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Good Day! I hope you enjoyed that short video above, the idea was to introduce you to my site a bit and in particular mention some very general points of what this post is all about. As the title suggests, this is for you – I want help to get your sales ramped up asap!

With the start of 2016, many marketers are returning to full time work again after the long holiday season. They are coming back full of motivation, resolutions that they fully intend on acting on from the New Year festivities, and are chomping at the bit to get started.

This article will help them do just that. Let’s talk about some ways to effectively turbo-charge YOUR affiliate marketing program using these 10 bits of advice that really will do just that for you!

Generate Substantial Income 1 - 10 Ways To Turbo-Charge YOUR Affiliate Program in 2016

10 Tips For that “Turbo-Charge”

Here they are, in no particular order….Read and heed..Enjoy!

TIP #1: “Go Through The Numbers and Promote Higher Profit-Per-Transaction Offers.”

Did you know that almost the same effort is required to get a new customer to your page and convince them to buy a $20 product as it does to convince them to buy a $50 product? The difference of course is that you will increase your earnings by 2 1/2 times with that $50 sale!

The reason I mention almost is that some lower priced items will have a higher conversion rate so this is not a hard and fast rule. But the principal holds in general…

Here’s An Example: Let’s look at some products that are selling at different prices and see how this works. There are three selling at different price points for which you will get a 50% commission for every sale.

OK, have a look at the difference:

  • A $10 product ($5 in commission) converts at 6%. So for every 100 people that you get to the sales page, you sell 6 of the products, earning you $60.
  • A $50 product ($25 in commission) converts at a lower rate of 4%. Although that does not sound so good, it means that foe every 100 people that come to the page, you sell 4. This earns you $100. Sounding better now?
  • A $150 product ($75 in commission) converts at a rather more pitiable rate of 2%. Now THAT sounds terrible. So of course it means that for 100 highly targeted visitors you draw to the sales page, only two people will buy… BUT you are now earning $150!

A simple change in what you sell at what price can drastically change what you will earn. The third example is 250% more earnings for you, even with a lousy two sales!

So when you look at what to promote, go through the numbers!

Review the items you are now selling. Do they make sense in this light, or are there other products that will return more earnings for you?

Keep the bottom line in mind, it may feel good selling a lot of cheaper items, but the earnings tell a different story.

THE LESSON: Review offered commission rates plus look for products with higher ticket prices.

A higher commission is better of course. Selling higher ticket items is also a good idea as can be seen with the examples above.

Remember your time investment is the same for all three items PLUS, remember that the money you make is not the same. You will very likely make more selling the higher items!

The activities to prepare for the sales requires the same effort no matter which of the three products you could sell using the example above…

  • You are going to generate traffic to the sales page.
  • You are going to spend time preparing the lead-in and maybe an opt-in page to build your lead list.
  • You are going to prepare some kind of an incentive (giveaway).
  • You are going to likely have a supporting review of the products, and interacting and promoting the post in forums and the social media platforms you use.

The real difference? I repeat myself, but this is something you want to hear: You will make more money or earnings for that same effort selling those higher priced items!

Money Experiment - 10 Ways To Turbo-Charge YOUR Affiliate Program in 2016

TIP #2: “Look For Recurring Billing Products to Sell”

Existing customers are some of the best customers. Over time, these are customers that you want to get into your lead list. Along with more expensive items you can sell them over time, these kind of customers can provide you more income through many sales, expensive or not.

Why do I say this? Here’s why: It’s  far easier to convince an existing customer you have with you to buy more products from you as opposed to a new customer who does bot know who you are or whether you are trustworthy or not.

OK the concept makes sense? Here’s a little secret about increasing your earnings with such customers:

You need to promote recurring billing products to them!

These are sales of products that are billed regularly over time (likely monthly) and they happen automatically (so do your earnings).

Another way of saying this is they are charged regularly and you earn regularly, without any further action (or only a little action) on your part, as long as the customer doesn’t cancel.

This is easy on everyone, The vendor is happy, the customer is happy, and you, as the affiliate who made the sale, are most happy!

Again the nice thing about recurring billing products is this:

You find and convince the customer to buy once… BUT you then earn commission month after month as long as that customer remains a member. You did the work only once, but earn month after month…

Is that some easy passive income or what?

OK so where can you find such opportunities? I will mention just three but there are many more:

  1. ClickBank. Look there for any products that are within your niche having a value higher than $0 in the “future $” category. These are the products that have recurring billing and ones you need to research/select.
  1. Do a Google alphabet search using your niche keywords. Use generic terms like “affiliate program” and add in  search terms such as  “recurring billing,” or “membership site,” or “passive income” or something else similar. Note the potential products and then research to see which would fit best for your program.
  1. Look for any recurring billing products in your niche. This is not hard normally, once you have been in a niche for awhile, you get to know what is selling, what offers the best opportunity for your program.

Here’s An Example: A lot of people doing affiliate marketing online are also selling internet marketing support tools and courses/membership sites. There are many but as an affiliate marketer yourself, you know of most that are out there. Check to see which have recurring commissions and sign up with them.

My Number One Recommendation For This Tip:

Learning how to properly set up a successful affiliate marketing program is not an easy task. I am a member of a site that does just that at a VERY reasonable cost!

It is called Wealthy Affiliate. The commissions you can realize with this site are very generous and they are recurring as long as the members you refer remain active.

Depending on the membership plan the referrals select, you earn over $23.00 per month, or a bigger chunk if they do an annual membership. Read more about this program here:


This is the BEST education site on the internet based on my experiences with many other less than stellar sites. It offers a complete package for you to learn, set up your site, do the proper research for your niche, then teaches you how to monetize the efforts you make.

I have been a member for over 7 months now and have been extremely pleased. This is a program that you can not only be a member of, but also recommend it to others, as I am doing now. Recurring income opportunities like this seldom come along, check it out for yourself!

OK, let’s move on…

Money Explotion - 10 Ways To Turbo-Charge YOUR Affiliate Program in 2016

TIP #3: “Use Real Scarcity, Not Fake Scarcity, With Giveaways”

If you have been in affiliate marketing for any length of time, you know that affiliate marketers use scarcity all of the time. They also use giveaways. Let’s talk about scarcity first…

Whether it is a countdown timer, a “limited number” available, or a combination of “limited time and number,” the use of scarcity is to be found often on sales pages. Why? You are adding a psycholgical push to the viewer to make them feel they need to take action now.

This is a tactic I see used often but not THAT often. many of your colleagues may be promoting that product without the scarcity tactic, so it is worth looking into at times.

What you will see more often is the addiitonal bonuses or giveaways for product or service offers. Your offer has to be one that is of more value, fits with the product you are selling, and one that they would pay money for if it was not there as a bonus.

What if we combined the two? Let’s see what could happen…

Here’s An Example: Let’s say  you are offering a self-development eBook to your lead list and potential new customers. You then could offer a course that closely relates to the subject that offers a lot more information or will give them additional ideas. For sure you will get more people that will buy from you as opposed to someone else. Why? They get more value for the same money.

Of course nowadays many others are doing the same, so you have to differentiate yourself and your offer from theirs…Many people look at the bonuses prior to deciding which affiliate offer they will buy through. This is fact, I do it myself!

So what can we do?

Use scarcity to leverage your offer and push the customers into taking immediate action – make the super over the top bonus you have for them a limited time offer.

Here’s some examples:

  • Use a time-limited bonus – Whatever works, i.e. in 3 hours, at midnight of a date, 24 hours only, etc. The psychology works better with shorter times (i.e. 3 hour early bird bonus offer), because there is a greater sense of urgency.
  • Use a limited number of bonus items available – only the first (number) of people acting immediately will get the bonus. If you use this tactic, make sure to plan on providing updates on the number of bonuses left for the prospects. This is a powerful push for them to take action.

BonusTip: Usually when you use scarcity you will set up a manual process to parcel out the bonuses. The buyers will have to send you a receipt if their purchase, and in return they will get sent to a download site. This can be autmated if you are using an autoresponder.

There are many ways to set this up, here’s one:

Create a special email address just for receiving notification from buyers sending in their purchase receipt.  When the buyers send their mail, the autoresponder looks for specific words or phrases usually found on the receipt.

If the mail contents has these set criteria within it, the autoresponder then sends back to the mail address the download link. Of course if it does not have the required information, nothing will happen.

I have another couple of posts that drill down on the entire process of developing a good giveaway (and talks about lead magnets) that you can review here if you’d like:



These tutorials can help you in setting up your own affiliate program and are worthy of a few minutes of your time!

So for the purposes of this article, let’s have a cursory look at the kinds of giveaways/bonus you could develop/use…

Here are five:

1. An ebook or special report complementing the main product.

2. A free webinar on the service or product you are selling.

3. A video that complements the main product.

4. Provide some software or other tools that complement the main product.

5. If you’re an expert in the subject, offer a free email or telephone consultation.

Remember, you need to set yourself minimally on a par with other affiliates that may be  offering a bonus. PLUS I think you want to set yourself ABOVE these folks with whatever you offer as a bonus and using scarcity for any customers ordering what you are selling  so that order through YOUR link. This will make you unstoppable!

What’s the Bottom Line:  You will see more sales and an increased interest from prospects who know you are offering real value over others and they will buy more from you at a later date, meaning more earnings!

Here is a tactic that I have used and seen some IM folks use successfully…

Create a tool, an eCourse, or a special report to give away. Creat a mini-website for the product/giveaway with it’s own domain, one that contains a salesletter and send your buyers there to download the free product.

This could be part of a sales funnel, for which I have additional training that can be found here:


Note: This training is a four part series, the link above takes you to part 1. There are follow-on links at the end of each part of the training to the next stage…

OK, back to the bonus tip/tactic…

What this does is it increases the “perceived value” of the product.  Why? Here’s why: This product is something that your prospect  thinks has so much value that it warrants it’s own domain, a salesletter with a full page on its benefits and how it provides a solution for the user. But it is not for sale, it only can be downloaded by the buyer if they bought a product through your affiliate link

Do you see the effect doing this can have on a prospect?

I have seen IM affiliate marketers prepare a complete page with all of their bonuses for an offer they were promoting, and the page explained in detail what each does, and often there were links to see the sales pages for each of the bonuses. BUT these were only available of you bought the product you are selling through them.

Very effective!

The last thing to be wary of when using scarcity is this: Do not use fake scarcity tools. I am talking about when the number or timer goes down as you are looking at the sale page, you may leave and when you come back the timer has started over again or the number is back up to where it started the first time you came across the page.

This is very annoying and the sophisticated buyers today know this trick and will be turned off. Many will simply consider you as uncreditable and cliick away, not providing you any lead or sale. Just don’t do it, not a reputable way to conduct business!

Money Attraction Strategy 1 - 10 Ways To Turbo-Charge YOUR Affiliate Program in 2016

TIP #4: “Capture the Lead First Using An Opt-In Page”

This is something that seems to pounded into our heads, but many still do not understand why this is so important. I go to many affiliate pages and they do not have an opt-in widget or page anywhere…

You know by now that it is a lot easier to sell something to an existing customer over getting that first-time customer to buy something…You NEED these leads!

Consider the new customer as a cold call type situation. They do not know you from Adam. The lead that you have contact information on. and initiate communication with, on the other hand, DOES know you.

That is what I would call a “warm” customer, one that is more open to opening your mail/offer and possibly taking action moreso than that “cold” new customer.

How do we get and keep them “warm?” By staying in communication with them through regularly posted emails and using pre-selling emails that provide further valuable free information and then your offer.

So getting the opt-in down and capturing the contact information even if they do not buy that offer will afford you the opportunity to use email marketing to build up a rapport and trust – a relationship, if you will…

Remember we said above in the examples of products you are selling, the conversion rates are not high, 6%, 4%, 2% – none are that high that you don’t care if you lose completely the rest of the prospects you drive to the sales page, when they took no action!

These represent the opportunity to get that relationship started and eventually make a sale to them. So it is important that you capture their contact information.

Hence the opt-in page, or as it sometimes is called, the squeeze page. By adding this additional step into your selling process (or your sales funnel, as it sometimes is called) you can over time greatly increase your conversion rates.

The other thing is that you are leveraging and maximizing the visitors you get to your sales page, you are not wasting the effort to get traffic there…

The squeeze page must be effective and persuasive enough, along with the giveaway you offer, with both focused on the highly targeted traffic you are driving to the page, that such visitors jump to immediately opt-in and provide you their contact information.

It is not unrealistic to expect 25%, 35%, or even more of these visitors will opt-in to your mailing list! Then you will have the opportunity to sell them many products, not just the one.

How This Fits In

Here are 5 things that you need to consider when creating your giveaway and your squeeze/optin pages and process…

Your giveaway or lead magnet (training link above) should get the idea across that you will be exposing how you achieved some desirable result  that they too want to achieve/experience…You should point out that they too can achieve this with the giveaway.

Try to convey your points of difference from every other bonus offer out there. An idea that saves work, increases effectiveness, mistakes to avoid, etc. will act as a trip-wire and cause them to take action and sign up/opt-in.

Bonus Tip:  How to make great looking opt-in and landing pages? I use several tools, but the one I like the best, use regularly,  and have reviewed is found here ===> LANDING PAGE MONKEY

Money Exchange 1 - 10 Ways To Turbo-Charge YOUR Affiliate Program in 2016

Tip# 5:  “Negotiate a Higher Commission Percentage”

OK picture this: You have gone through the process as described above and have created an effective giveaway and opt-in page, Your offerings for the prospects are selling like hotcakes, You are making a lot of money in affiliate commission and you are also making good money for the product developer. Your conversion rates are through the roof because of your work.

If this is a scenario that sounds good, there is a way to make it even better. How? Communicate with the product developer and let them know about your success. Then ask for a raise… : )

By this I mean open up communications and try to convince the developer to increase the commissions he is paying you..

Now here’s the key to successful negotiations:

You need to have a proven record of your success and be ready to show this.

Believe me if you are not having a lot of success, likely this will NOT work. But if you are, you have a strong case perhaps. If you walk away and the developer loses your efforts selling their product, they know they will lose a lot of sales and earnings. They may just be willing to pay you a bit more!

You will have to have a strong case or you will likely get turned down, I must emphasize this again, be in a position to justify asking for more…Don’t waste your time or the vendor’s time until you are in that position.

Bonus Tip: Some vendors will give you a higher commission rate across the board, if the conditions mentioned above are there, especially if they can see that you have been performing to a high level regarding sales over a period of time. So you may get a special link so every sale you make from now on is worth more money.

BUT, if you do not have that strong  a record of sales, but it is on the rise, you may still want to consider contacting the developer and asking for some special commission rate – maybe when you reach a certain sales level each month or when you have sold an agreed to volume of the product.

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TIP #6: “Work At Driving More Traffic to Your Sales Pages”

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is a valid way to get more business. More traffic results in more opt-ins leads, more conversions, and of course more earnings.

Simple, yes?

So how can we do that better in 2016?

Let’s discuss what gets you increased levels of traffic…and why it makes a difference:

If you make $50 for every 100 visitors, it makes sense that you will make $250 if 500 see your offer, and $500 if 1000 prospects see your offer…Get more people stopping by, keep the conversion percentage the same or raise them, and you will make more money.

Here are some of the ways you drive traffic to your offers:

  • Increasing your use of content marketing – things such as article marketing, infographics, explainer videos, blogging, etc.
  • Create relationships with joint venture partners and work together to increase the sales for you both.
  • Look at your social media marketing efforts and see how you can increase visibility and effectiveness. Look at your posting schedule, what you are posting, how you are posting, and who are you targeting. Fine tune your efforts to increase your effectiveness and sales.
  • Do research on some hot topics and prepare and get out free in-depth reports, maybe some informational videos, and try to use viral posts to your advantage. Raise your visibility in the target market, Become an authority.
  • Research PPC methods and try them out. Start small and increase your spend as you become more comfortable and are having success. I have some training you can review here:


  • Consider the use of press releases. These can have a good short  term burst of activity for your sales sites if used correctly

Just remember, with all of these efforts, the idea is to get more traffic…Why? Because more traffic means higher earnings at the end of the day.

Regarding PPC, focus on the cheaper sites first and then you can scale up. If you are making money on PPC, put some of the profits back in to scale up, it is an easy way to keep your costs down and if effective on a small scale, likely you will have more success as you scale up.

Money and Finance Vectors with color Money Parachute - 10 Ways To Turbo-Charge YOUR Affiliate Program in 2016

TIP #7: “Sell More Two-Tier Affiliate Programs –

and Sign Up Others to Do the Same”

The affiliate programs that are most familiar and used most often are one-tier. You will realize a commission or earnings for every product you sell as an affiliate.

A two-tier affiliate program, on the other hand, pays a commission for every sale PLUS you can get a smaller commission percentage for every sale someone in your downline makes.

In simple terms, here is how this works…

As with a one-tier system, you set up and promote the products…You add in your affiliate links to get credit for sales as they happen…

The additional part of the process is this: You actively seek to get other affliates to sell the product as well, and when they sign up to do so, they come in to the system under you in the product’s line of sellers.

From then on when they make a sale, you get a portion or the commission they earn. A nice way to make extra money having others making sales on your behalf (for commissions).

Bonus Tip: If you want to quickly find some programs that have this option, do a google search for your niche using niche information and terms such as “two tier affiliate program” or “multi tier affiliate program.”

Once you have a list together of potential programs, look through them all and see which are the best. You want the best commission rate on the top level (your sales) and a much lower percentage on the second tier. This keeps the focus on selling the products – not on getting more sign ups for sellers you bring in on that second level.

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TIP# 8: “Do More Guest Posts & Publish More Articles”

This is a tip that many think is no longer effective. In the past this was very effective and lots of people were doing it. Today…not so much…

it still is an effective tool that you can use however. It is deciding where to post that article, or which site you should seek garnering an invite for a guest blog at, that will mean the difference in seeing results or not.

If you find a forum that is active and has many visitors in your niche, this is effective. Reddit, Warrior Forum, niche forum sites, etc. can all be a way to get your name out there, and people coming to your site to see what is there. You can draw in traffic over a long period of time as more and more people happen across the posts.

The key is to write something that is valuable and somewhat evergreen in nature. It can then have relevance over a long period and keep attracting people to your site month after month.

Now when you do this kind of writing, even if evergreen, I would focus on the problem, the solution you have, why it is the best and only workable solution, the benefits to the subscriber to that solution, and then be specific as to actions to take.

Be a leader, write your article in an authoritative style, describe the problem, the solution and the actions to take. You make it easy for the reader to follow through with your desired action, whatever that may be.

Another take may be a review of a specific product or solution that the reader is looking for. They came across your article based on research, and are ready to make a decision. You affirm what they are going to do anyway, and get the sale.

Here are a couple of examples for you to see what I am talking about:

Example #1: You put together an article on “How I Ranked My Video On the First Page of Google in 15 Minutes!” In the article you explain the exact steps you used in accomplishing this. At the end you mention that this was possible because you were using a tool called XXX that allowed the steps to be completed that fast to include ranking. You provide a link…

Example #2: You design an article providing very useful information about how to do something, but you save the real “meat” of the information for a link and sales site/page. Let’s call the article “5 Ways to Preparing An Effective Infographic.” In it you do provide the steps to get them started, and then to get the rest they will have to  purchase the product you are offering on another page. The idea is to give the reader good basic information, but to get the rest they have to sign up or buy or whatever your call to action may be…

These are just examples, but the same concepts can be applied to any niche…

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TIP #9: “Show Prospects Your Results Using the Product”

There are needs or concerns that people have that you need to address when they buy things. One of these is social proof. They really look for social acceptance of the product. Think star ratings systems used by Amazon and other eCommerce sites.

But most of these are lacking in substance – they contain a few words, often are nonsensical and do not provide that social proof the prospect is looking for.

They would rather have a detailed review or report on what the product is supposed to do and a user’s personal experience when using it.

What was the good, the bad, and why this is the product they should choose over others out there that claim to do the same thing. This is where you come in…

Product reviews can be very influential for sales, for establishing your authority, for that social proof they are looking for! They want to read that the product performed for you, or not…

That’s where you come in – you use the product and report objectively the findings/results. Cover the strong points and the not so strong, and give a final verdict – would you recommend this to others?

Your reputation and authority is on the line when you do this, and reputable marketers will not compromise on their values and morals – they will state what they feel and clearly what they recommend.

It is ok to add to your experience with data from other sources (include the credits where appropriate)….Use photos, screenshots, videos, graphs, anything that will build support for your position…


  • Let’s say you are providing an in-depth study of a video editing software. You could combine a content based report along with some actual screenshots demonstrating your points, and perhaps a video showing the software in action. A sample project could be demonstrated from the steps to create it to the finished product.
  • If it is an eBook on How To Create and Follow a Diet Plan for instance, you could show via a video the steps in creating the diet plan and even some of the products that are in the plan…It will show the prospect clearly what they will get in the book, but of course they have to buy the book to get the full package.
  • In my case, I will use a real life example. I talked about Wealthy Affiliate above and what a great recurring income affiliate program they have. Why is it so successful? Because over the last 10 years, they have continually improved the site and what it offers, and do so to this day. As a member I see what they are providing and can vouch for the efficacy of their program. This web site is a result of their training and advice. But to see what I am talking about you need to check it out yourself! One more time, here is the link to find out more in case you missed it above…


and…..the final tip for you today is…let’s look closer ONE more time…zoom - 10 Ways To Turbo-Charge YOUR Affiliate Program in 2016

Tip #10: “Picking The Very Best Offer to Promote”

The secret to leveraging sales of your products to the maximum audience is to use an affiliate network. Product developers know this and they are going to work real hard to get you on their team of sales people.

This is why when you go to the affiliate networks and look at an affiliate recruitment/support site, you will often see a beautiful package of email swipes, banners, support materials, sometimes bonuses, and even contests for the best affiliate sellers of their product, especially for launches…

But since there is such a demand for good affiliates, you can remain in the drivers seat. Look through what the vendors are offering and look through the beautiful graphics and promises to find the very best offers you will want to promote.

Be discerning just a bit. It will make the promoting easier because you have confidence in the product being sold, plus you will likely be more enthusiastic about selling the product. You also need to protect your reputation, so you do not want to promote garbage..

Here are some things to look out for:

Is There Adequate Support. If this is a new vendor, it would be good to send an email, try to call or other wise contactt them to see what their response is… Are they responding promptly, are they courteous, can they answer any questions you may have? If the answers are all yes, that’s a positive sign.

Does The Vendor Have Experience. Do a little due diligence on the vendor. Are there any negative reports on his products or him personally or with his company? If so were they significant or not? What did the positive comments state from buyers of the products and the affiliates that sold them? Is the vendor’s reputation very good?

What Kind of Training Materials Are Provided. Look to see what they will provide to help learn how to use the program, or at least understand it, as well as any support materials thay may offer such as banners, swipes, etc.

Do They have Pre-sell Material. This is helpful to presell your leads on the product and if they provide a video, swipes etc. it will help the sales on the launch days. Look also for banners that promote the pre-sell,  and any other pre-sell content available for your use.

What Has Been Their Conversion Rates With This Product or Prior Launches. This will let you know in general how this vendor performs and how his product performs too.

What Are The Commissions. Look for around 8 to 10% commission if you are selling physical products or services,and if it is digital products you are selling, expect commission rates of at least 50%.

Are There Backend Commissions. See how many products are being offered in the sales funnel, and what the commission is for these. Make sure that once you are approved as an affiliate for the front end product that you also will get credit for the back end product sales.

Check For Potential Loss of Sales Commission. Have a look at the sales page to make sure that there are no other options to buy the product such as via a call etc. You do not want to lead traffic to a sales site, only to lose the sale and commission.

After you have done all this, make one last check with colleagues or on forums to see what others may think, then make your decision whether or not to offer this product or series of products to your leads and traffic. It sounds like a lot of work, but the work done in the front end will likely result in more a lot more earnings on the back end…

Good Luck!

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OK there you go…I hope these tips will get you off and running towards the most successful year ever for your affiliate marketing program! I have 10 more tips that I will be adding soon, I am working on these now.

As always I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or comments on what additional tools or tips you may be using for increasing your affiliate sales in 2016.


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  1. Very well said Dave and in fact it like you knew already. I am sure majority of folks out here will agree when i said Dave is right. It takes equal amount of effort to promote and sell $1500 product than $15 product.
    Take Luxury goods for example or yacht and jet hiring.

    I am now entertained and with this post i can now beam my laser target appropriately.

    Thanks again man and well done.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for stopping by…This is a fresh article posted not 15 monutes ago…I have tried to include an in depth write up of the ways you can turb-charge affiliate programs this year. As with prior posts, many will be doing one or the others of these tips already, but I am hoping that they will pick up a thing or two!

      Yes you are right on the point of selling more expensive items, it’s working for me. The other points mentioned here also add something to the discussion in that there are more considerations such as the market niche and how you will get traffic etc.

      It all kind of fits together somehow, but as with a puzzle, unless you know where the pieces should go and how they fit in, the puzzle will never get finished! I enjoyed writing this article and am glad that you gained something from it!


      Dave : )

  2. Thanks for the great article, David.
    So much helpful information on how to turbo charge my affiliate success, I would definitely be coming back to this article. I just started my journey to become a better affiliate and your ten tips provide real value. Thanks for the valuable article, I would bookmark this page because I will be coming back.


    1. Hi Rusian!

      Thanks for stopping by! This article is a bit long but has some good tips I hop for folks that work their way through it. I did break it up into almost like 10 smaller articles due to the length…

      We all can become better, me too. I have committed to posting more articles this year and also build out some of the other sites that I have neglected for too long.

      Putting this post together oon ways to turbo-charge the affiliate marketing portion of my business has given me motivation to do even more!

      Please do stiop back, there will be more posting and information I hope that helps you out!


      Dave : )

  3. Hi Dave,

    This article is actually so amazing, there is so much valuable information here! I like your common sense approach to pricing of products and targeting sales at existing customers, it’s this kind of business acumen that many people struggle with and it is just what I think I need to focus on to increase my income.

    Thanks you from your newest fan,

    1. Hi Dave!

      Thanks so much for the positive comments I really do appeciate them. It souonds like you may be able to use some of the advice in the article, so sorry it went a bit long, but I tend to try and cover things thoroughly…

      I would really love it if your affiliate program is turbo-charged for 2016! Pop in from time to time and let us know how things are going!

      Cheers and thanks again!

      Dave : )

  4. I’m book marking this page Dave … It’s very well done … Takes a while to read all 10 but will manage. Glad you did not put 2 or 3 instalments to all 10 ways so that it’s all on 1 page.
    The video nice … A trivial thing I noticed you misspelled conversions … Missed the ‘n’ … No big deal. Chai yo Dave. Apeng.

    1. Hi Apeng,

      Thanks much for stopping by my page and having a look see at the post for turbo charging your affliate marketing in 2016! Your feedback is very much appreciated, and I will have to see how too fix that spelling error (if it is possible)…

      The info for each tip grew as I found more that needed to be added, hence I decided to break it up using graphics between each tip, I think it makes it more digestible…

      I do hope that people will consider these tips when they start in earnest their program for the new year and use some to really get it ramped up. I hope that over time we will get some case studies or information from those that use the tips. It would be nice to see people having success using these tips for ramping up their affiliate programs!

      Dave : )

  5. What a fantastic guide to increasing your affiliate sales income. Thank you very much for that, I’ll bookmark it and work on every step whenever I find time. I hope it will help boost my sales and profits. After 4 months of hard work on my website, it’s the first time I actually started making sales (5 sales so far!). Now that I reached this stage I’ll start looking at how I can generate more sales and money, so your tips will be very useful. Thanks again and all the best.

    1. Hi Kams,

      First of all thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate hearing about others’ successes with their online marketing program, and it sounds like you are on the way!

      I am going to be posting two more chapters or sets of turbo charging your affiliate marketing program articles , 30 tips in all. I am thinking the other two will go a little less into detail, but that is what I thought for this one.

      Glad to hear that you have bookmarked the site so you can read and let us know what you think of these and any other subject we have here, your feedback and experiences are important!


      Dave : )

  6. I always like to hear about making more money online and I really like to know how to do that through my affiliate program. My site is fairly new and doesn’t have good site trust yet, but it is really good for me to know how to do this ahead of time. Then I will know what to do when I’m able to apply this knowledge to my site. My biggest issue is finding a product that is relevant to my niche to promote. I like what you said about the 2%, how it too can be a large number, but stick to the higher commissions. I agree, that will definitely make a difference in what you will earn. But how do you find an affiliate program that will pay that kind of commission in the niche I’ve chosen? All I’ve seen is 5%, 10% 12%, and every once in a while 25% commission. It’s a time-consuming process. But I’ve something from your article, Aim High! Thank you.

    1. Hi Reiha,

      Thanks for stopping by, first of all, I appreciate that you also took the time to comment and provide feedback.

      To find products that you can offer as an affiliate, try the techniique I mention in the article “niche” and “affiliate programs” to see what comes up…

      Another thing to consider is to maybe come up wth your own product for the niche and sell it….That is likely a more profitable move long term….Short term selling other’s product can get income generated…

      Please keep having a look here for more tips and tools to help your program I will be posting more on turbo charging your affiliate program and maybe these can help you too…


      Dave : )

  7. Interesting tips to boost affiliate sales, I enjoyed reading it. I also think you’ve offered some excellent strategies as well.

    I would say that although we want to have higher priced affiliate products, we also want to focus on the quality of that product. And make sure that product offers real value to your reader.

    I also appreciated your take on email marketing. It’s a challenge to find a free giveaway that’s scarce. I guess that’s the challenge to the marketer.

    Good read, thanks

    1. Hi Todd,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to make a comment/provide feedback. Your points are all very valid and useful for me and others…

      The quality of a product your are offering to your leads is of paramount importance. If they are not top notch, pretty sure you will lose your fans quickly. Nowadays they seem to be very switched on when it comes to what is out there for sale, and if the quality is low, it is going to cost you.

      Operating a reputable online business is more important than ever, so yes by all means quality and value are the number one thing I look for before asking to offer the product to my lead list. Having said that, all other thngs being equal, I will fo for the higher priced item

      On the giveaways, I also agree. I try to see what is out there, and go in a different direction. The days when you could go buy some old outdated PLR, slap your name on it, and reel in the leads is over. Those same savy buyers will breeze past you so quick you will not even realize that they were there!

      You have added a lot of value to the post, and I appeciate this!


      Dave : )

  8. Couldn’t stress enough how effective and important a smooth funnel method, quality posts, and giving value to your reader.

    Like you stated using fake scarcity with products for giveaways just isn’t going to work anymore, people aren’t transparent, they’ll see right through you and leave.

    When you mention PPC campaigns would you recommend this for someone who is targeting a wider product niche? They can be effective if done correctly, but with every click and no sale, you’re losing traffic from your site, and if you have a main sale page you want traffic to, wouldn’t that be counter productive?

    1. Hello Tyler!

      Appreciate the stop by here and also that you took the time to add your valued thoughts to the conversation. These 10 tips for turbo-charging your affiliate program in 2016 are the first of 30 total I am working on. It just got a little long as you can see, so I decided to break it up…

      The other option was to turn them into an eBook, but I am not ready for this yet, I have too many projects in the works already. I do think getting them out here will help more people in the short term, I can relook at this option later…

      On the PPC portion, I would say that it is a situational based decision. Depending on your goal, the PPC route may be hard to achieve much success with. PPC is not an easy thing, as many will tell you. I am playing with it now for one of our business ventures, and can tell you that it takes time and patience to get a efficable program together. It also takes an investment of money and effort…

      It sounds like on the rest of the tips you are for the most part in agreement with the tenets I have added. Some are no-brainers for me, like the three you mention, and regarding the fake scarcity thing it is good to read that I am not the only one that gets really aggrravated.


      Dave : )

  9. Hi Dave

    I have to agree with your theory on higher priced products. You still have to create highly quality content for your website and likewise promotion regardless of your commission rate. The effort you put in is still the same across the board! So you may as well get paid accordingly!

    PPC is a relatively new venture for me. Dave can you please share whether you think Adwords or Facebook ads are comparable? I personally seem to be getting better results with FaceBook ads.

    Great Read,

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Michelle!

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts, it is good to hear about other’s ideas, it’s what this site is about! I am adding two more posts to this, 30 tips in total, but there are always tips that others can bring to the table as well that add value to the conversation…

      Turbo charging your affiliate program is more than a fancy title, it is something we all can do by taking action on the ideas we read about or hear from others…The idea to look for higher priced programs to offer to your leads is one those no brainers, except a lot of people do not think about it.

      On PPC, I personally think until you really know what you are doing, facebook is the way to go. The market is huge and the costs can be controlled easily. Targeting is the key for ads on Facebook. Using the right filters and finding a way to only offer your ads to those that are truly interested will raise your conversion rates a lot.

      The other thing about all PPC advertising is to have an effective offer. By that I mean the triggers in the ad have to be there. Design, verbiage, graphics, and social proof, acknowledge their pain, provide a solution, testimonials, maybe scarcity, and a strong CTA are some of the considerations…

      The other program that you may try prior to moving to Google would be Bing. That really is a good market, 20% of the searches are still done on that platform and you can reach a large market, and likely at a cost that is much less than Google.

      Once you do have a campaign in place that is converting, baed on your experiences with Facebook and Bing, I would take some of the money you may be earning and then add Google in. They are still the big god in the fight at the end of the day…

      One other area I have not mentioned which is gaining in popularity and use because of the reach is mobile ads. Do some research and see if there are any sellers that may work for you. At the moment these are not expensive and your earnings per click can be very high.

      More people are using the internet now on their mobiles than on the laptop or desktop, it is huge…Have a good campaign and get out there to these potential customers! This is likely a post or two in and of itself! There is every reason to believe that we can all turbo charge our affiliate marketing programs in 2016!


      Dave : )

  10. Your post was a very good read. I’m also a user of Wealthy Affiliate and I can’t stop recommending it to people. I’m only here for a few months but when I look back, I know so much more about online marketing than I did before. Thank you David. This helped me a lot and I’m sure it will help anyone who reads it.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks so much! I do appreciate feedback good or bad, but good is alwahys better lol!

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is such a great place to learn properly how to get a proper online business up and running. It is there for the brand new marketer as well as the seasoned marketer.

      I am glad that you were able to pick up something here as well, and hope that you can use it to turbocharge YOUR affiliate program in 2016!

      Please feel free to stop by anytime, and we all learn from your feedback/input!


      Dave : )

  11. Great article with really informative tips for a better affiliate marketing scheme. I never thought about any of these tips but especially the first couple of tips. The tips on what products you are trying to sell is an important hallmark in making money. I must take these tips into account when I am writing my posts.

    1. Hi Eric,

      The positive remarks are most certainly appreciated!

      It sounds like you are ready to turbo charge YOUR affiliate program iin 2016…

      Anything we can do to help, just let us know,

      I wish you all the best!


      Dave : )

  12. Some really valuable information here!
    Thanks for going so in depth, just what I was looking for.
    How long have you been doing this?
    I hope someday to be able to write posts as good as yours.
    I think the recurring method is sweet as I love a steady stream of money, lol
    I was not really surprised by your number one recommendation as I am also a member there and I agree, it is the best place to learn how to do this!


    1. Hi Shawn!

      Appreciate the positive comments, it is good to know that I am likely going in the right direction with this blogging thing….Always more mountains to climb though! Writing I have been doing a lot of for years, just different styles. It has taken a while to get comfortable writing in the first person on a regular basis for a forum such as a blog site, but it is easier I find, the “rules” are a bit looser, so it is actually enjoyable!

      On the ways to turbocharge your afiliiate program, that one is also one of my favorites. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a very good way to realize that goal, the commissions are good and the product is even better. I find it very easy to recommend this, because as a member I can testify as to the value it offers members.

      You are an ambassador on Wealthy Affiliate, and as such have a great deal of respect and certainly more experience than I with online marketing lol! I do see in looking at your profile that you are in a similar stage of life, i.e. retired or semi-retired from some of the things we used to do, but still engaged and having fun working at this online business.

      If some of the tips above are helpful to you I am cheered! Mission accomplished – I hope the words help others to also turbicharge their affiliate programs in 2016, I would like nothing better! There is going to be 2 more parts of this post, I have a total of 25-30 tips now, depending on how they build out as I work on them…

      I do appreciate you coming by today Shawn and it is a pleasure to hear from you here. I wish you all the success in the world and it nice to be associated with you on Wealthy Affiliate. It is people like you that keep so many members there…A strong, active, and supportive community is a definite point of difference that we can let others know about.


      Dave : )

  13. I need to to thank you for this fantastic read!!
    I certainly loved every bit of it. I’ve got you book-marked to check out
    new stuff you post…

    1. Thanks and I appreciate the feedback! Please stop back again and be sue to let me know if you have any subjects that you would like to see covered. I try to post often so you will have a reason to come back! Cheers! Dave : )

  14. Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thank you, However I
    am going through troubles with your RSS. I don’t understand why I am unable to join it.
    Is there anybody having similar RSS problems? Anyone that
    knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

    1. Hi Kay,

      Thanks for the comments, feedback, and query ref the RSS problem. I have checked with the host I am using Site Rubix, through Wealthy Affiliate, and they have told me for security reasons they have blocked this service for the time being. I am sorry for any inconvenience, and will look for an alterntive asap.

      I do hope that you got some good ideas from this article on turbocharging you affiliate program, I have has some good feedback from others who have said they will definitely be able to use some of the points, a good thing, and what this site is all about. More than anything, I want to shape this site as a good and helpful “stop by” for the online marketer, or someone who is thinking about entering this business.

      Dave : )

  15. This was VERY useful for me. I have bookmarked the site and also made some notes. Loved the video. Did you notice that there is one spelling error on one of the scenes (conversios instead of conversions)? Other that that this was super, thanks for the idea and tips…

    1. Yes Lameda, The mistake has been pointed out to me several times lol…I will do better next time! Thanks for your feedback and I am glad that you were able to get some useful information for your own online efforts. Cheers! Dave : )

  16. Lots of good ideas in this post…Also the video was entertaining too. Thanks for your effort and I will be putting the tips to good use in my own program…

    1. Glad you enjoyed and got some ideas for your own affiliate program! That is what this site is all about…The more people we help, the more we will be helped I believe. Affiliate programs sometimes need a little sprucing up to freshen the approach and get some new traffic in…have a look at my 10 part training series on free traffic, there are some good methods to get more free traffic found in this series as well! Cheers! Dave

  17. Thanks very much for this thorough look at ways to turbo charge your program in 2016. I happened across your site today and have looked at several articles. You always go into great detail and there is lots of good information…I have bookmarked the site and will come back to look at more. Regards! Ellen

    1. Thanks Ellen,

      The information you read about is always researched by myself and I try to add something that can be used by fellow online marketers. Many are doing affiliate marketing, and that is why you see this one on turbo-charging their programs. Anything I can do to help! Please do stop by again!


  18. Affiliate marketing is tricky. I been doing affiliate marketing for years but I got nothing. I have a list, I have many viewers but very
    little conversion. I am thinking affiliate marketing is useless. But your guides are very promising. I might try those and hopefully I can feel the success in terms of affiliate marketing.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that affiliate marketing is not an easy flip the switch activity that many are sold on when they get into a tool or product. There is simply no replacing doing the daily and monthly tasks that over time will allow you to sell and make commissions with affiliate marketing.

      You mention that you have a list and viewers…have you looked at how the information is presented and perhaps the sales pages for the products you are promoting, or even the sales funnel if applicable. There are so many factors in making a sale it is hard to say what is working why and why something is not working.

      I would be interested in going through with you a review of what you have and see how we could improve your conversions. I am getting more on a regular basis, and I think there may be a tipping point where you will experience a lot of success, it sounds like you are on the edge of that now.

      Drop me a line and let’s see what we can do!


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