutorial/Explainer Videos –  This is type of video where you show the customer how to do or efficiently use something.


  • Product Reviews Videos – This is where you review a product. You talk about the good and bad points and then make a recommendation. Consumers are more confident to buy online after watching a review. The more confident your consumer is after watching your product review the moe sales you get and fewer returns.


  • Webinars – This is a type of video presentation where you are live and present something to an invited audience. At times people record these interactive seminars or meetings and broadcast them again and again.It is a real time event that can include a lecture, a workshop, or other training.


  • Testimonial Videos  – This is where you get clients or customers using your product or service as to how good or effective it is for them. This kind of video is very powerful and effective in getting more sales. People like social proof.


  • Animation Videos – This is a kind of video where you needs more creativeness. The content or the story is being drawn here.


If you’re not still convinced that you need to plan for, create, and post videos on your website by now then it is quite frankly a loss on your end! Just know that thousands of businesses are using videos right now to promote their products, and they’re making more profit than ever!

There are a lot of sources where you can get videos or even create your own. Facebook and Instagram are popular, so why not get some ideas there and start creating your own?


If you simply do not have time or desire, you can outsource your video requirements. There are plenty of places to go to have them done…

For instance, below is a link to a video store I use to get access to videos that help me and will surely help you too for your video marketing needs.

They have many quality and creative videos to choose from and will do special orders that tailor the created video to your website or brand:

Here it is:

Check them out…

Also, let us know your personal experiences with video and if videos are helping you grow your business. We’d love to hear from you!

Good luck and have fun!



Dave : )