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 Carey Baird Interview Product Launches 17 January 2016 - Launching Products: A Fresh Case Study for  2016

This is an Interview: Marketer Close Up With Carey Baird – What post activities are critical to your long term success? Carey Baird (Fresh Store Builder owner) tells us the key components for a successful launch in the exclusive interview. Take a look!

Posted by IMMarket News on Sunday, January 17, 2016


The new year is here, and as we all get started in earnest with our online marketing efforts for 2016, it is useful and inspirational to learn from those  that have been there, have gone through the rigorous steps to create a product, know how to market the product,and have had success.

The video above is an interview of  Carey Baird, who shares some his experience with us about his latest launch, Fresh Store which sold 325k USD of product  (yes you read that right!) using affiliates and an affiliate network to get the product out to the masses.

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There are many gems to be had in the video, the interviewer Kimberly did an excellent job pulling these out for us all to learn from!

Here are some that I picked up on:

  • Carey is building a brand and a reputation, which are as important as the product
  • He is continually reviewing his product creation and launch process to improve sales, as indicated by the increased total sales of $45k for this launch compared to his last launch (an increase of over 16%)
  • Carey recommends sticking with one main set of products versus JVing with others and offering a wide range of products – it shows consistency of effort, allows focus on improving the line and brand
  • Affiliate support is very important for successful launches, since they are bringing in the buyers for your product through their lists
  • Overall you seek to build trust with the buyers and trust with the affiliates – this is accomplished with consistent efforts to create and offer only valuable and working products that are improved with each launch
  • Support is crucial for the process both for affiliates and for the buyers of the product…Keep a well-trained team on board that grows in knowledge about the product as the product evolves – again consistency is key
  • Minimize bad experiences for all during the entire process – reputation is so important not only for the launch, but long term
  • Creating the product, prelaunch activities, and post launch activities are all important and must be planned for – the launch itself of 5-7 days represents only a small bit of the total process, the additional pieces of a product launch are crucial to have success
  • It is important to build a business that you can walk away from for a break, especially after a launch, and know all the pieces are working, so the business continues to operate while away

future of blogging - Launching Products: A Fresh Case Study for  2016


This is a very interesting “Insider Look” at a product developer, how he thinks and how this affects his product creation and sales process. 

Well worth 5 minutes of your time! Lots of lessons we can all use in OUR online business!

I would love to hear what you thought of the interview and the points taken away from it, and maybe how you can incorporate the lessons.

All the best for YOUR online marketing business in 2016!

Kind Regards,

David Sweney Online Siganture - Launching Products: A Fresh Case Study for  2016  

17 thoughts on “Launching Products: A Fresh Case Study for 2016

  1. Hi Dave,

    Knowing how to launch a product correctly is a must. And I must learn that. I did enjoy reading this and noted (and bookmarked it) for future reference.

    However, do you have any tips on kickstarter crowd funding a product? I have a huge desire for a physical product, semi-unique for teh market defo need crowd funding – how would I best go about that?

    1. HI Derek,

      Thanks for the feedback on the post, Lauching products is the next natural step from affiliate marketing in my mind, and certainly the insight offered here by Carey is useful in that regard. A launch with over 325k USD in sales is nothing to sniff at and should excite all of us marketers!

      Here is a site that reviews the top 10 crowdfunding sites – have a look and see which may be best for you to proceed…They each have their strengths I think, so it is a sujective thing as to which is the best. If your product is a digital product versus a physical product, you may be able to launch with a lot less money…

      Here is the site:


      Good luck and let me know how you get along with your venture!


      Dave : )

  2. I did enjoy the time I spent testing the products that Cairn launched. In particular FSB.

    HOwever I also found that after a few weeks his interest in maintaining support dropped down the priority list.

    That’s not to say the products were no good… Just that support could have been better.

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for stopping by and letting us know of your personal experience woth Carey and his software offerings. I am sure that he would also be interested in hearing about what you experienced to improve. He did say he was taking some time off, abviously the support team needs to maintain the same high level throughout the period, not just when carey is around!


      Dave 🙂

  3. Hi Dave from a fellow Dave!
    I’m trying to read this article, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working. The intro loads, the everything turns white and it gets replaced by the comments? Is there a problem at your end or mine? I’d be keen to read this so let me know if you find the problem!

    1. Hi Dave,

      I just checked on my end and everything is working OK. It could be that your memory on your laptop/desktop is pretty much maxed out. Let me know what you think once you have done that. There are some good points I would be interested in getting your feedback on. Thanks!



  4. You have a well entertaining site with good content and providing a lot of valuable information. I like the video gallery, especially the video on Dubai awesome skyscrapers. Your video overplay product should sell well as most websites now a days are using video content rather than words. Great site!

    1. Hi Wesley,

      I appreciate your comments, I always look for feedback on all areas of what and how I am presening information here on the site…

      What did you think of the product launch fresh case study for 2016 video and the content I added to support the video?

      I am including more posts on product launches, because I think it is a direction all people that want to make significant amounts of money online have to do.

      Affiliate marketing is a super way to generate income as well, and over time the totals you can earn are significant with an effective program, but the windfall profits will continue be with launching your own product…

      Again I appreciate your feedback on the site, I hope that you also gained something from the video and post here.


      Dave : )

  5. I love a post which incorporate videos. More interactive and generally, it makes me awake when watching a video.

    Enough about that, about the video, Carey is an inspirational figure. I listened attentively on the tips he gave.

    It’s true different people work different ways. That’s because niches have different level of demand and such. Appreciate for sharing this, Dave!

    1. Hi Tar,

      I am the same, videos are one of the main ways I like to view information, a close second to cointent. I say this because content gives me a chance to see what is being said and I can mark it up and massage it to make it fit my needs.

      Video is also high on my list because normally it is a passive way to really intently listen/see what is being said or shown. I also have the capacity to pick up many points quickly and in an entertaining manner, which I like, as you do…

      The interviewed guy Carey seems to have his head on straight and I like a couple of his points on how to manage pre-launches, launches, and post launches. I learned a lot listenting to him, and I am glad you did as well.

      These kinds of posts provide some new information in a format that does not take a world of time to get through, yet they have staying power for the lessons. Later you can refer back in your mind to this case study and the lessons will pop out and be there for you.


      Dave : )

  6. Hi Dave, I’m guessing that’s perhaps a nice opportunity but i didn’t get exactly how that works.

    I really will appreciate if you can take out the time to explaining in details exactly how it work, cause i’m down with whatever opportunity that is genuine for me to make some extra income.

    It was nice for you to have shared this with us and i’m glad i came across your site, hope to see more of it. Cheers

    1. Hi Johnson!

      This is a program that Carey, the person interviewed, just launched and it appears to be a product for building an eCommerce store. This based on the name Fresh Store Builder…I am not familiar with the tool itself, but apparantly it has a following of buyers who upgraded plus new buyers, and the lauch itslef was for over 300k USD, so it must be OK…

      Off the top of my head, I would say that it is a wordpress theme that has templates built-in that help you get your store up quickly and effectively. This is helpful when you do not want to waste time. I have several I use for my eCommerce sales, and they do work,

      In general, what I was trying to point out wa the process itself over and above the product. The tasks required to get the pre-sell and pre-launch in place, meaning the the launch will go better, and then activities that have to be done post launch…

      I think the product can be found on JVZoo if you are really interested in that. The guy has a reputable reputation from what I could find, best of luck to you and thanks for stopping by!

  7. I enjoyed watching the video on the developer and his experiences. Kind of gave me a perpsective of product development from a new view. I intend on creating my own and this was helpful. This is just what people like me need to get motivated to get started or get finished and launch a product. I think this is better than trying to sell others products?

    By the way, have you ever thought about publishing an ebook or guest
    authoring on other blogs? I have a blog based upon on the same ideas you discuss and
    would love to have you share some stories/information.

    I know my viewers would enjoy your work. If you are even remotely interested,
    feel free to shoot me an e mail.

    1. Hi Candelaria,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a detailed comment. Your insight is valuable for all of us to learn from…I do hope that you now take this new information and get started with your own product as you mention. That would be wonderful!

      As to your question, I do guest blogging on a case by case basis and would be interested if the situation were right. I think this is an ecellent tool to help both parties and the readers from both sites….Let’s talk?

      Dave : )

  8. I enjoyed this interview, the developer seems like he is really interested in his product and his customers too. That is reassuring because there are some that are not this way. The case study was helpful as well, it gives me some ideas for my own product launches. Bye and thanks!

  9. This is a great case study. Lots of valuable insights that I can use for my own efforts! Can you post an update on this since it has been awhile since you published the post? Thanks.

    1. Hi Ara, Yes I will look at adding to the post. I am sure there are some new updates that would help us all! Thanks for stopping by, please check again soonest! Cheers! Dave