2019 05 12 0521 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019
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Hi, Everyone…

This is something new for me, but I am excited to be a small part of an upcoming virtual conference called The Ultimate Underdog Summit, where some really big figures in online marketing will be presenting over a series of dates and times. My role is as an affiliate, nothing big, but it will provide a lot of benefits.

Branding, networking with other entrepreneurs, getting my products introduced to a global market, and growing my subscriber list are all things I can do besides earning some commissions from ticket sales by participating as an affiliate for the conference. This sounds like a pretty good deal I think. If you have a product, tool, training, or a service that is selling for over $47, you can do the same.

So let’s drill down briefly so you understand what this is all about…

2019 05 12 0521 300x56 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

The Ultimate Underdog Summit


What Is This Ultimate Underdog Summit?

It is called the Ultimate Underdog Summit for a reason (most of us were underdogs at one point or another in our life) and it is being conducted in a virtual environment where people from all over the globe can attend. It will take place over 5 days, and it will be a live broadcast to attendees all over the globe.

If you have a connection to the internet and have purchased access to the event, you will be able to listen in, take notes, and learn just as if you were there live. Speakers (over 100 tentatively) come from many walks of life and are involved in a number of businesses, so there will be a varied set of topics covered, with the thread through all of them being how they deal with and overcome adversity to achieve success.

We can all learn a lot by attending this summit, I have no doubt…

Dates for the Summit:

The dates for this summit are May 29 – June 2, 2019…The dates you are interested in as an affiliate are how long you have to get your giveaway product added and when the doors open for ticket sales… Read more below to get this…



2019 05 12 0521 300x56 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

Who Is Organizing The Summit and How Can You Benefit?

There are two main organizers. First, we have Henry Gold and with him, Tom Beal has organized this virtual summit. Not only have they focused on bringing you great speakers, but also are providing affiliates to get a massive amount of subscribers over a short period of time (if you are a vendor).

I have added in some information on all the main organizers below…

So what is this vendor thing about? This means you have to have something to sell to be able to participate in the ability to get subscribers portion of the affiliate offer. The product that you going to give away (it has to be selling for $47 or more) means you will be one of many vendors providing a free tool, training or program that attendees can download at no cost, and in return, you will get their email address.

Because events like these draw thousands of viewers typically, your free offer will be seen by many and they will sign up to get the download or tool you offer…You have a new subscriber when this happens!


What I Decided To Give Away…

I have added in a super valuable product and service too that normally would cost up to $497! Why? Because I believe that by adding value for people that provide their name and email I will get a good long-term customer and we will be able to do good things for one another for years.

The product is our SMART Chatbot. Anyone who attends the conference (as a paying attendee) can request and receive a chatbot that we build on their website. We will host and maintain the chatbot for a year and will provide monthly basic statistics on usage. It does not include some of the other bonuses that buyers will get, but overall it is a huge value.

Think about this: Our Corporate website and logo are going to be on how many hundreds or thousands of websites under a cutting edge chatbot that includes a 3-d avatar using the same voice technology that Google uses! That is a good deal for the people that decide to take us up on this free offer, and it is super free advertising for us.


What Do You Have To Giveaway?

If you do have some product, whether a lead magnet such as a course, or a book, or perhaps a tool that you are selling now or perhaps are thinking of selling, this is a perfect opportunity to set it up through this summit and get massive exposure across a huge audience at no cost. Just make sure you are selling it at $47 or more.

This is a different take on getting free traffic, but potentially a very effective means that can jump-start your lead list building efforts. I would take the lessons learned from this to set up regular viral contests where you give away your product for a certain number of shares by those that take part.

Think of this as an affiliate offer plus a giveaway program opportunity and use it to learn how this tactic works. Then going forward you can leverage the lessons for creating more such giveaways. I have a perfect tool to set these up with called PerkZilla, and there are many similar tools that you can use to do this with. I describe them here: Viral Marketing in 2019 (click to see my post on this subject).

So let’s drill down a bit to see how this works for the Ultimate Underdog Summit…



2019 05 12 0521 300x56 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

How You Can Get Subscribers as an Affiliate…

With the Ultimate Underdog Summit, as a vendor under the conditions I describe above, you can receive an unlimited number of new subscribers to your lead list database. Simply follow the “Qualification Rules” below, and you’ll be eligible to acquire 100% of subscribers that opt-in to your database.


Here how it works…  

Once you have signed up to become an affiliate, you will gain access to a backend website where you will get all the marketing materials and etc. so you can promote the summit. There you will also find a menu item on the left side where you can add your giveaway product.

Here is what that backend page looks like:

2019 05 12 0515 1030x447 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

(Click To Enlarge)

STEP #1Submit your product at the price of above $47.

You will include…

A. Title of the product.
B. Brief Description.
C. Price Value.
D. Landing Page/ Squeeze Page/ Opt-in Page URL. (The link where you will receive subscribers.)
E. Download link via PDF, ZIP or Exe file. (We will need to verify your product before we will list it to our gift resources.)

REMEMBER: The higher the quality of the product that you provide, the more subscribers you will receive for your business. Nonetheless, a great title and descriptions of your product are the main factors of how many visitors will download your product. Make sure you work on that as well. (No Hype Please!)


STEP #2Refer As Many Subscribers As Possible To Receive Higher Product Position Listing.

At the beginning of the campaign, the listing of products is ordered on a first come first listed basis…You will be provided with promotional tools and a “SPECIAL URL” for you to use to announce to your subscribers the ultimate underdog summit.

Once the campaign gets started to sign up attendees to the conference your product listing position depends on how many subscribers you refer to The Ultimate Underdog summit.

It means the more subscribers you introduce, the more subscribers you potentially will receive.


How Your Product Giveaway Is Listed…

As their focus is on Vendors receiving as many subscribers as possible, they’ve decided to provide those gifts in two separate volumes:  


A. Volume I’s Product Listing. (Top 50 Listings) 

In the Vol. I product listing, we will list the first 50 products that belong to the top 50 referrals of this campaign. It means that you’ll receive up to 95% of the subscribers from this campaign.

For Example: 

Just say, you’re #117 in the list at the beginning of the campaign.

The first hour of this event you send about 100 referrals to our site, and the highest list of that hour is 99. It means that your product’s list will jump to #1 from #117.

In other words, your product will be categorized in Vol. I listing, where you’ll receive the highest download for your product.

Note: All lists are automatically updated in REAL-TIME.

A couple of points: 

  • This NOT a ‘safe-list’ where all users of the account for the summit will receive at least 20 emails per day.
  • This is also NOT a co-registration where you have to pay for every lead that you obtain or where if you’re not careful enough you may also be accused of being a spammer.

With the latest Success Yo technology they are using for generating interest, vendors, and participants for the conference, you will be able to generate a significant amount of responsive leads for your business if you are a vendor.


B. Volume II’s Product Listing. (the remaining giveaway offers)

In the Vol.II’s Product Listing, the rest of the Joint Venture contributors’ products will be added, where you’ll receive up to 35% of the members from the ultimate underdog summit. This is equal to approximately 52,500 subscribers.


How To Make This Work For You…

The “key strategies” to receive 95% of the subscribers on downloading is to stay on the top 20 of the product listings.

For Example: 

If you’re on the listing #51 – #70, you’ll have a huge chance to receive up to 49,875 subscribers, where contributors that are below listing #70 will receive less amount of subscribers that will download their products.

So it depends on the quality of the giveaway that you have plus the number of referrals that you send as to your position in volume 1 or 2, and the more people you send the better.



There are people out there that have massive lists and expensive giveaways, but even if you do not have a big list now, you can benefit. There are testimonials of people like me that have added 1k, 2k, or even 7k new subscribers for an event such as this. For me, as it is my first time, I will keep expectations low.

The branding and name recognition opportunities are just as big as the new subscriber opportunity, so I am not worried about a particular number of new subscribers. This is a good attitude for you to have too if this is your first time. More people will get to know of you, your products, your websites, etc.



2019 05 12 0521 300x56 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

But Dave, Do I Need A Product To Give Away?

No…If you are not a vendor but are interested in attending the conference, that is fine. Remember, there is a large list of presenters over the dates of the conference and you can learn a ton of valuable tips for growing your business…If you do have a product (it can be anything that you are selling for $47 or more) you simply need to sign up as an affiliate and add that in as a giveaway using the form they provide to provide the sales page and the delivery page and a few other details. It is that simple.

The question is, does this work for vendors and is the conference worth signing up for? I think so. They have some really big names in the industry lined up to speak, and this kind of event where so many are presenting over a few days is seldom held, and getting access from anywhere for the live presentations have only been possible with the recent advances in technology.

They have organized these events in the past and had a massive turnout of attendees, over 5 million in total so far, from what I was able to gather from research. This is an event that has touched a lot of people over the iterations and it will continue to have this kind of success likely. So it is worth considering participating in.

Speaking of that, just who are the people behind this Ultimate Underdog Summit? Let’s drill down a bit on that…



2019 05 12 0521 300x56 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

The Ultimate Underdog Event Organizers

It pays to know who you are dealing with always, of course, so let’s have a look at the people who are putting this event together. They are not new to the marketing business nor to organizing such events as this one…


Here are the main players/organizers:

(1) Tom Beal – He is a celebrity motivational coach.

(2) Henry Gold is a JV Giveaway Legend.

(3) Gin Seah and Roy Tay, who are the traffic geniuses.

Read a bit about each below.



Tom Beal and Henry Gold

tombeal 1024x683 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

After being born to teenagers, raised around 4 divorces & 6 marriages, going to 9 different schools by 8th grade, and being raised on welfare, Tom Beal has become a National Bicycle Champion, the #1 Honor Man in USMC Boot Camp, #1 in 5 sales organizations, Publisher of The North Carolina Home Book, President of a corporation founded with an NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, and worked side by side with Mike Filsaime from 2006-2011, producing over $20 million in online results, plus President of Strategic Profits for Rich Schefren for 2.5 years, from 2011-2013. Since then he travels the world sharing strategies to assist clients in simplifying their lives and results.


7656 gold web 750x500 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

Henry Gold is known as a motivational keynote speaker. His knowledge as an expert deems him to be a highly sought-after leader. Gold is a mentor of thousands of entrepreneurs, celebrities coaches, and CEOs around the world. Raised by a narcissistic father, Gold understood the challenges many of his audience faced and focused on helping them live their life full of courage, bravery, and fearless. Gold believes in the existence of Yin and Yang. — After he dealt with significant life crises which included being homeless, a lousy relationship, losing his vision, and being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Gold decided to share his principles which he kept secret for many years to live a limitless life. — This allows others in similar situations to stay limitless despite setbacks in life.


Plus, they have the Traffic Partners…

Gin Seah and Roy Tay

gin seah2 1046x790 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

After a vicious cycle of 8 business failures and financial debt, Gin discovered his strength and became the world renowned traffic expert. In the past years, he has provided over 850,000 visitors to his clients and one of which, a prominent leader in the personal development industry such as MindValley academy which has brought in expert trainers such as Robin Sharma, T Harv Eker. Neale Donald Walsh, Michael Beckwith, Wim Hoff & MORE. Legendary, Robert G. Allen called Gin an expert. At a very young age, Gin runs multiple 5-6 figure businesses and travels the world to empower individuals in unlocking time and financial freedom. Gin believes in constant personal growth and giving back to the community of entrepreneurship.


roytay good 7 885x747 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

After two years of continuous failure in businesses, Roy has managed to become one of the top traffic experts in Singapore. He has sent over 1,500,000 unique clicks to his clients in the past few years. He is known as a traffic weapon for many successful affiliates from programs on SAN, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Fearless Momma, Legendary Marketer and many more. Roy has made over 85% of his traffic clients profitable in the long run. Also, Roy worked closely with many top friends such as Prashant Sharma to build a multi-million dollar launches. Roy is also known as the guru for so many Internet marketing legends where they constantly asked him for advice on how they can get more leads for their businesses…


Now let’s look at who will be speaking at this Ultimate Underdog Summit…


Who Are The Speakers At The Summit?

speakers3 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

I think you will agree that this is quite a list and there is a lot of knowledge and experience within this group…



2019 05 12 0521 300x56 - The Ultimate Underdog Summit Affiliate Opportunity - May 29 through June 2 2019

What Will You Learn at The Ultimate Underdog Summit?

Remember it is a 5-day live virtual event where top thought leaders will share their strategies on what they did from vulnerable positions to become the ultimate underdogs. They will lay out in details their strategy in a step-by-step process. This allows the attendees of the summit to implement the secrets to their own life.

Also, if you are an affiliate for this summit (like I am) you can add your gift of a software product, a report, a home-study course, a book, or even an interview you have done with experts. In exchange, you will receive “TWO” remarkable benefits:

  1. Recognition as an ‘ultimate underdog’ — You can brag about it in public. You can tell your audience that you are part of the ultimate underdog summit. (You really are.) And, you will have the opportunities to work with celebrities, experts, and top thought leaders on your projects.
  2. You Can Get thousands of subscribers and make cash automatically. — You can add a landing page inside our member’s area. It means that before the member will be able to download your free gift, they must give you their first name and email addresses.