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bundle small - What Is Facebook Live and How Can I Use It?


Facebook Live is a relatively new entry to the world of live streaming video. Because of the power that lies behind the roll out, it is a tool that we as online marketers need to pay attention to, learn about, and see how we can use it in our own marketing programs.

This tutorial provides you a good solid base to start doing just that.  Included is a short history of the medium, how it came to be and who were the players that got it to where it is now…

Next, some of the benefits of the medium are discussed, along with how Facebook Live is used and can be used, and finally, you will have the chance to get additional materials for your own use.

The idea is that you will have a clear and thorough picture of the medium at the end of the complete training, and can then start to use it on a regular basis to augment your current marketing campaigns.

Let’s get started…

bundle small - What Is Facebook Live and How Can I Use It?


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This is a streaming  video platform that has been created and is backed by the behemoth social platform Facebook. It is not the first such platform, but because it is backed by Facebook, it has the potential to overtake other mediums in regards to use by the masses.

Before we start talking much about Facebook Live, it would be useful to cover the history of streaming video, so we understand the beginnings of this medium, how it is used, what it is used for now, and what it can be used for, and how Facebook fits into the picture…

The History Of Live Streaming

Technology is changing at an ever-faster pace, and one of the outcomes of this is the ability to live-stream video to audiences across the globe.

Background of Live Streaming

This new medium is being touted as one of the ‘big new deals’ by many people involved with online marketing, especially digital marketing. It is true that there has not been like this in the market to now and the growth rate quite remarkable, even though it is quite new.

Experts can say what they will, I prefer to look at the statistics. Statistics make it very clear that yes, this live streaming is going to be a disruptive leap in how you interact with potential clients and current clients, for helping you establish and grow your online marketing business.

Here is an example to show you what I mean:

(1) Periscope (Twitter related) has managed to accrue 10,000,000 user accounts within a year of being introduced to the market.

(2) At this point, if you combined all the footage recorded to date with the Periscope platform, it would take you over 40 years to watch it…

(3) There are over 2 million people logging in every single day, and this across 25 countries…

Now, compare these numbers and statistics from the startup Periscope to what Facebook is and can do…

Facebook at this point has more users than the population of any single country in the world, its reach is global, and now they are entering this world of live streaming using their Facebook Live platform.

Yes, indeed it is not hard to imagine that live streaming is about to explode in an even bigger way!

Where it All Began

Live-streaming video as a medium gained attention with the launching of Periscope, but it may surprise some to realize it wasn’t the first live-streaming site to make it big. Instead, that accolade belongs to Meerkat which launched in March 2015. Back then it was known as ‘AIR’ and ‘Yevvo’ and it was immediately apparent that this was going to be a big game changer in social media marketing.

I remember this other name – Meerkat – that launched before Periscope, to be specific in March 2015. It went by several names such as  ‘AIR’ and ‘Yevvo’ and it quickly became apparent that this new way of doing video presentation was going to be a game changer.

That Meerkat platform was assisted by Twitter to help gain success and attention. As a result of their collaboration, Twitter decided that they needed to enter the market themselves, hence their purchase of then-small Periscope. They bought out the company for $100 million!

At that point, with such a huge investment and commitment,  it was obvious they also saw the potential in this market?

Facebook’s Entry

Facebook, of course, was looking at this technology along with every other major player in the market. At some point, they decided to get actively involved… and rolled out an experimental live service for its best-known members. In December 2015, this was extended across Android and iOS devices and later it made its way across the pond.

They designed and rolled out an experimental live-streaming service for its best-known members for testing and refining the platform. Then In December 2015 (yes only 6 months ago at the time of writing this tutorial), the rollout was extended across all Android and iOS devices, and now it has made its way across the pond to be offered globally for all.

Facebook believes this medium is the future and they are taking this platform very seriously. They have stated that because live video provides much more engagement for participants than other types of video or mediums, they envisage a time where live streaming video is the primary form of content.

The ranking algorithm that dictates what gets seen on the Facebook home feed for site users has been tweaked by Facebook so that preference is given to live-streaming video, and of course, marketers everywhere are getting excited.

This is an almost brand new platform, and as with others, getting in early is key to achieving success with the huge advantage you have as an early adopter of the technology  – in a nutshell, this is a very good time to be involved with Facebook Live.


I think you understand now generally what the technology is about, and perhaps are now somewhat familiar with the players in the medium, and you can see why Facebook Live has one of the greatest potentials to be a platform of choice for online marketers.

Next, let’s drill down a bit see exactly how Facebook Live works…

The Facebook Live Tour

I want to preface this tour by reemphasizing that all the buzz and excitement has been proven warranted. You know it as well, and you want to get involved using Facebook Live.

This is great news for you because you are set to give yourself a great edge over your competition while at the same time helping yourself in connecting with your audience in whole new ways.

There are seldom chances to get in on the beginnings of disruptive changes in the way things are done. If you had known what you know now, look back and see how many opportunities you missed out on…

Let’s start with the internet, move on to Youtube, then social platforms, and we can go on and on and name many instances between where things have changed the market drastically. You may have missed all of these, and were a follower rather than a leader.

This is your chance, you caught this one early…

The decision has been made, and all that’s left to do now is to get started! So the questions are: How do you use this new tool? What are the tricks and tip you need to know? Just what are the features and how can I take advantage of each?

Let’s get you some answers…

Getting Started

This is an easy one…Let’s go through the steps…

(1) Start by opening your Android or iOS Facebook app…

(2) Find the box window you would normally type in to post new content…

(3) Click this and a set of additional options will appear along the bottom, and includes the possibility of posting a picture or a video.

(4) With the roll out of Facebook Live, now you also have the option to post live videos in that area – this is represented by a new icon which looks like a person with radio waves emanating from their head.

(5) Simply click on that icon link and you will see another screen appear where you can then enter a short description for your live video, and also where you can decide who the content will be visible for…

The choices are as follows:

(a) You can choose to post the live video direct from your Facebook page, in which case it will be public. This means that anyone globally can watch it, either from their Facebook Live Map, which shows active live-video feeds or they can find your page or may see your post in their own home feed.

(b) If you made a choice to post the video in a private group, it would only be visible to members of that private group.

(c) If you decided to post your live video  from your personal Facebook page, you then can choose very specifically who it is that you want to share your videos with, excluding others.

(6) The last two options on the page are first where you choose between a front-facing and rear camera, and the very last, which is the option to go live…

Going live

You’ve gone through the choices nd now are ready to go live, so you select this and you are active and streaming…Now you simply need to look and talk into the camera, aiming the lens where you want to show what you want to the audience

Just as with some of the other platforms such as Blab, you can see comments left by viewers, and also, you see their ‘reactions’ which may be a ‘like’ a ‘love’ or another expression. Nice touch, and already goes past Periscope in capability in my mind…

Some other things that are nice is that you can see how many people are viewing your streaming video and you will see when someone joins in. It’s a good idea to mention people as they tune in as it can help them to feel more involved and increase the intimacy and engagement of your videos!

There is a whole other class on how to organize and handle your live video streams, but just a quick pointer here: If you welcome people as they join it will help all members to include the new ones feel more involved. Your engagement can go through the roof using this medium!


I want to be brief in this area of the tutorial, I am sure that your head is already whirling with ideas on what this platform can do for you …

Let me mention just a few ways that you can benefit using this medium I can think of (there are more, I am SURE!)…We’ll start with just five…

(1) You Have New Audiences

Live streaming video provides an entirely new (to all of us) audience to market yourself to. You have a brand new way to interact with them, teach them, sell to them, and present a more personal ‘you’ to them.

(2) You Can Build A More Engaging Experience

As we have stated live streamed video is an excellent way for you to engage in two-way communication. Until now, this has only been possible in a limited way through webinars. This medium is much more personal, intimate and direct, however.

Why is this the case…Well, there are a number of reasons…

(a) Because the video is live, it means that your viewers feel as though you’re talking directly to them, not to a camera…

(b) Because they can interact using comments that you can respond to immediately means that they can actually have a live interactive discussion with you.

(c) You can address points, questions, and other comments that all other participants can also see…


“THAT is engagement, my friends!”


(3) You Build Excitement With Your Audience

For me, it is harder to build any kind of excitement with just a recorded video, you have no idea what the viewer is thinking or how they are reacting.

By you interacting with your audience, they will get to know you, you can more completely, using more communicative triggers, present your offerings and calls to actions. You can use these to better build excitement and your name with your viewers.

Because it is new, you can build a loyal following that later you can leverage to get subscribers and sales. Instantly you, your brand, or your company, will seem like a forward-thinking entity that they want to follow and associate with.

(4) There Is A Lack of Competition

Just as when Facebook was new, or Twitter or any of the other well-established social platforms were new, there are not many people using Facebook Live currently. Right now, if they view the Facebook Live Map, they will not have much to watch.


“Get started now and get known!”


What else does this mean for you? While getting known is fine and why not, the real advantage I see that you will attain every time you stream is that you will have brand new followers and subscribers with every live video session you conduct. This makes growing your audience incredibly easy!


“How incredibly easy this is at the moment…It is the mother-lode of a list building opportunity for you!”

(5) You Can Use The Platform To Build More Hype

Much like webinars, a live video you host is an event. UNLIKE webinars, it is more-so an interactive event.

If you are a natural speaker or presenter, you are going to love this medium. If you are not, you can learn and become passable, enough to gain leads, sell products and services, and etc.

Part of presenting is building excitement and anticipation. If you can build that into your live videos you will have something that your audience can’t wait for, they will mark their calendars  and be waiting for you.  can get them counting down the days.

This waiting period alone will help increase the excitement and anticipation by a large margin! There are so many ways to build your lead list using this medium, not to mention getting additional sales of your products.


“OK, do you now see why I am so excited to see this new platform from Facebook?”


If you would like to learn some more tips and ideas to use this, or if you would like to learn how to plan and organize your live feeds, read on… 



To add to the free tutorial above, and to provide you with additional training that will help you get started using Facebook Live, I am offering you the following training:

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This book will delve deeper into Facebook Live, providing you with yet more tips on how to get the most out of the streaming platform.

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bundle small - What Is Facebook Live and How Can I Use It?

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Although the tactics you will learn in the course will work on an evergreen basis, the additional leverage you et by being one of the first will make this process faster.

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