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PLR stands for “Private Label Rights”. These are rights that you buy so that you are free to use the PLR contents as you wish. When you are buying PLR contents you have to be very careful and read all the terms that is included. But in general the types of things that you can do with Private Label Rights include: ‘Re-writing it’ or ‘Use it as it is’, putting your own name to sell it or give it away .

PLR has many benefits but one of the greatest advantages of it is that its uses are limitless. Here are some ways to use your PLR contents.

  • Re-write the article for your own website

This is the way that most people do to PLR articles. You can use your PLR for you own website. You have to re-write and do a little editing first before posting it. It will save you time and effort because writing on to something from your own idea will take time to finish. If you have PLR you can use it as your guide, source of ideas and basis. It will also speed up your creation as they will be your blue-print when writing.

  • Re-write and post on another site

Another great way to use your PLR is to post it on other websites. The advantage of submitting your post to another site is you can add a link back to your own website, add Adsense or Affiliate products. Moreover, if your article is of good quality and people like it much, many of them will share it on their own website and republish it meaning more links coming to your site.

  • Create an Extensive FAQ’s

Quality articles are a great sources of valuable information that will help your readers. If you have quality PLR’s why not make them as a ready made answers to your FAQ’s. All you have to do is write or make questions. You can make a FAQ’s section on your site with the PLR content as the answer and of course don’t forget to add a link to your products that is relevant to the answer.

  • Top 10 Lists

Give your audience some lists that they could follow step by step. By doing this people will be encouraged as it will look like it is easier to accomplish something when it is listed step by step. Example: Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight, 10 Ways to Stay Healthy etc.

  • Compile into an eBook

If you have quality PLR contents that is somehow correlated to each other, you can bundle them up or create a PDF e book or report.

You need to edit the content, add links to your site, add a touch of your own personality, add diagrams or charts or use it and sell it as it is.

You can also use it as a free giveaway but don’t forget to put an affiliate links or any of your promotional ads of your products and links to your website so that you could make a profit and gain viewers, followers and make some one buy a product that you introduced to them.

  • Re-write and Sell the eBook

Instead of using it as a giveaways why not rewrite it and sell it directly. You have to remember not to over do putting affiliate links and don’t be make too much sales talks as people may be feel cheated and regret buying your e books if they feel like it’s just a bunch of promotional endorsement and nothing valuable that they could learn and get from it.

  • Convert them as a mobile downloadable file

As more and more people are using their smartphones, it is one way to use your PLR to gain more audience, promote your Ads and create traffic to your website. This way you can also make your website more mobile friendly and reach through people who are always on the go.

  • Convert into an Audio or video files

Converting your PLR contents into a new format like audio or video will make you reachable by people with impaired hearings, deaf and even those who are visually impaired.

  • Reviewer for students

You can make your article or contents into a study materials for students exams. You can ask questions and offer them a quiz and turn your website into fun engaging one.

  • Turn them into material for brainstorming cards.

Cut out short snippets of text and then print them onto index cards. Shuffle the cards and pick one to jog the creative side of your brain.

  • Bonuses

To make your products more appealing, add some bonus to them. You can make your PLR contents as a bonus when they purchase something from you. If it also effective as a selling point for up sells and one-time-offers

  • Make a step by step coaching program

Checklists and a step by step action plan is a great addition to your coaching program.

People love having a step by step checklist to help them guide of what they are trying to accomplish. You can create a checklist that they can print out as many times as they want and check the boxes off as they go.

  • Use them as what are they

You can use them to post on your website or any site as is, no editing, no revising. Just make sure that you read the terms first before publishing it unedited.

  • Use them as an inspiration

If you can’t think of anything to write about, you can use the articles as your source to inspire you to write or a source of ideas.


PLR has many uses. If you use it correctly even those that are not well written once have benefits to give you. Rewriting and editing articles takes some work at times, but it is really worth it if done correctly. So why not try?

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Let me know if you tried reading and rewriting an article. We would love to hear from you!

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