12 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Education – Details!

    1. Great Kathryn, Glad it helped you out. Please take some time and check out the web site too, it really delivers MORE than what is promised, and that at a very reasonable price. Cheers! Dave : )

    1. Hi Lazaro,

      Thanks much for your positive comment. I am really glad you found the site and that you found the content useful. The Wealthy Affiliate site is indeed a good one. I am a member myself, now over 7 months, and I can say from my experience that it is indeed one of the best if not THE best site to learn how to properly set up your own online markting business and make some money through the commissions you will earn from promoting others’ products.

      Cheers and please feel free to ask any further questions you may have…
      Dave : )

  1. This was a VERY informative post on Wealthy Affiliate. I saw your post on Twitter regarding this online education site, and through the link on the image was brought here. After taking the time to read through all the content, I must say this site seems to be the real deal. I also did some checking using Google search, and it has excellent reviews all over the place. I will try it now, and this was the article that brought me to this point. Thanks!

    1. Great news Alena! I will be on the other side once you sign up to help you get started. I enjoy helping others as I have been helped and hope that you will achieve everything that you are seeking from online marketing. The thing that is so good about Wealthy Affiliate is that many of the lessons can be applied to many other areas of online marketing. You will see that over time, you will be more ready to create your own products or services, and will have the knowledge to get them up and ready to market on the internet. This site is really that good! Cheers! Dave

  2. This was a great synapsis of what is offered at Wealthy Affiliate. I have heard of this program before, but today I took the time to read a lot more. Thanks I will be going there and checking it out in more detail. If I sign up do you make money?

  3. Great post and really provided a lot of valuable information on the Wealthy Affiliate site and program. This is a program that I would be interested in as well…Is there a way to drop the cost down from the monthly subscription cost? Thanks…

    1. You are more than welcome and glad to be of help. Yes you can do an annual subscription and save a lot. The upfront cost is more, but if you figure the monthly cost, you save quite a bit. It costs I think $358 a year, which works out to less than $30 a month…Whereas if you paid monthly it is $49 dollars I think….Best of luck and try it free for 7 days…You get full access to premium level membership privileges during this period and then the first month as $19…Also a good deal for the first 5 weeks!

  4. Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to learn about online marketing…I was a member for a while and really enjoyed the material and support. I will become a member again soon, just need to get some more cash together…Thanks for this good post, try it out people! It does work….

    1. Hi Bridgett, I am sorry to hear that you had to drop your Wealthy Affiliate membership, but I am glad that you believe in the site and what it can do for you…What did you do with the free websites that you get as a member? Are they still active? Anything I can do to help, let me know…Cheers! Dave

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