2019 05 09 1840 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses
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Hi, Everyone…

I have another great tool for you today that is going to blow your mind. You know I do not like to recommend products that I do not completely trust or use myself. This is one that I bought and will use, and you should too if you are into e-commerce.

Shop Monopoly is a tool that can be used by anyone selling products or services online, whether physical or digital. You may be thinking that there are too many similar tools already in the market, and normally I might agree with you.

But the Shop Monopoly tool is something that is so different from how it is designed (for ease of use) to how your pages look (modern and sleek) that it warrants a positi0n of honor right out of the launching gate.

Many of you know that we operate e-commerce stores as a part of our business. We use them to sell dropshipping products and we have a wide range of niches that we cover in these stores.

When customers come to our stores (any of them), they see a nice home page and lots of bells and whistles. We have chatbots, we have privacy notifications, we have pop-ups, we have videos, and we have a wide variety of products on that page, etc.

As someone who builds websites, these are sites that I can look at and say, “wow.” They look impressive.

Here is the thing. Sometimes what looks good to you may be distracting to a customer. They came to buy a widget and instead of buying it they starting looking at a different widget, and before you know it they are gone and have purchased nothing.

This is where the power of Shop Monopoly begins.

There are other sales pages for e-commerce goods that are set up in a funnel fashion, as Shop Monopoly is, but you will see the difference as you read through my review and realize that what you have is ground-breaking in a few ways.

We will be using Shop Monopoly for my own business.  I have purchased it and will set up focused sales funnels for small groups of products that I will direct warm targeted traffic to…More about that below…

So without further ado, let’s drill down and see why I am endorsing and promoting this e-commerce platform…


Product Details



2019 05 09 1841 300x54 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses


Vendor: Bryan Winters
Product: Shop Monopoly
Launch Date: 7 May 2019
Launch Time: 7 Days
Skill: All Levels
Front-End Price: Front End, $20, OTO Prices See Below
Niche: E-Commerce Sales Tools 
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Guarantee: 100% Money Back  30 Days



2019 05 09 1841 300x54 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses




Here is the link to buy this!


56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses


If you need to know more, keep on reading, I have you covered!



Who Is Bryan Winters?

2019 05 09 1838 291x300 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses

Bryan Winters is a well-known product creator who has focused on building tools and services that help the online marketer who may be focusing on e-commerce, whether using the Amazon platform, the Shopify platform, eBay, Etsy, etc. and he generally comes up with products that automate your business taskings considerably.

I have purchased at least 5 different products from him over the past 4 years, and he supports every one of them the same as when they are launched. They also perform as advertised and they are not overpriced, especially during launch periods. He has amassed a subscriber list of over 200,000 people as of this latest launch, so I would say he is an established and successful marketer that we can trust.

Because I am involved in e-commerce, I always want to know what he is developing and launching, and this latest offer of Shop Monopoly is as good as the other products he has developed and sold over the years. When Bryan speaks, I listen, and so should you! He will lead you in a proper direction when it comes to the online business areas that he focuses on.



What Is Shop Monopoly

2019 05 10 1540 300x179 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses

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Essentially, at its core, the Shop Monopoly is a product page builder. But there are major differences in this tool and others out there. The differences start in how it works and the page designs and features that provide the essentials so that viewers’ focus remains on the product or service that you want to sell.

There are not a lot of distractions that will draw the attention away from the selling proposition, and the features that are there are designed to add scarcity and initiate the FOMO syndrome (fear of missing out). The explainer videos can be shown in full-width dimensions, the page is more like a traditional IM sales page versus a typical product page (sleek look), and it is minimalist in design.

There are several other features that are so unique that Bryan has applied for a patent for this system. As I said, it may look like a simple sales page builder, but there is a lot more behind that make it a go-to product for creating focused sales funnels as you get in much more expensive systems like Clickfunnels, Thrivecart, or Convertri for example.


Here is a shot of his patent application:

2019 05 10 1536 300x229 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses(Click To Enlarge)


The launch price is unbelievably low ($20, one-time) and for that price, during the launch week, you can add an unlimited number of sales pages and funnels. This will be going to a monthly subscription, as most of these tools are now, but if you get in early you will be rewarded.

The micr0- sales pages and funnels that you build are also going to be automatically added to the home market page for Shop Monopoly where people shopping can search for and find your products. With an upsell (OTO) that Bryan offers, you can have your pages and products featured on the top of that marketplace site.


Here is a shot of that marketplace home page:

2019 05 10 1549 1030x447 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses

2019 05 10 1549 001 1030x447 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses

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Here are some of the other features that are ground-breaking:

  • Shop Monopoly takes the guesswork out of creating successful online micro-stores that convert better based on their design and lack of distractions.
  • It uses a simple block builder backend to quickly create pages that look good and have all the essential information on your product.
  • This design has been tested and proven to convert, and its simplicity means that it will not take long to create your product pages and funnels to sell related products via cross-sells or up-sells.
  • Payments are taken in via the PayPal gateway, so you simply add in your PayPal email account and you are ready to sell.
  • You can have your first funnel up and active in as little as 20 minutes.
  • These pages are also featured on the Shop Monopoly main page where anyone shopping can see the offers and buy through your mini-site product funnel.
  • This is free traffic that will cost you nothing, ever (during launch week)!
  • There are no fees to have your products listed on that Shop Monopoly page nor when you make a sale. 100% of the sales price minus PayPal fees are yours to keep.
  • You can also list the stores on JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and Clickbank to take advantage of their affiliate programs and have others sell for you with you paying an affiliate commission using the platforms. There are no other page builders for e-commerce that offers this that I know of, it is completely unique to Shop Monopoly.
  • It is easy to get started with Shop Monopoly even if you have never set up or operated an online store before.
  • There are DFY options also in the upsells (OTOs) if you want to get a head start or have never done this kind of online business before.
  • You can add tracking pixels to see how your pages are performing and see where you may need to make adjustments through testing of versions of product pages ( i.e. PDF versus a video).



Who Is Shop Monopoly For?

This page and store building tool can be used by anyone that wants a no-nonsense way to present their offers to prospects. The type of products you can sell include both physical and digital. Examples might include training offers, watches, coaching, books, affiliate products, your own craft products, etc.

The system will work for almost anything you want to sell. Of course, the product has to be legal too, that goes without saying. The nice thing is that you will get exposure on the Shop Monopoly sales platform as well. I am sure that initially, the traffic will be minimal, as it is a new platform, but over time it will grow by leaps and bounds.

I say it will grow because it’s an extremely reasonably priced system. During the launch week, for $20 one time you can set up unlimited funnels and have them all listed in the general area of the marketplace home page of Shop Monopoly. If you think that you want to have your products featured at the top of the marketplace page (where more people will immediately notice them) there is an upsell (OTO) for that.

So what it comes down to is that anyone selling anything online that is legal to sell can use this platform and system to quickly get a micro-store open and be selling using a page builder that is dead easy to use, and do this fast. No need for fancy stuff that costs you an arm and a leg month after month.



2019 05 09 1841 300x54 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses

Are There Upsells With Shop Monopoly?

There are most certainly upsells with this tool. Let’s look through them and see what you get and what it costs for the Front End (FE), and each of the three OTOs (one time offers or upsells):



2019 05 10 1715 300x78 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses

Front End – Shop Monopoly- $20 one-time during launch week, thereafter $20 a month.

The front end is $20 one-time during the launch week. Subsequently, it will go to $2o a month, which is still a very good deal. You get unlimited micro-sales sites, and all will be listed in the Market Place of the Shop Monopoly tool. You will have access to the backend where you can quickly get as many products up and published as you may want or have to sell.

These sites can also be used for affiliate products or lead magnets prior to sending people to the vendor sales pages, and any number of other ways to leverage the power of this page builder is available to you. Remember you can also integrate these pages with the affiliate platforms too, as mentioned above.




2019 05 09 1438 300x126 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses


OTO 1 – Upsell #1 – DFY Mini-Stores ($47 a month or $1 trial and then $47 per month).

For those people that want to get a fast start, this upsell will allow you to get the images, the pricing, the product details, etc. all preset up in your account. Essentially you can make minor changes and add in your PayPal information, and get started with selling. If you are brand-new to selling e-commerce products this will help you see how the product pages should look and you will be able to drive traffic to these pages to make sales.

Of course, these pages will also be added to the Shop Monopoly so you will also get visibility and traffic (minimal to start with) using the Market Place. It is likely that to make these work better for you, a blog post referring clients or prospects to the pages will help get you organic traffic. Also paid traffic will be handled the same way, and I would recommend adding in an opt-in page with a lead magnet to capture the leads as they head to the product pages.




2019 05 09 1439 300x169 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses

OTO 2 – Upsell #2 – Shop Monopoly Affiliate Activator ($97 one-time)

This upsell will allow an affiliate link to be displayed on your product pages and mini-sites that will refer people to the sales page of Shop Monopoly. When people sign up for the tool, you will get a commission. This will be a recurring commission as well after the launch, so over time, this is a good opportunity to make a considerable amount of income over your product sales.

At first, I was not really in line with paying for this privilege, as you can add the link into your product description too, but it likely will look more professional if there is a small icon or similar to have a link. Remember though, that one of the strong selling points for me was the ability to keep the focus of the buyer on the product you are trying to sell. If that link will pull the buyers away from your page, you may not want this.

I do use a similar tactic with other tools that I sell or give away. For instance, some of the bonuses you will gain access to from me that you see below have similar links to products that I am promoting. The free training membership sites, the bonus pages I sometimes use, and even the chatbots we sell have this link technology in place. It is something to think about before spending $97 on this upsell.




2019 05 09 1440 300x220 - Complete Review of 'Shop Monopoly' - An Innovative Sales Tool - FE, OTOs, Demo, and Exclusive Bonuses

OTO 3 – Upsell #3 – Shop Monopoly Maverick ($197 one-time)

With this final upgrade, you can add an unlimited number of products to the featured section of the market place. Your products will be shown at the top of the page, and there will be much less competition to get eyes on them versus the other products that are listed within the page.

Although at first glance this seems like a steep price to pay, depending on what you are selling (i.e. a tool for online e-commerce operators) it could be very lucrative. It is like paying for premium placement for all your products one time and never paying again. Once this platform grows as I expect it will, this may have been the best $197 you ever spent.


Note that you do not need to have any of the OTOs or upsells to make this tool work for you. It works as advertised and that is for the front end you buy at the extremely reasonable price of $20 during launch week. I still cannot believe that Bryan is selling this at such a reasonable price.  



Pros and Cons of Shop Monopoly

The pros far outweigh the cons, as you might expect, or I would not have purchased this for my own use nor would I promote it to you. I do believe this tool offers you one of the