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2016 06 26 0814 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial


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If you have been in the online marketing business very long, you will have realized how important it is to look for tools that can save you time and help you look more professional to your audiences.

One of the basic tools that falls in to this realm are website page builders. Most people are using WordPress based themes for their blogs and eCommerce sites or similar, and this tool is designed to help such people.

Today I review and discuss Origin Builder, a page creation tool that dovetails with your current theme to help you quickly create and publish pages that dazzle and make you look like the professional you are.

Let’s get started… 

2016 06 26 0814 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial


Name Of Product:                 Origin Builder

Developer:                                 Precious Ngwu

Cost Of Product:                    Front End Offer:         $37.00

                                                           Upsells:  Yes (see review)

MY RATING:                             9/10

SUMMARY OF RATING:     Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial


2016 06 26 1016 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial


Let me give you the “down and dirty” first…I have more extensive information below this section and video if you care or need to read more in depth on what exactly this tool can do for you…

Here we go…This is what Origin Builder is all about:

“Gorgeous, High Converting Pages With Just a Few Clicks of Your Mouse!”

If you’re in the process of building your website out or already have one that you are adding content to, you know how hard it can be to create good looking pages quickly.

Doing everything manually takes time and effort, and is using your time that otherwise could be spent doing other online marketing tasks. Creating pages that look decent can be a real stumbling block for many people.  

There are a few choices available in the market on tools that will help you as Origin Builder does, but these cost a small fortune and take way too much time to understand and implement.

Some even charge monthly for their services, and if you do not pay, you lose your pages (if they are hosted by the provider)! Needless to say, this is less than ideal.

So really  you have a few basic choices:  You can do the pages yourself, invest in a complicated or expensive software program, or maybe hire a web designer.

While the latter will likely give you the best results it will also drain your budget fast.  (Worse still, every time you need a new page or an update you’ll have to hand over more cash.)

Another option that some people choose is to buy page templates (or use a software platform where thousands of people use the same templates) and then try to edit them on their own.

This works but can be cumbersome to get what you are looking for in little time…

By far the most time consuming is to start from scratch…

“But I’m guessing you’re not here because you want to spend the next 3 months of your life learning how to code a complex web page from scratch, right?”

With all these issues it’s no wonder so many business owners, bloggers, or eCommerce sites only have a couple page styles and hardly ever will these people get around to going to the next step of split testing multiple pages to get higher conversions.  It’s just too much work, too much time or too much money to do it… 

Until now…

“Let me tell you about a new tool called Origin Builder “

Origin Builder takes away all the pain and effort and quickly you can create stunning pages. Using this tool anyone can create a high converting page with just a few clicks of their mouse.  

You don’t need to touch a single line of code. You don’t need to hire a programmer or a web designer. You don’t even need to download and install a script since this is a solution contained right on your dashboard of your theme…

And guess what else? No more “me too” templates that look as boring as everyone else’s!

It doesn’t get any easier…  Log into your webpage dashboard, create a new page, and using Origin Builder Elements, click your way through the user-friendly interface…

With Origin Builder you add what you need, tweak the page to add content and make it look like what you need, and in just minutes you’ll have a cutting-edge, high-converting and mobile-responsive page to present your lead magnets, your offers, or your services to your audiences.

Take A Look At Just Some Of The Cool Things Origin Builder Can Do:

  • Highly and Completely Customizable Pages. You can quickly fine-tune your pages to get just the right look and feel you need.  Essily change layouts, font styles, colors, background graphics and even background videos to give your page a cutting-edge, polished design that’s sure to impress your viewers.
  • You Can Edit and Update Your Pages On The Fly. You can tweak your page without disrupting any ongoing sales or sign ups, without touching the code, or without uploading anything. Just log into your dashboard, make your changes, and hit save to instantly update your pages.
  • Integrates With ANY WordPress Theme.  Since this is a standalone tool that is added as a plugin on your theme, it will work with all themes, it just effects the page you are building.
  • Easy To Build In Tracking. Origin Builder can add a pixel to track your page impressions and when you use other external “on page” visitor behavior tools you can quickly optimize your pages for maximum conversions without a hassle.
  • 100% Responsive Everywhere. You never have to worry about faulty code throwing up errors ALL of your visitors will see your page! (Including smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices and irrespective of the web browser your visitor is using).
  • Clone Your Best Pages In Seconds. In just minutes you’ll have a beautiful landing page that looks like it was created by a high-priced web designer and you can use the clone feature to duplicate the pages, make a few minor tweaks and run multiple split tests to get the best results.
  • Completely Eliminate Tech Headaches! Because Origin Page is on site, you have nothing to download once hyou have it installed, and there is no complicated configuration required.  Simply log in to your dashboard and you’re ready to start creating pages.

“There really isn’t a better, faster or easier way to create pages than this!”

Watch The Short Video Below To See For Yourself…

The video shows just how fast this tool is to use…You will have a pretty good understanding at the end of the tutorial:

If you have seen enough and know that this tool will help you create a better web page or pages quickly and save you time and money, and you are ready to buy, please click on the below button and get started.

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

More In-Depth Information on Origin Builder

Basically, this tool is similar to some of the other page building tools I have seen and used such as Optimize Press, InstaBuilder, or Profit Builder that will allow you to more quickly get clean and professional appearing pages published.

As an online marketing business, professional, tools that allow you to do more in the less time such as this one are very useful. The time you are not spending creating pages the old way means that you have more time to do other important things, like marketing your products, pages or promotions.

This tool uses templates and elements that you simply add, drag and drop, then edit to build your page. You can preview what you have created easily so you get a feel as you build of what it will look like.

It is compatible with any WordPress theme according to the developer, meaning that you do not need to start from scratch with a new website, you can just add the plugin and use it with your current pages and site.

Some of the kinds of pages it will help you create include landing pages, reservation pages, sales pages, video sales pages, webinar signup pages, opt-in pages, blog pages, vlog pages, eCommerce pages, video gallery pages, etc.

These are 99% of the kinds of pages that most websites contain, so virtually all of your page creation requirements will be handled using Origin Builder or Origin Builder Pro (see below for the difference).

This is an advanced drag and drop page builder, similar in capabilities that others products have I mentioned above offer. It comes at a lower cost, however, and this saving will only increase over time as you do not spend money on a monthly service or a page designer.

There are 30 standard elements in the front end product, and these include the basic elements you will want in your pages and more. Using it to create pages, you will be able to get results in no time.

I was provided access to a demo site where I could build sample pages using the tool, I found it very easy to use, and within minutes had a very presentable page that would have looked good on one of my websites with a little more work.

Immediately below, please see my short demo video so you can see what I am talking about. Having used the tool, I can vouch that it works as advertised. That is important, so many do not nowadays.

If you NOW have seen enough and are ready to buy this very useful tool that will help your online websites and marketing programs, please click on the below button and get started.

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

If not, please read on to see how it can help your business or online activities, plus read more on the bonuses you will receive when you buy this tool through my link! 

Next, I have an answer to a question you may have:


Everyone that has a website for any purpose almost can use a tool like this. Today the web sites have to look professional, clean, and functional. Gone are the days when you could throw up anything and get views from site visitors…

Not only that, your website and pages must be responsive, meaning that they can be viewed cleanly and completely on mobile and other devices that have proliferated over the past couple of years.

This page builder will help you get some of the most important kinds of pages that you use every day in your business created and published quickly. It is a time-saver.

It does this by making it simple to add, then drag and drop, and lastly to edit the information in preset elements onto a page you are developing. It could not be easier and you can do it yourself.

It will hep you work faster, end up with more professional pages, and over time will increase your authority, credibility, leads, and conversions.

You do not have a chance to present in person what you are selling or offering. The pages and website reflect on you, so they need to be professional.

All the above applies only if you use the tool. It will not make the pages for you, if you want that you must hire a web designer at a lot more money and over time, I mean a lot more money.

You are saving more than time – the savings over hiring someone to do page creation for you can be significant if you are active or have several webpages that you manage as I do…


With most reviews that I do, you will see I add in a pro and con section. This is where I lay it down straight for you to consider and then make an informed decision as to whether a product is for you or not…

Here is what I have come up with for this product:

The pros are many with this tool. 

  • Easy to use
  • Saves time creating professional looking pages
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Has templates to save even more time
  • Intuitive tool, learning curve is sharp (not hard)
  • Saves money over hiring a web designer for your pages
  • Saves money over a subscription based similar tool

Cons are few, but here are what I can think of off the top of my head:

  • The initial cost can seem like a lot of money for this product. Taken into perspective, however, I do not believe this is a con. I say this based on what it costs to have pages created, or to subscribe to a monthly service that has such pages you can create…
  • The elements included may not provide solutions for every situation or type of page that you want to create. There are enough that this will not apply to 99 % of web designers, however, so this con will not apply to many…
  • Although it is being sold as compatible with any WP site, I have seen in the past where some plugins will not work properly or will adversely affect the rest of the site…
  • If a compatibility issue should arise the developer has a guarantee wherein you can request and receive a refund for the product. Naturally, the license would be revoked and you would not be able to use the tool…


As stated in the synopsis at the start of this review, the Front End product is priced at $37 USD. This is a fully functional tool that will allow you to build your web pages as stated…

This price is also for the launch week only, and will rise thereafter. As of now, I think the price will go up to $67, but that remains to be seen. Certainly, if you are looking at this review after the beginning of July, the price will be higher.

There is a number of upsells that start with the Origin Builder Pro version. In addition to this upsell, there are four more that you will be presented as you go through the sales funnel.

To save you time watching each video and going through the sales funnel, I have added a bit on each below…

Upsell # 1 – Origin Builder Pro (Template Edition)

The Origin Builder Pro upsell offers 40 + preset templates (apparently these are not included in the front end product). This is a handy and useful upgrade that I recommend, since using templates will make creating pages a lot faster and easier.

You also get additional things like sub-domain support, Parallax scroll effects, the ability to add in video backgrounds, and a bonus of MintsApp 2.0 which is a great way to design and use sales funnels with your online marketing.

Although the up-front cost rises significantly, overall the price is worth it when you consider the features that you will have and never have to pay a monthly subscription for.

Cost (during the launch week) is $67 USD

(The price will likely rise after the first week of sales to $97 USD).

The rest of the upsells are as follows…

Upsell # 2 – Origin GrabIt Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin that pulls in from the internet and curates it on your site on automatic. A handy tool if you need something like that, it goes for a seemingly pricy amount.reasonable

Cost: $47 USD


Upsell # 3 – Origin Engage Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin that allows page animation, which looks cool and modern. As the viewer scrolls down your pages, the elements appear to fade or slide in,

The effect really adds a nice touch for your pages, and the cost for this plugin is a bit high but if you need or can use something like this, it may be worth looking at.

Cost: $67 USD


Upsells # 4 & 5 – Reseller Licenses (Two Levels Available)

This is an upsell offer that allows you to resell the tool and upsell packages to others. You can buy the full fledged reseller rights at $297 USD or a “lite” version for $197 USD (this is the front end and Pro version only, not the plugins).

Note that it is not necessary to buy any of the upsells to have a fully functional tool you can use daily in your online business. If you have the money I would definitely consider the first upgrade.

One of the things that I really dislike is when you find that unless you buy the upsell of a product it will not perform what is claimed in the sales page. This is not the case with Origin Builder.

Cost: $297 USD or $197 USD



There are three levels of bonuses that you can tap into when you purchase this tool though my link:


The tool opens for sale starting 27 June 2016. Prior to that, if you click on the links I have provided in this review, you will see a bonus page that will provide you software free for download with a first name and email address.

Here are the tools you will get:

2016 06 26 1010 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

2016 06 26 1011 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

This is a professional WordPress website launcher that is very powerful. It will quickly create a robust, optimized and ready to go niche website. It also takes care of all the normal site building elements so you do not have to do much at all to go live!

This website launcher software has  a value of $67 USD.

Next, we have…

2016 06 26 1011 001 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

This is a bundle of premium WP themes that are high performance and which have 26 different niche variations you can use to build niche specific websites.

They come with populated content that is loaded for you ready for editing. After you complete any changes you need, you can publish and be live quickly.

These themes were created and designed to provide you an attractive eye-catching website, and will engage your audiences to a degree that you will see increased level of leads and conversions…

Regardless whether you or your clients need niche websites for fitness, attorney work, laundry services, automobile servicing, hotels, online marketing, etc, there is a variation that will work!

The retail price of these themes is $499 USD!


Here are the bonuses you will get from the developer when you buy the tool:

Bonus # 1 –

2016 06 26 0810 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

With this plugin called Content Kickstart, you will never have to face writer’s block! You will have a button that you can click on that will provide engaging and compelling titles, openings and other content that will capture your audience and keeo them on your page!

Combined with Origin Builder page builder and sites, you will provide the professional face you need to your site visitors and get them to take action as you are wanting them to.

Bonus # 2 –

2016 06 26 0811 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

This handy tool will provide you over 1 million copyright free high definition pictures that you can access from your dashboard on your admin area of your theme. This is a timesaver and will allow you to add a huge variety of images that others are not using on their websites.

Taken together with Origin Builder, this is yet another tool that will help you present yourself in a very professional manner to your audience and site visitors…

Bonus # 3 –

2016 06 26 0813 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

This is bonus training that will teach you how to get traffic to your excellent looking websites and pages that you have created with the Origin Builder page creation tool.

It does not do much good if you do all the work to make your site look beautiful and have no traffic to see it or take actions. The training will show you how to grow your traffic quickly…

Bonus # 4 –

2016 06 26 0813 001 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

This is a software to help you hijack massive attention to all of your Origin Builder pages and websites. This tool will help you optimize and monetize your sites.

This, in turn, will lead to more sales and profits for you. There are only 3 steps required to implement Page Profit Takeover and it is a very effective plugin to use when combined with Origin Builder.

My Bonuses (Available At Launch)

Again, the launch of Origin Builder starts on 27 June 2016. Until then you can still get the bonuses mentioned above in the prelaunch phase, and I suggest you do so…

Once the launch is live and you can get the product, I suggest returning here and purchasing through the link below. I say this because if you do, you will also receive some bonuses that no one else gets.

I decided to provide you these additional bonuses to help get you started even faster with improvement of your website appearance using Origin Builder through your page creations and these tools as follows:

Bonus # 1 – Easy Video Sales 101

2016 06 27 1438 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

Value: $ 39 USD


Bonus # 2 – Total Web Traffic Complete Course

2016 06 27 1439 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

Value: $ 97 USD


Bonus # 3 – Conversion Rocket Ride

2016 06 27 1439 001 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

Value: $ 77 USD


Bonus # 4 – Selling To The World

2016 06 27 1440 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

Value: $ 39 USD


Bonus # 5 – Lockdown Your WP Website Now

2016 06 27 1440 001 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

Value: $ 39 USD


Bonus # 6 – Landing Pages 101

2016 06 27 1441 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

Value $ 39 USD

and last, but not least…

Bonus # 7 – Surefire Wealth Silver Pass Membership (Access for 1 Year at Activation)

2016 06 27 1442 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

Value: $ 147 USD

Bottom Line:

The total value of these bonuses is almost $500 USD. This is over and above the bonuses that you will receive from the developer I mentioned above. I have done my best to get you started the right way with this tool!

As stated, each of these tools, in tandem with your newly acquired page building tool and other bonuses, will allow you to create some really fantastic pages on your websites and do this easier and faster than ever.

To get all of these bonuses, immediately after purchase you will receive an email with a link to my bonus page where you can download all of the bonuses mentioned.

If you have any problems, just send me an email to support@davesweney.com and I will help you out asap. I do aim to make sure everyone is satisfied…


After reading through all the data and looking at the demonstration video, plus trying the tool out myself, I have decided that this is something I can recommend to everyone. I will use it myself…

I will only get the front end and pro template upgrade, the rest of the upsells are of no use to me…

So my total spend on this will come in at a bit more than $100 USD for a page builder tool that I can use on any of my sites at no monthly or annual cost, and I own the pages that I make and host them myself.

A pretty good deal…

Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial


In case you missed the link above, here again, is where you can get access to this page building tool, Origin Builder:


56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

2016 06 27 1444 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

OK, Please take just a moment to look at my final bit of information today, it too is important!



arrow red 2 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial


I invite you to comment below on this review, your experiences with WP page builders, or anything related to Origin Builder or similar. When we share our knowledge and thoughts, we all learn. This site is all about learning and growing together! Thanks in advance for your cooperation and participation!


David Sweney Online Siganture - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial

Dave In Italy 2 - Review of Origin Page Builder - My Hands On Trial


Dave has been involved in sales for 20 years with offline products and has been fortunate to have traveled the world while realizing up to $4 million USD a month in gross sales of products he promoted.

He has brought that experience to the online world and this is one of his online ventures. This site is intended to present ideas, products, tools, tips and more that will help all those seeking to make money online have success.

Subjects covered are diverse, but in totem, you can learn a lot about the things that you will need to have success with online business right here. This includes things to do and things NOT to do!


12 thoughts on “Review of Origin Page Builder – My Hands On Trial

  1. Hey Dave, this page builder looks really good. I like the fact that it works with any WordPress theme, so I wouuldn’t need to switch to a different theme. It’s also great how you can drag elements of the page around in a live view of it. This definitely looks like it will make things a lot easier.

    I’m just a bit disappointed by the upsell. I wish they could just offer one version of it at a single price. That would be much simpler. But is it still worth getting without buying the upsell?

    1. Hi Marcus,

      Yes I have been looking for a reasonably priced page building tool such as this one, and when I had the opportunity to review it, I was hooked,Origin Builder is very simple to use, and I hope that the working on any WP theme holds up.

      Here is my experioence in that regard:

      I have seen in the past that some plugins that have been tested on the sites I add them to will mess the site up. Just yesterday I was working on our eCommerce site Memories In A Box (http://www.memoriesinabox.com) and added in a google translator plugin that was cleared for use (this is a GoodStore eCommerce theme). It totallu screwed up my product pages and I ended up having to uninstall and reload a back up…Waste of several hours!

      Upsell versus Front End…

      The other hesitation I had with Origin Builder is just as you mention, the upsell they are offering. It bugs me to no end when to have a fully functional tool you have go through the sales funnel. Better to offer the whole package at the beginning? In this case,I am not sure of the differences between the two (Basic and Pro) because the Pro page is not live at the time of writing this…

      I will check as soon as it is up so everyone knows the difference. That is not spelled out clearly. What I tested was the front end only, and it worked very simply and I was able to put something together in a few minutes. Obviously I would recommend spending more time to polish the page up…


      Taken in total, for some the FE and Upsell may seem like a lot of money. My take on this is that time is money. The more tools I use for my online marketing efforts, the more I can leverage my time to get more done in the same amount of time.

      Compared to other products on the market that will do the same or similar, this Origin Buillder page creation tool is priced reaonably. Especially for the front end the price is cheap for what you get. But on the other hand, if you have any experience in marketing online, you will want as much functionality as possible with your tools.

      So I would say the front end is a good value. More on the upsell as I get information on it.

      In closing, thanks for stopping by today and adding in your thoughts. Good feedback and if you check back later I will have more information on that upsell for you!



  2. Hi Dave, this is exactly what I have been looking for to create my website pages! Admittedly the page you created in a few minutes isn’t the best hehe, but I can see how it works and that’s the important thing. Origin Builder is a page creation tool I will USE! The cost is a bit much, do you think I can get by with the front end only? Thanks for your advice… Rea

    1. Hello Rea, You are the second one to ask about the Pro version of Origin Builder page tool and what it offers over and above the front end offer. The demo that I have works well and I was able to get a page up and running with no problem as you saw, albeit maybe not the most professional looking page (also not one I would use as is without some further work hehe). I will get that information for you and Marcus and add it to the review page. There are a lot of people that can use such tools I think, and a simple one to use like this one makes it very attractive to many. Still work will be required to put together a decent page, the creativity must still be applied….I do appreciate your contributions to the site, and also your candor with your comments! Cheers! Dave

  3. Hey Dave. Wonderful reviews here of products that will help many people build out their websites. I have been tinkering with the idea of using a page builder for my site too. There seem to be a lot out there these days. I have come across one called beaver builder too but this origin page builder looks great! Have you used Beaver Builder yet?

    1. Hi Justin,

      That is not one that I am familiar with, but it does not surprise me. I have been using some rather simple builders that do wok well, (i.e. Landing Page Monkey (LPM_and Commission Gorilla CG)) but now am finding that the more specialized tool I can get, the less time I have to spend creating pages that look decent.

      Having an on-page (OK in the dashboard) buiilding tool for my site is more convenient and looks better faster than LPM or CG. Origin Builder does that for you…Rather well from what I can see too…There have been some questions as to the difference between the FE and the upsell, and as soon as I have clarification, I will add that…

      I do use the Commission Gorilla for my bonus pages still and it works well and is fast. That is an entirely different kind of page than what I typically will build on my making money online site however… Another totally different set of pages I use regularly are product pages for eCommerce sites and widgets, sliders, etc.

      So I do understand the move to add in more such tools as Origin Builder to the market, because there are guys like me that can use each kind of tool to make that portion of the work easier and faster, yet still have the quality that is expected today.

      Appreciate that you stopped by, and also that you took the time to comment, Take care and best of luck until next time!



  4. Thanks for the great product review!
    You are absolutely right that professionally looking website is important if you are seriously into the online business.
    I used to buy some ready to go Word Press themes and somehow it helps but it can not be compared when you are free to build it in your own way.
    Looks like that the Origin Page Builder is one of real candidate.

    1. Hi Andrejs,

      Today the competition is fierce for the business, even online. As more and more people enter into the online ,marketiing space, this will get even tighter I think. The market is vast and also growing as are marketers, so I think as long as you put a professional foot forward so to speak, as in having decent looking pages and good content, you will have success.

      The ready to go WP themes are a good point from which to start, The same applies to eCommerce, where such a designed theme can be stood up quickly and you are ready to go live. The problem comes in two ways at that point I think:

      First, you want to offer something unique to the audience, as well as having something that is of value and worthy of them staying on your site. Certainly how you present the information you provide is important, just as a suit is appropriate in some situations fro offline sales…

      Secondly you have to add new content often to get noticed. That content has to capture the viewers or they will counce away in a hearbeat. You likely have done the same, I know I have…Using such a page building tool as Origin Builder, you can better arrange the content in a way that looks good. It also is faster than trying to create the pages manually, that can take a lot of time.

      Good feedback and input, I appreciate that you took a few minutes to add your comment!



  5. Hi Dave,

    You’ve done a very thorough product review. In my case, it’s almost too much.

    I understand the value of such a product. I watched the video demonstration.

    Perhaps the day will come when I’m ready for such a thing. At this point, I think I’ll continue to do it on my own.

    The overall look and feel of your site is very professional. I use the same theme for one of my sites.

    Good job.


    1. Hello Bob,

      Thanks for your assessment on the drill down review of Origin Builder. I do understand that you may not want to avail youself of such a tool, such tools are not for everyone. It depends on the level of work you have to keep up your pages and sites with fresh and engaging content.

      In my case, I do have emough sites that make such a tool very useful. I also like other tools that help me be more effective and efficient as I enter ever deeper into the online marketing world. Right now it there is not enough hours in the day so such tools as Origin Builder that help me quickly put together a nice page helps.

      Regarding the website iteself I am using for this niche, I also like it. I am thinking of upgrading to a full on responsive site that looks a bit more modern, but I want to wait until I have some time, because I am pretty sure it is going to be a nightmare. In this regard I am like you. I will do it when the right time comes!

      I do appreciate your feedback and thoughts, and I wish you the best in your online marketing adventure! Please stop by anytime, we can always use more reason!



  6. Hi Dave–

    This is a great looking product. I was pretty much sold on your first call to action, but wanted to keep reading as I am your typical nerd-read-to-the-end type of guy!

    A question though: is this software seen as a theme inside of WP? So how can I utilize this software while still inside of WA’s site builder?


    1. Hello Steve,

      This software is a plugin that uses the WordPress platform to function. Much like other plugin tools (i.e. an SEO tool like Yoast) you can use the functions of Origin Builder, in this case to add and edit elements of a page in a drag and drop style…It should not have an effect on the rest of your site, but you never know.

      The good thing is there is a guarantee if you have problems you can request a refund, I think within 30 days. I am pretty sure that if they could not get it running you will have no problems with getting your money back. These developers have a reputation to maintain.

      Using this reminds me of building blocks, where you build a shape however you want with the the pieces…I found it extrmely easy to create a short quick page. The editing function worked flawlessly, and the results are pretty…Very professional looking pages from the demos I saw. Mine was a bit less so, I was just trying to see if the tool worked and how…

      A word of caution…Before I buy any tool for my online marketing business, I always evaluate what the use will be for my program and what kind of money will it save or make for me versus the cost…If it fits I may buy the tool. If not, then I have saved some money by not buying something that is not going to be cost effective…

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping the comment here, this website is all about caring, sharing, and learning together so we can all have success online and make some money for our efforts. For those that could use such a page building tool, at this point I have no qualms about recommending it – I will use it myself.

      Best of luck!


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