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support article for davesweney com - Characteristics Of A Good Blog


If you want your blog to be noticed and overtime be a successful blogger or for your business or brand awareness, there are a few guidelines and characteristics that you should observe from successful bloggers. 

Because as we all know Blogging is a channel that you can use as your marketing strategy, there are millions of blogs over the internet but you can see that there are a lot that didn’t success, until they give up blogging. 

Today, I am listing some characteristics a good blog should have to ensure success. 

Let’s get started…

Characteristics You Should Strive For To Have An Effective Blog:

  • Well Defined Audience – Before you start writing or even start your blog it is important to know your readers, understand them and know their interests.

  • Awesome Design – Your theme or blog design will always the first thing people will see and notice, it is the most distinguishable feature of your blog and will make you unique or maybe stand out from the others.

  • Always creative – Be creative, not only with the content but with the designs as well. Having a good blog theme will attract possible readers. But it is always” more than meets the eye” thing. Well constructed and well written posts will make your readers come back for more. After you know who your target readers are, you create something that is worth their time to read content and topics.

  • Well crafted Headlines or title – headline is a way to entice your audience. They need to be relevant and interesting because they are the first few words your reader’s eye will probably scan. Get your headlines right and interesting but don’t use it as a click bait. Remember as an author, people should trust you. You will lose readers if they see you as someone who always writes a misleading headline.

  • Interesting Post Leads – the first few sentences of your blog is the make it or break part. It is where your readers decide if it is really worth reading the entire post that you made. To make the reader engage, use a conversational tone. Make use of stories questions and strong statements in your leads.

  • Exciting and appealing bodies – after reading your headline and leads this is the part to prove to your readers what you have promised them in the first two parts of your blog. When delivering your content, be clear and concise. Make it easy for your readers to understands you. Make it easy to visualize your advice. Take time until your are satisfied with your content.

  • Include useful information – your blog should contain information that will help and educate your audience. As people appreciate information they can do something with and will return to your blog regularly if you post blog that is not only relevant but also useful.

Is There More I Need To Know?

Yes, there sure is! Let’s add in some more points you will need to consider… 

  • Particular focus – it is better to choose your niche that you are passionate about and focus on it. Be defined focus and don’t try to be all thing s to everybody.

  • Appropriate length – it should not be too long to lose you reader’s interest in the middle and not too short to make your reader think that it is not worth reading because it seemed like it doesn’t contain any useful informations that they need. Make the length of your post appropriate depends on the topic. Just go with the flow, be direct and no going around the bush when discussing a topic.

  • Readable Content – Make the content easy to read. Use bullets, list, graphs and images.

  • Vibrant Community – you can see an endless comment at the end of every post because you’ve created a content that builds relationships with readers. Try to end your post with a question for the readers to comment on. Ask their opinions, thoughts or reactions.

  • Call To Action – Don’t feel salesy if you ask your readers to sign up for an email list or promoting a product. If you’re you are being helpful, relevant and delivering useful contents to your readers, they would most like to help and support you.

  • Touch of your Personality – don’t forget to have time to customize your own blog design to give it a taste and touch of your own personality and tastes. This is also a way of creating a one-on-one communication to your readers. Make a way to introduce yourself through your blog. You can make a quick and short bio and put a picture of you for your sidebar and you can even record your own video about you.

  • Sidebars – take advantage of this useful feature. You can add a two or 3 sidebars for your readers to engage.

  • Regular posts – every blogger is competing for people’s attention. You have to stay on top mind of your readers by regular posts that is relevant to your audience needs.

  • Promoting your Blog – use your social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Decide for what promotional strategy will work best for you, be aggressive in trying multiple methods in attracting readers. If you need help, get it. Implement your plan with conviction and focus. If you made mistakes, try again. Don’t stop blogging, everything will pay off over time.

  • Patience – if you think you blog will not succeed, think again! Success don’t happen overtime. One step at a time to your success. Don’t give up.

How Do You Get All This In Place?

If you are new to the world of blogging, it is likely that you will feel a bit overwhelmed, Once you start drilling down and really seeing what all is required, it can seem like a too hard to do thing. That is not the case.

I have some training that you can tap into to get started, and I offer more advanced training as you get the beginning steps in place and are ready to start to fine tune your online business.

That is really what you create when you start blogging. You are helping people in whatever niche you select, and adding to the knowledge base for all members of that niche.

You are creating solutions to the needs and wants they may have and at the same time, you are building credibility and authority that will allow you to monetize the work you put in.

It all starts with training. We have that for you and if you check out one of our training websites, you will see many lessons that can help. Go to our Money Counts training site to see what we are talking about! 

Here is the link: Money Counts


OK, now you have some ideas of what will be required, some guidance on what to do next, now it is up to you to get started. Check out the training now and let us help you become an independent business owner so you can go and grow and give your 9-5 job and boss the boot!

If you have any questions, please ask them below in  the comment section or drop us a line at support@davesweney.com. We will revert shortly back with answers to anything you need help with! Have a great day and remember, that I believe in ALL of you!



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