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student 1 - What Is A Super Affiliate and How You Can Become One


This is a term that you hear a lot these days, many refer to themselves as such, and it seems like it has replaced the earlier term people liked to use “guru.”

According to Sean ORourke, who has a site called MarketingTerms, a “super affiliate” is:

“An affiliate capable of generating a significant percentage of an affiliate program’s activity.”


It is a reality today that more and more people are entering into the online affiliate marketing segment. It is perceived as an easy niche to achieve results in.

After all, the only thing you have to do is throw up a website, add in some articles to it, and sell, right? The truth is, there are thousands of affiliate marketers who do just that.

These marketers do little for a product developer or an author when it comes to sales, however. Such affiliates generate very few, if any, actual results for someone seeking affiliates that will actually get sell for their products.

A “super affiliate” on the other hand, knows how to market and sell their product or service. Such an individual  or two such marketers might account for more results (sales) than most of the smaller affiliates combined!

Sellers seek such people out because at the end of they day they will spend less time on administrative duties than if they have the thousands of affiliates, each making one or two sales.

The sellers can spend more time on generating results….A good thing!

More Leverage…

Such super affiliates can ask for and get more leverage than what is offered to the average affiliate. They may get extra discounts, early access for their lead list, more of a commission percentage, etc.

For the average affiliate, it means that is the direction we need to work towards to maximize the success we can achieve as an affiliate marketer.

There is far more involved than that one line definition above, however…

My thoughts are as follows…

“Digging into what a super affiliate is in real life, how they go about business, and what characteristics they have, can help all of us become better affiliates…”

Let’s get started…


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It is all well and good to read a short description what a super affiliate is, but in “real life” they are perceived entirely in a different light by peers, sellers, and the public at large.

Here is what I am talking about…

The Old Days (6-7 years ago)

It was not that long ago (maybe as late as 2009) when the guru (now called super affiliate) image was someone who was young, flashy in dress, loose with money (spending), and likely a bit arrogant.

This overindulgence and arrogance is gone…

These days, it’s the complete opposite in my opinion…The marketer today is much more savvy and professional in mannerisms and practices. The early easy days of making loads of money for sub-standard products are forever gone…

Not a bad thing, I am convinced that such people gave the market segment a bad name…

These early day “gurus” in some cases went on to build legitimate companies. But more did the opposite. They blew through their money…

When the changes in the way sites were ranked and how Google and other search engines ranked sites and posts came, it meant many such marketers could no longer make a lot of money for offering sub-par service/information…

Most people who were of such ilk are now gone…they have left the industry because they simply couldn’t adapt and learn how to provide REAL value and  REAL service.

The NEW Days (present)

Super affiliates of today are a totally different breed. They are more low-key than before, they are professional, they know how to use the many new tools and technologies that have materialized since the early days.

There’s a lot more interest in building wealth and acquiring assets rather than showing off their money. And there’s more interest in learning about business skills.

The new marketers and super affiliates are more business minded. They want to build wealth and acquire assets, they do not show off with their money.

Super affiliates do not sell less than satisfactory products because people are more informed than the old days. They have to stay up with the changes which are happening at an ever faster pace and keep their followers informed…

This new market condition also requires a more traditional business approach by marketers. The super affiliates know this and approach their craft from this angle. They do not display their wealth in a wild manner, they are reserved and focus on the business.

So let’s look deeper into the mind of a typical super affiliate today, see what there is we can use from their attitudes, behavior and sales methods to become a super affiliate too!

The idea is to add some professional development into our online sales efforts, and who better to learn from than these highly successful individuals?

Read on…

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>58 - What Is A Super Affiliate and How You Can Become One<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Mind Of A Super Affiliate

First of all, as we spoke of above, there is a LOT more to what makes a super affiliate than the superficial behaviors that so often put such individuals in a bad light with the general public. We will look at the differences…

Next we will look at WHAT such super affiliates are doing, HOW they are it, and WHAT they do to stay at that level of sales…

When we have this laid out in front if us, it will provide insight as to the behaviors and tactics we must use yo become a super affiliate…We will have a roadmap that we can follow and the process to becoming one much quicker…

We will look at:


(1) The characteristics a super affiliate possesses,

(2) Tell you how that translates into actions you can take,

(3) Describe some of the tools you will need to learn about and use,

(4) Inform you of the skill set you need to have to rise to super affiliate status, and finally,

(5) Give you some specific steps to take within the industry to achieve this super affiliate status.


At the end of this article, you will have a clear path to follow, a new mindset, a better attitude, and a desire to obtain this “super” status for yourself.

There are LOTs of benefits that come with the title, so pay close attention, please!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>58 - What Is A Super Affiliate and How You Can Become One<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<




Super affiliates have a certain set of views and behaviors, as follows:


As stated above, the super affiliates of today are definitely focused on operating with a business attitude. They recognize that as with other offline businesses, there are certain rules to be followed, ways to organize their sales and marketing efforts, and they have checks and balances in place to see how they are performing.


Super Affiliates are busy people. They multi-task regularly, they are working many projects, and they may have a long list of “to-do” tasks that have to be completed daily. To get everything done, they have to have organizational skills. They may have a routine they follow daily, and they know what they are supposed to be doing at any time…


They may have that long list of actions to take in a day I refer to above, but they know how to prioritize that list. They know that if there are 10 things to get done, if they accomplaish the three that are what I call show stoppers, they will be successful. These top priority tasks are what keeps the super affiliate’s business machine going, and the rest will not be hurt if they slip a day or two before being completed.  The super affiliate knows this.


The market today is advancing SO quickly that what was “good” yesterday literally could be obsolete in the next day or two! The super affiliate stays in tune with what is going on, ahead of the rest of any competitors they may have.They seek out new technologies and tools that will leverage their sales and marketing programs, and they use them to their advantage as possible.


The super affiliate is constantly reviewing all the ongoing projects as well as their business. They look to see if the efforts are working, fix any show-stoppers, refine processes to make them run smoother.


EQ is a term that some may not have heard of. It is short for Emotional Quotient. This is a term that addresses the intelligence one has when dealing with social situations.

This may be person to person, working settings, online when using social media platforms, or when they present their own or other’s products…

Super affiliates have a high degree of this quality, which when combined with their IQ, will serve them well in all kinds of situations.

They will know how to build a team, how to get the team working together, and how to talk to others, whether it is a member of their team, a customer, or a fellow super affiliate.


Super affiliates have a positive attitude that radiates from them, infecting other people with the same…They are optimists by nature, hard working with no remorse, happy to be doing what they are doing and excited for each day and the challenges they will encounter.



Here are some of the traits super affiliates display in their work…


They know that to have immediate and long term success, they will have to work hard consistently, day after day, wek after week, and so on. They do not slack off. They choose the times when they do take some time for themselves or their families, butSuper affiliates choose the times when they do take some time for themselves or their families, but  it is AFTER the work is done, or whatever there was to be completed prior to the break is done.

They operate this way consistently. This is how they can stay on top as a super affiliate…


Super affiliates plan things carefully and follow the plan. They do not do a lot of unrelated activities, preferring to focus on the results they are looking for with their activity.


They will regularly schedule time or a period for reviewing where they are and what is needed to further their programs. They will likely use tools to measure results, and this information is used to make changes as required.


The super affiliate likely has a long term goal in mind, they do not float from one thing to another without and organization. They manage their time well, they consistently get their daily work done, moving them ever closer to the long term goal, whatver that might be.


Super affiliates believe in leveraging whatever tools that are available to do more with less. This means they will keep oon the lookout for new ways of doing things using whatever software is new to the market. This means that they can do more and more in the same amount of time. They are efficient.


This is one that may seem like a no brainer, but super affiliates know how to do this very effectively. They may have some outsource assets they use on a regular basis, meaning that the person knows what the super affiliate is looking for.


One of the reasons the super affiliate is super is because they generally are approached by sellers who WANT Them to sell their products. They keep their eyes on what the trends are in the market, and know what will sell and how to sell it.




Super affiliates are educated and know how to use the many tools and skills required to get things done regularly, and get them done quickly…


They have taken some courses on how to write effective headlines and copy that will touch the needs of the reader. They know that you have to establish a rapport, you have to address a need, solve a problem, show social proof, and put a string call to action at the end of their copy.


Today video use is ever increasing in the affiliate sales world, and with good reason. The population of internet users are looking at more video. This is an effective approach to reach a large percentage of the internet users that would otherwise be missed in an affiliate’s marketing effrots. The super affiliate knows this, and acts accordingly.


Just as with video, this has become a major means of communication amongst a large percentage of the internet audience. This is becoming more fragmented, as new platforms are created, so super affiliates know that they have to keep up and select an approach and follow this, becoming an expert in one or more…


Super affiliates know how to use the many available tools to make their job easier, and they know that this will allow them to do more with less, and later more with more. They keep up with innovations that will allow them to stay ahead of the competition…


Super affiliates at some point sought out and secured a mentor or set of mentors to help them become who they now are. Just as when you start out in a job, people around you will help, so it is with affiliate marketing. Surround yourself with smart and successful people, and you will become one too…


There is never a point when the super affiliates will stop learning. They have a thirst to learn new things, they are often avid readers, they may read articles on their niche daily or they may subscribe or form niche forums or membership sites…


Super affiliates are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and try something new once in a while. It may be a calculated break from the norm, but they will take risks at times. They know that this is what will keep them ahead in the game…


To keep everything on track, super affiliates are super organized. They have a plan, and evrything they do is going to move them forward along that plan. They know how to keep things around them in order as well, as in teams, sites, sales campaigns, etc.


Super affiliates are great communicators. They know how to talk to employees, to their peers, to their clients, to crowds, in webinars, streaming video situations, etc. They have worked hard to be able to connect with people, be engaging and interesting, comfortable with being in front od crowds, and public speaking. They may have taken public speaking courses such as Toastmaster or similar programs to improve these abilities…




There are many measures of success, and super affiliates have their own as well. In general here are some things that they typically consider when speaking of success:


The commissions that super affiliates are generally in the top ten for product launches on a regular basis, because they have worked hard to generate a large lead list, or lists often, and they have worked to establish trust and credibility with that list, that allow them to have high conversion rates when they send out a promotion to list members.


There are many super affiliates that have gone on to develop and launch their own products. They then tap into their super affiliate status to entice others to promote their products to THEIR lists as a reciprocity move, so more will benefit from their status…


Super affiliates have a very high degree of authority in their niche. Others respect these individuals, listen to them, and follow them in many cases because they have earned that respect. They have led they way and others WANT to follow…


Most of the super affiliates measure their success by more than the dollars they make, the sales numbers they reach daily or monthly, or by the authority they may have even…They realize that many helped them along their way to reaching the super affiliate status, and they measure success by what they are doing for others so they too can believe and achieve.


This is really an extension of the last point, but it is a trait that is deserving of its own paragraph. Super affiliates will give back to those that gave to them, They will often help other super affiliates look good, not because of the attention it gets, it is because they want to give back. This may appear in the form of what they do to develop others in their path…


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The way for YOU to become a super affiliate is clearly laid ut when you read above what super affiliates are doing, the way they think, and the actions they are taking.

If you can read and understand, then implement in your own affiliate marketing business, you are on the way. I would suggest doing a mind mapping exercise perhaps (if you need to see how this is done, I have an article posted HERE ===> MIND MAPPING).

Once you have considered all the traits a super affiliate possesses, use this tool to see what areas you could use some improvement with, then take action to do so.

This is a part of your professional development and it is necessary if you are to achieve this super affiliate status. …

The mind mapping exercise can help you in that process, as it will show visually right in front of you what needs to happen, and you can add in action steps as well that will provide that path. The what, where, when and how can be identified, and you are on your way!

I also have available for you a free eBook that you can pick up from me for just a name and an email address. This is a more detailed look at what a super affiliate means, how to be one, and why you should aspire to become one.

That eBook link is available at the bottom of this article. It is a good read and it has additional specific ideas for you to absorb and use. I can assure you it is well worth your time and contact information!


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Once in a while, it is a good move to take some time and reflect on a subject like this. It can help you determine where you are in your program and where you need to go to attain the success that you are seeking.

Hopefully, this article has opened your mind to this, and I urge you to follow up with taking action now by requesting my eBook on the subject. A bit of professional development in this area will help you and your business. Take action now!



Super Affiliate Shortcuts - What Is A Super Affiliate and How You Can Become One

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