This is another category of reviews that is vital to your online marketing program. It goes back to the problem that all online marketers face, that of building a list of potential customers…

Hence, the many programs out there that claim to have the solution or answer…There are some good tools out there, but more are not worth the money they are asking because they are simply not that effective.

You have heard “The Money Is In The List”? While that statement is partially true, if that list is not buying from you, it has no value whatsoever. It is just a bunch of names and email addresses.

My reviews will help you avoid the software and tools that are obviously a waste of your time and money, and those that have some use will be reviewed as well.

For the most part, I will mainly cover products that are worthy of use, and as with other categories I cover with my reviews, the best ones will always be on the top of the review menu.

In the reviews, you will see a rating for the software that runs on a scale of 1 through 10, the higher the rating, the better. Also you will see an overall “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” posted for the product, and within the review there will be a clear explanation of why I give the rating for each product reviewed.

You should not waste your money or time, and there are less than objective reviews (too many) that really are intended only to get you to buy a product, so the affiliate can make a commission.

Here you will always find objective information and my assessment in the reviews. There will be reasons mentioned why a program may or may not be a viable tool, and these are based on my own experience, and at times my hands-on use of the tool.


Increasing the size of your lists is not a bad exercise for marketers. Targeted lists of buyers that are specifically interested in what you are offering and buying are the best leads, of course, and what you should focus on building.

You can build such a list over time using content and organic traffic, or you can use paid traffic for which you have prepared carefully planned campaigns that target certain keywords you know will bring you such leads.

A lot of lead list building software available today promises quickly you will gain 1000s of leads, and in most cases this is simply not true. There are ones that operate ethically though, and are worth a look. Using such software can get you traffic and allow you to more quickly build your lead list.


Obviously, effective ones tools to build lead lists that deliver what they promise is what we are after for you. This is rare however.

We are constantly on the lookout for good ones, and as they appear on our radar, we will let you know what they are, how they work, and how you can use them to help build that lead list you need.


The whole purpose of this site is to provide you good and straight tips and tools plus advice that will help you in all the important elements that online marketing entails.

So, knowing how we operate, and what to expect, please look carefully through the provided information and use it. Take action to get YOUR online marketing program up and running, and fine tuned to maximize your efforts.


Please let me know personally if there is something you need clarification on regarding online marketing. I am always asking for comments on everything found in the site. The site is intended to help you and educate us all on how best to successfully make money online with our businesses, so we need this to get better and better. Thanks in advance for your participation!


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